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Dirilis Ertugrul | Ertugrul Ghazi Season 1 Episode 65 Written Episode :

(The episode begins with PTV’

You have long since deserved to die, Kurtoglu. No one will ever trust you now. You are going to die. Your punishment was determined, Kurtoglu. Thank God. Peace is upon our people now! We got rid of this trouble, too. Now, it is time to arrange your weddings. With permission of our father we do not want to have a wedding ceremony, mother. The war against the Templars is inevitable now. We are all aware of it. If God permits, we want to have our ceremonies after the war. When our men and my brother, Yigit return home safely. Just like Halime Sultan says, Suleyman Shah, Ertugrul Bey, Gundogdu Bey will never come back before they demolish their castles.

If they can not return home safely, we will, at least, have the honor to lead a life as their widows. With our father’s consent, we would like to exchange vows before the war breaks out. Oh, my beautiful girls! You are as brave as your men! May God bless you! We went all through this because of that dog, named Kurtoglu. We have seen his men die one after another. Now, it is his time to pay. Just after he is punished, I will convey your requests to our Suleyman Shah. Agreed? We appreciate, mother. Some of his men may still be alive. Who knows? There may be others who share his sins. He will have to confess in the headquarters. May God protect us! Traitor! Hang him! Kurtoglu! Do you have something to say? I spent my life rushing from one battle to another for our nomad group. I lost everything I had, my sons, my wife, while fighting for our people. I did everything to enlarge our boundaries and strengthen our nomad group. To have our own lands and found a seigniory. I want these to be taken into consideration, Bey. You have ruined your bravery with treachery, Kurtoglu. There are no excuses for treachery and it must be punished by death. It appears that you have learned to confess sins from Templars, Kurtoglu. Yet, this is no place to confess your sins.

I demand a punishment that will not ruin my dignity, Bey! How can you still speak of dignity, traitor? Beys! I demand mercy! Show mercy! Please! You’ll be shown mercy just as much as you did, Kurtoglu. You will be shown as much mercy as you showed to Alps you have slaughtered with Karatoygar and Titus. Kurtoglu! You are guilty of betraying your people, Bey. You have violated religion and traditions. You are sentenced to death. Take this traitor out. Bey! I demand mercy! Bey! For the sake of our past! Send me to dark dungeons but spare my life. Spare my life, Bey! Spare my life! Bey! Spare my life. Spare my life! Spare my life! Spare my life, Bey! Spare my life! Kill him! Murderer! He murdered our sons! Traitor! We promised to die for each other while becoming blood brothers. We promised not to use our swords against one another. I am going to keep my promise. Because I keep my words. I am not going to take your life. I bear witness that there is no god but Allah and Muhammad is the servant and Messenger of Allah. Bismillahirrahmanirrahim. God! Allahu akbar! Divine Justice… From now on, none can stand against our next and the biggest crusade. Cardinal Thomas finished the report that he has been preparing for Pope and the Frederick, the Emperor. His report is beyond our expectations. He mentions our efforts with praise.

I propose a toast to you, to the precious knights of our cult. Welcome back! What about Kayi tribe? Do you think that we have not heard of what the Turk, named Ertugrul did and you cannot fight him back properly, Master Petruchio? We have heard of how he uncovered our intelligence network in Aleppo and how he slaughtered tons of our spies and brave knights like animals. Master Ricardo! Please you all tell me this. Did his apostles give up fighting after Jesus was crucified? I am sure you are all aware that you have to face unforeseen obstacles while marching to your destination. How can we trust you, Master Petruchio? How can we believe in your word after all these defeats. As Salam Alaykum wa Rahmatullah. As Salam Alaykum wa Rahmatullah. God, give me strength! Take my life but do not let them hold me captive like my brother, Turgut. Cardinal Thomas summons you. Go tell that daemon that I don’t want to see him! Don’t make me hurt you, young boy! He should have got this job done when we captured Ertugrul and his Alps in the forest. Unfortunately, it was a big mistake. I don’t know what Arabi’s relic is but he destroyed ours to gather it. Master Petruchio must pay for it. You have to regain the dignity that your cult lost in Antioch and Aleppo, Titus.

