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Dirilis Ertugrul | Ertugrul Ghazi Season 1 Episode 50 Written Episode :

(The episode begins with PTV’

Now, I look at your face without shame, father. Thanks to God, we kept our promise, son. We have avanged the blood of Aykiz. Thank God. Turgut, listen carefully what I’m about to tell you. These are the words of Aykiz. Start a family for yourself. Raise Alps that are proud of Kayi. Both me and Aykiz want to see you happy. Me and Ertugrul Bey want the brave Alps to remember us and pray in front of our gravestones after we are long gone. Only then we can call this dark realm our homeland. Until we cast out the last Mongol from this land and my body is laid to rest I cannot stop. My home is my gravestone, father. My gravestone. Find Noyan and tell him that I am waiting for his orders. I cared for you like my own son. When your father became a martyr right next to Suleyman Shah I laid you down to sleep in the same place with my sons so that you won’t feel lonely.

I cared for you like your mother. Why? Even these words are a shame to my tongue. You are not even worth my spit. How are you going to cross the narrow bridge of Al-Sirat with all the sins that you bear? Shame. Shame on you. Shame on you! You killed all of those brothers yet you never gave them the blessing of God. You did not give them a chance to recite shahada. Was it worth it? I wish you were brave enough to face me. And get your answers with your sword. I would respect you then. If you could make me bleed, I would thank you. But what did you do? Shame on you. I will execute you in training field. Just so you know. Guard! Give him a prayer rug. Let him pray if there is an ounce of fear of God left in him. Dear God, what have I done? What have I done? Who is behind this, wise one? You will find your peace when you confess it to yourself. Noyan lost, you know this too. A one-armed shepherd defeated him. Someone is coming. You were also trapped, huh? Yes, Noyan.

Ertugrul took his revenge. He hit us with our own trap. How did he know that I laid a trap for him? Tangut, how? My soldiers… Some soldiers ran away, Noyan. They took Hamza to the nomad group. Hamza. Kill everyone who ran away. Demand another vanguard from Ogeday. From now on, we will set our camp inside the cave of courage. The real war begins now. You go with Tangut. And learn why the spirits are upset with me. What will you do all alone here, Noyan? You are injured. Help… Help… Efrasiyab waits for your order, Noyan. Listen to me carefully. Tell Efrasiyab that, Noyan wants to know where Ertugrul went. This important more than anything. Do you understand? If he learns anything tell him to find me in the place we always meet. Go. -Gundogdu Bey. -Goncagul Hatun.

I used to have nightmares whenever my father went to war. But this time, I sent both my father and husband to war. This feels different, really different. Thank God, you came back unharmed. We die only once in battle yet our women die thousands of times. I know that from my mother. While we do battle with our enemies, our women battle against fate. If you ask me which batlle is harder my answer is obvious. May God never take you away from us. May God give you patience. Is Korkut Bey inside? They wait for you with Tugtekin Bey, father. Victory is ours but the jackal we are looking for is nowhere to be found. Noyan will seek revenge. Cowards die many times before their deaths. We will take our precautions. As Ertugrul Bey said, we need to follow this jackal and show no quarter. You are right, Tugtekin Bey. We should not let Noyan and his soldiers feel safe even for a moment. Each breathe they take may become our death. This cloth will look good on my mother.

Why is Ertugrul not back yet? He will come, if God permits. Gokce, do you think these colors are fine? Good. My mother’s favorite colors. How you can be so calm? Every day something happens to Ertugrul. Every day he causes trouble for us. I cannot sleep thinking that something bad will happen to him. But you… My Bey’s troubles are always welcome, Gokce. I know that he always has the solution. Gumustekin. You represent the palace and the nomad group at the same time. Your advice is valuable to me. What do you say these brave warriors’ words? We are against a madman crazy enought to launch a suicide attack to our nomad group at night. As our firt Alp said, he will not be our shadow, we will be his. These mountains will be the death of Noyan and his army. -If God permits. -If God permits. I hope nothing is wrong. Kaya, what is happening? My Bey, Ertugrul Bey came to nomad group with an injured man. Sungurtekin! What is happening? I hope nothing is wrong, Mother Hayme. Ertugrul Bey returns, Mother Hayme. He carries an injured man on his horse. Sungurtekin! I made you a promise, mother. I said I would bring your son. Mother. My dear son. My dear son! My son, remedy of my sorrow! Mother! I am back, mother. I am back. My dear mother. My beautiful mother.

I am back, mother. I am back. Do not worry, mother. I will recover with the help of God. Mongol’s blade may cut my flesh, But it is not enough to kill me. I will not go anywhere before I eat your bulgur pilaf with meat and chickpeas tonight. I would die for you, son. Welcome, Sungur. Thank you, brother. Well met. No matter how far I was my heart was always with you. -Ishak, prepare here immediately. -Yes, Artuk Bey. My Bey, excuse me. Hayme Hatun, excuse me. Artuk Bey, I entrust my son’s life to God and your hands. God willing. Come along, mother. My Bey. In the name of God. Let us begin with the name of God. With the name of God. Where did Ertugrul Bey find Sungur Tekin? We don’t know what happened too, Aytolun Hatun. Since he did not come here by himself he went to battle with Alps to find his brother. Ertugrul Bey did as he pleased again.

Thanks to God, nothing worse happened to them. You would be happy, if it did I guess. Sister, don’t start in a day like this please. Sure Aytolun, our troubles doubled, right? As you can see, our respected words are bent and misunderstood intentionally. There is nothing to do against this wicked woman except to leave her to God’s will? Selcan! Mother! Hayme? How is my nephew? He doesn’t show but his wound is very bad. You made us very happy by bringing Sungur Bey back. We believed he was dead for years. May God help him. Thank you, Gumustekin Bey. How did it happen? Who did you fight with? We faced with Noyan and his soldiers. How is this possible, Ertugrul Bey? You sent us after Noyan. Then you disappeared. You did not come to the battle you asked, now you say that you found Noyan. Your secrets scare us all. It is obvious that Sungurtekin and Noyan got together somehow. That’s not what I want to know. I want to know how did you find them, my Bey? Mere coincidence, Gumustekin Bey. We dedicated our lives to put an end to this Mongolian plague.

Thankfully, I was able to bring Sungurtekin back to his nomad group. What kind of coincidence is this to make Ertugrul Bey fell into their lap? I heard that you overcame all of Noyan’s traps and turned back to nomad group victorious. May God makes your victories everlasting. This is not the case Ertugrul, we beli… Shadows are becoming longer each passing day and our enemies are breathing down our necks what are you after really? If it was not for you, we wouldn’t be celebrating victory but suffer under Noyan’s tyranny. We will never forget what you did for us, my Bey.

However, Tugtekin Bey is right. Even though you have a pure heart, it’s doors are sealed shut against us. Without breaking this seal, how can we trust you? Enough. Enough, stop it. It is not right to talk about such matters while we have a patient inside. My son, Sungurtekin returned home. Don’t take away my happiness. Go and settle your scores in your marquee. The blood Noyan had spilled is finally avanged. We are bathed in the glory of victory. What else do you want? Sigil of Oghuz Khan will go to Ogeday. Ogeday will increase his power with this sigil. Emotions will flow among the Turks in the army with this sigil. Their eagerness will strengten the position of the Khan of the World. We all know the respect Turks show to Oghuz Khan. If Sungurtekin returns to his homeland with this sigil our army will split in two. And Ogeday will make us pay for it. We cannot let it happen. We will not. They will bring me the sigil of Oghuz Khan. How?)

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