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Dirilis Ertugrul | Ertugrul Ghazi Season 1 Episode 49 Written Episode :

(The episode begins with PTV’

I played this game to write and send what I saw to our Sultan Aladdin. I used Noyan. Our Sultan Aladdin managed the Mongolian politics with the information I sent, for sake of state. Many times we came back of wars. We were saved from the war with our Sultan’s wisdom and my information. But it is over now. The target of cruel Ogeday is Anatolia. If his arm arrives here they do not leave any person alive. I did not show concern for you for years. Because it was the best that you knew me as martyr. I have one last duty, brother. That is why I wanted to see you.

I can do anything for my state and for you, brother. You, brave as a lion! Thank you. Sultan Aladdin gave me a duty to withdraw the Turks fighting in Mongolian army, brother. How will this work? It is the seal of Oghuz Khan. Our Sultan hopes that this seal will harden the bonds of brotherhood over the Oghuz’s that we lost. That is why I will go to the lands of our ancestors. What kind of power will this seal has? The seal is what you see, brother. The real issue is to remind our brothers serving to Mongolians who they really are. To save them from slavery and to divide the Mongolian army. If the Turks were not so supportive, they could not get so strong. Sultan Aladdin is right, brother. But if we cannot bring the Islamic world together and cannot get any help from other Muslims. Sultan Aladdin cannot do anything alone. I hope these days are very close, brother.

I hope so, too. Now, the reason that I wanted you to come no matter what is I wonder. I want you to meet me with the white-bearded. I cannot do this without their help. So you have the Oghuz Khan’s seal. Tell me about Sungurtekin. Tell me so I can get my power back. Did the sun of steppe blast his skin? Did he have wrinkles on his face? The last time I saw him, he was a young man. Now, tell me about him. How did he grow up? How did he become such a valiant man? He never forgets about Suleyman Shah or you, mother. His brothers, his nomad tent. Even if so many times passed he knows every breath you took, mother. How do you know my secret about the white-bearded, brother? Let us say that cranes flew and told me. Now tell me, are you with me? I am always with you, brother. I wish that my mother and Gundogdu brother could also see you. If I do not die I will return to my nomad tent after I fulfilled my duty. There is no time to lose. Kiss both my mother’s and Gundogdu brother’s hand for me. There is no time to lose. Then, let us go to Ahlat. Noyan! Attack them! Allahu akbar! Come along, my lads! With God’s help! May God be with you! The day I learned your betrayal I dedicated your carrion to the spiritual powers, Sungurtekin! I will offer your carrions to the souls! The seal of Oghuz Khan will be my award. Allahu akbar! Father! Son! Abdurrahman! Son. God, do not make me suffer for another lose of child one more time. Abdurrahman! Abdurrahman! Open your eyes, brother. Open your eyes! Hamza! Noyan! I know the trap you set to me! My Alps destroy your cantonment! They also kill the soldiers! Just like I do! My Bey, wait. Wait. I understood when I saw Abdurrahman like this.

I made a mistake. I am so poor to be defeated to my anger for you. My blood is halal to you. Your blood is even illicit to this land! Brother! Brother! Get up, brother! Brother! Get up, brother! Brother! Brother! Get up, brother! Brother! Get up, brother! Brother! Get up, brother! Brother! Brother! -How is the situation? -We could not make it, Bey. Abdurrahman is dying, Bey. -Brother, get up! -Abdurrahman, open your eyes. Mother, are you alright? I just a cold wind covered my whole body. I breathe in hopes that, he will come back for years. If I lose this hope now I will not have power to live or breathe. I know that. I am afraid not to see him. Brother? Brother? Brother? Brother? -Did you take it? -I took it brother, I took it. My valiant brother. Brother! Brother! Open your eyes, for God’s sake! Brother! Hang on, brother! Hang on! Hang on! Hang on! Get up, brother! Open your eyes, brother! Open your eyes! After I lost my two sons to Mongolians, God saved you for me. You win your chiefdom with your policy, your Alp spirit with your sword my daughter’s heart with your bravery. Thank you, Bey. It is my happiest day. They asked for mercy, Bey.

We cannot hit to people asked for mercy. However, they are not human. We make them prisoner and take them to nomad group. They might be useful. Who knows? Maybe they will help to save one of our valiants. Is that cur escaped, Bey? Yes, he escaped. We will go back to nomad group with victory, Bey. And this victory is yours. Victory is ours brother, ours. Allahu akbar! Allahu akbar! Allahu akbar! Allahu akbar! Allahu akbar! Allahu akbar! Allahu akbar! Did you bring golds? -Is there any news from Noyan? -No, sir. Where are they? What is happening? We need to discover what they are into. Wait for my news. Seal of Oghuz Khan is consignation to you, brother. Do not worry, brother. Please stay with me. My mother waits for you. Seljukian golds, they all are done as I promised. As you agreed with Gundogdu Bey, you brought gold. Herd and property of my nomad group is yours. My men will load properties until morning we will place them to caravansary and will be on the road, with the help of God. Thank you. May God help you. Thank you, Hayme Hatun.

I have not seen Gundogdu Bey. Nobody knows anything, knowing ones say nothing. What is happening? He has a duty. What duty, like state secret? Right. Mongolian trouble, it is good to be careful. I say things for nothing, classic trader words. Before I count golds one by one do not take properties out of nomad group, Efrasiyab. Thank you. Deliver golds to Artuk Bey, he will deal them to owners. Beys are safely back to nomad group, Mother Hayme. Thanks to God. Fortunately. Excuse me. Long live Gundogdu Bey! Long live Gundogdu Bey! Long live Gundogdu Bey! Long live Gundogdu Bey! Long live Gundogdu Bey! Long live Gundogdu Bey! Long live Gundogdu Bey! Stop! Death to traitors! Death to traitors! Death to traitors! Stop! Stop! Do not do it! Stop! Stop! Listen, everybody! Do not do it! Murderers! Listen! Hamza is my Alp! As head of Alps, it is my duty to give him punishment! Understood? Move on. Long live Gundogdu Bey! Long live Gundogdu Bey! Long live Gundogdu Bey! Long live Gundogdu Bey! Slowly. Slowly.

You all are going to die! You all are going to die! Traitors! Traitors! Traitors! Death to Mongolians! Traitors! Death to Mongolians! Death to traitors! Death to traitors! Death to traitors! May God help us. With the name of El Shaphi, I do whatever I can. But do not raise your hopes. Dervish, heat some water. Alright. Come along, you go and rest some. With the name of God. -Killers! -Traitors! Give us this traitor! Death to Mongolians! Death to Mongolians! Traitors! Traitors! Noyan, I am at your service. Until Byzantine, all these lands will belong to us, Efrasiyab. Traitor! Give him to us! We will kill him! Fall apart! Murderers! So, this time you attacked. You will have your response. Thanks to God that, let us beat the enemy and live glory of victory. Thank you, Bey. We came back with victory but could not manage to find Noyan. While you stand like lions you will bring his body with God’s help. Noyan cannot pull himself together easily from now on. We are grateful to our Beys, Alps who made us live the glory of victory. God bless them. -Amen. -Amen. -Amen, Bey. -Amen. Dear God, accept our martyr to your heaven. -Amen. -Amen. -Thankfully, we have seen it. -Fortunately. Fortunately. Long live Gundogdu Bey! Long live Gumustekin Bey! Long live Gundogdu Bey! Long live Gundogdu Bey! -Long live Gumustekin Bey! -Long live Tugtekin Bey! Long live Gumustekin Bey! Long live Gundogdu Bey! Long live Tugtekin Bey!)

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