Dirilis Ertugrul | Ertugrul Ghazi Season 1 Ep-38 Written Episode

Dirilis Ertugrul | Ertugrul Ghazi Season 1 Ep-38 Written Episode

You no longer have a brother. Yigit I will take you out of here my Shahzade. Now take me to your father. Enough That’s enough I said Take it daughter. Drink it drink it daughter. I have obviously cut you some slack Selcan. From now on fear me. No mercy for the merciless My Oghuz Beys straight as a die We are very glad to have you here. I have brought you the greetings and the prayers of El Aziz the Ameer of Aleppo. Our magnate who welcomes you with open arms despite all the hardships and the opposition of the Bedouin tribes expects you to be respectful convivial and loyal all the time.

Thank you Commander Nasir. But the Bayats the Dodurgas the Alkaevlis the Dogers and we the Beydilis are from the Bozok branch of the Oghuz tribe. We are the branches of a large family. The big mountains are not enough for our herds and we do not fit through them. Although we are dispersed around we are one thank God. Excuse our curiosity we would like to know two things immediately. Why hasn’t His Highness The Ameer who invited so many Beys made it to the scene? Why hasn’t he honored his guests even though he invited so many Beys here on this cold winter day? His Highness The Ameer couldn’t leave Aleppo because of a good cause. He is getting married to Halime the daughter of the Seljuk Shahzade Numan.

You have become so beautiful Where is your father the Shahzade? He is out having important meetings to subvert the Seljuk State Your Highness. Yes please. Estagfurullah Estagfurullah Estagfurullah e’l-azim el-kerim. La ilahe illallah Muhammeden resullulah. The first issue we understand. Not only is His Highness The Ameer determined to play with fire but also to enter the nuptial chamber with fire obviously. Korkut Bey so you say whoever is entering the nuptial chamber should also be here to eat dinner. Let’s proceed with the second issue. Why isn’t the worldly-wise Bey of the Kayi Tribe Suleyman Shah here with us? Moreover we heard that you have given them land right beside Aleppo. Suleyman Shah is not with us because not only has he not kept his promises but he has collaborated with the infidel Crusaders. Liar Ertugrul I Ertugrul son of Suleyman Shah from the Kayi Tribe This man is a dishonored scoundrel.

He is casting aspersions upon us His only aim is to make way to the Crusaders by making brothers fight among each other How did you get here? From whom did you receive word? Malik Aziz son of Zahir do you take Halime daughter of Numan to be your wife? I do. Do you? I do. Do you? I do. Halime daughter of Numan do you take Malik Aziz son of Malik Zahir to be your husband in return for the two towns of Aleppo the vineyards and the souk of Aleppo as dowry? Glad to see you again Shahzade. Thank God. Thank you Afsin bey. Yigit I have some things to talk about with Afsin Bey. Aren’t you going to Halime Sultan’s wedding my Shahzade? I will be there shortly Afsin Bey. I would rather die a thousand times than be your wife. Halime? Halime? Halime? I am listening to you my Shahzade. I have allied with El Aziz as a Seljuk Shahzade. From now on I am going to struggle to get my share .on the Seljuk State.

If you do the Seljuk State would fall apart. The blood of brothers killing each other would dirty the swords my Shahzade. I have been living with the fear of losing my children for years Afsin. Now it is their turn to fear. My decision is clear. It is your decision Shahzade. I would like to have you on my side as well Afsin. Let us make the Seljuk State rise again together. If you work with me I will endow you with anything you want from the state. You have also been running away like a deranged man for years. I would be grateful my Shahzade. Is there anything you want from me? I want you to deliver a message to all the Turkish tribes. I will provide a fortune to win their hearts. How are we going to find that “fortune” my Shahzade? El Aziz will provide all the support he can. You shall take action now. I will send you a message. You can find me in the Turkmen carpet shop in the Aleppo souk my Shahzade. May you live long You the courageous Beys of the Oghuz tribe Are you going to rely on the words of this villain or El Aziz the Ameer of Aleppo? This is all I have to say noble Beys of the Oghuz Tribe The ones who infiltrated our nomad group who are willing to transmit the plague to our people and cause a fit among the Islam world and are willing to prevent us from praying in Jerusalem are now trying to subvert the Seljuk State by setting the Oghuzs against each other. This is such betrayal that it is beyond comprehension for a man of honor.

