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Dirilis Ertugrul | Ertugrul Ghazi Season 1 Episode 64 Written Episode :

(The episode begins with PTV’

Nobody recognizes you neither in this marquee nor in this meeting or in any forage where oxen grass. I just accepted you in my marquee out of respect to your father. If you cross the line you should know that I will impale you in the tent square! Your loss and pain is big. However, if you have even a little respect left for the people of this tent do not provoke disturbance. It was decided that your family would be exiled. They were going to be sent to your uncle Korkut’s tent. However, your father and brother chose to go against this decision. May them rest in peace. Amen. Now, say what you want to say. And then, obey the decision that will be given here. Are you planning to kill me on the way by way of the Templars that you have been allying with and with the Alps that you bought, like you did to my family? What is going on? That is enough, Bey.

This tactless man has crossed the line way over. Now that Kurdoglu Bey invited him here let him talk, Karabudak. Now that this is the place where God’s justice will be done I say let us allow Ertugrul Bey to say what he has to say. He is right! He is right. Thank you. The price for blaming a bey in his marquee like this is very high. You will not get out of here alive if you go on like this. You are not the bey of this tent, Kurdoglu. You are a disgrace to the people of Oghuz and Kayis. My words reflect the truth. I have two witnesses to prove them. I would like you Beys to allow these witnesses enter the marquee. Let them come, Bey! Alright, then.

However, I am sure you also noticed that there are three beys missing here. They apologized from you. What is going on? What is going on? Brother! Halime Sultan, are you alright? I am. I am so glad to see you three like this again. Turgut! Brother Turgut! Brother, are you alright? I am. I need to go to the tent. Come on, brother. Come on, brother. Peace be upon you. And peace be upon you. I see that things went crazy while I was away. Tell me, then. What did your witnesses witness against me? That you allied with Black Toygar and got the train raided. That you got fifteen of our Alps martyred. That you allied with the Templars and brought all kinds of troubles in the tent. Enough is enough, Bey! How much longer are we That you went to the castle a lot of times and committed crimes with their Grandmaster Mancini. Well, well, well. Look how strong witnesses my niece Ertugrul has. I do. They saw and heard in person that you are a traitor, Kurdoglu.

They will also witness that you bought men in the tent with the gold you took from Mancini. They will tell who the bastards you bought are one by one. Who is your witness? It is Turgut Alp. Do you think I do not know that you and Turgut Alp killed my Alps who were taking your family to exile? Ertugrul Bey would never do that. Oh, Ertugrul. It seems like you underestimated Kurdoglu. They tried to set up a trap for me. They won Halime Sultan over. They are trying to ruin my reputation with all kinds of slanders. But they do not know that I will be the one who ruins them. There will not be an exile anymore. I will kill you all, Ertugrul. I will not let any of you live. I will kill your family even if they go to the other side of the world! Alps! Catch him! I will kill you here unless you confess everything. Talk, Kurdoglu! My beys, they are all lies! They are all slander! Do not be scared, my Beys! They are all lies! Kurdoglu, the truth came, and the lies went away. Turgut Alp. Yes, Bey. Send a message to Suleyman Shah and tell him that he can come.

He can come to his marquee. Yes, Bey. I hope this holy marquee does not have a shame like this anymore. Father the fire is lit. Ertugrul succeeded. Let us go, then. Hayme, you will catch up with us. As you wish, Bey. Abdurrahman, get the horses ready! Yes, Bey! I swear by the name of God Who creates everything with one word And fills our hearts with faith I swear by my weapon, my flag In this path to war May my ancestor Hizir be my companion And Hazrat Ali my guide May Zulfiqar be my weapon And Duldul my horse May the dawn be ours And the victory be God’s Welcome, Bey! Welcome! Welcome, Bey! May God keep you always with us. Mercy There is no mercy for traitors, Kurdoglu. Show Kurdoglu to everybody in front of my marquee until he is tried. It will be an example for the ones who may attempt to put us in this shame again.

