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How is she? She will get well with God’s permission. But I do not know if the wound that Ertugrul made will heal. She did not hesitate to sacrifice herself for your brother. But Ertugrul did not come to her even once and say “Get well soon”. He is unfaithful. He did not take after you. How are you doing? I do not know how I can bear so much pain. First, my baby. Then my Gokce. It is you who helps me survive. You are an important bey for the Seljuk Sultan. The people of the tent see you as our future. I will not leave you alone in this rough path. Now, you have Kurdoglu behind you. Your uncle, who proved his innocence. He will always support you. It will be okay, Turgut. It will all pass.

I will not let you die. Turgut Turgut Your mother kicked me out of the rug shop because I lost my baby. Everything I did was in that rug shop. She took away everything that connects me to life. She gave it to Gokce on purpose, to breed bad blood between us. You do not know what you are talking because of your pain. Mother Hayme would not do such things. For God’s sake, pull yourself together. Excuse me. Gundogdu You still do not respect what I say, do you? You are right, she was like your mother even though she did not breastfeed you. She fed and brought you up. She did not let you feel the lack of your mother. But nothing is as it seems. You dried up both yourself and me with your delusions, woman. Delusions? So you do not respect me as much as that woman. It is too late. I will go away. Selcan! Yes, I will.

I am a woman who cannot even carry your baby. I will go away when my sister gets well. Let me go. I am begging you, Gundogdu. There is nothing more. There is neither peace nor happiness in this tent anymore. Selcan! Pull yourself together! I just wanted you to have peace. You are both my peace and my woman. Then why does your mother look for a woman for you in her elder brother Korkut’s tent? I do not understand. I was not going to say but you forced me to. Just forget it. So, just like that. He warded off all the suspicions. The death of so many Alps, so many instigations. It is all on that Alpargu bastard now. Enough, Hayme. Enough. Kurdoglu came out of Gundogdu’s trick blamelessly. The traitor was Alpargu. It is over. Kurdoglu is innocent. Everybody witnessed that. This matter is closed. Finished. What do they want from you, then? To withdraw. Do you not see? To withdraw. Our people are after welfare, not traditions. Kurdoglu sees their problem more than me. He sees it and wants me to withdraw. And he will replace Gundogdu with me. This is the truth. Even though you do not want to hear that I got older and our people do not say anything out of respect, this is the truth. May I come in, father? Come in. I have some things to say to both of you, if you permit. Father you will break up my family unless you marry Gokce and Ertugrul. Do not do what my mother has been trying to do for so long.

Gundogdu! Do you hear what you are saying? What kind of words are these? Mother I know you have been looking for a woman for me in my uncle’s tent. We are already in pain. For God’s sake, do not increase our pain. Bring Selcan back to the rug shop. I do not want my family to be broken because of the bad blood between you. I do not want anything else from you. Excuse me. What did you do, Hayme? Greetings, Halime Sultan. Greetings, Ertugrul Bey. You wanted to be daughter of the tent instead of living in palaces and being Halime Sultan. Every place I am in with you is my palace. I am only the sultan of your heart, Ertugrul Bey. And the Oghuz Tent is our home. You wish to be my father’s daughter, but you must take the chance of going away with me when the time comes. I would go to the far end of the world with you. And I would not ask why. But I know why you are leaving your tent. That is why I am worried, anyway. If I disregard my father’s legacy, my Bey’s order I cannot stay in this tent and look at his face anymore. Will you disregard it? I can only leave this tent with my loved one. I wish I taught you about women’s tricks like I taught how to use weapons. You were caught unprepared. Do not say that, uncle. On one side is my mother, and on the other, my wife. These are all games of throne, Gundogdu. Games to make you tired and whelmed. And Hayme is behind all of them. It is so clear. I had told you. Selcan Hatun had told you, as well. He is panicked because his ruling power is about to finish. These are all temporary. Ertugrul also cannot see these games. He has his mother behind him. It is her who oppresses him this much. Do not worry. When you enter the marquee and be the bey everything will be passed. And we will be with each other again. The elders in the tent will also adapt to their new lives. By the way, I have good news for you. Tatos Harput just sent the money for the flock. Uncle these are These freckles of gold are all your success.

