Dirilis Ertugrul | Ertugrul Ghazi Season 1 Ep-42 Written Episode

Dirilis Ertugrul | Ertugrul Ghazi Season 1 Ep-42 Written Episode

Knight, what is your name? Judas. Judas? Judas. What a pity, Turgut Alp. Godspeed, Claudius. Ibn al Arabi’s blood and relic will enlighten our way. I rely on you, son. I will not fail you, sir. Damn you, ominous Turk! Damn you! We should have killed Ertugrul in the beginning. Unfortunately, you turned out to be right, Titus. He collapsed our organization in Aleppo just by himself.

He destroyed everything we have been working on for years. How can this be possible? Ibn al Arabi and Ertugrul. What do you mean, Titus? Things that I am leery of even thinking are on the tip of my tongue, sir. Do it like this. If you do it like this, it puffs up. There is some mold on it. It is still wet. Let us not use this. Air it thoroughly. Do it tighter. I see that you forgot your pain so quickly, Selcan. It is not the kind of pain to be forgotten quickly. Time does not pass in the tent. I came back to work in order to make it through the evening. You are right. Your pain is very big. You cannot deal with the rugs in this condition.

Gokce will deal with them from now on. What are you saying, mother? Are you trying to upset me more or to punish me for the death of my baby thinking I am responsible for it? Since when are you questioning my decisions? Do not cross the line. From now on, you will not do any work. You will sit in your tent and try to get pregnant again. You will take care of your health. It’s high time for Gundogdu to have a baby. We cannot be late any more. What if we do? The Bey needs a child. He needs a son, so that his seigniory will go on. And a woman who will give him a child befits the bey. Women! Look at me. From now on, Gokce will take care of the rugs. You will do whatever she says. Her word is my word. The spring has come. The tent waits for new goods from us. We must prepare these goods with heart and soul. Bismillah! Kurdoglu is here, sir. Bring him in now! Sir, he is our last chance to destroy Kayis and Ertugrul. At least, he is not a fool like Nasir. Welcome, Kurdoglu. You already know Eftelya and Titus. Titus Eftelya I heard you have been burning furiously. I wanted everybody to know it that way. Welcome, Kurdoglu.

I know why you came here. But things are more complicated then you think. I do not want to think anything worse than Ertugrul bringing Nasir into the tent. Unfortunately Ertugrul got what he wanted. Are you saying you could not do it? Titus There was Ertugrul, the little boy of the bey, before. Whom I would punish by laying him on my knees. But now, thanks to you, he is the tent’s and Aleppo’s new hero. If you want to cooperate, we need to re-think about the terms. Hello. Welcome, Bey. Welcome. How is my Aykiz doing? She is well, Bey. She is already back up. The ayran is fresh, would you like to have some? I am thinking of the things you had told me about Kurdoglu some time ago. After that murderer has been stopped I promised myself not to talk about it anymore. And I thought it was delusion. However, the things he said in the pavilion Sometimes I thought he was right. I have said I pushed him too much. But this time, there is something different. I know, Bey. I know. Everybody knows about his misbehavior towards you.

Our people are upset because of our migration in winter. And the relatives of our latest martyrs are against you. Some of the great and the good of our pavilion are against me, either. Not all of them, Bey. I know lots of them who would give their lives for you. They all come by, and we talk about these matters. They are sad about what is going on. All these things remind me of someone, Bey. Who? Selcan’s father. Alptekin. He used to play shady games in hard times, and provoked the beys against you. Until we raided his pavilion and took his head. He caused so much pain, to our people and you. Listen, Bey Your late father had given this to me. It is time for me to gird on it again. Not because I am afraid of the war.

It is because betrayal is close. You are right, Wild Demir. Hopefully, nothing like this will happen. Wait until Ertugrul comes back with good news until the pavilion finds peace until everybody is full of the joy of Nowruz than these anxious thoughts will go away. I hope so, Bey. I hope so. Of course, Kurdoglu I understand you very well. 2.000 warriors are impatient. The opportunity of booty will make them stronger. We know each other’s language very well. But I cannot convince anyone in the pavilion to raid over Muslims. Raid over Christians, then. Is this a joke? We are giving you a golden opportunity to go after the infidel Orthodox people. So, both of us will win. While I get war booty with my soldiers the Christians whom you call infidels will seek help from you. They will fall into your mercy.

