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Dirilis Ertugrul | Ertugrul Ghazi Season 1 Episode 68 Written Episode :

(The episode begins with PTV’

My Alps! My brothers! Brave warriors of the Kayi tribe! The time to stop our enemy has come! Time for battle has come! The enemy hides in that castle. This conquest will not be a pitched battle. We will fight the toughest battle. Let them sit in their stone castles, for our hearts are filled with faith! If you about fleeing or breaking during the battle then stay at your tent! If I see a warrior, tired of fighting the battle I will kill him with my own blade. Now go and take your families’ blessings. May God bless our way and conquest. Long live, Ertugrul Bey! Long live, Ertugrul Bey! Long live, Ertugrul Bey! Long live, Ertugrul Bey! Come on! Come on, brave men! May it be easy, may it be easy. Thank you, Mother Hayme. Thank you. Welcome. Welcome, Mother Hayme. Sisters, listen to me. Brave sisters of Kayi. Today is a day of unity. Today is the day we race for victory. We will supply our men until they raze that godforsaken castel to the ground. We will work night and day. We will not falter. The battle belongs to us, the victory is God’s. Hang on, sisters. Hang on, in the name of God! How is it going? It is going well, Hayme Sultan. Make them sturdy. May it be easy. Thank you, my Bey. May it be easy, my brother. Thank you, brother.

How are the preparations going? We removed the venom of Kurdoglu from the hearts of our Alps, brother. Wonderful. What about you? Hamza Alp checks the ammunition. I put men everywhere in case of an attack from the outside. Anyway, I have lots of things to do. Brother, how is Selcan Hatun doing? She is no longer my wife. Thank you. Son. Me and my dervish want to be your Alps but we may do more harm than good. We expect your prayers. Of course. My prayers are always with you, Ertugrul. Dervish. Son, one must be shielded with prayers. Thank you. Son, the situation in Anatolia is complicated. The wild flame of Mongols is everywhere. We must not leave Anatolia to defend itself. I came from Andalucia for Anatolia. If Anatolia prospers, the whole Islamic World will rise. Do you suggest we go back? I say straightening the ranks is beneficial. You seem to know what I will say. I know but my heart tears itself to hear it. May God bless your way. May the sun never burn your skin. May no rain make you cold. May no stone get in your way. Come back to your tribe like a flowing river. You heard it, Ak Tolgali. He will take me there and bring me back in no time.

May God help me to bring your brother Yigit back to our tribe. If God permits. May God bless your conquest, Bey. You are going to this war as a brave Alp, but may you return as Ertugrul Alp Ghazi. Mother Hayme sent some food. Thank you, sister. Sit, eat with me. Suleyman Shah hosts a dinner in his marquee. I will eat with them. What’s the occasion? Who is invited for the dinner? Suleyman Shah wants to see all of his family by his side before the battle. I should go now. Enjoy the dinner. Selcan Hatun, what goes around comes around. You reap what you sow. You are not a member of the family anymore. My children, the future of Kayi tribe and the hope of our people. Tonight I will tell you a story from the land of our ancestors. Many centuries ago, our country was divided into pieces out of animosity. Our sky colored flag was abandoned. Emperors of that time ruined our country by being seduced by the silk dresses, various gifts and mostly the Chinese women sent by the Chinese Emperor. That enormous Turkish country collapsed and couldn’t resist Chinese tricks, various gifts and the venom of women. Our nation was taken prisoner, my children.

