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I loved you as if you were my mother. You became Leyla’s wet nurse. Your milk was so poisonous that you poisoned my sister as well. El Aziz, what kind of words are those, son? The tricks you pulled behind my back with my stupid sister your meeting with Ertugrul in Ephraim’s shop I already know everything, nanny. Brother! Brother? You will never ever get out of this room, Leyla! And speaking of you, nanny Guards! Take this woman and take her to the dungeon. She will not get out of there till she dies. No! El Aziz, son, why are you doing these to us? Take that woman. Brother, don’t do it. Don’t, please! Brother, don’t do it. Don’t do it. Brother! Please! Brother? Brother? I do not want to see your face again. Neither yours nor hers. You both are dead for me. Get ready. We are leaving, Halime Sultan.

Where? As we have decided earlier, to the hunting lodge. I am not going anywhere with you, Your Highness The Ameer. You will. If you want to see your father and brother again, you will. Odalisques! Help Halime Sultan to get ready. We are leaving tomorrow. Ertugrul Bey sent me. You should have said that before, son. I had an awful fright. All right, Master Ephraim. Forgive me if I have scared you. Oh love! It is love, son, I understand. Love conquers all. Leyla Sultan sent this note. Shall we take Ertugrul’s Alp, sir? No, he will bring Ertugrul to us. Nothing will be the way it used to be, father. With God’s permission, everything will be very good, daughter. Look, nawruz has arrived, spring is everywhere. Our hopes will blossom, like life. Hopelessness does not suit us, daughter. By taking refuge in God, it is our religious duty, our worship to start every day with the rising sun like a spring bud. Dear Aykiz, my pale daughter. My pure daughter. If God permits, your destiny shall be as beautiful as your face. Permission to come in, Master Demir? Come in. I came to see how she is. If you need anything With God’s permission, my daughter is fine. Her wounds will heal soon. But she is tired now. She shall rest, eh? I am sorry for everything, Master Demir. I would not want this to happen. I know, daughter. Your heart is as pure as your face. God will call anyone who has sins to account, I know that as well. There you go. Bey. If you say anything I will cut your tongue into pieces with my sword, Nasir. Walk! Peace be upon you, father. Peace be upon you. And peace be upon you, lions. Thank God you are here. How are things? Tell me. The plot thickens in Aleppo, father. El Aziz the Ameer of Aleppo is willing to drag Halime Sultan’s father Shahzade Numan into a war against Sultan Aleaddin by marrying Halime Sultan. If this happens, the Seljuk State which is our only hope would fall into the claws of the grim reaper. We need to shield the Seljuk. We have spoilt their games for now, father. El Aziz will not be able to attack us. Why not? Nasir; El Aziz’s commander and the Templars’ man at the same time. We have captured and brought him here. You made me happy. You made me proud. May God bless you in both worlds. Your unity and peace shall not be destroyed. You shall be honored with Halil Ibrahim’s abundance. If we can manage to take Halime Sultan from him we would put the Seljuk at ease. Bey. Where is my mother? Where is my brother Dundar? Your brother Dundar is fighting with the grim reaper inside. Mother? Mother? Mother? My lions! My lions are back. Thanks be to God! You came. How is he? Akcakoca said “Where there is life there is hope!” But even if he recovers, his mental skills Who has done it? We do not know, son. When that merchant came to buy our goods, what happened was Ebu Hisham! The real name of the man who you know as Ebu Hisham is Titus. A Templar Knight who has been chasing me since I killed his brother Bisol. What happened is all my fault. Give me your blessings. It is the volition of God, son. The volition of God. Our chivalrous brother will recover, if God permits. Son there is still a hope for Dundar. But we have another great anguish. What is it, mother? Selcan. What happened to Selcan? Bride Selcan lost her baby. Son! Gundogdu! Selcan? I could not be the wife to give you a child. I disappointed you, hurt your pride. Come on, you do not say it. God is the giver and the taker. Come on, just tell me, how did this happen? While we were practicing for the war we have gone to because of your brother Wild Demir’s Aykiz caused me to have a miscarriage.

I told you that Aleppo would do us no good, Gundogdu. Talk frankly, woman. Did Aykiz cause you to miscarry? She attacked me regardless of my pregnancy. I found myself tumbling down without realizing what had happened. She caused me to lose my baby. So I will burn their home down then. I beg you, do not do anything, Gundogdu! It will pass, daughter. It will. These bad days will pass, these grieves will pass. Do not forget that, God Almighty is the most merciful. And God Almighty is testing our patience and resignation. And that shows that he has not given up on us. May God protect us from the ones who makes mischief and casts aspersions. Permission to come in, Wild Demir? Go ahead, Gundogdu. Aykiz! The murderer of my unborn baby! What was your problem with that innocent baby? We all were blind to your faults just because you were in pain we ignored your foolish acts. But sooner or later, you will pay the price for it. Manners, Bey’s son, manners! You want to take a life? An eye for an eye? Go ahead, kill me! But don’t you ever forget that your serpenteyed wife has cast aspersions on my daughter. What aspersions, Wild Demir? What aspersions? Your daughter has no limits, without measure. And what is more, she ruined my family! Sooner or later, she will pay the price for it! Since you have been out to gather information about the army I shall tell you the things you should know.