We did not act together with this bastard, Bey. But we could not stand straight and go against him like our Alps and beys who were martyred, either. Forgive us. We would like to kiss your hand if you permit. Forgive us. That bastard who has not had his share from being fair did every kinds of persecutions to my family and my brave brothers. However, I will never avoid being fair. He will be punished in the headquarters meeting. The punishment will be executed as decided. Nobody should doubt it. Long live, Suleyman Shah! Even though we are surrounded by enemies and the Crusaders give us trouble we did not lose our unity. The fire of instigation among us has been put out as of today. No matter how strong our enemy is we will protect both our tent and our religion, by God’s will. Long live, Suleyman Shah! Long live, Suleyman Shah! This drug will decrease your pain. I am very sorry, sir. I remember the infidels I have poisoned all this time. The ones from Ayyubids, Seljuks The Council of the Templars will arrive soon, doctor. This must be kept as a secret between us until they leave. Do you understand me? Yes, sir. May God protect you, sir.

God has left me, doctor. And Kurdoglu whom I worked so hard on with high hopes, lost the game. Kayis are a bigger enemy now. What I am curious about is that where my niece Isadora found this poisoned dagger from. The great grandmasters of the Council are here! Open the gates! Excuse me, Grandmaster Petruchio. Welcome, Grandmasters. You honored our castle. Thank you, Titus. Where is Grandmaster Petruchio? What is so important that he could not come here to welcome us? He will welcome you in his room, sir. He is curious about how Isadora found the poison on her knife. I will tell him that I was the one who gave Isadore the poisoned knife when his tongue swells and he will not be able to talk in a few days. You can go now, doctor. Grandmaster Petruchio will die in a few days. The Council members will elect a new grandmaster. Who will the new grandmaster be, Cardinal? Titus, of course. Tell Titus to secretly come and visit me tonight. When will you bring Ibn alArabi’s relic? I will visit him tomorrow. Good. Bring it as soon as possible. I want to take the Shahzade and get away from this ominous place as soon as possible. Do not worry, sir. My brave man.

My strong man. Weapons, heroism and being a bey befits you so much. My moonfaced woman. My life companion who laughs and saddens with me. Being a bey is a cloth made of fire. Putting it on and off are both tough ordeals. You are right. This marquee suffered so much. There have been so many troubles. Hayme, I thought about not coming back to this marquee for a moment. However, if he did not, we would be obeying persecution. If we did not struggle for the underdogs, the pharaohs would have won. Even one single breath is too much for a persecutor. You are right, Bey. What will you do to Kurdoglu? How he will end up is certain. I only want to bring down the castle on the Templars now. Either that castle will be destroyed, or us. Dundar? Son? Mother. Father. Your mother would give her life for you, my son! Thank God for this double joy. I was so scared that we would not get together again. What would I do if anything happened to you? What protects a person from death is their determined time of death. See, we could come together again. Thank God. What is going to happen now? First, Kurdoglu will be punished like the way he deserves. And then, those Templars’ castle will be brought down on them. Gazelle eyes. May sadness, grief and sorrow be away from us. My brave man. Neither sadness, nor grief or sorrow for us It is time for the meeting. What happened to “The hunt is ours, and the meeting is theirs”? I am the one who is given duty now.

They are both ours. Life without you was a dungeon for me. Your love gave me life in those dungeons, Aykiz. Let us come together now, Turgut. I do not have strength to bear even one more day. Let us talk to your father and our Bey and get married as soon as possible. Turgut Turgut Turgut We will get rid of this plague. We will get rid of it. If If I attempt to hurt you unknowingly Take this dagger. Kill me. You are scared that I would talk, are you not? That I would turn you in. Would I not have thanked them for killing me, if I did that? I want to leave the biggest plague as legacy to Suleyman and his children. And my biggest fortune, my biggest legacy is you. By the name of the 99 names of God who creates everything with only one word and fills our hearts with faith. Beys, I suffered a lot during this last period of my life. I lost my children and my first wife. So many of my brothers died in my arms. However, none of these hurt me as much as this last betrayal did. That traitor overthrew me with tricks. He defamed my woman, my children and my sisterinlaw. He tortured them. But the beys of the headquarters did not say anything! They did not stand straight against the persecutor! Why is that? Why is that? Forgive us, Bey. Kurdoglu deceived us. Then, I will not arrange headquarters meetings with beys who were deceived. All of you are dismissed! We will have new beys here. Ertugrul Kurdoglu’s duties are yours. Gundogdu Provision of food is your duty. Now, bring Kurdoglu here! )

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