I trust you can achieve it with all my heart. Do you have any idea about how Isadora found that poisonous knife? It is God’s divine justice, my son. Divine justice. Come in! Welcome, Shahzada! What do you want from me? I just wanted to discuss why you need to come to Constantinople with me. I will never be in your service. Great emperors never serve to anyone, Shahzada! And you will be a great emperor. Dundar Bey! You are eating like a hungry wolf. We have been away for a long time. Let’s act like a wolf so that friends and foes see that I am back. Dundar Bey! People say you almost ate the Templars. Boar meat is not halal to us, brother. Almighty! We are grateful for all your blessings. You reunited us. You protected our home, our nomad camp from the evil of the enemies. We appreciate. Amen. Amen. Ertugrul! We need to gather the nomad group immediately. You’re right, brother. Our people are disorganized. We need to provide order. We will achieve it with the help of God. No one can stand in our way. However, first things first. You and Halime Sultan need to get married. Let me get some water! I can get some for you, mother! No, I got it. Gokce! Yes, mother! Do you need something? My beautiful Gokce. My sunshine! Mother, please forgive me!

I can’t resist him! My heart hurts! I just can’t. My beautiful daughter. You are destined to suffer from it. With permission of God, you will find a man who loves you. And you will love him deeply, too. Come on! Wipe your tears. Thank God! So? I had told you my beautiful daughter. We get through these cloudy days. We fight our troubles away. Don’t be afraid of the winter, Flowers bloom when the spring arrives. Didn’t I tell you that the day follows the night? Thank God, father. Thank God. My children! I am so close to the end of my mortal life. I wish to see you married before I pass away. But things are very complicated these days. We can’t afford a wedding ceremony. We were just planning to ask for your permission, father. Thanks be to God. Thanks be to God.

Thanks be to God. Turgut? Turgut! Turgut! My son. Turgut! Take my hand. Father? Give us some water. Bring water. Turgut? Drink some. Turgut! Turgut! Open your eyes, my son. Open your eyes. Father, what are we going to do? Bey! Turgut is having an attack. He is in Otacı’s tent. Excuse me, Bey! Elhamdulillah! Elhamdulillah for everything you send, my God. His body reacted because he hasn’t taken Templars’ poison for a long time. Is he going to be okay? What happened? His body needs Templars’ elixir. He has resisted to take it for a long time. But, his body can’t resist it any more. What do we need to do, then? Shall we give him some if necessary? He will always need it if we give him some more. And, he will be closer to death each day. We need to be patient. God will be in his aid with his name, El Shafi. God help him. We’ve done everything that we can. Now, it is time to wait. We found our brother but this sickness wants to take him apart from us again. These Templars are so coward. They rely on poison as they are too coward to fight. They are everywhere. They are full of tricks. Their power comes from Muslims’ weakness. They are wicked cats seeing lions in the mirror. They try to spread fear. But they could not defeat us and they won’t be able to. If they are everywhere, so are we.

Brothers! Can you excuse me to have a word with Afsin Bey? I am all ears, Ertugrul Bey. Now tell me who you are, Afsin Bey! Where did you come from? And, why are you here? I was in Ahlat with the elderly. Ertugrul Bey, Turkish tribes and states have been born and grown in the hands of the elderly ever since the Oghuz Khan. This will stay the same in the future. Ahlat is our gateway to Anatolia and the elderly stay there. I have a message from them for you. What is it? Mongolians are getting stronger. We must gather all Oghuz tribes together. They ask you to take the Kayi tribe back to Anatolia. Does my father know the elderly? It’s a rare opportunity, Ertugrul Bey. I wish to know them. It is only possible if they wish. We have to move the Kayi tribe to Anatolia as soon as possible. Mongolians are approaching like a raged bull. We need soldiers to stop them. Your slit black eyes now taken by sleep. Let them open. Your twelve healthy bones have been broken. Let them heal. Your soul all but flown from your frame. Let it return. If your body retains any life, let me know. Let my poor luckless head be a sacrifice to you.

Kazilik Mountain, your waters still flow; Let them, I pray, cease their flowing. Kazilik Mountain, your grasses still grow; Let them, I pray, cease their growing. Kazilik Mountain, your deer still run fast. Let them cease running, and turn into stone. How can I know, my son, if it was lion or a tiger? How can I know, my son? How did this accident happen to you? If your life is still in your body, my son, let me know. Let my poor luckless head be a sacrifice to you. Speak a few words to me now. Bismillah. Good appetite. Visit the loom to check the girls today. Sure. We should give Gokce in marriage soon so that she forgets about Ertugrul. You are right, Bey. Are you okay, Hatun? Why are you asking, Bey? You act like an angel this morning. I tell you to go to the loom and you don’t reject. I tell you we should give Gokce in marriage, no objections. What’s going on? Whatever you wish, Bey! My Goodness. So weird. The world is falling apart. Long live, Bey! Thank you. Bey. Oh, Wild Demir. Thank God, we have reached good days. Thank God. How is Turgut Alp? Fine, Bey. Nothing to do but to wait. Bey, should you accept to listen, I would like to tell you something. I want Turgut and Aykiz to get married. They have been waiting far too long. I am also aware that it is not the greatest time for a wedding, considering we have a lot of problems.

