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Bey, the fire inside you will burn even me. Here. I have not been saying anything to the tactless people in the tent for so long. But they started instigations taking courage from that. And the worst thing is that the person who started the instigations is my blood brother Kurdoglu. Oh, Bey This is not the first time Kurdoglu acts tactless. Remember how many times I have told you. I have not been saying anything for so long. I wanted my tent to be in peace while the Islamic world is struggling with instigations. Sometimes you have to disregard the tactless acts when you are a bey. Just like a father does not punish his children every time they get spoiled a bey does also not punish his people everytime they make a mistake.

What are you planning to do? Kurdoglu and his people want to finish me as a bey in the tent. They want to put Gundogdu forward. And I will give them this opportunity. Let us see if they will succeed. Brother Turgut! So many trainings we have had here with you. Do you remember, brother? Keep your eyes open. Be always cautious. Bey, is it needless for us to get worried that the storm is coming? It is not needless. May your eyes, ears and weapons be ready for the storm. May your weapons not miss what eyes see and ears hear. Understood, Bey. Understood. Understood, Bey. Alright, take Turgut Alp to his tent. Come on, brother. Do you need anything? Thank you, Ertugrul Bey. The feast that Gundogdu Bey is giving tonight Why is everybody so tense? That is why I could not talk to my father. I will talk about his legacy after the feast. His legacy about Gokce? Yes. Anyway. Do not worry about these, now. Think about the wedding preparations. I am scared, Ertugrul. Halime Sultan My beautiful eyed woman Do not let fear capture your heart as long as I am with you. I will make a very big wedding in this tent for you. Bey? Is that not the sword you used when Selcan’s father Alptekin started the riot? My father gave this sword to me. He said, while he was giving this to me “Son, there should not be two heads in a seigniory.

If anyone has his eyes on your marquee you will not have mercy to anybody.” But, what if it is your son that has his eyes on your marquee? One takes even his son’s life when necessary, for the unity of the marquee. So that lives will not be lost for the fight for the throne. Peace be upon you. Peace be upon you. People will see you as the holiest Bey as long as you serve meat and lay a bed under him. So, you do not count any other man other than Gundogdu as a bey. It is important what these people say, not me. They already gave their decisions. Brother are these two not Yes. Kurdoglu’s worms They gnaw on the flock owners and shepherds.

I wish I could take them and throw them into the boiler. And let them gnaw on their own flesh. Wait! You, suckling veal! I thought you would not eat anything that Gundogdu serves. My girl, Gokce God bless you. You saved my son’s life. Did you come to ease your conscience, mother? I would want to be forgiven my God if I have committed a sin. However, I do not have a guilty conscience that I cannot freed myself from. My sister took the risk of giving her life for Ertugrul. But you did not keep your promise that you gave to Gokce. You started to look for women because I could not keep my husband’s baby inside me. Even streaming water has sweeps in it. What kind of conscience is yours? You have your eyes on being the woman of the marquee. That is why you cannot see anything. You feel neither my daughter Gokce’s pangs of love nor you keep track of what you have done to my Gundogdu. Or be sorry for your baby. Let me tell you something. Try to put a baby in your belly immediately. Otherwise, even you cannot hold Gundogdu. I will take your revenge, father. I will. Welcome, Bey. Peace be upon you. Welcome, Bey! Welcome, Gundogdu Bey! Long live, Gundogdu Bey! Long live, Bey! Long live, Gundogdu Bey! Long live, Gundogdu Bey! My father is also angry at Ertugrul, but he does not show it. He thinks it is clear that who the tent’s future bey will be. He keeps saying “It is clear, but he is not aware of this.” You cannot make him sit in the marquee and get worried about people’s worries. He is an Alp bey who cannot fin into the marquee. You see what he is going through even though you are not his wife yet. And what are you going to do? You said it was not easy to be an Alp’s wife when I first met you. I was aware of this when I came to my brave man.

If we are meant to wait we can only pray to God to grant us to wait a lifetime. Bey! Your seat is ready here. We are your guest tonight, son. Our seat is alright. Peace be upon you. Peace be upon you. Bey, I wish you have not invited us here. We do not know why we are here. It is not Karabudun’s black tent, brother. We are together with our elder. Bey, but Anyway. He is our elder. He is our ancestor. He is our superior. He has my father’s essence within himself. He will find the right way when the time comes. Alright, Bey. Thank you.

Welcome all. I am glad you all came. Please. Enjoy it. Bismillahirrahmanirrahim. Thank you. Do not worry about your father. It is not easy. He has been this tent’s bey for so long. The problem is not him withdrawing, it is him realizing he got older. You showed everybody who you are with this feast. Your father will eventually accept this reality. Bey, please eat something. Beys, Alps shepherds the valuable people of the tent Thankfully, our tent found a land for itself after very hard times with the effort of my children. Thank God! Thank God! Thank God! Thank God! After hard times, our weak flock was sold more than its normal price with the efforts of my son Gundogdu. And this relieved you all. Thank God for these days. God bless our Bey, our children and our Alps. Amen! Amen. Amen. I have been serving to you as the bey of tent for years. We reached today with all our good deeds and mistakes. But we got older now. I thought about it and wondered if the beys and our people would like to see another bey in the marquee. Of course not, Bey! Of course not, Bey! Of course not, Bey! Of course not, Bey! We cannot do without you. Of course not. You are our leader. Of course not, Bey.

