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Eykis Hatun Come here. What are you hiding from me? Why are you turning your eyes away? Tell me. I cannot, Gokce. Why not? What are you afraid of? I am afraid of your elder sister and things she will do to me if she finds out. I beg you, Eykis Hatun. I swear on Quran that I will not tell my sister. That bastard Alpargu did you such a big harm I want to talk to you before I talk to my father. If you are curious about whether I will be a candidate you know me, brother. Well, I am not so sure about it. I have long lost the young man who said “I am after the hunt, not the seat.” You have changed a lot since you went to Aleppo as ambassador and your path had crossed with Halime Sultan.

I am the same man, brother. I am just trying to stand straight. Both of us have always had the same aim. Both of us wanted the tent to be stronger and more peaceful. We had the same aim. We did. However, you wanted to go beyond the mountains. Whereas you wanted to go through the plains. These decisions of yours have caused us so much pain. We lost a lot of lives. Now my father sees this as well. The road leads to truth. No matter you pass through the mountains, the snow or the avalanche. The true eye sees the justice. And a true man stays humble. If one looks from higher ground, he may be mistaken If you are curious about what I have become I have not lost my mind wandering the mountains. I am still the same Ertugrul you have known.

I would not oppose neither my father nor my elder brother. Shame on me if I speak against them. Take my word it. You have a big mouth, Ertugrul! At least, I speak out my own words, brother. What do you mean? The characteristics of a bey of Kayi is to talk with his own mouth. A bey who lets in his wife’s greed instead of her support and his uncle’s lies instead of his support into the marquee is no good, Gundogdu. Although it is not easy, there is still time for you to find the true path and to see justice by being humble,brother. I brought hot soup for you my sister. You don’t care at all if I become Ertugrul’s wife or not, do you? What? It was all a game, wasn’t it? Just to become the Hanim of the tent and to be able to do what my father could not. Gokce, what are you saying? You are just a selfish and twofaced woman. I do not want to see you anymore. Go away. What are you saying, girl? I know very well what I am saying. I don’t want to see you anymore. Go! Gokce Go! Gokce Get out of here! I said get out! Out! Out! Halime Your horse Sultan is ready for a ride.

I will talk to my father after the election. This issue must come to an end.. What if he insists on his will? Then it is my duty to take you and Yigit and leave the tent. Did you think thoroughly? What would I do if you be unhappy after you leave your tent? What would I do without you Sultan Halime? The tent means everything to you. And you are this tent’s future. You will be this tent’s bey in the future. This is the truth although you don’t accept it. Halime Sultan, what are you saying? I only say what everybody sees and knows but you. I say what people know but are scared to vocalize. What does your heart say? To run away with you. A peaceful life far from everything. But even if you left the tent, the tent wouldn’t leave you. Because Kayis are your fate and you are Kayis’ fate. An Alp’s duty is not only to protect the tent but also to go to war for God. But for this, the tent must be strong inside. If an Alp keeps worrying for the tent when he is away at war the nonbelievers sword will be sharper. How can that be, Kurdoglu? Alps shouldn’t go around helping others.

Shahzade, Sultan Alaeddin, Ayyubids we can’t help everyone. The Bey should think of this first. How many lives have we lost since last summer? How many widows and orphans have we left behind? We need a bey who watches the tent’s benefits first. And that bey is Gundogdu. Yes. That is right. Kurdoglu is right. What is this old one talking about? I used admire Kurdoglu when I was a little boy because his sword was sharp. But his tongue turned out to be sharper than his sword. He is done with poisoning Beys now he’s after the Alps. When did he appear in our tent? We lost 15 lives when Gundogdu Bey’s caravan was ambushed. We lost five Alps when Ertugrul Bey went with Halime Sultan. And many more. Why? It was the father and son’s fault. None of these might have happened. Right. It was all their fault. These would not have happened if Gundogdu Bey were in charge. Now, brother Your only mistake is not coming out of your mothers as snakes! Go, I will catch up with you. What are you going to do? What are you doing? Does a brother draw a sword to his brother? Bamsi attacked us with no reason, Bey. Was it not you who talked behind our Bey’s back? Alright, enough.

Enough. Good day, niece. There would be no good when you’re around Kurdoglu. Keep your sinister tongue in your mouth and do not cross the line. You lured my brother to your side. You put my father in the place you wanted. And now you are in a hurry to get to where you want. You will stumble and fall, Kurdoglu. And I will be the stone that hits your foot, the rust in your sheath and the wound on your tongue. If you try to attack me through the Alps I will forget that you are my uncle and bring the pole of the tent down on you. Children My daughters with shiny eyes. My brave sons who will be the great men of my tent in the future. Tonight we will talk about Oghuz Khan’s story. The bravest man in the world. The greatest khan of all. Centuries and centuries ago that is, years and years and years and years ago when we, the Turks still lived in Otugen uplands a ray of light shone in Ay Sultan’s eyes who is the mother of all of us. And her labor pain started. Then, a brave man came into the world.

This child’s face was as bright as the sky and his mouth was as red as fire. His eyes were hazel, and his eyebrows were black. His beauty soon became legendary. This child just sucked milk from his mother once, and never wanted anymore. He ate raw meat and drank mare milk. He grew up and started to talk in just 40 days. He walked, played and traced. His waist was the waist of a wolf, his shoulders were the shoulders of an otter his feet was the feet of an ox his chest was the chest of a bear. He would herd horses, ride horse and go hunting. After many days and nights he became an Alp who gave hope to his allies and spread fear to his enemies. He swung his sword to many enemies. He was the hope of the underdog. He clothed so many naked man, and fed so many hungry people. After a very long time his fame was spread all over the world. One day he prayed to the one and only Creator “Where is my woman?” Suddenly it got dark everywhere! Then, a light brighter than the Moon came down to Earth. And a very beautiful girl appeared. The blue skies smiled when the girl smiled and when she cried the blue sky cried. Oghuz Khan fell in love with that girl. And married her. They had three children. Day, Moon and Star.

