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Deal with the loot! Come on! Shame. Shame on you! You did not deserve any of this, Gundogdu. I told your father. I said, “if you don’t give the prisoners I will make the sky fall on you.” Now he can make a decision. Will he choose his customs or his own son? Catch him!

Stop him! Stop him! The whole tribe is starving. Famine is everywhere. We could not even go on a foray. Why? Because our Bey has a boil problem. The whole tribe complains about your old age. I told you that I would succeed and make you proud. I have, father. My prayers are answered.

Thank God they have. We have a winter territory now but our job will not be easy. Kayi does not seek things that are easy, son. With God’s help we can overcome any obstacle. With God’s help, we can. Welcome, my brave son. You came with this good news may God make you happy in this world and next. May your clan grow, may your progeny grow. Mother, my life. I would die for you, mother.

May God let you lead us till the end. May God protect you. Now you can go and rest. You will attend the headquarters. You will personally announce the good news from Aleppo to all Beys of Kayi. Then we can talk about the problems in detail. Altogether. If you have permission, I have a small job before I go to my tent. I would like to address that first. God, I am very grateful. Just when all our hopes had died, you made Ertugrul appear before us. You made him strong against the tyrants. Now ordain him to return safely with good news. Ertugrul? Aykiz told me that you were here. Did I scare you? I was not scared but surprised. You came so quickly. I had told you that I would not rest and return as soon as possible. You did. I kept my promise. Did you bring good news from Aleppo? Is there a new home to go to? Yes. Thank God. The tribe will find some peace at the end. Everyone was waiting for your return. Especially Aykiz. Especially Aykiz? I mean your mother and father. The babies who were getting cold in the highlands. Everyone. All of us. I never parted from it. It gave me strength in every obstacle I faced. Anytime I felt in distraught, it reminded me that you are with me. I brought this from Aleppo for you. For me? This is so beautiful, Ertugrul Bey. I wanted you to see the beauty that I do. Everything is like a dream. But like all dreams, this will end. What happened, Halime? What is it that bothers you? Karatoygar. He raided the tribe to kidnap us. He will not rest until he catches us, Ertugrul.

You can be rest assured. I promise you that I will never leave you. AMANOS MOUNTAINS TEMPLARS CASTLE Today is the anniversary of my father’s death. It has been eight years. I wish he had a grave, where I could weep and pray. You should not pray for your father’s death, you should pray that he lives. No one has ever seen your father’s dead body until now. Maybe he is still alive. Maybe the hope of seeing his daughter once again is keeping him alive. When did he come and meet with that ominous girl? May it be easy, Hatuns. Ertugrul Bey ran off to see that girl as soon as he arrived, mother.

Where did they go? How can they walk side by side like this? Don’t think of malice before you have your facts right, Selcan. No one would benefit from it. Ertugrul came and kissed our hands first. We have to deal with this guest problem as soon as possible, mother.

My father in law does not know or see these things. This girl has bad intentions against our family. Let your hands work instead of your tongues. There is a lot to do. What did Suleyman Shah say, Bey? Ertugrul returned from Aleppo. He got a territory from El Aziz. Ertugrul turned out to be more capable than we thought. Do you think Kurdoglu Bey’s bag of tricks have run out? Of course we have a plan as well. Wild Demir, the heretic’s sword is bigger than yours. Dogan, where did you find this donkey stick? From the Crusaders we killed. Infidels don’t know the first thing about a sword. A weapon should be like this. It should be curved like aleph. It should be comfortable on the wrist. It should be a head to steel. Karatoygar’s men raided Halime’s tent, Wild Demir.

Is this true? It is true, Ertugrul. The dog did his thing but he was defeated. I entrusted that tent’s honor with you. How can they come and raid the tent right under our noses? You are right, Ertugrul. Whatever you say. A negligence on my part. You can punish me. I deserve what I will get. I still have to thank you, Master Demir. Their life were saved thanks to you. No, not only me. There was Afsin as well. The man of the trader who came to the tribe. But please know this, Ertugrul, even a bad thing may be a good deed. If those rabid dogs didn’t come to the tribe to attack Halime’s family that night they were going to run away. What if the dogs attacked them somewhere else outside the tribe? We would not have been aware of it. Halime’s family were going to run away? Did Afsin kill all those dogs by himself? Look at the helper of a trader. Halime Ertugrul Bey asked for you the minute he came.

You should have seen how fast he went after you. Turgut and I are going to meet in a while. My heart always skips a beat when he is away. Thank God, they returned safe and sound. And with good news as well. Patience is a virtue, Aykiz. Our wedding will be soon. My hands have gone cold from excitement. Did Ertugrul Bey buy this? It is so nice. So he was thinking about you even over there. So what if he thinks, Aykiz? Why do you talk like this, dear Halime? It is obvious that you are not in the mood. Did something happen and hurt you? I had to run away for my all life so that we don’t get hurt. This is the first time I am hurting because I have to leave. I do not know from whom or why you are running away. If you want the truth, I don’t care. But I know one thing, Halime you are not alone anymore.

Ertugrul Bey would not let you go or let something happen to you. Elanora you are in sorrow. Your sorrow even made my pigeons uneasy. I am in the lands where my father died. I want to pray by his grave for once. Knight Giovanni was the wisest and the bravest knight I had ever seen. You were the last person to see my father before the Turks killed him. They blinded me with hot iron rod and left me to my fate. Before I was blinded for good, the last thing I saw was your father. What if my father did not die? I buried your father in a grave I dug with my hands while blood was seeping from my eyes. You are saying you buried my father when you were blind. What if the person who you thought you buried was not my father but someone else? How can I not recognize the master I worked for years? I need to go. With your permission, my girl. Farewell, Elanora. I am going to a mission and I cannot return until it is completed. I wanted to bid you farewell. I will pray for your return. Titus. I want you to send this letter to my sister Isadora. She has suspicions about the death of her father, sir. She is trying to find a contradiction in my statements by asking questions. I want to be informed about every step Elanora takes, Mario.

