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Dirilis Ertugrul | Ertugrul Ghazi Season 1 Episode 63 Written Episode :

(The episode begins with PTV’

AMANOS MOUNTAINS TEMPLARS’ CASTLE What are you talking about? They all escaped? Yes, sir. Ertugrul saved his family with Turgut. All our knights are dead. Get out of my face! Stupid. I told you to kill him when you caught him. God damn old man. Uncle, what are you doing? I know you are a traitor just like your father. I will kill you like your sister and father. Take this bitch! God damn you. Suffer forever. Sir, are you alright? Get out! Get out! Take her! We must tell the situation to the Grandsmaster. The Cardinal’s man Claudius attacked us. He saved Ertugrul and his Alps. Do not worry. I let him know. He is about to come. Take the corpse away. Are you alright, sir? I am, Titus. Just a small wound. That is all. One of Kurdoglu’s men is here. He confirmed what the knight said. Ertugrul is alive. He will go to the meeting and confront Kurdoglu. No.

Suleyman’s rule is over. We must catch Ertugrul. What about Turgut? He is obviously with Ertugrul. How can this be possible? The drug… The drug is powerful, but this is the power of faith, Titus. This is the power of faith. He will clearly die in a lot of pain because he did not take the drug. But he can serve us the last time before he dies. He can give us Ertugrul’s head. Ertugrul wants to overthrow Kurdoglu with Turgut’s testimony. He wants to take the throne back in front of the beys. Let us see who overthrows whom. Did you bury the corpses? Yes, sir. Good.

What about Arabi? He thinks I converted to Islam and became his disciple. What about his ark? I found out that it is in the nomad tent. I saved Ertugrul and his Alps from the Grandmaster’s knights in order to be able to take the ark. Moreover, I know the Grandmaster knows this. My dear friend Petruchio so you hide information from me. That is all, sir. You are the best knight I have ever known. May God protect you, son. God will punish you so bad that you will pay the price of the sins you committed. Turk! You will send a message to Kurdoglu. Tell him that we want Halime Sultan and Turgut. Tell Kurdoglu that all his family escaped. And that the two of them is behind this. Be quick. You must arrive before their meeting. Go now.

Jesus Christ help them in their fight against the persecutors. Make Ertugrul gain a victory. Enlighten their way with your divine justice. God, forgive my sins. Isadora? Isadora! Isadora! Isadora! My beautiful niece paid the price of her betrayal. Murderer! She was your blood. She was from bad blood. And she died. You have been given a last chance to live, Shahzade. You will go to Konstantiniyye with Cardinal Thomas. Otherwise, you will die like Isadora. Think thoroughly. I would rather die instead of serving you. We will see how much longer you will talk like that. Be very careful. The war begins now. Yes, Bey. Thank God you are alive. You made me so happy. We are all ready to die for you. Did Kurdoglu accept confronting Ertugrul in the meeting? He did, Bey. I will go there. He promised that he will be fair to you in the meeting.

I am sure he will do as much as he can for the sake of justice. None of us wanted this happen, Bey. We are all ready to give our heads for the sake of justice. Thank you. We do not doubt about it. You proved this by coming here, anyway. May God protect our tent. Amen. Amen. Amen. Come here, Halime Sultan. Sit down. May their hands break. That bastard Turgut did so many bad things to you. First he beat you, then he sent me to take care of you. Ugly face. No, I am alright. It is all because of Selcan Hatun. Hold on there, Eydis. What are you going to say? Whatever. She is dead now with all her sins. It would not be appropriate for me to talk ill about her. Say it, Eydis! Say what you have to say. She was such an ominous woman. When Alpargu stabbed late Gokce Hatun on her groin she wanted to get her married with Ertugrul Bey even though she knew she was not going to have a baby.

She gave me gold money to prevent me talk. And I took them with these ominous hands of mine. And that baby matter… What about the baby? I was suspicious of her pregnancy in spite of being an infertile woman. And she whipped Aykiz because she lost her baby. Anyway. God forgive her sins. Let me go if you are alright. There will not be peace in a place like this where there are such sins and pathetic people like me who do bad things for money. God forgive our sins. You cannot trust Kurdoglu’s promise. We talked about this, father. He thinks all of you are dead. I have to do this alone. Ayhan talked to the beys who are close to us. And with the Alps. Do not worry. I will not be alone in the tent. Turgut will be waiting for me in the marquee. If anything happens to me take care of Halime. Give me your blessings. You have it. May God protect you. Peace be upon you. And peace be upon you. Peace be upon you. Thank you so much.