You cannot be a bey just by girding on your weapon and defeating the infidels. You will feed your people first so that they will fight for you when you want them to. Neither an Alp’s mother nor wife will say anything to you. Now, do what is necessary on the path to be the bey and give a feast. Let the people know their future bey who will live in the marquee from now on. My heart aches, Aktolgali. But I know that it is that ache that will lead me to the victory. Neither Kara Toygar nor the Templars. None of them was a victory. They mean nothing unless I finish the instigation within my tent. A wind that is even incapable of hurting a spring branch will destroy my tent. The war just started, Aktolgali. God help us. Well done. Women You heard what happened to Gokce. From now on, Selcan Hatun will run the rug shop. Her words are my words. Good luck. Everybody back to work. I hope you will not interfere with my work and family from now on. I brought you up since you were seven years old. I was by your side at all times like a mother. When did you become that? Your mother was my dearest friend. How could you be born from such a woman? How could somebody like you be brought up in my marquee? Shame on you. If everybody knows their place you will be my mother, and I will be your daughter. It is that easy. Sons talk instead of the elders. Girls give orders instead of mothers. God help us all. Women! We will weave so many rugs this year that the tent has never seen. I will have four new weaving benches made. Our rugs will be in all benches from Aleppo to Damascus, from Konya to Antioch. Understood? Understood! We will see who is stronger, Mother Hayme. Umur 22 cattle, 3 camels and 67 goats. Is it right? It is. 63 coins. Enjoy it. God bless you, Bey. May God keep you among us. Thank you. Enjoy it. Yagiz 33 cattle, 7 camels and 123 goats. Is it right? It is. 103 coins. Enjoy it. Thank you, Bey. They have said you were different, but I have not believed back then. Thank you. Gundogdu’s day is today. But the Alps are not happy about this. They will shut up when we go to war. God bless you, Bey. You, too. Enjoy it.

Thank you, Bey! God bless you, Bey! Thank you. God bless you, too. I know what the troubles you were putting up with for so long. These hard times are over now. All of you had your shares. With God’s permission, we will earn more from now on. Yes, Bey. Yes, Bey. Tomorrow night, I will give a feast at the marquee square to beys, flock owners and shepherds. You are all invited! Thank you, Bey! Thank you! Thank you. God bless you, too. What is Gundogdu up to, Ertugrul? Your elder brother is playing a dangerous game. It is your duty to wake him up as his brother. Your father is stuck between the people he loves and his duty. Even my father is stuck between the anvil and the hammer this will only make him tougher and stronger, Wild Demir. Surely, there is something he knows. The moment my father takes a step, I will follow him running. Gundogdu has sold the flock. They say that our people earned money in amount that they have never seen before. Gundogdu will give a feast tomorrow night to the beys, shepherds and flock owners. He is doing this without letting me know. He invited me by sending Abdullah to me. Our people are very happy. He sold the flock for a very high price. I do not know how those weak cattle cost that much money. Selcan told me not to come to the rug shop anymore. They do not want us because we got older, woman. I told you that it was time for me to withdraw for a reason. Kurdoglu would want to nominate Gundogdu and destroy you. Who knows what he will do next. But it would not surprise me if he spends Gundogdu like he did to you. It is our duty to do what is necessary.

I will look after Sister Isadora until the border. Do not worry. Good luck. I am grateful to you, Isadora. I will never forget this. God save you. Goodbye. Please be careful. It is possible that we still have a traitor in our tent. Your life may be in danger. As Turks say, let us hope for the best. I leave Halime Sultan and Shahzade Yigit to you. Thank you. May God protect you. Alright. I will take care of him. I will not let him die. Ertugrul Bey, will you come with me? There is something I would like to show you. Turgut Turgut Do not do that. Do not do that. Do not surrender to the poison inside you. I am begging you. Alright. No! Look at me. Look at me. Alright. Please. Turgut! Turgut! Get up. Get up. Please, do not do that. It is okay. It is okay. Alright. It is okay. It is okay. Do you remember when you told me that you loved me? Do you? I will tell you everything. You will know who you are, Turgut. I will tell you everything from the very beginning. I will give you back everything that they made your forget. Alright. It is okay. It is okay. Ibn alArabi allowed only the two of us to know the existence of this chest. Did he say anything else? He told us not to open it ever.