The captive Turks started fighting to reclaim our sky colored flag. A brave warrior who saw his nation being tortured under the cruelty of China took an oath of vengeance. He was Kursat, my children. Kursat! He was the nephew of the Khan who was seduced by the silk dresses and various tricks of China. He decided to put his sword in China’s heart for the future of our nation and the sky colored flag! He choose only 40 heroes for this. Each of them was a lion. An army of believers! Every one of them was a hero, ready to sacrifice their lives for the nation. Their target was the cruel emperor of China. Those 40 people would get in the palace and kill that tyrant. Even if they would fell, the sky colored flag would be free. One night, those 40 lions left their camp in silence. They struck the emperor’s palace like a thunder which was guarded by thousands! And they slaughtered everyone! That enormous palace was howling with the battle cries of 40 heroes! Battle cries of 40 heroes echoed through China! Even the Emperor had already fled when he heard the blood curdling battle cries of 40 heroes. Kursat ordered their return, saying that this much fear would be enough for them. But tens of thousands Chinese soldiers pursued them for their capture.

When Kursat and his men came by the river it was pouring heavily. The rivers overflowed and the bridges fell down. Kursat and his heroes were trapped. Unable to cross the river, they bid farewell to their brothers in arms and charged into the fray. And reaped the Chinese like wheat! But the Chinese were endless and sent them to the afterlife. They died for the sky colored flag and for freedom. My children, Kursat and his heroes made history when they died. Their legend spread quickly. Kursat paved the way of the Turks with his actions and a nation was reborn. They broke the shackles of China’s fear and returned to the stage of history. This saga of independence is Kusat’s legacy to us. May God never leave us again without the voice of Azan, our flag and our country. Amen. Amen. And may he never let this nation to be imprisoned again. Amen. Amen. Amen, my children. Amen. What is missing? Go to hell, Selcan. I will not be defeated by you! May I come in, Bey? Come in, Hamza. Come in. Suleyman Shah expects you for dinner, Bey. Thank you. I worked all day but this was all I could prepare. I hope you like it. Let us try, Hatun. Let us see if you did well.

Turgut. Turgut, what is it? Give me water. Aykiz, what is this? What is what? Did not you like it? Even The Templars did not torture me like this. Even the poison they fed me tasted better. Is that so? Go and drink their poison then. Wait, wait. Sit down, I was jesting. It was a jest. You don’t say. Aykiz, sweeter than the moon itself. How can these blessed hands feed me poison? It is so delicious that I have never tasted anything more halal, more delicious my life. How do I know that you are telling the truth? I swear, Aykiz, it is very good. Okay, stop. Okay, you will choke on it. I was so scared, Turgut. I would never forgive my hands if they prepare something you won’t like someday. Tomorrow, we are going to bring that castle to the ground. If I become a martyr, you will not shed tears. Promise me. If you become a martyr know that I will not shed any tears. I shall praise God for giving us the honor. How are the preparations going? We are ready, Bey. We are ready, Bey. Let us see how will that castle endure our weapons. Peace be upon you. And peace be upon you. And peace be upon you. Come in. Thank you. We could not show you the hospitality you deserve because of all the troubles. You have accepted me to your tent, tribe and heart, Suleyman Shah. I need nothing more. Thank you. Tomorrow is the day of our holy conquest. Yes, it is.

We will do battle in order to stop cruelty and show our strenght to the tyrants. May God grant Kayi tribe strengt to do holy conquest until the eternity. Amen. Amen. Amen. May your tribe reign supreme and show the tyrants the power of justice. Amen. Amen. Bey, the dinner is ready. Let us eat. In the name of God. Enjoy your meal. The war begins now. Don’t get too excited now. Or I will cut you down. Come here. Tell Titus that Ertugrul he was looking all over, has come to raze his castle down. And tell him that, Suleyman Shah wants to talk to him and give him a chance and only once to ask for mercy. We are waiting for him here. Hurry up. What do we do about these heathens, Bey? Keep them somewhere for now, Turgut. Titus! May God’s light and Templar’s faith illuminate your path. Kayi tribe blocked the roads to the castle, sir. They are locking us in. What? Their Bey is in front of the castle, he wants to negotiate with you. Are you not going to tell us what is happening, Master Titus? Kayi tribe blocaded the castle, sir. Double, no, triple the guards. Make night’s watch more frequent too. Strengthen the portcullis, increase the number of archers too. What are you waiting for? Hurry up! I was coming to congratulate you for your new holy duty, sir.

