Dirilis Ertugrul | Ertugrul Ghazi Season 1 Ep-45 Written Episode

Dirilis Ertugrul | Ertugrul Ghazi Season 1 Ep-45 Written Episode

Come here brother. Sit down sit down. Welcome my children. Father they do not look like they knew we were coming. Mother you did not say we would have guests. They are not our guests Selcan. They are family. Please. Welcome. Peace be upon you. And peace be upon you. It is Nowruz time. Suleyman Shah told us to leave all the bad feelings among us. We will pray for our new land’s safety and wealth. Welcome. Sit down sit down. Hayme sit down. Halime Sultan I am very happy that you accepted my invitation. Bismillahirrahmanirrahim. Please. As my late father said a mountain’s side is a road even though the mountain is very big.

I remember the day we left the Toros Mountains to come here. I understand that it was not about coming down the winter range. We came to our new land fighting the Crusaders’ plots and losing our soldiers. Migrating is never easy. It was not easy this time as well. God bless our martyrs and their families. Amen. Amen. Even my youngest son Dundar stood out to the Crusaders and saved our tent from a big disaster. He was brave like his elder brothers. Hopefully we will see him as well on this table. Hopefully. Not everything will be a bed of roses in this land of course. We will always struggle to be able to stay here. I will give important duties to Gundogdu and Ertugrul for this. Both of them showed that they are candidates to be the Bey of this tent in the future. I would like our tent to know Suleyman Shah’s sons better. The one who deserves better would be the Bey of our tent when the time comes.

From now on Gundogdu will deal with our tent’s livelihood. The sales of our animals the sales of our goods in other cities It is a difficult duty in which he has to struggle thousands of thugs. Obviously they will give us a hard time in our new land. Ertugrul will be ready at all times with his Alps to protect our tent against the Crusaders’ attacks. By God’s will he will take Turgut and bring him back here tomorrow. Hopefully Bey. Hopefully. I appreciate my sons one more time who brought our tent a victory. We are all grateful to them. Thank you father. Thank you father. Halime Sultan It was very grueling for you. Thankfully you are healthy. However people who wish to use you and the shahzades will always exist. Suleyman Shah if you see fit I do not wish to be my father’s daughter who betrayed his country I wish to be this tent’s daughter. To get older together with the brave people whom I see as my family. You will make us very happy if you attend Ertugrul Bey and Gokce’s wedding. Suleyman Shah may I come in? Bey Afsin Bey and Shahzade Yigit are here. Yigit Let them in. We have room for them on our table. Father as I told you before about Afsin Bey Let us listen son. Sister! Welcome. How dare you come here Afsin Bey? Ertugrul! I came here to let you know that I did my last duty to the shahzades. Where is my father Afsin Bey?

Is he alright? Shahzade Numan. The state does not forgive the one who betrays it. Your father passed away Halime Sultan. I buried him myself. I did my last duty. Halime How did it happen Afsin Bey? The Seljuq Empire did what was necessary Ertugrul Bey. Halime Halime I He was my father even though he betrayed his country. We scattered our lives into pieces for him. We had all kinds of torture with my brother while we were running away. We always resisted. Even that little boy resisted. But my father was weak. Maybe he wanted to protect us. I do not know. And I will never know anyway. He is gone now. But I will remember him with his courage while he was running away from the people who used him to establish the state. He was our father. With his sins and good deeds. Thank you Ertugrul Bey. We would like to read Quran for my father with Yigit if you allow us to. God forgive his sins Halime. I am sorry. Amen. Yigit. Wild Demir is building a tent for us. I am taking a bed. How is Halime Sultan? Are going to go to save Turgut? Hopefully Yigit. They caused so much pain. Make them pay Ertugrul Bey. May I come in? Come in Ertugrul Bey.

May God speed you. You should know that I will not come back without him if he is alive. I also know that you will not come back without a revenge if he is martyred. I am sorry. Thank you Ertugrul. May God forgive his sins. Do not make me grieve for you too after my father Ertugrul. Do you remember what I told you when I first separated from you? “May God speed you. May the Sun not burn your skin. May the rain not make you cold. May stones stay away from your feet. Go like water and come back like water.” Aktolgali will fly me like a bird and bring back within a short time then. I heard that you were going for Turgut. Why do you care? It is me who knows the castle best. Let me come with you. I learned what was necessary from Aykiz and my brother’s Alp. I will not have any business with the man who cooperated with the killer of my Alps. I brought a message from Kurdoglu. Talk! Talk man! Is he going to come? Yes he will. But I did not come here to tell that. Why did you come then? The two men you are after Both of them are guests in our tent. Who are they? Shahzade Yigit and a dervish named Arabi. Kurdoglu asked me to tell you that a guest is going to come as well. Who? Ertugrul. Precious Muslims God Almighty says in Surah An-Nisa “Whoever obeys God and the Lord will be companions of the Nabis the loyal ones the martyrs and the rightly guided ones whom Allah has blessed. And excellent companions they are.” The most important quality of a Muslim is loyalty. What is loyalty? To be righteous at all times. To say the truth when you talk.

