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Learn the conversation manners first, Commander! I, who you call an oldster, beheaded so many commanders like you! And I do not hesitate to do it again if necessary! Off you go now! Tell El Aziz that Suleyman Shah would never give him anything from his nomad tent. Suleyman Shah would give his life for Sultan Alaaddin if he ordered but wouldn’t even give a dime for El Aziz. He would pave the gold of Aleppo on the muddy roads of the nomad tent instead of stones. Off you go now! It will be a pity! Suleyman, I will behead you with my bare hands! Commander.

Only God will decide our fate when we meet in the battlefield! Off you go! What are we going to do now, Bey? We will for Ertugrul and Gundogdu to be back. We will be patient till my sons tear down the dark curtain of hypocrisy in El Aziz’s eyes. This is our sole remedy. Bloody woman! Say it now. Say it, don’t keep it within! Go your way, Selcan. Do not glower at me with your baby. You were just twaddling about my baby. What happened now? Why have your tail between your legs when you are faced with me? Selcan, I said go. Or this won’t end good. This won’t end good, eh? What will you do so it is going to end bad? Say it now. Say who is going to take me down a peg or two? Huh? Say it, where have I come from and who is going to remind me? Huh? Say it I say! Say it, you coward! It is easy to talk behind me like a cheap whore. Come on, say it to my face now! Who will remind me where I come from? Or are you talking about the collaboration between your father and Suleyman Shah to murder my father? Say! If you ever dare to hit me again, I will What will you do, huh? What will you do to me, huh? Selcan! Selcan! Selcan are you fine? Begone! Begone I say! Oh God, what have I done? AMANOS MOUNTAINS THE TEMPLAR’S CASTLE We must learn all the tricks of this trade. I do not think so. The Muslims call it “the strength of faith”, my dear uncle. We will also deprive them of their faith. We will do it like how we stripped Turgut off his Alp uniform and made him wear the knight uniform instead of it. Kurdoglu! There are so many infidels among them ready to sell their faith off. Well done, Judas! Let’s go, Judas. You should get some rest. No fire can burn the soul of a man like the fire of youth, Petruccio.

Do you understand what I mean? Numan invited the Turkmens to encourage them to revolt. It was obvious that it was going to be like this. Where is this invitation to? We do not know it yet. So Shahzade Numan agreed to collaborate with Nasir, eh? Aleaddin would not hesitate to hit the road to Aleppo with his army when he hears about this. Too much blood will be shed, Afsin. This will stand the Crusaders at most in the good stead. Do not forget about the Mongols either. Suleyman Shah, I am ready to give my life. Too many people shall not die. A guest who took shelter can not be given to the enemy in Oghuz customs, Atabey. The arrow is already off the bow. It is going to hit either their hearts or ours. Their army is massive, Bey. We must certainly find a way. The less may defeat the many, don’t you know Kurdoglu? I know, Bey. If you know it, your mind and your wrists should work for the fight instead of praising the puissance of the enemy.

You said you had your men in the army, Atabey. Even the commander who I trusted the most thinks I am a traitor. I would like to get out of the nomad tent and observe the army, Bey. I want to know how many people are there, where did they locate what they are doing. We should know these in order to react accordingly. Take the Alps you trust the most with you. Bey, if you permit me, I would like to go there alone in disguise. She killed my baby! Died, my baby died! She killed my baby! Aykiz, Aykiz! She is the murderer of my baby! Murderer! You killed my baby. Where is the murderer of my baby? I am going to kill you! She killed my baby! She did kill my baby! Where are you, you murderer of my baby? Sister! Aykiz! You killed my baby! As you have done this to me, I hope you suffer a thousand times worse. I am going to kill you! Sister! Damn you! You killed my baby, I hope you suffer a thousand times worse. May the curse be with you! You bloody woman! Damn you, you killed my baby! Aykiz, you go to the tent. She killed him. You all saw, didn’t you? She killed my baby! She killed the son of a Bey! She did it! Murderer! Be calm! All right, come, hush hush! The devil would say “What am I to do,” if he saw you! She did it again, bitch! Mother Hayme! Bey, Bey! Gokce, what happened? My sister, sister What happened to your sister, Gokce? Her baby That Kurdoglu I mentioned about earlier has sent a message with one of the pigeons that Ertugrul has taken away from us. He wants to meet me.

That is very good, Petruccio That means you are going to reap what you sow. Well, has that Nasir besieged the nomad tent with his army? Yes. That job will be done soon. And then? Everything is for Jerusalem, isn’t it Thomas? The name I am going to take when I become the pope came to my mind when you said Thomas. You have an idea? I am thinking “Leo”, dear Petruccio. In which order the Leo will you be? Leo the Tenth. Well, why Leo? He was the holy man who stopped Attila the Hunnic emperor in front of Europe. I chose this name for his holy memory. The Pope Leo the Tenth! Let’s celebrate this awesome idea of yours! Wine? Please. Well, should I take the name Dionysus the God of wine? Dionysus the First! Dionysus the First! Suleyman Shah how could I kill that innocent baby knowingly? Do not you think I fear God? Selcan does not know what she is saying because of her pain. Selcan. Aykiz says that she did not do it knowingly.

