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Dirilis Ertugrul | Ertugrul Ghazi Season 1 Episode 40 Written Episode :

(The episode begins with PTV’

Mongols have invaded the tent, Bey. Open the door. Open it! Die! Die! Mother! Hatuns, are you alright? Thank God. Are you allright? Mother Hayme! Artuk Bey, is my mother alright? Thank God. May God never test anyone like this, Selcan Hatun. Hayme Hatun’s life in one hand, yours in the other. Thank God, I was able to stop the bleeding. You got us into this trouble, Ertugrul. You stubbornness caused this. Uncle… ..can’t you see the Mongols are after something else? Even if Tugtekin and Ertugrul is dead they will never stop their attempts against the life of our mothers and sisters. Enough Uncle. Enough. What is your agenda? Don’t you understand what’s going on? You have done everything to put me in that cage like a rat. Look, I got out. Now I will go to that cage myself. Do you know why, Uncle? To make you and all the other Beys to see the truth. We will settle our scores tomorrow at the tribunal. You will see how Noyan deceived you. After the trial, I will see your wretched head rolling on the ground! Murderer! We must bring Tugtekin to the camp immediately. He will not be able to save me from execution in his condition, brother.

Everything will come to an end if something happens to him. I will leave with Artuk Bey, to see him. May God help you. May God help all of us. This must come to an end after the tribunal tomorrow. Every breath Ertugrul takes, gives birth to tears, betrayal and more blood. This sinister and bloody raid is the ultimate proof of this. Karabek, do you know what you are trying to imply? What does Ertugrul have to do with this raid? He was locked in a cage. He may be executed tomorrow. Karabek is right. The nomad has been weakened. You have gathered the Alps of two nomad groups outside with Gundogdu, why? In order to keep them from fighting each other. Gumustekin Bey, you will take the Alps of Dodurga down the valley. And I will take the Kaya Alps down the river. Only the scouting Alps will remain in the square. They will secure the both nomad groups tents and the cage.

Noyan took advantage of this situation. They attacked the nomad tent to die, not to gain a victory. Who would have thought they would be this mad? You are right. The one who’s responsible for this is the murderer of my son Tugtekin, Ertugrul. May God permit me to see his beheading tomorrow. Uncle… …first Hamza, Abdurrahman and then our 12 Alps have betrayed us. You are right. They were our nomad group’s weakest link. They could not resist the pressure. They sided with Noyan. However, neither of them has done as much damage as Kocabash. Or did the things he has done single handedly. Do you still refuse to see it? Do not blame Kocabash, Gundogdu. He was the Alp of my son! He saved your life! Ertugrul massacared him! Choose your words carefully! Your troubles will never end if you keep recruiting traitors, Uncle. What are you saying Gundogdu? Who will you smear now?

I am talking about the one you hosted in your late son’s bed. Karabek. Insolence! What are you saying? Insolent! Get out of my sight Gundogdu! You should have chosen your words carefully. They say that when Ertugrul was Noyan’s captive, this man was by his side. I do not want anymore of your insolence in my marquee. Get out Gundogdu! Get out! Or I will send you. They say that he was smiling when that Mongol scum was driving a nail through my brother’s hand. Enough! Is this true, Karabek? Do you believe that traitor Ertugrul’s words? Is it true or not? I will lead the tribunal tomorrow. If you lie, I will cut off your head before Ertugrul. Gumustekin, enough. I asked, is it true, Karabek? Yes, it is true. What are you saying Karabek? Were you by Noyan’s side? Yes. But on the orders of Sadettin Kobek. I was sent to parley, to compromise. However, that bastard did not listen to any of our words. That is all. Lying wretch! Mind your words. Or else you will be worse than your brother. If you are still unsure, ask Sadettin Kobek yourself. You will defend yourselves tomorrow at the tribunal. I will not let this go, Karabek. You can be sure of that. You also fought against Mongols, I am told. They fought worthy of Kayi women, Bey. Everyone did their best.

I used my weapon as my father taught me. My Aunt and I supported your Hatun and sister. Are you alright? We are alright as long as you are well, my Bey. We need your insight and wisdom at this troubling times. Thank you. What were you doing with Noyan? Tell me the truth. Do not treat me like this, Gumustekin. You are in need of us, such as everyone. You will do as we say. Ertugrul will be beheaded with the decision of the tribunal. No one can threaten me. Now tell me, are you telling the truth? Did you go to Noyan’s dump to strike a bargain? Why have I not been noticed? Why? Because it was a secret mission for the state. If you are lying… …I will carve your liver out. What, have you decided to follow Ertugrul? He is out of your reach, you should know that. Ertugrul must die. Or you will be finished Gumustekin. Sadettin Kobek will get what he wants, not matter what.