He will take it back from us when he gets back. Isadora said that his father talked about Arabi’s relic. I do not know if there is a relation. I just wanted you to know. Welcome, Bey. God is Haqq! God is Hayy! God is Haqq! God is Hayy! The time is now, Wild Demir. I am with you until my last breath, Bey. God is Haqq! God is Hayy! God is Haqq! Isadora! My angel! I got so worried about you! Are you alright? What happened? I got lost, uncle. At last, a villager helped me. I am very tired. I will tell you everything after I get some rest. Go, honey. Rest will do you good. By the way there is something you should know. What is it? Mario They found him dead the other day. He hung himself. Everything will change after the feast tomorrow night. Everybody will see that we are not ordinary shepherds. We will revive this seigniory with trophy raids on the Orthodoxes. This gold you see is just the beginning. Now, our Gundogdu Bey waits for you. Ertugrul Bey would get hold of him if he was not his elder brother. Who are you to give a feast when there are beys to do that? You I would say, “Gundogdu, do you know what you are doing?” And what about that jackal, Kurdoglu? All kinds of instigation is his doing.

I have half a mind to grab his collar and God forgive me. What am I saying? So, are you not going to the feast? They will eat sheep and camel, and you will not go? I would not go there even if I died from my pain. My brother! Both of you are going to that feast. As I always say we left the meal to them, but the hunt will be ours. Understood? Understood, Bey. Understood, Bey. Congratulations, Bey. Everybody knows that you are different now. You are the chief pillar of this tent after your father. And you will be the one who keeps this tent up after your father. May God keep you among us. The feast you are going to give tomorrow night will seal you as the future bey. May I come in, Bey? Come in, Karabudak. Come in. We came here to wish you good luck, Bey. We want you to know that we are always with you. Thank you, Kutlu. Thank you, Karabudak. We are going on a path with you. But it does not end in Aleppo. It ends in the tomb. We would like to see you as the new bey of the Kayis when the time comes. If God permits. We would like to kiss your hand if you permit. Father, this is the best day of my life. Beys, when the time comes, the die will surely be cast. Until that time, we will not say anything. However, be ready at all times. Brother Turgut Brother Turgut Come on, get up, brother Turgut.

Let us go out and get some air. See your tent. See your tent, so that you get well. This time Gundogdu came against you. This is how the Kayis are. One of them dies, a thousand of them resurrects. Are you playing with us? What do you mean? We knew that you won Gundogdu over. How did he suddenly happen to be our biggest enemy? Gundogdu deceived me, as well. But I will give him one last chance. What do you mean? I waved the riot flag for him in the tent. He will either do what is necessary, or die. And we are giving you a last chance. You either finish this, or just like Gundogdu This is the water of life for Turgut Alp. The Grandmaster does not want to give up on him. He wants to use him when the time comes. Isadora came to the tent. Thankfully, she did not recognize me. We know what she is up to. She will pay for it. May I take that gold you promised me? Take that tent of yours, and get out of these lands as soon as possible. Here, Turgut Alp. I thought some air would be good for him. His brother’s mercy will be better for him, Bey. Bey I lost one of my children to the enemy. Let us not lose another. Come on. Come with me, Turgut Alp. Sister What is it, Yigit? I made up my mind. I will accept Sultan Alaeddin’s offer.

I will go to Kayseri. Yigit, what are you saying? I thought you wanted to be an Alp. Sister, brother Ertugrul loves you very much. You will be happy here with him. What about me? I need to be near my uncle Alaeddin, so that he would not get worried. This is the best choice. How can I remain separate from you? May I come in? Come in, Aykiz. I brought you some of the meal I just cooked. Have some, while it is still warm. Thank you, Aykiz. How are you? I am good, but there are black clouds over the tent. Anything can happen any moment. Beys know and love you. They also know how much you love your father. But do not stay hesitant in front of them. Woman, do not worry. Do you think I do not know the time? Let this night pass first We will se what we are going to do after that. The time is now, however, you do not see that, Gundogdu. But you will see soon.

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