Gokce. Mother Hayme wanted to ask you whether your heart is with Ertugrul or not. You should come to your senses. Don’t hide in the corners and eat yourself up. When I saw them together like that… So she inquired my feelings? This mission is over. You will not hide. You should be seen by Ertugrul in every occasion. Sister, Ertugrul’s heart is with Halime. You see and know this as well. His mother might have inquired me but I know the son will not want to marry me. My beautiful Baci, my naive Baci. Who is asking Ertugrul? If Suleyman Shah tells him to marry you how can he object? He cannot, can he? Of course not. When a wedding decision comes out of Suleyman Shah’s mouth, it is final. Have you ever seen Ertugrul oppose his father up to this day? Your wedding is soon, Gokce. Do not eat up yourself. When Gundogdu returns home, we can engage you and Ertugrul. Do we have permission, Yenge? Come in, Bey. Welcome. Thank you. I wanted to see how you are. I hope you are well, if God permits. We are better now that we see you, Ertugrul Bey. You got us a territory from Aleppo. We did, thank God. When my brother returns with the caravan, we can migrate. Let him return safe and sound. He will, if God permits. Yes but, Bey the whole tribe wants a new territory. Winter is at our door. What can we do apart from migrating to Aleppo? Do you know another way out? Do you know how many Turkmen tribes serve in the Mongol army, Alpargu? No, I do not. But I do. Instead of conceding to Ertugrul’s mind and being stuffed into a snake hole we can turn back and make a deal with the Mongol commanders.

Why should Kayis be the guard dogs of Aleppo putting forward their chests as shields to Templar’s swords? Or shall we do what scores of tribes are doing and foray the Rome territory from end to end? But Bey, did not the Mongols shed our blood tens of times? This time will be different! We have to risk making a deal with even the devil for the future of our tribe. Do not forget we do everything for our tribe. Now go and talk with that simpleton called Baybora. And don’t let the gimmicks of yesterday’s child affect you. Today I will keep quiet and you will talk in the headquarters. While Ertugrul talks about his sweet victory, you should shake him up a bit. This way we can also see the reactions of the clan Beys. Let us see how many will join in your opposing views. Stop! Karatoygar wants him alive. Take him away. We will be a burden to you, Ilyas Fakih. You will have to put up with us until the tribe migrates. Don’t make a big deal out of it. We will just sleep quietly in a corner.

You are always welcome, brothers. Turgut, what will Ertugrul Bey talk to me about? I see that you made yourself at home. Do not test Ilyas Fakih’s patience. Try to be tidy. Do you know what happened back here? Yes, Bey. Turgut told me everything. It is obvious that Karatoygar has a man inside. He gave them the courage to raid the tribe while we were away. We need someone who will not attract attention. Just the job for us, Bey. Will you do this job with that body and bandit face of yours? Is there someone our Bey suspects? Yes. Afsin. Trader’s man. He stayed in the tribe after saving Halime’s family. I want to know who he is. Of course, Bey. Do not worry about it. I will breath down his neck. I came for permission, sir. Time for the mission. I will finalize the job that I left incomplete. I will do it silently. Nurture the feeling of revenge inside you like a newborn baby. But never let it precede your mission. Stop the Turks from settling at our borders. In the 99 names of our Great God, Who creates with only saying “let be” Who fills our hearts with belief. In the name of God. In the name of God, most Merciful and most Graceful. You may speak, Ertugrul. Our new land is like the ones described in the legends of our forefathers. Very secure as described. Surrounded by mountains on all four sides.

The people of the region even named the place as Wind Stopper. Then, if you even squeeze a stone, water would drip. It is such a fertile land. A heaven on earth where our ponies can freely roam and our herds can fatten after the harsh winter. May God bless you. Thank you, bless you. All problems are not solved with getting the land. Our new territory is fertile but it is also fertile in enemies too. It is at the border of the Crusader Countship. While our children and herds grow, the ploys around us will grow as well. If that is so, why do you talk about our legends and confuse our minds? Yes, Alpargu is right. He is right. He tells the truth. We want a home, not a grave.

What makes land a home is the grave, Baybora. We should have graves so that the land can be our territory and our territory be our homeland. Wild Demir speaks the truth. Yes, he is right. I think so too. You are wrong, Alpargu Bey. Did you think the sagas of our forefathers are fables? They are not for making the babies sleep, they are for awaking the grownups. From them we learned how to cultivate the fertile lands as well as how to melt the surrounding iron mountains. What do you say, Kurdoglu? Ertugrul is right, Bey. The presence of an enemy gives us the chance to be veterans and martyrs praise to God. It would strengthen our tribe. We can collect booty from around. Is there anyone who objects? As everyone agrees let the migration preparations start. KARATOYGAR INN Come close, Gundogdu.

I can see the rage in your eyes. Is that rage towards me or your father? I do not like to lie about my feelings. There is really no need for all these, Gundogdu. God forbid, if something happens to your old father in the near future wouldn’t it be better for you to lead the Kayi tribe in the future? If I were to become a Bey one day I would skin you alive and feed you to the dogs. Interesting. When I came to the tribe, I thought the growling Ertugrul was the brave one. But it is the other dog who didn’t show his teeth then. Bring him in! Hamza. I will give your father one last chance, Gundogdu. I will send your Alp, Hamza to your father. I will gently propose that he should bring the prisoners alone tomorrow. If he rejects my offer first you, then the whole Kayi tribe shall be slain by our swords.

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