Never forget this. Bey, Tugtekin is alive. Where is he? -I could not hear, Bey. -What? Keep your eyes peeled. Follow everyone, go! Good job innkeeper, good job. Thank you, my children. Hatuns, leave me alone with my mother. What does Korkut say about this? He is furious. He blames Ertugrul for the Mongol raid. My God. What will happen at the tribunal tomorrow? Son, tell me the truth. Tell, so that we know what to do. If Tugtekin does not heal and testify… …it is not possible for us to save my brother, Mother. We cannot let Noyan to make us suffer any longer. We cannot let them kill Ertugrul. If this devil Noyan achieves this… …it will mean the end of our war… …not just our beloved, Ertugrul. I will not let them harm Ertugrul, Mother. Do not worry. I wonder, should be bring Tugtekin to nomad tent? Maybe they will stop and think. Maybe they will stop trying to get revenge on Ertugrul. No Mother, Ertugrul does not approve to move Tugtekin in his condition.

The only thing that will stop the bloodshed is, Tugtekin’s recovery and testimony. Then the only thing left for us to do is… …to pray to God for Tugtekin’s recovery… …and hoping he will testify at the tribunal. My only consolation is he is with Ibn’ul Arabi. I will join them. Ask for his blessing. I hope you will return with good news. God willing, mother. At the edge of death… …I saw your father. Mother. He said… …do not give up. I will not, son. He said, whatever happens… …do not leave your childrens’ sight. He said the light, which will drown the darkness will rise… …from that mountain and engulf the world. The whole world he said. God willing, mother. Rest now. Oh, my Bey. Finally, Halime Sultan woke up. Wake that old man as well. What do you want from us? The documents of Sungurtekin you are taking to Konya. Who are you? What are you talking about? Speak for the sake of Ertugrul’s child, Halime Sultan. Or else I will cut that bastard out out your womb with my bare hands. Do as he says, Halime. Do what is necessary for your child’s sake.

Documents are not in this chamber. They are at the barn. If this is a lie, you both will die! Get up! I said get up! Move! In the name of God! Where are they? Where? I have put them in the saddlebag. Come girl, quickly. Hurry! Run to the horses! Horses! Brother seems to be dying. Are you incapable of saying good words? We should carry him to the nomad tent before he dies. He may be useful for once in his life. He would die on the way just to see my bey die. Shitface. Brother, he carries Mother Hayme’s blood. Why do you say that? This devil has no blood. Pure evil flows through in his veins. Blasphemy. It is the best thing to do. Our only chance is to take him to the nomad tent. If our Bey went to the nomad tent taking such a risk, he must know something. Use your head. Brother, this is a stalemate. I am going to the nomad tent. I will not let my Bey to be beheaded. If anyone tries, I will rip their heads off like grass. Enough is enough. Wait, Brother. -Peace be upon you. -And peace be upon you. -We have a guest. -Welcome. -Peace be upon you. -And peace be upon you. And peace be upon you. What is wrong Bamsi? Going to battle? I wanted to get fresh air. I got hot.

Sit down. I have matters to discuss with you. Ibn’ul Arabi, welcome. Me and my mother are relieved now that you are here. We still remember your sacrifices for our nomad group. We are utterly grateful. Thank you. How is my Selcan girl? How is he? We have done all in our knowledge, Bey. He is the one who brings morning out of darkness. He is the one who filled the night with peace. He is the one who created the sun and the moon, moving around each other. Science and prayer join together like the branches of a river lead to God’s glory and will. The rest is in his hands. The tribunal will gather in a short time. It is obvious that the judgement of the tribunal will be his execution. Wait. You are not the only ones in agony. We have gathered here to discuss what to do. Noyan has gone more wild. Yesterday he sent the men he bewitched to the nomad tent to die. What are you saying Bey? What devilry is this? Things got out of control. Alps are ready, waiting for my orders. And the people think that Ertugrul is being framed. We will each do our parts. You will bring Tugtekin to the nomad tent as soon as he opens his eyes. Bey. Do not leave us here, Bey Do not take away the honor of fighting for our Bey. Gundogdu, let these brave warriors come with you. If the God will allow us to venture through our enemis, he will protect us even with a spider’s net. Do not worry. Okay. Thank you, Bey. Then wait for us before you go into the nomad tent. We will find a way to get you into the chamber. Thank you.)

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