Years and years passed. Oghuz Khan was still working for his tribe. He got rich. He had more weapons and horses. One day, he went hunting. He saw a tree in the middle of a lake. There was a hollow in the tree. And there was an outstanding beauty in the hollow. Her eyes were more beautiful than the lake. Her hairs wavy like a stream. Her teeth like pearls. When Oghuz Khan saw her, he married her. They had three more children. Sky, Mountain and Sea. Day, Moon and Star were one arm and Sky, Mountain and Sea were another arm. One day, Oghuz Khan arranged a feast and called his children. “My sons, this world needs one ruler. And this man must come from Oghuz generation.” He said, “The world must be yours.”

“Extend the golden bow of our tribe from sunset to sunrise. Let me whisper the divine news to more streams, to more seas and to more earth. What happened then? What happened then? Oghuz Khan’s children were divided into 24 tribes and spread all over the world. They whispered the divine news to more seas and to more streams. They swung their sword to the tyrant. They stood by the the underdog. So, children, your grandfathers ruled the world. No, we will either resurrect like our ancestors or we will be destroyed. So, children we need to resurrect. Resurrect. It is up to you to take the bottom line of today’s story. Up to you. Ertugrul and his Alps brought the tent to the brink of a disaster before the election. What do you think Ertugrul is up to? He must have wanted to show the power of his weapon before the election. He may also be a candidate in the election. Let’s eat, enjoy it. Who will support Ertugrul? Who else but.. Mad Demril and his men. I would not expect such a thing from Ertugrul.

Tell Hamza Alp to gather whoever can use a sword in front of the marquee. You are right. Hamza! Hamza! Yes, Bey. Gather your Alps up. Tell them to be ready tomorrow for the feast. Do not show mercy if anything goes wrong. Yes, Bey. Come on, uncle. Here. Enjoy it. Thank you, Gundogdu. It is delicious, sister. God, do not test us with a burden we cannot carry. Do not let us forget you after you grant us power. Do not let us fight for fame, or break hearts with arrogance. God, there is something I wish from you. Let me be a servant who lives only for your blessing. God, please do not take my tent’s, my tribe’s, my family’s peace away. And do not let the ones who want to do it succeed. Amen. This is the big day, Gundogdu. This is the day you rise above Kayis like the Sun And the day that darkness will go away. It is all because of you. You did not want an election because he is your father but our people want to see you as the bey. Your father gave this opportunity to you with his own hands. Do you think it is right for me to against my father when he is also a candidate? You will not go against your father. You will go against the beys and request what you deserve. Your father knew that Ertugrul would have to pay for the things he had done. Obviously, he wanted to be cautious before it is too late. If he still wants to be the bey, it is his responsibility. Ertugrul Bey Halime Sultan? Your sadness is reflected on your face. What is it? I heard that you and Kurdoglu went against each other.

I am worried about you and our future. Why? We have been running away for years. It is all because of that damn throne. Neither my father would have died nor we would suffer that much if it were not for it. If you will be enemies with Gundogdu Bey just because of that, please do not. Do not be in that fight. Leave the world to them. Our love is enough for both of us. My gazelleeyed lover. Do not worry. This man will not behold anything other than God’s blessing. Today the truth will reveal. Is everything set, Karabudak? Everything is set. We gave gold to those beys. We talked to everyone. It is all set, Bey. We will see Gundogdu Bey as the new bey. My brave niece! The tents will see a real bey after you come to the throne. Thank you, uncle. Are the men ready? Everybody is ready. If anybody makes a scene, he will be punished. I will never forget your support on this. Thank you niece. You will see how it is like to be overthrown by your own son, Suleyman Shah. Shall we go in? By the 99 names of God the Almighty who fills our hearts with blessings and who rules the world.

The great men of my tribe Peace be open our prophet. God bless Turks’ great ancestors from Oghuz Khan to today. Amen! May they rest in peace. Amen! May our martyrs, our great ancestors and elders bless us. Amen! May our mothers, our sisters our brave warriors always be on the true path. Amen! This is the head council. May this council always express justice. And make decisions freely. We believe that no soul is superior to another. A shepherd and a sultan is equal to us. Everyone in this council will give his decision freely. Therefore, I abdicate the throne until the election end. What? How can this happen? I am also in the election. The decision is yours. Beys! It is time for our tent to elect a Bey. If there is anybody who wants to be a candidate or name one he should speak now. I there’s anyone else above our Suleyman Shah. I hope Ertugrul Bey does not put himself into trouble.

Do not worry. He is a clever man. But I have not seen a day like this for years in the tent. Let us see who our new bey will be. Do you still not know who our new bey will be? Do you? I married him because I had known. Our candidate is Gundogdu! I am not a candidate. While Suleyman Shah is still the Bey I don’t qualify for it.. Kurdoglu thinks I do not see the games he is playing. He does what he can to create trouble in the tent. Son, he will play mostly on you. My request from you is to do whatever he says. We can only break Kurdoglu’s games by using his games against him. I show mercy to him because he is my blood brother. I want him to find the true path. Now, you will cooperate with him and rebel against me. And you will announce that you are a candidate to be a bey. And then you will renounce in the election. Of course, father. Your words are my orders. Now that my niece broke his promise I am the candidate!

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