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I was with Gokce. Thankfully, she is alright. She will wake up soon. Would you like me to prepare you something to eat? Thank you. There is a matter waiting to be solved. You better wait inside. As you wish, Bey. I will check Dundar, then. Here I am, Bey. Have a seat, Kurdoglu. I think your guest mixed me up with somebody. I am sorry. No problem. Everybody is similar to somebody. What is it, Deli? I have not seen you with a weapon for so long. Wherever a craftsman girds on his weaponthat place is uncanny from then on, Kurdoglu. For a tent to be out of being uncannyeverybody should be as outspoken as Ertugrul. Outspoken, such that he would come to my tent in the night timeand blame me of being a traitor. Is this true, Ertugrul? It is, father. I did what my uncle deserves. I did not resent, Bey.

This shows how good his heart is. But I will make him paywhen his thoughts turn out to be delusions. Am I right, Ertugrul? It is your duty to teach a personwho says bad words to his elders his place. However, even if one of those bad words are accuratethen everybody is obliged to do what is necessary. Alright. They said you wanted to see me, Bey. This lady mistakenly crossed the border and got lost. It is best to be cautious, Bey. You know everybody who comes to the tent brings new troubles. If this is it, I will do what is necessary. Thank you, Kurdoglu. Alright. Excuse me. What do you think? Was it him? I wish I could remember. It will be very dangerous for you to return to the castle, then. If the traitor is still here, your end will be like your sister’s. Oh, Ertugrul. If you were in your brother’s place After all that torture and medicines, he both forgot his name and his real self. The only thing he did not forget was you, Aykiz. No human could resist those tortures. They turned him on a wheel naked in cold weather. They did all kinds of tortures. But he did not stop saying your name even a single moment. May God bless you, Isadora. Sister Is sister Gokce alright? She is, Bey. She will wake up tomorrow. Thank you. You have always been my little sister, Gokce. How did we end up like this? How are we going to overcome this without saddening you? How? Forgive me for yelling at you, Ertugrul Bey. Gokce is the sister of both of us. I understand you. We are hurt. But nobody is hurt as much as her, Ertugrul Bey. Even the dagger that cut her flesh did not hurt her as much as you. Gokce You know there is something regarding the two of us. My father wants to see you as his daughter in law. But my heart beats for someone else. You are my sister whom I grew up with. There is nothing beyond this for me. I just wanted you to know that. I know, Ertugrul Bey. Your heart only says “Halime Sultan”. One who waits for the loved one is bound to be saddened. I can only accept this saddening now. I will not come to you unless you tell me to. I will wait for you until I die if necessary. Do not worry.

This matter is between you and your father from now on. Keep in mind that I accepted my fate. Sometimes you look at the Moon. You reach out to it. You want to hold it between your hands. As if you would hold it tight. Next thing you know, it moves away from you. You try again. You take another step. Then again. Again. Again. No good even if you try until you reach the end of your rope. You are like the Moon who enlightens my night, Halime Sultan. Whenever I reach out to youwhenever I hold youearth shook and both worlds tangled into each other. My friends became my enemies, and my enemies became my friends. The ones I love the most rubbed salt in my wound. Especially, my father He wanted me to marry Gokce as part of his will. I have nothing other than you. Everything other than you means nothing to me. I may be the one who enlightens your nightbut I receive my light from you. You know where I am when you want to reach out to me. I always wait for you there. Be at ease. Do not ever be in despair while you love me. The taste of love is as much as the effort made to reach it. How could one know love that does not crack their skinif they have not burned in the wind of the steppe. Let our wounds bleed first. So that we will be satisfied with the water. Let us be hungry, so that we could enjoy the meal. Let us miss each other, so that we could appreciate rejoining. Thank God for the gazelle that took me to youand thank God for sending it to me. The Cardinal must still be sound asleep. He wrote your goals one by one to the Popewith the excitement of being the new Pope. Especially his words to Emperor Friedrich were like a poem. He praises you. Good. Well done, Eftelya. Alright. Have a safe trip. I am waiting for good news from Damascus. Even if what Thomas said are truewe do not have strength to bear with such a defeatafter Aleppo. We will not allow the Seljuk Ayyubid alliance, sir. Sultan Alaeddin will never marry the queen. Go, then. May God help you. Titus You did not like me sleeping with Thomas, did you? Everything is for Jerusalem. Right, Eftelya? Everything is for the holy Crusade to succeed, Titus.