To go the right way. Loyalty is the strongest way to reach God. Righteous people are the true travelers of this way. Precious Muslims The most important secret that has protected Hazrat Noah from the flood Hazrat Yusuf from the well and our Prophet from the infidels was that they were loyals. May God let us be the righteous ones. Amen. And protect us from the ones who set traps at all times. Amen. Amen. Now look at me and repeat after me. Uccello. Uc cell cillo. Uccello. Bird. A very beautiful bird. Wonderful. It is you who is wonderful and “molto bello”. If you go to Genova one day all the girls will be dying to talk to you. You are so beautiful. I would never think of talking to another girl. Never forget where you came from. I am Judas. Never forget where you came from. I am.. Judas. I would say you were a mother to the rebirth of Judas but you look like his lover instead of his mother. It is you who sleeps with everybody by order of my uncle. I am not you. Women. Judas. One day just like Judas who brought Jesus to the crucifix you will pound the nails on Ertugrul’s body. This is your fate. My fate. Stupid bird. Give me your blessing father. My blessing is yours. Give me your blessings. It is yours. Bey they sent this from Aleppo. The carrier said this is a present from Sehabettin. Open the chest. May my sword be drenched in my blood unless I make your life unbearable and unless I burn you in the hellfire in this world. Give me your blessings. It is yours. Do you have a death wish? I told you not to come. You do not think of entering the castle do you? You want to save Turgut but you do not know how to do it. Will you let me come with you if I tell you how to do it? How? Cardinal Thomas. Tatos Harput? His very self. And who are you? Gundogdu.

You are from the Kayis. What was his name Kurdoglu. You are his niece. We can go and see the flock if you want. Of course I do. However I would like to know the man I will trade with better. What would you like to know Gundogdu? For example if you are one of those low-down Templars. I like you son. I like you better after this question. Sit down sit down. Would you like some soup? It is Harput’s famous soup. Alright I would. It would warm us inside. Give some soup to the Bey. Templars? As an Orthodox I can only hate the Templars. A hatred so much that your hatred as a Muslim would be pale in comparison. That is good. I am glad we have some common ground. Me too son. We can talk business then. They would not settle behind those big walls if they were brave men. Not everybody is as brave as we are. Can they make the sky a shield and the earth a weapon? We will crush their heads with those big stones. Many Templar bases like this castle control the whole Mediterranean. They would test even the Pope for their own profit. The Cardinal is the man whom they want to be the Pope. The infidels are everywhere Uncle Afsin. In the tent in our pavilion in the palace. And the Islamic World is disunited. We do not even have a conqueror state.

Nothing is like it seems Ertugrul Bey. The black clouds gathering above us are for the rain to pour over us. Our states will survive forever. Our state becomes Oghuz and bursts out to the world. The next thing you know it becomes Gokturk and makes stones talk. Then it becomes the double-headed eagle and gives life to the great Seljuk. What I am saying is that Turks will never live without call to prayer a flag and a state Ertugrul Bey. Once we take that Cardinal we will talk about the state with you. Help me! Help me! Help me! Help me! Help me! Brother Abdurrahman! Abdurrahman what happened? Suleyman Shah has sent us here secretly. We were trapped. Two of our Alps have been martyred. I have been watching here for days without any food and water. Rest in peace. Amen. Tell me how did this happen? Did you do your duty Titus? Yes sir. Are you upset because you lost our organization in Aleppo? Maybe a little. Because of what El Aziz caused. Our knight that will replace Sehabettin will make us stronger than before. It is not only about Aleppo.

Bran Shefoth from Bordeux Aman from Provence Toroya from Aragon and last of all Montegu. I would prefer dying instead of being unsuccessful against the great memories of these great masters. We will not allow this sir. You are the Grand Master of Antioch. When we have Jerusalem and we will your name will be scraped in hearts. Let us see if our guests will say the same thing. Who is coming sir? The commanders of Jerusalem Akka and Tripoli. They are coming by order of Grand Master Montegu. We cannot stand any more failures Titus. From now on we must be harsher more reckless and at least as brutal as those barbarians. Do you understand me? By the way everybody we look for comes to us by himself. Sir

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