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I just wanted to sleep peacefully just for one night in my bed. I was so happy that it was going to be this night. My heart cannot even accept that my brother is in the castle. How can I tell you to go and bring him back? We did not let you, your tent and us have some peace. And now again Neither the armor I wear, nor the weapon in my hand It will be you who give me strength. Do not say that. I will go to that castle tomorrow. God knows what will happen after that. Bey, may I come in? Come in, Dogan. Bey the Templars killed Sarikayin. We could not prevent it. They must have found out that Hamza saw him coming out of Gundogdu’s tent.

They did not leave any trace behind. Back to the beginning. Who is the traitor? It was not me! Who did this to my Gundogdu? Who poisoned him? None of us will have peace as long as Suleyman stays in the marquee! Now, get the hell out of here. If you come again, I will kill you! Get out! Sister? Are you alright? I committed very big sins, Gokce. God is punishing me for what I have done. I will be in trouble in both worlds. I know, sister. You broke everybody’s hearts. You threw your elders, your husband and me, your sister into the fire in the cause of your ambition. Why did you hide the fact that I will not be a mother? You tried to marry me with Ertugrul even though you knew that. Why? Forgive me. I am begging you, forgive me. Please forgive me. Forgive me.

If only we had the mind of those infidels. They turned a strong Alp to an Indian macaque. Did you wake up, Judas? Good. We will do great things with you, soon. You will be my right arm. Bey If you permit My girl This necklace was given to me by Ertugrul’s grandfather Kaya Alp and his grandmother Burla Hatun. And now I want to give it to my daughterinlaw. Mother Hayme, this is very valuable. You are very valuable, too. You are my daughter now. You came here knowing very well what it means to be the bride of this marquee. And Ertugrul brought you to us knowing the difficulties of marrying a shahzade’s daughter. Kayis always have trouble in our marquee. And now Seljuks’ troubles will add to it. It is alright. We cherished you knowing that. The only thing you will do is to be resilient. Yigit will come back to us sooner or later. I will carry the stamp of Seljuk and the stamp of Kayi Tribe with honor, Mother Hayme. I hope you bring up so many children and beys who will honor our breed.

If you have sons I would like you to name them after Savci Alp who gave his life for me while fighting the Moguls Gunduz Alp who has been martyred in my arms and my uncle Osman Alp who has also been martyred. I have always wanted the names of these brave Alps to live on in our breed. If we have sons by God’s will may the names of these great Alps bring honor to our breed, power to our tent and peace to our family. May God grant you happiness. Amen, father. Come here, girl, I will show you something else. Sarikayin was our single opportunity to take us to the real traitor. The traitor will be revealed sooner or later. But I need to find a way to find Yigit, and bring him back here first. It is a gorgeous idea that the Shahzade will be trained in Konstantinopolis through the Church’s education and be the sultan of the Seljuks. I admire you one more time. My dear friend Petruchio as I stated in the letter I wrote to the Pope you Templars are the biggest gift that has been granted to the Christian world.

My prayers are with you. I will give you my best knights when you set off for Antioch tomorrow. I would not like you to have the same troubles like you did before. My dear friend, I would be very glad. I would never want to meet that ominous Turk again. Excuse me, uncle. Isadora, I am aware that we got you bored with our political matters. Why do you not take a ride? But be careful not to get lost again. I know everywhere now. I can go alone. Good. Go, then. But be careful. Do not cross those barbarian Kayis’ bounders. Do not worry, uncle. I want to see Shahzade Yigit. Master Petruchio has his orders. We do not let him see anybody. Bring me Ertugrul. What is in your mind? Kurdoglu, Bey. I am worried that he is up for what Selcan’s father could not succeed. I will relieve Kurdoglu off his duties tomorrow. I will grant his duties to Ertugrul. He neither eats, nor drinks anything. He stares blankly. He would say my name and eat a little, a while ago. Now he does not do anything. We are on the richest lands of the world. We have plenty of water, our animals are battening.

But we are unpeaceful like we never have been. Was it a mistake that we came down here? We will not rest until we settle in our own lands. We draw the people that hate and want to destroy us like bugs that fly towards the light. Bey one of the birds that we keep in the tent came back with this. This is Yigit’s necklace. My biggest fear was that he would succumb to the icon of arrogance and worship it. But he brought the icon arrogance down. He showed one more time that he is a son that you would be proud of. Our people want a young bey. My Gundogdu did great things. He tried so hard for Kurdogdu to be the bey. But they would select him instead of me if he was the candidate. But he broke Kurdoglu’s game by not being a candidate. And now he is in this situation. I will relieve Kurdoglu off his duties tomorrow. I would kill him with my bare hands if I had only one proof. But I do not. Obviously,

Isadora found out about something. She wants to see me. Be careful, Bey. It may be a trap. We will meet at a place only the two of us know. We determined it while she was here. Be careful, anyway. Alright. Bey, let us come with you. This is safer, Bamsi. I was worried that you were not going to come. Is Yigit in the castle? Yes. My uncle succeeded to get him out of the tent with the help of the traitor. Yigit knows who the traitor is, then. You will find out who he is if you rescue Yigit. Yigit shouted at me to tell who is, but the knights covered his mouth. They did not let me see him when I went to the dungeon. How are we going to get him out of the dungeon? It is impossible to get him out. But he will go to Antioch tomorrow with Cardinal Thomas. And then to Konstantiniyye. They will use Yigit to bring Seljuks down from the inside. Brother, I do not understand. You know who your enemy is in the battlefield. You either die or kill.