The most evident example of it is standing right before you. This human piece of garbage to whom Salah ad-Din Yusuf ibn Ayyub’s grandsons commended their armies is standing right before you as the Crusaders’ bastard. The ones who believe Ertugrul are mistaken and misguided. Those who resort to him will pay a heavy price. Hey you the son of a bastard Are we supposed to believe the son of Suleyman Shah or someone as evil and nondescript as you? Why should we believe the things you say with that inauspicious face of yours? I see that you have set a trap for me together with your uncle Korkut. From now on the Kizil Kekelis are the enemies of the Ayyubids Those who betray the Ameer of Aleppo El Aziz shall not leave here alive Move If he is the leader of the soldiers who you trust the most you’d better replace them with donkeys Nasir Brother I cannot let her do this to me Your Highness stop for God’s sake Don’t do anything that you will regret later What are you doing here Halime? You were supposed to go to the hunting lodge. This matter is finished father. There is no wedding What are you saying Halime? If you are going to carry on with that treachery you will not be able to abuse me father.

Halime what have you done? Shame on you You promised me I have fulfilled every request you made. I have given you a dowry no woman would ever receive. For what? For a little hope For the hope that Halime Sultan might love me one day if she pleased. But what did she do? She humiliated me in front of everybody She degraded me She trashed the Salah ad-Din Yusuf ibn Ayyub’s lineage For what? For that goat shepherd named Ertugrul Brother Leyla shush Shahzade you will clean off the shame you’ve covered my face with or you all will pay the price for it. KAYI NOMAD TENTS Take two of the best Alps with you. You will hit the road armed with weapons. Aye Bey You will watch the Templars’ castle. You will inform me about who gets in and out even about the birds that fly over it There is no stopping from now on Since they have waged a war against us we will loom over them like a dark shadow Aye Bey Nobody will know about your mission except you and the other two Alps. Pick the most close-mouthed ones. We saw a castle similar to this one while we were in Alamut. But we did not have the chance to get in. We are meant to enter this one You can get in but I am not sure if you will be able to get out alive. Let’s hope for the best Knight You can speak our language very well where are you from Knight? I am Saxon and also my mother is Breton. Ah good There is no cross tattoo on him Neither a cross nor a crescent brother Who the hell are you? Did you take his ring out? Yes Bey. There was poison in it like you said. But he has no tattoo on his head Bey. If he is not a Crusader he must be someone else’s stooge. Untie him. So we are alone together Nasir.

I will not allow you to kill yourself. What do you want to know? Nothing. I already know what I should know. Then what do you want from me? I will take you to the nomad tent. Just think. An army with one commander captured by the Kayis and another one taking shelter in the Kayis. Do you think they would be able to go to war? You bastard Dogan Bamsi. Get him ready Turgut. Move Turk this way Sir I have brought your guest. Welcome Kurdoglu I am glad to be here. You must be the Master. God bless everybody can speak our language here. We had a conversation with your knight during our trip even though he is not as friendly as you are. Speaking the enemy’s language is the greatest weapon Kurdoglu. Are we still enemies? We know how to embrace everyone who collaborates with us. Even the Muslims? The shadow of the cross upon which Jesus was crucified keeps us all cool in the fire of our tormented lives Kurdoglu. Who we are does not matter. What matters the most is that our interests are aligned don’t you think so? Smart people have always set my mind at ease. I had a very nice meal prepared for you. Since I know how your fine tastes are I could say that I had it prepared especially for you. Titus overpraised your cuisine and especially your hospitality. Thank you. After you Wow This must be what it’s like to be a great and wealthy person huh? Every herd needs a shepherd of course Our herd cannot even prepare a simple meal Bey They only know how to herd animals. Anything and everything is about snarling at other men. This time they have gone too far. Aleaddin on one side the Ayyubids on the other side the Crusaders on the other. It is all about two impractical evils doing stupid things. Suleyman Shah and his son Ertugrul. If somebody doesn’t put them through the wringer too many heads will roll Kurdoglu. Mostly from your nomad group. Isadora. Uncle.

