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So we meet again, Turk. THREE DAYS AGO Oh my God. Oh mey Goodness. The time has come, Wild Demir. The time to revolt against persecution has come. We came to this land with so many hopes, Bey. We wanted to be happy, but everything went so bad. I would not want to be called a man unless I make the ones who put us into trouble pay for this. What is in your mind, Bey? I will take Turgut. Aykiz says that nobody can pass through that castle. Neither through its walls nor its door. There is a key for each lock, and a brave man for each wall. If we cannot take Turgut, then we will die for the sake of it. If you bring Turgut back here, Aykiz will be happy again. I gave my word to Aykiz. We will marry them in this land. Hopefully, Bey. Hopefully. I am setting off. We are leaving with the Alps. Good luck, Bey.

I will see you before we leave. Thank you, Bey. Kara Toygar walked over everything, but El Aziz destroyed everything. And there are the Crusaders. What are we going to do? My flock was more wellfed when the Mongols were after us. Now we have only 40 skinny cattle. Why? Because there is not anybody we did not challenge. All our children’s livelihood is lost. That is right, Bey. That is right. That is right. This is unacceptable. I will sell these cattle. I tell you that. What would you expect from this flock, Bey? The mother did not give any milk. We could not benefit from it in any way. Who will buy them? Nobody would want them. Merchants from Aleppo have long stopped trading with Turkmens. Feed up your cattle in this beautiful tent so that everything goes on well. Do not worry. I will sell them with a good price. We know that you are different, Bey.

You talk the language of our people. You know what the flock and the shepherd wants. We saw you passed through treacherous waters without losing even one of them. That is right, Bey. That is right. You want peace, not war. Only you can do this, Bey. However, if we cannot sell this flock, it will be very bad for us. Go and feed up your cattle, now. It is my duty to deal with this. I will see you. What are we going to do? The shepherds’ trouble is the tent’s trouble. There will not be peace in the tent unless they are pleased. Tell me about it. There is a way, but I do not know what your father would say. Listen to me carefully, Gundogdu. I see it is time for travel, Atabey. Ertugrul Bey, I owe you not only my life you also saved Aleppo.

You destroyed the Crusaders’ order. One day, the Islamic world will remember this hero with gratitude. Thank you. However, if we cannot unite Anatolia and this land the Crusaders will have more and more traps for us. You are right. Aleppo, Jerusalem, Damascus, Mosul, Kirkuk and Bagdad and Konya and so many other cities are like a mother’s children. Whoever tries to separate them from each other will pay for it. You are right. Aleppo is your home whenever anything is needed. Its door is always open to you and your tent. And our weapons are always ready to be pulled out of their sheaths for you. My girl, we know what you have gone through. We all know the troubles that you have had as a family. And we know what you had gone through, Mother Ana. Being the daughter of a shahzade is not something I care even a little bit about. There is nothing I want other than being a girl in your tent. Everybody knows very well what it means to leave your father as the daughter of a shahzade and come to the tent with a man. I have asked this to Gokce before. Now, I will ask you the same.

Are you willing to do anything for Ertugrul? Yes. Do you know that a women who really loves him should be ready for any trouble that comes from her pavilion and family? I do. Do you know that this girl should only worry about this pavilion’s troubles? I do, Mother Ana. So, tell me, would you disregard your own happiness for the sake of Ertugrul’s? Would you leave Ertugrul and go away? If I am meant to be together with Ertugrul, I would be with him. If am meant to be sad for him, I would not complain, Mother Ana. After being educated in a madrasa in Konya I am trying to help the people of the tent by Suleyman Shah’s request. Thankfully, the people of the Kayi Tent serve with heart and soul. This tent has a different smell, son. And such a soul that God will create order in the whole world by favor of them. Hopefully. Hopefully. May I come in? Peace be upon you. And peace be upon you. Are you comfortable? Thank you, Ertugrul Bey. Fakih Ilyas welcomes us very well. I will set off tomorrow after the Friday prayer. To where, son? To save my brother Turgut. I am going to collapse the Templars’ castle onto them. The Devil’s children have so many traps to set. Son, you are young, your are powerful, you are an Alp however, you must be a ruler. Pens solve what weapons cannot.

