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Whatever the cost, there is no turning back, brother. We will not stop even if there are casualties. That woman named “Eftelya”s life is more valuable than the rest of us. We must save the nomad tent first, if God permits! Our emancipation is up to that woman. If anything happens to me do not let them keep Turgut in their hands, brother. May God help us. Amen. Please do not do this in this dargah. It is a shame, please. Please don’t do it! Don’t do it, it is a shame! What are you looking at? Move if you do not want to be killed like them! Enter, come on. That bastard Nasir got a whiff of our smell. There are too many of them. End of the road, Turk! You can not escape from the hounds of hell. You will get punched in the face. We must take this woman out of here.

I will take not only this woman, but also all of you out. Aren’t you coming with us? They do not have the guts to touch us, Bey Do not worry. Come on, let’s go. Come on. Here, be quick. We can not leave you here, dervish. I can not abandon this dargah, Bey. May God speed you! Open the door, who is in there? Tell me, dervish! Where are they? They left, Bey. Where did those villains go? Speak! To the place where God wants them to be. Do not seek the malice, which rots us inside out, in them. Dervish, they are villains. They are betraying our state and our religion. Be a dervish worthy of the holiness of this dargah. We have come here to reform Aleppo.

Tell us where they are. And when it is said to them, “Do not cause corruption on the earth” they say: “We are but reformers.” Unquestionably, it is they who are the corrupters, but they perceive not. And thus, the people you are looking for are not here. I witness that You leave here with the soldiers. I am going to the place where Ertugrul and the nanny will meet. My uncle tagged him along behind us to protect me. He won’t harm us, do not worry. Come on. While you were in the dungeon you were saying that you had seen a Muslim man. A Muslim like you. I do not remember. There was a man But I do not know where he is now Where am I? How did I come here? Turgut, Turgut! Turgut.

You must be very careful Isadora He is a Turk eventually. He is a lone mountain wolf. Do not forget that the mountain wolves never let go of you once they bite you with their teeth. Turgut, are you fine? Help him. Eftelya will die tonight, Your Holiness The Cardinal. What about the wedding? That job is done. I hope you are right, Petruccio. Your holy war and also me becoming the Pope are up to this. Did I tell you how I killed the Pope? I want to know it down to the last detail, dear Thomas. Come, sit You must be tired. A glass of wine would relieve all my tiredness. With pleasure! You three go this way! You come with me. That scoundrel named Kara Toygar. How dare he come here? To serve the purpose of Sultan Aleaddin’s goals. He is his ambassador. He never serves for anyone but himself. What are you planning to do, Your Highness The Ameer? I have consulted this matter with consultants.

We will send ambassadors to the Turkmen tribes. We will inform the Turkmens that have been supressed by Kara Toygar and such that their lost Shahzade is with us. We will invite the people who want to stop the Aleaddin Keykubat’s reign to our wedding. But this would be very dangerous, Your Highness The Ameer! As you would appreciate, Keykubat will see this as an attack. Anyway, we can talk about this in detail later. By the way I wanted to do a small change after the latest developments. I decided that best thing to do is to marry without the wedding ceremony. If you do not mind, of course. As you please, Your Highness The Ameer. Your Highness The Ameer! Shahzade? I would like to talk to you, if you do not mind. Of course, I am listening to you. My sister will never love you, ever.

She is in love with somebody else. With whom? With my brother Ertugrul. Keep away from my sister and us! Where have you been Ertugrul Bey? Ertugrul, Eftelya! Bamsi! Don’t linger around! Don’t! Ertugrul, this woman Eftelya. What are we going to do? We are so much defeated that we can not even surrender. Their oppression shall increase so that our victory be more glorious. There is no giving up, brother! No way! Where is our Bey going to? We need to be fast Arabian horses to catch him. Come on! ALAQSA MOSQUE, JERUSALEM. Ertugrul Bey! Nanny! Where is Esma? Esma burned herself alive. So what will we do, son? I must have El Aziz sit and tell him everything. If necessary I will beat him up like a spoiled brat, till he comes to his senses. How are we going to do that? You must get him out of the palace. Look. El Aziz wants to marry Halime before waiting for the wedding ceremony. Their marriage will be solemnized soon. This is El Aziz’s family tradition. The men take their wives to the hunting lodge right after the wedding. That will be the only time that he goes out of the palace. That will be the only time that I can bring you together. Wait till I report you. Ertugrul! Yo go nanny, hurry up! Who are you? The brother of Bisol whom you murdered! Titus. Ebu Hisham! Ebu Hisham in Jerusalem a commander in the Aleppo Palace a Bey in the Kayi nomad tent. So what, are you baffled? You are just a pitiful demon, Titus.