You sent help with Omer. Thank you, son. Where are you going? To the tent. I am going to take what we deserve. Stay on God’s path, and he will be with you. The victory belongs to God even though our blood may be spilled. Hopefully. Excuse us. Turgut! Did Halime Sultan talk? Not yet. But she will. Listen to me carefully, Turgut. I have a good idea to make her talk. You will take a walk with her. Go. Yes, Bey. Ertugrul warned me a lot. Also, you. All the things you said about Kurdoglu turned out to be right. It was a big mistake for me not to listen to him back then. He said he did not want justice to be hurt. He was right. May the justice not be hurt. We can accept to be hurt. May God protect us from the shame of forcing our children live in a place where there is no justice. Everything will be alright. It is Friday today. God does justice to innocent people. May God keep you always with me. My girl… Do you need anything, father? Thank you. How is Gundogdu doing? He is trying to get rid of the poison inside him. He will be alright in a few days. Selcan became a good daughter suddenly. What do you say? She was disciplined by the situation of first her sister, then her man. I hope you are right. Do you think he will recover? God knows. Let us pray. God, forgive me. You have to deserve to be forgiven first. How can I deserve that? My daughter if you want to deserve to be forgiven you need to cleanse your heart first.

The heart is our valuable asset. Our Prophet told us that God says “The heavens and the earth cannot contain Me but the heart of a true believer can.” Therefore, this heart of ours is the biggest treasure of human. My daughter if you wish to be forgiven be like Hazrat Khadija. Hazrat Khadija challenged all the nonbelievers with our Prophet when the spread of Islam began. She wanted to be the ointment when his heart was broken. She spent her money to spread her husband’s cause. She believed him when others did not. She supported him while everybody was avoiding him. And God granted our Prophet children from her. Therefore, let Hazrat Khadija be your guide. What is going on, Turgut? Where are we going? This is not good at all, Halime Sultan. Something is wrong. What is going on? Where did we come here? We will go to the tent, and you will go to the castle. Turgut! God, help my son. Help him, so that the persecution will be over. Amen. Amen.

God granted him a conquest for sure. Our Prophet set off to Taif in order to find a peaceful land for the believers when the persecutions of the nonbelievers in Macca increased. Taif did not see the grace even though there were high hopes about them. Our Prophet did not lose hope when all doors were shut on his face. He struggles on to make his cause be heard and to be able to make even one person a believer. However, the people of Taif threw stones at him. They persecuted. Our Prophet went outside Taif, wounded. Angel Jibreel showed up. He said they would destroy Taif if our Prophet wanted. However, our Prophet who was sent as a mercy to all creation said “No, I do not want them to be destroyed. I wish God brings up people from their generation who will serve and pray only to God, and not to others.” The people of Taif became Muslims years after that. Mercy prevailed over persecution. Hopefully, mercy will prevail over persecution again.

Our Bey is coming! Our tent will be happy! Welcome, Bey! May God keep you always with us! Welcome, Bey! Welcome, Bey! Ertugrul Bey, welcome! May God help you, Bey! Welcome, Bey! Welcome, Bey! Ertugrul is here, Bey. So he comes. Welcome, Bey. Welcome, Bey. May God keep you always with us. Welcome, Bey. May God help you. Today is the day to pay the price, Ertugrul. You are right, Karabudak. Today is the day to pay the price. Everybody will pay the price in the Judgment Day. Thankfully, we have no doubt about it. However it would break my heart for you and Kurdoglu to wait until the Judgment Day to pay your price. Our condolences, Ertugrul Bey. Our condolences. May God give you patience. Our condolences, Bey. May God give you patience. Our condolences, Bey. I heard you wanted to confront me, Ertugrul. As your loyal dog Karabudak said today is the day to pay the price. I will disregard your father’s holy memory and I will smash you here! Know your place! Ertugrul nobody recognizes you neither in this marquee nor in this meeting or in any forage where oxes grass.

I just accepted you in my marquee out of respect to your father. If you cross the line you should know that I will impale you in the tent square! Your loss and pain is big. However, if you have even a little respect left for the people of this tent do not provoke disturbance. It was decided that your family would be exiled. They were going to be sent to your uncle Korkut’s tent. However, your father and brother chose to go against this decision. May them rest in peace. Amen. Now, say what you want to say. And then, obey the decision that will be given here. Are you planning to kill me on the way by way of the Templars that you have been allying with and with the Alps that you bought, like you did to my family? What is going on? That is enough, Bey. This tactless man has crossed the line way over. Now that Kurdoglu Bey invited him here let him talk, Karabudak. Now that this is the place where God’s justice will be done I say let us allow Ertugrul Bey to say what he has to say. He is right! He is right. Thank you. The price for blaming a bey in his marquee like this is very high. You will not get out of here alive if you go on like this. You are not the bey of this tent, Kurdoglu. You are a disgrace to the people of Oghuz and Kayis.)

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