You must see the tricks. Be careful. The Devil has lots of tricks. If I wonder the snowy mountain ahead Whose highland is that If I wonder its cold, cold waters Whose spring is that If I wonder those camels row after row Whose load is that If I wonder the black skied pavilion Whose shadow is that Why are you asking that? If it gave me news About the girl I am meant to be with I see. What are you going to do if it gives you news? I would say “I would give my life for you.” Did you remember Cicek Hatun when you saw Mother Hayme’s son in the caravansary? Do you think I ever forget her? Did you ask about Cicek Hatun to Korkut Bey when you saw him? I did not have the courage, brother. Your troubles will not end, brother. Listen, I do not have a woman, but I gird on my weapons instead. I do not have children, but I love my horse instead. How could we want women when our people have so many problems? Sister What? Mother Hayme asked if I would do anything for Ertugrul. What does this mean? She wanted to know if I would stand anything for the man I love. Meaning? She asked if I would love him to the extent that I would forget him. And what did you say? I said that the die was cast. Well done, sister. You will never give up. If you do, she will oppress you all your life. Gokce Do you think Mother Hayme wants to marry her son both you and Halime? What are you saying, sister? May I come in? Please, Bey. Good day. Good day, Bey.

I heard that my niece passed away. Went to his last home. May him be our savior in the other world. Amen, Bey. I am very sorry. May God grant you other children. And may Him grant our tent some peace. Ertugrul Bey, Halime made quite an entrance to this tent. We lost so many lives because of her. So many mothers were devastated. Aykiz lost Turgut. She lost her mind and made me lose my baby. Your brother and me suffered for this. If more souls will be wounded because of this girl, do not let this. Be a man and send her away. You lost your baby, and you are in pain. However, this tent has a tradition. Men act like men, and women act like women in this tent. If women interfere with men’s business, there would be no order in the tent. And I never let a woman who messes the order say a word. Have a good day. I just came to offer my condolence. Ertugrul, leave off this ambition for Halime Sultan. There is no peace in the tent anymore. Ertugrul Bey I am grateful that you came back safe. Gokce You know there is something regarding the two of us. My father. He wants to see you as his daughterinlaw. But my heart beats for someone else. You are my sister whom I grew up with. There is nothing beyond this for me.

I just wanted you to know that. I know, Ertugrul Bey. Your heart only says “Halime Sultan”. One who waits for the loved one is bound to be saddened. I can only accept this saddening now. I will not come to you unless you tell me to. I will wait for you until I die if necessary. Do not worry. This matter is between you and your father from now on. Keep in mind that I accepted my fate. Excuse me. May I come in, Aykiz? I heard what happened. I just wanted to say I am sorry, Aykiz. Selcan is a dangerous woman. You can expect anything from her. You are right, Halime. Everybody knows she is dangerous. And there are dangerous people whom nobody has seen or known of. The ones that are the main reason of the troubles we have had. What do you mean, Aykiz? Don’t you see the situation we are in? You are responsible for everything. Don’t you ever say yourself “All the troubles started after we set foot here”? You are right, Aykiz. We put you into trouble while our troubles were still going on but that was not what I wanted. I made a decision. I came here leaving my family back. Halime, you are still talking about yourself. My Turgut is a captive in the Templars’ hands. We do not have any news from him. While I am in this situation Ertugrul Bey has been chasing you for the past few days. May I come in? Please, Bey. We will set off to take Turgut before the sunrise. And you should know that we will not come back without him. If we die give us your blessing, Aykiz. Of course, Bey. Give me some information about the castle. Whenever you want, Bey. Excuse me. We will set off. There are preparations to be made. I was hating you. I thought Ertugrul Bey has forgotten Turgut because of you. Of course he did not. A brave man would never forget his Alp. He will bring Turgut back to you at the risk of his life. Stay in our tent tonight. What about your father? He will take care of himself. He could lay a bed by the side of the stove. Alright. What did you talk? He said he loved Halime. Come here. Take a walk, sister. My pure and beautiful Gokce. Trouble is back in our tent. Let us see what more troubles that ominous woman will cause us. Obviously, she intends to settle in here. But I know how I will make her go away without even looking back. As for you, you will listen to what I say from now on. You will do whatever I say. Otherwise, forget Ertugrul.

Since when are you ruthless so much? Forget whatever has happened in the past. Drop the burden on your shoulders, and your hatred. Nobody will love us as long as you break everybody’s heart. Gokce, behave yourself! Watch your mouth! Selcan What is it? You are turning the place upside down. Nothing, Gundogdu. My sister was showing me how impudent she was. There is enough trouble around. Do not cause any more troubles here. Do not worry, Gundogdu. Bey, Mother Hayma says that Suleyman Shah wants to have a meal in the pavilion with his children and daughters in law. ALEPPO Is Hazrat Ameer in his room? He is waiting for you. Thank God we saw you here. We saved ourselves from being their headquarters. Thank you, Siddik. Hazrat Ameer Uncle Can you forgive me? All is left behind now. It is over. Do not torture yourself by thinking of the past. How can I live with this guilty conscience, Uncle? With so many people’s burden on my shoulders. The dervishes that have been martyred the soldiers that have been martyred How will I be able to atone for all these sins? My sheikh Ibn al Arabi who took over the dervish’s coat of Gavs ul Azam Seyyid Abdulkadir Geylani told me one day: “Be determined to not commit the sins you have repented for. As for the good deeds you are doing, do them to death, and never give them up” Welcome. We will have so much to talk at dinner. Hopefully, Aziz. Hopefully. May I come in? Yes, come in. Suleyman Shah invites you to the family dinner. Me, too? Yes. Would it be appropriate? Suleyman Shah deemed this suitable. He said “Ertugrul will go to bring back Turgut tomorrow. You never know if he comes back. Let us be all together in this meal.” He also wanted Wild Demir and Aykiz. We are coming. Come on. The Brave Beys of the Kayi Tent. You honored my meal. Thank you all. You made me so happy. Thank you. Thank you.