Created by the smokeless fire who ambushes on the right way, putting fear in the weak hearts and infiltrating the strong and deceiving them. And you buzz off as soon as you hear the God’s name. The Alps that I killed in your nomad tent the Beys who I blinded by my money and Turgut, who is begging to be killed in my castle They all said the same thing. They are where they deserve to be. And I am before you, Ertugrul. You will also get what you deserve. Bey! What happened to Turgut, Afsin Bey? I entered into the Templars’ castle for Turgut Is Turgut alive, Afsin Bey? We can not help but pray for him to die as soon as possible. But there are things you should know. But But what? Speak Afsin, but what? There were two sisters from one of the Oghuz Tribes. Like you and me? Like the two of us. Those sisters were so smart, so beautiful that their father said: “Only God can solemnize these girls.” Did our father use to think like that? It was your father saying that, Gokce. One day, the Bey took his daughters to a place where no man has gone before and put them on the peak of a high mountain. While the sisters were waiting on this mountain a grey wolf came into sight around the mountain. The wolf got married to the elder sister. Brother Gundogdu! And the younger sister got married to the younger brother of the wolf. Both sisters got pregnant one day. Their sons voices sounded like the grey wolves. Both sisters’ sons reproduced with the soul of the grey wolf. Their tribe descended from these sisters. Just as the Kayis will grow and descend from us one day. Ertugrul Bey! Don’t do it, just listen. You should know that I am meeting with this bastard just because of you. Oh my. What is all this about brother? Ertugrul? Brother. Everything started the day you saved the Shahzades and Halime Sultan. You made such a big mistake. Too many people from the Kayis, the Seljuks and also the Ayyubids paid the price for your mistake with their lives. Too much Muslim blood has been shed, Ertugrul. The Templars brought Shahzade Yigit to El Aziz themselves. Do you know why? Because they wanted him to marry Halime Sultan. How do you know all that stuff? Halime Sultan demanded her brother for dowry from El Aziz. So the Templars sent him. That was what we wanted to prevent.

If we had managed to take the Shahzade we could have prevented this marriage. Unfortunately, the situation is such, Ertugrul. What is your interest in this matter? We are on the same side, see it! You ruined the trap we set to spoil the Templars’ game! El Aziz met Halime just because of you and now he is going to marry her! Nasir’s only concern was to get Sultan Aleaddin and Ayyubids in a war. Thanks to you, that is also accomplished! You have spoiled not only my game, but also Sultan Aleaddin’s. So? Let us liaise together to save your nomad tent and the state from this danger. That is her lying down there, Eftelya! Nasir. Ertugrul will do anything he can to prevent Halime from marrying. Keep your eyes open, Nasir! Love will be his biggest weakness, Titus. I have nothing to talk with a man who has my Alps’ blood on his hands. Ertugrul. They burned the dargah down. They killed tens of dervishes. The army will be heading to your nomad tent together with Nasir’s commander Gunhan Bey. They will burn your nomad tent down. Will you just sit back and watch? Reaching the destination is impossible by giving up the right way, Afsin Bey.

You have lost your way, just like this bastard. If you also ever dare to appear before me again, I will walk over both of you. What are we going to do now, Kara Toygar? What we need to do. Gundogdu is a smart man. We shall not lose contact with him. KAYI NOMAD GROUP My fellow Templars. I hope you welcome me to your temple with open arms. You have a nomad tent, but your homeland is uncertain. I have four sons but I know not if they are dead or alive. For how much longer, Bey? For how much longer? Dundar is my youngest pride and joy, Hayme. If he is not defeated in this bed, the battlefields shall be afraid of him. Our other sons will return to the nomad tent healthy and strong. You do not need to worry about it. You stand tall.

Stand tall so that the nomad group’s peace shall not breach. The nomad group needs you. Giddy up! The mirror that shows my reflection show me my man, Ertugrul. so the fire inside me shall be put out. Reflect how I am to Ertugrul so he shall rescue me from this dungeon. What if Kara Toygar told the truth? Kara Toygar has only changed his body. His soul remains the same. I do not think that Sultan Aleaddin is trusting him. So what is he after then? We will see. But first we must capture Nasir. That is the only solution. El Aziz must have already reached the nomad tent with his army. We need to find a way to figure it out as soon as possible. The nanny has changed her side. I am meeting with her today. We shall decide on what to do after that. Ertugrul, you can not go to Aleppo by yourself. If I am not back till night, you go back to the nomad tent, brother. Do not leave my father alone. We have no other option left.

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