Titus had told me you were clever but I was not expecting this much. And what is your offer for us, Kurdoglu? My offer is to catch Oghuz Turks from their weakest point to set brother against brother Ertugrul to Gundogdu, Suleyman to his sons and last of all, to be the bey of the tent and nail Ertugrul’s head to the door of this castle. We are a poor tent with brave soldiers and a weak flock. This is all I can do. It is a deal, then. Do you have a plan? You can start with giving a good price to our tired flock. -Peace be upon you. -And peace be upon you. I am a traveler. I heard that Hazrat Sheikh is here.

I would like to see his holy face. Is there permission? This is a place for the heart. Our door is open to every heart. Go ahead. There was a man who wanted to assassinate our Prophet. When he thought he caught him alone he asked audaciously “Who will protect you from me?” The Holy Prophet Peace be upon him. Said “God” in submission to fate. The man’s sword fell down from his hand. Our Prophet said “God” so strongly from the heart the earth and the skies shattered. That infidel was shocked seeing the way he said “God”. A heart which has tight connections to its creator would know that in any dangerous situation, help will come from God. And prays for this in any dangerous situation. Our Prophet picked the man’s sword up from the ground and asked “Now, who will protect you from me?” However, the Prophet of mercy forgave the man who came there to kill him. Sometimes, the ones who set a trap loose even though they seem to win. May God protect us from the ones who set traps. Amen! My Dundar. Your brother Ertugrul went after the enemy.

Like your brother Sungurtekin. But they will come back. They will both come back. They will wrestle with you again. You will shoot arrows. You have three brave brothers. Three brave lions. And you will be the fourth. By God’s will you will come back, as well, son. My black eyes are full of sleep Open them up You are worn to the bone Gather them up The life that God granted you Is on the move Catch it up Let me know, son If you have life in your body May my life be a sacrifice for you Your water flowed down Mount Kazilik Now it does not flow, unlike before Your grass grows on Mount Kazilik May it not grow now, unlike before Your deers run on Mount Kazilik May them not run now, unlike before May them petrified How do I know, son Is it from a lion, or a tiger How do I know, son Where these accidents came from Let me know, son, If you have life in your body May my life, son Be a sacrifice for you Let me know, son Just a few words from you. It is time to put the cradle away, Gundogdu. Woman, God closes a door, and then opens another. He will give us a baby. Yes, hopefully. However, the people who caused this should pay for what they have done both in this world and in the other. It all began when that ominous girl came to our tent. Halime Sultan.

But I know. This is the problem. You are not Mother Hayme’s own son. If you were, these would have never happened. Selcan! What are you saying? Mother Hayme raised me. I never saw even once that she favored Ertugrul over me. She is a righteous woman. Of course she is but a husband’s son cannot be the same as an own child. Even a cat eats its other children just to protect the one it loves most. Mother Hayme worries about Ertugrul taking the seigniory. Selcan! If her son gets married with the daughter of the Seljuk Shahzade imagine what will happen next. I was wondering, Bey I am listening Who builds these caravansaries and what for? Why do they spend all that gold? They just feed everybody who comes. Do they not have any reasoning? Caravansaries are built by the state in Seljuks. Just for the commerce to develop. They do not take any money from the guests the first three days. Bey, if we have a state one day let us build caravansaries, too. Yes, you would go there frequently and eat for three days each time.