My decision is that there’ll be an election in seigniory that is going to take place in two days. If there is anyone among you who sees himself fit to be a bey this is his time. He is more than welcome. Wild Demir give me some of that meat. Let us benefit from our son’s feast. Here, Bey. Is your sword with you? Always, Bey. It is always at your service. Let us keep it this way. When the game for being the bey starts only God knows how it will end. What is my father up to, uncle? You do two things when a bull comes running towards you you either confront it or run away. If you run away, you cannot escape from the bull. But if you stand straight against and confront it there is a chance to be saved. Good luck. Your time as a bey has started, Gundogdu. Bey, what is going on for God’s sake? My mother always said this, but I did not get it. Now I do. You got what, Bey? She said, “Make it or break it.” Meaning? We will make it, if God permits.

God bless you, woman. Enjoy it. Do you think only the beys are worried about all this? Women also think it is enough. Woman, I am aware of the situation. But my father is still alive. He is alive, but I did not understand why he wanted to withdraw. Your father got older. He is aware of the reality. You should be up for being the bey. But why does he keep the seat open for everybody instead of leaving it to his sons? You are right. Suleyman Shah would not throw himself into this without a reason. You must watch around first. Kurdoglu and the other beys said they were going to obey you. Do not expect anything from them from now on. Everybody waits for two words that will come out of your mouth. Where did this election idea come from, Bey? I wanted to see if they can make a decision without me.

I wanted to see the hatred in them to be revealed. They think it is easy to be a bey. I invited them to the field of contest. Let us see how much power and reasoning they have. You surely know the best, Bey. Aktolgali our Beys bring the mountains to their knees. God gives your weapons at your service but he does not let the hearts unite. When your heart starts to beat for being the bey once it is much better for you to be captured. When this ambition captures your soul be sure that you heart is thrown into the fire. May God protect our heart from that ambition. Let us always pursue God’s blessing. Let us be the ones who are given duty, instead of asking for it. So that our heart will stay pure. Let us hold our heads high in this world in which we cannot control even a single breath. Turgut My Turgut I brought you some food. Come on, open your eyes. Come on, I am begging you.

Come on, I am begging you. Come on, wake up. Turgut Turgut The old man is clever than I thought. You have to hand it to him. That old man could put 50 men like you in his boots. That is why I played on Gundogdu. To create some space. You are as clever as him, Kurdoglu. You could have only arrange everything like this. Thank you. I am just an old man waiting to die. I would like to share my experiences with Gundogdu. So that our tent would not mess up in the hands of Suleyman and Ertugrul. Suleyman fell into the trap. Let us start collecting men immediately. I will give the gold necessary to do this to you. Both you and I will talk to the beys. Leave the toughest ones to me. Alright, enjoy it. Aykiz Aykiz Aykiz! Aykiz. Aykiz! Aykiz! Aykiz! Aykiz! Turgut Turgut Tie me up. Tie me up! Turgut Tie me up! Tie me up and get out of here! Tie me up and get out of here! Get out of here. Get out of here! Aykiz, get out of here! Get out of here. I said get out! Get out of here! Drink. Drink. Enjoy it.

So that you will get well fast. I need you, boy. Good. Good. Halime! Aykiz, what is it? I was thinking I wanted to die by the hands of my loved one. My wish was almost coming true. Here. Have a seat. What happened? Take it. Tell me, what happened? He tried to strangle and kill me. But I saw my Turgut in his eyes. The devil inside him was gone for a moment. What if Isadora is right? What if he is going to die because he did not have that ominous potion? How is she, sister? Better, thankfully. She will get well after tonight. Thank you. Ertugrul I knew you would not leave me alone. You are my lifelong sister, Gokce. I owe you a life. I would like you to know what will happen to you if anybody hears my sister’s situation. Ertugrul Bey is inside. I am glad you visited my sister, Ertugrul Bey. I would be ashamed as a human being if I did. I wish you also knew who loves you and who does not. To love is not to know. To love is to feel. I know whom I feel. And who loves me. Have a good day.

Gundogdu, there are 20 beys in the marquee. Most of them will support you, but it is not enough. We must find more support. You must get in the marquee with all the beys’ support. Are there any more candidates? No one will have the courage for it. The majority wants and supports you. I keep thinking, uncle why did you not be a candidate? I never had my eyes on the marquee. If I did, I would have gotten on that throne way earlier than your father would. I want you to be the bey. You are clever. You stay out of trouble and you talk. Now it is time to decide. Then, for my tent’s and tribe’s future I am a candidate. That is my boy! Let us set to work, now. Maybe we will get out of the marquee, and the new bey will settle in. I am looking forward to see those peaceful days. Everything will be okay. Do not worry. I am doing the right thing. You making the wrong thing is unheard of. Enjoy it. May I come in, father? Come in, son. Have a seat.

Good morning. Good morning, son. How is your wound? Which wound, mother? I am good, mother. I am good. The beys are going from one tent to another like bees. They are making honey, son. It is this way since my ancestor Oghuz. Oghuz beys are selected by not the sword, but by words by not power, but tolerance, counseling and consensus. The people of the tent talk to the beys and the beys talk to other beys, so that they find the correct way. It is our duty to obey this biggest tradition of ours. However, I do not know if it is the right time. A Bey’s duty is to see the instigation before it enters the body and take measures rather than waiting until it enters the body. When the instigation enters the body, it will be bloody to pull it out. So, I took measures from the very beginning. In the end, whoever wins the election it will be the tent that wins.

If I could have foreseen it and taken measures when Selcan’s father betrayed me, we would not have those painful days. Take it as an advice from your father. When the time comes and the path to be the bay is seen Will you be a candidate for the election, Ertugrul? What are you saying, mother? Do I not tell you all the time that I am after the hunt, not the seat. Did you forget? However if peace does not come out of this election I will bring this marquee down on not only my uncle but also my elder brother Gundogdu.

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