The army that El Aziz has sent to the nomad tent consists of 3600 horsemen. And together with the pedestrians and the support forces the number is around 7000. And with your 2000 Alps, the difference is beyond comparison. How do you know that? Do you think El Aziz’s army would do anything without my knowledge? What are you doing here? You traitor! Who is this man, Kurdoglu? He is one of Suleyman Shah’s Alps. There were two Turks there, now they do not exist. Did Suleyman Shah have you chased? I do not think so. He must have sent him to watch the castle. It is better he did not return to the nomad tent. No doubt. How could you do this to our Bey, Kurdoglu? Hell with your Bey! Whatever I have done, I have done it for my nomad group. Turgut! Welcome Claudius. His Holiness The Cardinal is expecting you. You have received the news I sent. That is good.
I was worried sick, Bey. Where have you been? Stash these gold away, Alpargo. Now the time has come. Your father told me not to come but I could not help myself. It is not your mistake, Gokce. My father must have said it to prevent you from coming into conflict with your sister. What happened that day, Aykiz? We started to rake over the old coals, I do not know how. She mentioned your father. My father. Suleyman Shah. Is what they are telling true? When my father died, was Suleyman Shah with him? He was. And also my father had gone into combat to protect Suleyman Shah. That is how I heard. My father never talks about it. If my father had gone against the nomad group, the headquarters and the Beys what had been done must be what ought to be done.

May God forgive his sins. You are a good girl, Gokce. May God unite you with your loved ones. You too, Aykiz. I hope to see you in your bridal gown in your wedding with Turgut. I will come back again. What are you saying, Kurdoglu? How many days do you think we can withstand if El Aziz’s army attacks us tomorrow? For three days, we won’t let them into the emplacements we have prepared. On the fourth day they would pass over the emplacements and the ambuscades. On the fifth day our children would be at their commander’s mercy. Even a single Alp’s chance to stay alive is not within the bounds of possibility. I would like to discuss the decision you have made with you in the headquarters. What do we have to discuss? Am I supposed to discuss cutting my son Ertugrul’s and Atabey Sahabettin’s heads off and proffering with my own hands, with my Beys? There is no harm in discussion, Bey. Are not the headquarters an Oghuz tradition? Are not the traditions the reasons of our current situation? The headquarters is the embodiment of the Oghuz tradition. Of course there is a price to pay for our current situation. And that price has to be paid. Enough! What an impertinence! I am talking to you as an old friend a blood brother, Suleyman, not the way as I would talk to my Bey. This matter is not about me or you, Suleyman.

It is about the future of our nomad group. Thousands of lives. I would like to discuss this matter with you in the headquarters. If you gather the headquarters after the friday prayer we will discuss it. Now if you excuse me, I would like to get some rest. Welcome, Ertugrul Bey. You wait for me inside, son. There is a matter I would like to talk with you. I heard what you talked. What would you say about this matter, wife? You have always looked for the enemy outside, Bey. The enemy was among us. But you never wanted to see it. I claimed a headquarters after the friday prayer tomorrow. The payback time with Suleyman has already arrived. What will we do with so many gold? We will buy the nomad group’s future, Alpargo. The nomad group’s future. I want to talk about my testament with you. You know that I do not own anything other than my weapons and three or five animals. We have not condescended to anything on this world we have not gone after it, thank God. I didn’t mean that. However we have too much on our shoulders than we can achive. El Aziz’s army may attack us anytime. And whether we will survive or not tomorrow is uncertain. It is the ephemeral world, the mortal world. As your father, I would like to bequeath one of the millstones around my neck. Like I have bequeathed one of them to your brother. I am talking about Gokce, son. I know about Halime Sultan also. Do not think I am ignoring the fire within your heart. I also know every sacrifice you have made for our nomad group.

That Ertugrul I sent to Aleppo is not before me. That Ertugrul has gone and the hero that will save the nomad group’s future has come instead of him. I also know this very well. Father The reason why I am not speaking about it on these hard times is that. If we can get rid of these troubles and breathe easy you will marry Gokce, Ertugrul. Gokce is no longer your sister, she is your wife. If I die I bequeath Gokce to you. Oh God, make my dreams come true. Put your dagger back in its sheath, uncle. Your time has not come yet. But, it is about to do not worry. What time is that, nephew? Till things are exposed till you are unable to find a place to hide you are safe till your sins shine your shadow. Till that time you can cower behind my father’s friendly shadow easily. But I have my eyes on you, you should know. If you think I would let you dig a pit for us, then you are mistaken, uncle. Do not think you took becoming the Bey for granted just because you have managed to bring El Aziz’s commander to the nomad tent. Tomorrow is another day. Of course someone will know about the things you have done and call to account. And you know that in our tradition it has no importance what or who you are to become the Bey. Even if you marry the Shahzade’s daughter and bring her to the nomad tent this does not make way to the marquee for you. You should know that I am not inclined to become the Bey, Kurdoglu. There are so many men who would not drag the nomad group into endless adventures and let them go astray, Ertugrul.

They would not opt for the adventurers like you, even if you wanted them to. Especially when there are decent Bey candidates like Gundogdu in the nomad group. And you, Kurdoglu? Are you planning to become the Bey by falling into the arms of that infidel who introduces himself as Ebu Hisham? I know there are so many people that respect the men who stab people in the back like yourself. But my brother is not one of them. Do not assume that I do not know what sort of things you are doing behind my back with all those uncanny men like yourself, uncle. I am aware of every single one of your perpetrations since the day I left for Aleppo but I do not have an evidence to prove them. When you find that evidence, my life is yours, Ertugrul. But if you don’t I will make you pay the price of these slanders. Delusions and slanders! I do not know if I should get angry with you, Ertugrul. Should I take you on my lap and spank you like I used to do when you were a child or pull your ear? What am I going to do with you, Ertugrul? Nothing, uncle. Nothing. But I do know what to do with you very well. You will see when that day arrives.

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