Go to sleep. We will leave before the sunrise. How can you sleep in a night like this. Have you ever seen such a night? Mind you, you will have to sleep here. Maybe they have things to talk about. Let me go to sleep, Bey. Excuse me. -Good night. -Good night. Your secret is about to be relieved. You will be his, when responsibility is given to the competent one. Hey, traveler! What are you doing? I thought this was my room. The guestroom is this way. God bless you, brother. The brave children of Kayi I will tell you a story today. There is less, but not more in it. There is right, but not wrong in it. Its name is story, but it is real. Years and years ago in a very hot August day Sultan Alpaslan took his army to Malazgirt. He was facing the Byzantines. His powerful army was waiting gathered together like an armor.

The earth was going to move soon. The blue sky was going to collapse, and the brave earth was going to crack. The armies were lined like a string. The horses with white mains, red tails and dark skins were breathing deeply. Sultan Alpaslan, the brave soldier of the Seljuks as the hero of the earth and seas seven climates and all Muslims has worn his shroud on and got on his horse whose breath could race the wins and came before his soldiers. He shouted with such a strong voice that the seven climates could hear. “My soldiers! There is no sultan but God in this battlefield. God is the owner of all the possessins and lives. If there is anybody who does not want to fight in this battlefield, he is free.

However, he who fights for his tribe or swings a sword for fame or take heads just to prove his might should know that he is not one of us. Because our aim is to please God. Our intention is only to fly the flag of justice in the skies.” The brave soldiers in the battlefield were so full of joy after this outcry the earth was so shaken as these brave men cried out “God!” the skies burst with their love neither a mad man like me, nor a thousand wise man could tell it. The horses neighed and the weapons tore flesh into pieces. So many lives were lost, men lying on the ground, lifeless. And so many Alperens have been martyred. And then, the army of justice gained the victory. The army of arrogance and persecution was scattered, destroyed, defeated. Then, Diogenes, the commander of the Byzantine army was brought to his knees. Sultan Alpaslan went towards Diogenes who was afraid to die.

He held his arms and raised him up, saying “You are my guest now.” He neither broke his heart, nor hurt his pride. After a while, he sent him back to Byzantine. What happened then? Let me tell you what happened then. Diogen, the commander of the enemy army whom Sultan Alpaslan forgave was not forgiven by Byzantine. They poked his eyes, made his wife a slave and convicted him to death in an island. Long story short, the poison of Byzantine is so strong that you will neither drink it nor be near it. You will be like Sultan Alpaslan so that God Almighty will grant you conquers. Who knows, maybe he already granted the conquering of Byzantine to one of you. Your brother Yigit can stay in the tent, if you like. I would raise him as a brave Alp as his name suggests. Your father will understand how he has been uses by El Aziz. I do not know how I can forgive my father. Have some rest. Tomorrow, we will have a long way to the tent.

What is going on, Afsin Bey? I will tell you everything once we get out of this hell, Shahzade. Where are my father and my sister? They will join us when they get out. Are all of their goods ready there? Everything is here. Let us go, Shahzade. Going somewhere, Dervish? Hopefully. Where to? Wherever my sheikh’s heart leads him to. Why do you keep asking questions? I travel all around. I would like to travel with you all, as well. Are we ready, Dervish? Yes, master. Let us go, then. Can I come with you? You can. We would accompany each other. To accompany each other is important, Dervish. They say one’s intention is relieved while on the road. Men know each other on the road. Come on. Thank you, master.

Ertugrul must pay for what he has done, Titus. Start with Aleppo. You know what to do for us to establish an organization that is stronger than before. Good luck. Judas I am ready, sir I am ready to go on duty like my brothers. What do you want, Mario? Father Isadora, my daughter! Thank God! Oh, thank God! Let us take a rest here. Prepare the food, and gather up some wood. Let me have a talk with this traveler. Yes, master. Tell me, traveler, what is going on in the world? Where do you come from, and where are you headed to? I come from Turkistan. Genghis Khan’s army destroyed everywhere. My eyes saw so many persecutions and bloodshed. Our Prophet said “Infidelity goes on, but persecution does not.” A hero will certainly come out to stop them, hopefully. Hopefully, sir. Hopefully. Let me help the Dervish. Who will protect you now, from me? God has a lot of guardians. Translation Özgür Salman

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