You are right! Our kids are in misery. We get it done as soon as Turgut Alp recovers. May God bless you, Bey. As Salam Alaykum wa Rahmatullah. As Salam Alaykum wa Rahmatullah. May I come in, Sheik? Of course, my daughter! I want to talk to you if you care to listen. Sure! Please be seated. Efendi! I did bad things. I harmed a lot of people and acted evil. I’d like to retreat from my sins and repent. God’s doors for repentance are always wide open. Beg God for forgiveness and acceptance of your repentance. However, you say you harmed people. You must talk to them and demand forgiveness. Do not pass away before you ask for forgiveness. Because God does not forgive one another’s rights. My dear sisters! We finally have peace among our people. Now it is time for us to work hard. Bismillah! Halime, my daughter! You are responsible for the prints. You must search meadows, find beautiful flowers, and extract their colors. Do not worry, Mother Hayme.

We will surely do our best. Gokce, my daughter. You shall be checking the looms. We must get carpets ready to be sold in Aleppo. Sure, mother! Take it easy, Hatuns. Oh, welcome Bey. Thank you. Please be seated, father. Thank you, I won’t stay too long. I just wanted to see Bacis. So, Hayme Hatun? How are things here? They have promised. Everything will be ready for Aleppo Bazaar. If God permits, Aleppo Bazaar will be ornamented with Kayi Bacis’ handcrafts. If God permits, Bey! Bey, we can get everything done under your command. Thank you all, Bacis. If you have complaints about your husbands, you should know that I am always ready to listen to you! How are they doing? They are distracted, Bey. We must train them to be Alps in no time. Alps seem to have forgotten how to fight while electing Bey in the headquarters. Train them day and night and get them ready to fight. As you wish, Bey. As you command, Bey May God give you strength. God be with you, Alps. You have honored us, Bey. They are a bit distracted because of Kurtoglu’s promises, father! We will get our nomad group aligned. The threat from enemies aids the unification. It makes us get closer and keeps us alert. It covers our weaknesses! Keep them in mind, son! Should you be the Bey one day, always keep your nomads ready to fight. Thanks God, we have finally seen a peaceful day.

Thanks God. Thanks God. Even though there are threats from Templars, crusaders, and others, it is important to have peace at home. We are grateful to God for his blessings. Thanks God! Thanks God! However, we are deeply sorry for Turgut. If God permits, we will see him recover. If God permits, father. I suggest that Turgut and Aykiz shall get married first, Ertugrul. They have waited for too long. I was gonna ask you the same, father. I would also suggest that they should get married first. We should be quick with happy events. After all these sufferings and with a broken heart, we should proceed with the engagement even though Shahzada Yigit is a prisoner. We cherish our peace so that we have strength against our enemies. If God permits! If God permits! Father! I would like to have some words with your permission. To have peace in our marquee and nomad tents, all secrets must be revealed, Bey. Selcan, what are you talking about? Mother! To have peace in the marquee of a sacred father and mother like yours. You all need to know about my sins.

Selcan, do you hear what you are saying? Gundogdu! I aborted our child long before you knew of. I was too scared to tell you. I did something even worse and claimed it was because of Aykiz. I blamed her for it. She was whipped before the eyes of people. Even though I knew Gokce was infertile, I made every effort to see her married to Ertugrul Bey. What have you done, Selcan? I wish it were all about it, Bey. I did not stop. I collaborated with that traitor, named Kurtoglu and spoiled Gundogdu’s soul just to help him to be the Bey. Although I knew that there might be consequences for Gokce and it might cost my husband, Gundogdu’s life… I am sinful in all these. Nothing less… Selcan, enough! Be seated. Calm down! Be seated, son! I want to hear what she says. I do not want my dark soul to spoil my husband’s bed and my parents’ marquee. I demand the same punishment given to Aykiz doubled. I suggest that I must be punished the same way as Kurtoglu. For preventing me commit a worse sin by killing myself because of regret, I am grateful to Ibnul Arabi. He told me to tell you everything and I am confessing them now. I am ready to face my punishment.)

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