We have been traveling for so long to find a land for ourselves. For our sons and daughters to be happy. You are right, Bey. There is not any piece of land we have not set foot on. However, we could not find a land to live on without any fear. All our hopes are on Aleppo. And it is turned to hell because of Suleyman Shah’s son, Ertugrul. We cannot stand anymore, Kurdoglu. We found ourselves in baseless fights. That is what I am worried about. If it goes on likes this, I am afraid our children will not be happy anymore. You are right, Bey. You are right, Bey. So, what are we going to do? What is the remedy? The only man who is experienced enough to save us from this trouble is you. Karabudak and Kutlu. You have always been brave and direct. And you still are. Thank you. Thank you. I knew I could trust you. What about the remedy? The remedy is going against Suleyman Shah and saying “The Bey should be Gundogdu”. What? Alright. Please. God, give us power so that the infidels will not succeed. Strengthen our faith and bodies. Give us the victory. Deem the soldiers who have died in this war as martyrs. Forgive the sins of El Aziz. Amen. Your body will enliven Aleppo, and your head will enliven the Kayi Tent. I will show you all that you are bound to be defeated. The war is just beginning. What is wrong with you? Nothing. What do you mean, nothing? Do not walk around like that. Pull yourself together. These three spoons that have been left on the table So, that was the problem. One of them is for Ertugrul’s elder brother Sungurtekin and the other is for Dundar. That is, for the ghosts who will never be able to sit on this table. As for the last spoon obviously, you are afraid that it might be for Halime. Sister Suleyman Shah would not do such a thing, would he? Clearly, you haven’t known that old man enough yet. He can even kill a man he calls “my friend” But not that much. Look your future husband will come soon. We will eat together. He saved the tent from disasters Aleppo from the Templars and the Islamic world from a big war. They sacrificed the biggest ram in the tent for the sake of him. Mother Hayme cooked his son’s favorite meal. This night’s king is him, and the queen is you. Pull yourself together. Who else is coming? Let us see who is going to come out of your father’s bag. Where is my father? He is inside, with your mother. Let me check Dundar out. Here. When my brave brother wakes up we will show everybody in our new land how to shoot arrows and how to use sword. Did I do something to break your heart, brother? Do not get on me, Ertugrul. What are you thinking, brother? You never see Gokce’s tears, do you, Ertugrul? How she is heartbroken. You do not care about anything at all.

Neither Gokce nor this marriage that my father wants You always do what you want and get what you want. After all, our Bey is very fortunate. He falls on his four feet like a Persian cat. He does not care about the Templars. Who is my father who went against the great Seljuks? And Gokce who is crazy in love with him? Who is she, compared to the daughter of the Shahzade? Only this would suit our Bey. Do what suits you, Ertugrul. We will see how this will end. Aykiz, that is enough. You are not well. Have a seat. I am good. Do not worry. I was going to go to the Templar’s castle with them if Ertugrul Bey allowed me to. Is this not the mirror that Ertugrul gave you? Yes. Be happy whenever you look at this mirror. I hope your happiness increases whenever you look at it. Amin, Aykiz. But it will not be easy for you. Was it not you who told me once that being a woman was hard but the hardest is being an Alp’s woman? I do not have any place to go anymore. I do not have any place to shelter in other than Ertugrul and your tent. I came here leaving my family behind. I am not a Shahzade’s daughter anymore. I am the daughter of this tent. May I come in? Come in, father. Come on, my girl, let us go. Father, let me stay here To sit on the same table with that woman when the whip wounds are still on my back. There is surely something our Bey knows. We will look at each other’s faces all our lives. You cannot be angry at each other. Come on. Uncle? Uncle? Uncle? Get up. Get up, get up! Do not do it, Bey. I will see his face. They beheaded Atabey. Unfortunately, I could not find his head. Uncle Uncle, get up. Uncle! Uncle! Uncle, get up. Uncle!

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