In that case retaliation can not be made. But she will be given another punishment upon your decision. No punishment I decide would relieve the pain of losing my baby, father. That is why I want her.. to be whipped. As I will remember my baby whenever I see her she should remember what she has done to me every time she touches her back. Tomorrow you will be whipped 30 times in the nomad tent square. Do you have anything to say? I bought it for my niece. I wanted his first gift to be from his uncle. My brother! If God permits, we will see your children also. If God permits. Any news, Bey? Yes. The Turkmen tribes are going to unite around Numan and start a war against the Seljuks. So, Kara Toygar was right. If Shahzade Numan was not deceived by Nasir’s game they would not have made this invitation to the Turkmens. That means, Numan is a candidate for the Seljuk throne. What are we going to do now, Bey? We will go and prevent this war.

Whatever the cost, we will get Numan out of there. Thus, we will save Aleppo and the nomad tent. I hope this doesn’t end up like Eftelya’s end. Let’s go. Thanks to you, we managed to rescue the little Shahzade. And thus, no obstacles exist for me to marry Halime Sultan, Ebu Hisham. Conformingly, Your Highness The Ameer. Would it be possible without the discretion of God almighty? Thanks. But your decision to delay Gunhan’s attack the nomad tent has not been a good one. As you are aware, nobody knows what tomorrow will bring. I gave Kayis another chance. And also you know that I want to solve this matter without shedding any Muslim blood, Nasir You are right, sir But But? You consult the matter with the Turkmens, Nasir. Tomorrow I am going to marry Halime Sultan. God bless. Then we will go to the hunting lodge together. I am so tired, Ebu Hisham. I want to work on my poems there. When I am back we can consult the matter about the Turkmens with you. Aye, sir. The millstone around your neck is so massive, your excellency. Anyone would be overwhelmed by it. Not at all! Selcan Hatun may God bring you and your children together in the afterlife. Amen, Mother Fatma, amen. Permission to come in, Selcan Hatun? Come in, Kurdoglu. I came to say I’m sorry for your loss. Nobody knows the pain of losing a child or a loved one better than me. The Mongols killed my children and my wife who was my heartfelt companion. What I buried in soil were not them, it was my heart. From then on, I have been running away from war. I would never want a family suffer the pain of losing a child. So, you would never want a family suffer the pain of loosing a child, Kurdoglu? Who would want it? I am an oldster with one foot in the grave, Selcan Hatun. I would like to give my service for the last time. Gundogdu should get what he deserves also. In order to do that, I will meet with the Templars. If I can not get some support against El Aziz from the Templars I will kill Suleyman Shah, Ertugrul and Sahabettin with my bare hands. Do not ever forget these words! Excuse me. You are the killer of my child Kurdoglu.

I will never forget that at heart. Never. Oh woe is me, father! While I could not bear the pain of Turgut they say that I killed the grandson of the Bey. What have I done wrong to stumble down the well of the unknown? No need to whine, daughter. Our words are about God. The God that turned Abraham’s fire into a lake will have mercy on your fire some day. My dear daughter, more beautiful than the moon. These days will pass, they will. Then you realise, you have become a bride, those days will come. Huh? I will pray for my Han For that, the black mountains Shall not collapse The tree of shadows shall not be cut The beautiful river of blood Shall not dry The tip of your wings shall not break Woe my sorrowful girl. I know how it feels like to lose a child. Do not worry. May God make him your paraclete in the afterlife, if God permits. I have been waiting to give a child to my man for years. What am I going to say to Gundogdu? How am I going to say that I lost my baby, mother? Selcan, my beautiful bride. Neither you nor Aykiz have fault in this. This is the will of God. You will see, Gundogdu will say nothing about it. That ignoble girl went so crazy. So she killed my own baby to get her Turgut back. How could Aykiz do this to the Bey’s grandson? How could she commit such a sin, oh girl? Have mercy, whipping is a severe punishment. And also we shouldn’t leave Wild Demir in a difficult situation. Show mercy, daughter, so to be shown. What are you saying, mother? Are you aware of the things you say? I buried a descendant of yours in soil. Instead of saying an eye for an eye, are you expecting me to show mercy? Woe, woe is me! My Shahzade. Yes, Your Highness The Ameer? There was something I promised Halime Sultan as a wedding gift.

I have come to say that I have fulfilled it. I have extended the time I gave to Kayis. You are a noblehearted and benevolent person. God bless you. We will be off to the hunting lodge after the wedding. I have put two odalisques under your order, Halime Sultan. From now on, they will take care of you. My sons, for whom I have always prayed for to raise families are stuck between the claws of the grim reaper. After my Sungurtekin whom I have waited for to return for years my Dundar, my Ertugrul, my Gundogdu Who knows how they are now. Whilst expecting to hold my grandson in my arms without feeling his smell the black soil became his cradle. What a sorrow this is, what a misery what a pain, Bey! The trouble and the compassion both come from the God almighty Holder of our sons are him also. He takes their lives if he wishes. It is our duty to be patient for the trouble and be thankful for the compassion, Hayme. Peace be upon you. And peace be upon you.

Peace be upon you. And peace be upon you. Peace be upon you. And peace be upon you. Who is that? He is from the Beydili Tribe from Kayis, sir. Suleyman Shah’s brother in law Korkut Bey. Peace be upon you, Korkut Bey Welcome. And peace be upon you. They said it was a request from the Bey who gave grasslands to the Oghuz so we came. It is very kind of you. Welcome. Please welcome. Stay strong, daughter. Here is the Harem corridor. Halime Sultan’s room is ahead. I must go now. All right, girls. We shall leave the father and the daughter alone. May God grant you happiness, daughter. May God grant you a long lasting marriage. You did not give your daughter away as a bride, father. You buried your daughter alive in this palace. This belt I am wearing on my bridal gown shall be the belt of my burial gown.

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