Somebody is coming! Sir, we captured Ibn al Arabi, but Damn it! Kayis again? No, sir. Claudius. Thomas’ man Claudius? Yes, sir. What are you up to, Thomas? What? That is all for my daily report, sir. I still think that we can have great gains in Jerusalemby choosing the peace path. All parties are weak and disunited. Nobody wants war when Mongols are on their borders. Last of all, I will declare a few points that will determine my thoughtsafter the Council of the Templars. Cardinal Thomas. You left bed early, Ertugrul Bey. I thought, let me hurt my pain instead of it hurting me. I am setting off for Ahlat. Who knows when we will see each other again. I came to have your blessing. You served a lot to my tent, Afsin Bey. And to Halime Sultan and her family. Thank you. However, your wrong deeds saddened me a lot. When we went for Turgut, the black priest Cardinal Thomas. Him. Told me something. What did he say? I hope it is not something evil. That you killed Shahzade Numan. I did not have a duty to kill the shahzade. If I did, I would kill him without batting an eye. The continuity of the state is above all. What kind of duty is this? Who gives this duty? We, Oghuz’ are still like the children of the steppe. We love to death, and chase our enemies to death. That is, we do everything to death. Without thinking about our front or back. We do not even refrain from endangering this orderor our state. Since we do not see anything both with love and hatredwe need somebody to remind us what we have. The states we have established are not ownerless. The duty is given by the people who remind us what we have. They are more than welcome to us. You had so many things to tell, Afsin Bey. This is the least of things to tell. Duty is given to us when words fail. May our blood and lives be sacrificed for this. Who knows when we will see each other again. I told you what I have not told anybody. It is out of trust. Give me your blessing. It is yours. Goodbye, Afsin Bey. Goodbye.

Ertugrul eggs his mother and father on against me and his brother. Last night they came over me by just listening to him. They will bring this up at the headquarters today. What is their trouble, Bey? They think I cooperate with the Crusaders. Their intention is clear, Bey. They want to finish you. But we will not let this happen as long as we live. Thank you. Give us your blessing, Afsin Bey. We owe you so much. It is yours, Halime Sultan. Do not leave my shahzade alone and without a prayer. Visit him everytime you go to Aleppo. You give me your blessing, too. It is yours. I would like to know if you find my father’s murderer. The state does not accept the one who tries to come to the throne with greed! What are you going to do with him, Shahzade? He is my father’s murderer. I will kill him wherever I see him. They keep track of every step and every breath we take. Sometimes they cross our path, sometimes they wait to use us. They could not have done thisunless they had traitors in the tent for them to rely on. They could not have attacked the shahzades’ tents. They could not have killed our Alps who were going to Aleppo. They could not infect us with plaqueand provoke the Aleppo emeer against us. The traitor has been revealed, Ertugrul. What are you still up to? He must still be suspicious. He is saying there are more than one traitors.

If Alpagu’s corpse in front of the marquee dis not satisfy youtell us, Ertugrul, how many more corpses are required? Right. Kutlu is right. What do you want, Ertugrul? When will this tent have peace? You are all so numb that you see neither the front nor the back of things. Wild Demir, make the anger within Ertugrul go away first. This anger leads all of us to uncanny roads. It is time for somebody to stop Ertugrul. Tell us, Ertugrul. Who else are you suspicious of? Kurdoglu! What? It is impossible. I am suspicious of Kurdoglu. I see that my niece carried the poison on his tongue right into the marquee. Does my niece want my head, or my pride? Or is there something else that he wants? If Beys also see fitI want him to be suspended from his dutieshand his weapon to our Beyand be kept in this tent in open arrestuntil his innocence is proven. Do you have any single thing to prove what you are saying? You do not. How dare you come in front of us and say these words? The night that the Shahzades’ tent was attackedit was Kurdoglu who sent me away from that tent. When we were going to Aleppoit was Kurdoglu who sent Alps after us and caused their deaths. When I was lying sick in bedsomeone came into my marquee and tried to kill me. There are people who saw Kurdoglu walking around my marquee that night. I have their names. Even though Gundogdu kept this assassination a secretHayme saw that the felt of my marquee has been cut. And she followed up on that. Bey, do you know what you are talking about? I am also suspicious of my blood brother. I am not only suspicious, I also know it. I also know that you poisoned my son Gundogdu with your thoughts. Enough, Suleyman! Talk decently.

I will not talk you like that just because we selected you as the Bey! I have my eyes on neither seat nor position. I prefer grassing my cattle and living my lifeif otherwise there will be duality in the tent. But if my innocence is proved one dayErtugrul will pay for these words he said! Bey My uncle is innocent. Uncle, you can put the dagger my father has given you back. I vouch for you. Me and my father set up a trap for my uncle. And he came out of it honorably. From now on, whoever talks bad about himwill find me against himself. My brother Ertugrul included. Leave the delusion inside youand bring your Alp who stabbed you from your back to account. Turgut ambushed a Seljuk train together with the Templars. And Titus was their leader. Ertugrul, you are looking for the traitor in the wrong place. The traitor is among your Alps. Brother Do not say anything to me. Say what you want to say to Turgut. He is in the marquee square.

Thank you, niece. You saved your uncle from an ominous defamation. Is it not right, Bey? Are you the one who tried to kill my son? Are you Turgut whom I cherished as if he was my son? Turgut Or are you an ominous jinn? What are you? My Turgut Ertugrul Bey, demons have settled into his flesh. Turgut inside him has long gone. Allow me since I bring him back. I will fight the demon inside him until I die. Do not kill him. You were my brother. And you will always be, Turgut Alp. Untie him. My Alp will not have a punishment. He will be kept in a cage as precaution until he gets well.

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