I took your Aristotle book. Excuse me. She is a beautiful girl isn’t she? We can only say: “May God grant her a happy marriage.” Mario? Good day madam. How much longer are you going to run away from me? Come to see me tomorrow morning. Eftelya? Titus. This This is impossible I saw your burnt body myself. Titus you are underestimating me. That body you saw was not mine. Wear it I know that El Aziz and Halime’s wedding plan went down the drain. So the Seljuk and the Ayyubid war is just a dream now. Are you holding my arms that you once held with love with anger now? I am not responsible for what happened. Come to your senses I am sorry Eftelya. I did not mean to make you angry. There is only one person responsible for the things that have happened. And that is Ertugrul Ertugrul and Halime are madly in love with each other. There can be two reasons for a man’s failure Titus. The first is his uncontrollable ambition and the other is love. You still have a chance. If you can manage to abuse the weak sides of those foolish lovers you will be able get what you want. Go to the castle. Lie low for some time. We will find a way to get you into the palace when this is all over. What about Nasir? Huh Nasir He is busy with provoking the Turkmens into starting a riot against Sultan Aleaddin. What are you going to do? This marriage will be solemnized. And Ertugrul will die. That is my job. I would have liked to serve you some wine.

I am growing the grapes in my own vineyard with my own fair hands. But I thought it would not be appropriate because of your religion. Thank you. As I said earlier I would have liked to help your nomad group very much but I do not want to take El Aziz’s armies on without a cause. The only thing we all wish for is just a little peace isn’t it? Aren’t you going to help at all? I cannot help because the interests of the Crusaders’ world do not permit that. But we are both smart enough to get the best out of this situation in the end don’t you think so Kurdoglu? How can that be? If you kill Suleyman Shah and supersede. you will not only get our support but also the support of the Crusaders’ Principality of Antioch which is under our control the support of El Aziz’s palace the support of everyone I am not talking about just moral support. The fertile grasslands The loot you will receive by raiding the orthodox infidels. You shall not be pushed for money. I would like you to find new allies in your nomad group. Persuade them into being bewitched by the gold and captivate them. A small gift for you. Any questions Kurdoglu? The knight I saw in the courtyard. Isn’t he Ertugrul’s Alp Turgut? We are calling him Judas now. When the right time comes and he goes back to your nomad tent he will be your closest helper. And also my messenger. Judas. I am going to head out for Konya immediately. I am going to tell Sultan Aleaddin what has happened. Ertugrul we shall not waste our time here any longer. It is best to hit the road as soon as possible. Keep an eye on him. Do not let him kill himself like Eftelya. Don’t worry Bey. What if this pander quibbles and tells his soldiers that it’s a lie when you take him to the nomad tent? As long as Nasir and Sahabettin are in the nomad tent he would not have the courage to sic his men on us uncle.

Will you hold him hostage? El Aziz will have to listen to us. El Aziz is such an inept man that he knows very well he cannot rule the country without them. May God help us all Amen. The entire palace is imprisoned by your sorrow Your Highness The Ameer. I’ve been badly betrayed Ebu Hisham. Halime the woman I love humiliated me in front of everyone and abandoned the wedding. I do not know what to say Your Highness The Ameer. And you were so excited about it. You were going to go to the hunting lodge and spend the sweetest and happiest days of your life there. I cannot explain how sorry I am. So you say Ebu Hisham I was destined to be unhappy I wouldn’t like to bore you on a sad day like this but perhaps if I told you something that I have just learned it might help. I am listening If you take Halime Sultan and head out for the hunting lodge I know that someone will come after you. Ertugrul. How do you know that? Because of the secret visit that your sister and your nanny made to my beloved merchant friend Your Highness The Ameer. Talk frankly Ebu Hisham Leyla and your nanny are meeting with Ertugrul in Ephraim’s shop.

Ertugrul learns everything that is going on in the palace from them. No. It is a lie isn’t it? Soldiers come with me Tell Commander Gunhan not to wait any longer I do not want to hear the name Kayi any longer. Kill anyone who resists without pity. Are you still here? Hurry

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