This is too early for this, Claudius, too early. Is something wrong, sir? Come with me, Claudius. Soldiers, secure the gates, quickly! Swords, shields, spears, get all the equipment out! What is going on? Ertugrul surrounded the castle with Kayi tribe. How dare him? They will pay the price of their bravery. Alert everyone immediately, at once! What are you thinking? They attacked us first when we were planning to attack them. They must have found out about the decision that we made in the council that we were going to attack them together with Principality of Antioch and the Knights of Cyprus. Apart from the masters, only the cardinal, you and I knew about this. Yes. We shall find out who else knows soon. It is impossible for us to have an infiltrator among us.

I hope you are right, Claudius. If they really have an infiltrator inside… …they are the cat and we are the mouse in this game. They are not capable of such a thing. They managed infiltrate us before. That Afsin and the Muslim spy dressed as a priest. I can expect everything from them now. Strengthen the walls. Put more men on the weak spots. Come on, hurry up. As you command, sir. Come on, hurry up and put your backs into it! The Templars were not expecting us. They must be losing their mind now. We have come to teach them how to fight, son. They have tried many things. They wanted us and here we are. May we never go back to our tribe if we fail to plant our flag on these walls. Do not deem him as an equal by negotiating, sir. Maybe the best course of action is a sudden raid. A breakout. They have the upper hand. Their numbers are at least three times more. Out horses are in the studs outside of the castle. They must have seized them too.

We are trapped. They cannot get in the castle. They cannot get in but they would not let us out too. We can finish them right here with the army that is coming to our aid. The pigeon should reach the Principality of Antioch before noon. The army will be here within two days. You will negotiate with him then. Yes. Let us find out what their trouble is. You come with me, Claudius. Prepare the horses. I give you until tonight to surrender Titus. What if we do not surrender, Suleyman? Then we will kill every single one of you and burn your castle to the ground. Is this how strong the goat shepherds have become? You did not need to bother. I was on my way to your tribe to obliterate you. I hope you know how to use a blade as much as your tongue, Titus. I would hate to see my Alps to be here for mere training. Why did you want to talk to me then? Here is the castle, why have you not attacked? We Muslims show mercy for one last time even for the heathens we fight. So that they might find the true path. Now, I ask you for one last time. Surrender the castle. Surrender your weapons with your soldiers and go back to the lands you came from. And your lives shall be spared.

You do not know The Templars at all. We die… …but we never surrender. Come and capture my castle if you can. Time is up, Titus! You are going to die. Here you go. Mother, do I have your permission? Yes, Selcan Hatun. I am ashamed of sitting in the tent while our men are fighting the enemy. I want to help my sisters with your permission. Come and join us. Come on. May it be easy, sisters. May it be easy. Mother, our preparations are completed. If you are done here too, we may go now. What is she doing here? She said that she does not want to sit in her tent while the men are fighting. And I let her. Selcan. Leave immediately. Get your filthy hands off of us and leave. Gundogdu. I said now. If you had let me handle Selcan before none of this would have happened.

I would have set her straight. Hugues de Payens, Godfrey de SaintOmer. The king of Jerusalem, Baldwin the second. They have opened us this honorable path. Our campaign started to defend Christian pilgrims but it will end today with the conquest of Jerusalem. Every single one of you is a holy warrior of God. We shall reclaim Solomon’s Temple in the Mount of Olives next to AlAqsa Mosque. Nothing can prevent this. You are the followers of Jesus and Solomon’s Temple. The time has come to teach those heretical and heathen Turks a lesson. Jesus is by our side. May God protect you. Victory belongs to the lord! Victory belongs to the lord! Victory belongs to the lord! Victory belongs to the lord! Victory belongs to the lord! Victory belongs to the lord! Victory belongs to the lord! Victory belongs to the lord! Victory belongs to the lord! Victory belongs to the lord! Victory belongs to the lord! Victory belongs to the lord! Victory belongs to the lord!)

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