What kind of field is this? You do not know who the sword will slash, or from where the arrow will come. The man you apparently share your belief with betrays on you, and you fight him. This is the biggest enemy. Ertugrul Bey is here. Get ready. We are setting off for Antioch tomorrow. Is there news from Yigit, Bey? They are planning to take the Shahzade to Konstantiniyye and cause trouble for Seljuks. Sir, thank God I became a Muslim with your help. I will owe you all my life. I wanted to kill you but you caused me to become Muslim. And then started to see me as your son instead of taking a revenge. Son, the only cause is God. Man is only a tool. You should thank God.

Thank him, so that he will complete his blessing and accepts you as a believer. When God wants to create something everything is at his service. He creates known and unknown tools for that. Just for his wish to be realized. Our holy Prophet taught us that the greatest blessing in life is Islam. Sir, I feel that I owe you, and I am embarrassed to you. Even though I became a Muslim, it is hard for me to forget the past. I remember my mistakes one by one. I feel like I cannot breath. Whenever I look at your face I remember my past in which I was a killer. Son, becoming a Muslim erases the past. Whatever you live in the past you start a new life when you become a Muslim. You start to live although you were dead before. You gain a new name. God erased your past. You forget it as well. Do not live with the past. The past is where people who escape from their duties live. Do not let your present moment be captured by the past so that you will not regret it in the future. Human is “Ibnul Vakt”. That is, the child of the moment he lives in. The moment is now. It may be a trap.

I forgot to breath without a trap and to take a step without stepping on the swamp of betrayal. I have no choice other than being cautious. Do not worry. Take as many as Alps with you that is needed. I will only take Bamsi and Dogan. We are planning to set off in the morning before the sunrise. They are observing every move of us. If I set off with an army, they will take precautions. So, I will go with only my Alps. The fewer we are, the more we have chance. Any news from Kurdoglu? Not yet, son. Does Halime know what is going on? Not yet. I will tell her, if you permit. Ertugrul Yes, father? I will relieve Kurdoglu off his duties tomorrow. I will grant his duties to you. Father Do not ever tell me that you are “after the hunt”. I will do my duty with my honor at the risk of my life. Thank you, son. Sir it is easy to forget when the guilt is small but to try to kill somebody and ambush him is unforgettable. Listen, son When our Prophet was given the duty to call the humanity to serve God the Meccans reacted very badly to his call. Our Prophet told them that God is one, he is the one who created us all there is no god, only him and they were not supposed to serve any other one but the Meccans saw him as an enemy.

They were troubled by the fact that their order was going to mess up. They made plans. They made tricks. Since they could not succeed to make our Prophet give up they started to say “If only somebody came up and saved us from Muhammad.” And somebody came up. Omar AlKhattab. A fearless, brave young man. He said “I will do it.” “Not that he messes with your peace and breaks your unity it is my duty to kill him and save Mecca from this trouble.” The Meccans were so happy after these words. They will get rid of the biggest trouble without anybody got hurt. Omar girded on his sword and sets off to kill our Prophet. What he did not know was that God creates everything with a reason. While everybody sets up traps God makes men’s traps a servant for his actual wish. Suleyman will gather up a meeting tomorrow. He is planning to relieve me off my duties and pave the way for Ertugrul.

And then he will go and bring the Templars’ castle down. I would not get surprised if they had their eyes on Konstantiniyye. Now, the tents that we all know will be surrounded in the morning. The beys who say anything will be taken out of their tents. And last of all, you will go into the marquee and take Hayme and Suleyman. Gundogdu is ill. He cannot cause any trouble. But Ertugrul? He will go with his Alps in the morning. I know that. I intentionally waited for him to go, so that he will not cause any commotion. I want to finish this without any blood. After all, Suleyman has been serving for us for so long. He was our bey. You are right, Bey. Completely right. Of course, Kurdoglu. Thank you. The Alps that I trust will surround the marquee in the morning. God help us. What about the beys that do not obey you? They will either obey or they will die. While Omar was on the way to kill our Prophet he hears a sound coming from his sister’s house. His sister and his husband have become Muslim. They were reading out verses from the Holy Quran.

Omar rushed in. He went mad with the scene he witnessed. He slapped his sister and his husband. He knocked them on the ground. His sister, who was a brave woman shouted the truth to Omar: “We will not renege on our religion even if you kill us.” Those words caused a spring come out of his heart which was hard like a stone. God enlivens the heart of the man who came to kill his prophet with Islam. He brings the living out of the dead. He gives life to a dead heart with the water of faith. Omar becomes Muslim and says the words of Islamic confession of faith. He takes the meaning of life from the man he went there to kill. God works like this. He brings the living out of the dead and the dead out of the living. Man should surrender to God so much that the person who goes there to kill him would find life. A Muslim should be the reason of life for his killer. This is what surrendering to God means. Sir, I think my situation is kind of similar. Yes, son. Your temperament is like Omar’s. God Almighty made you the one who found the water of life while you were going to kill.

I hope everything about you will be similar to Omar’s. Let one of your names be Omar, so that you will not forget this blessing. How is my brother doing? Thanks to you he is alright. God bless both Halime and you. You gave life to her. Do not worry. Everything will be alright. I will make the ones who did to my brother pay. Excuse me. May I come in, Halime Sultan? Come in, Ertugrul Bey. Yigit is in the castle. They will take him to Konstantiniyye. If you do not succeed to take him, kill him, Ertugrul Bey. Both Yigit and me will be grateful to you if you do this. I can accept my fate. But to drag you after this renders me helpless. The day in which that gazelle brought me to you I understood that my fate was not for me alone. You should also understand this. Our fate is one. May God speed you. May the Sun not burn your skin. May the rain not make your soul cold. May stones be away from your foot. Go like water, and come back like water. God bless you, Halime Sultan. You too, Ertugrul.

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