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Dirilis Ertugrul | Ertugrul Ghazi Season 1 Episode 76 Written Episode :

(The episode begins with PTV’

Should we rest here for a while, Bey? You take me for an old man. How could that be, father? You could take all of us down, with God’s help. We said it for the horses. Bey. Let’s go cross the river first and take a look around. Hurry. I am thankful to you, my God. Thank you for giving us a heart to stop and listen to all this beauty you have created and to embrace them with good sight. Thank You for letting me follow Your way for a lifetime and permitting me to raise my brave sons. Thank You, for giving me a short and pleasant life, like the sound of this nightingale, united with my sons’ mother. Father. Father! Father! Father! I trust our nomad group in your hands. Protect our nomad group from all the kinds of evil, like you do for your wives and for your children. Obey the laws of our ancestor Oghuz and the state of Seljuk that came from it.

Be one and lively. Bey? Bey. Bey! Rest in peace, Bey. I intend to say my prayers for God’s sake. To pray for the Meyyit. For a man… What are your thoughts on the deceased? He was a good person. -Do you give your blessings? -Yes, we do. -Do you? -Yes, we do. -Do you? -Yes, we do. Brave sons of Kayi, may God, Who turns night into day day into sun, bare witness, this is not a tale.

The story I will tell is the real story of a blessed way and voyage that will reach from Otuken mountains to Anatolia from Anatolia to many conquests and conquerors. This story is the story that made our Bey, Suleyman Shah amongst many other Beys. Suleyman Shah is the one who never turned his back on humility bravery, chivalry and God’s justice, the one who knew that being united as one means to exist the one who is the gem of the Turkic history to be told by our ancestors until today and from this day forth. From Oghuz Khan to today, from today to many Sultans and many conquests, he is a victorious Bey in our glorious history who has been entrusted to carry on yesterday’s history to tomorrow’s. He protected this trust with his own life.

He never let his nomad group go hungry or be alone. He never turned his back on God’s justice. He always knew his God and his ancestor’s laws. He fought but never lost either to his own self or to the enemy. Neither the betrayals that came from the ones who are close to him nor other hardships were able to turn him away from his ways. Neither the cruelty of a tyrant, nor the power of the heathen could stop him. For him, Kayi was entrusted to him by his children. He carried that trust to this day, as a Bey, as a Shah as Suleyman Shah, so that you could be conquerors so that there will be no cruelty or tyrants left, with God’s permission.

Now that trust is yours. It is a debt. It is our burden. May God bestow his graces upon him. And may God put you in the way of many conquests, if God permits. Do not forget my children, you are his descendants. Never forget that you are his descendants. My Shah went to heaven. Father? Where is my father? Where is my father, brother? You have to be strong. Your father would’ve also wished for that. Let him, let him feel the pain of his closest friend, Aykiz. Is it true? Ertugrul. My father died in peace. Any other way would not suit him, anyhow.

May he rest in peace. May God give you longevity. Before he died he asked us to go to Anatolia. A hard and painful life starts once more, Halime. It is okay. Wherever you are is my home, after all. And where my nomad group goes is my homeland as well. May God keep you beside me. If God gives us a son, we should name him Suleyman. For that blessed man’s sacred memory. Bey. Your father tells me that he died in peace. You are right, Wild Demir. He died in peace.

God’s and his loved ones’ names on his tongue, in peace. Where are we going to migrate, Bey? We will go to the path that Alparslan cleared, Wild Demir. We can go to your father’s grave and say our prayers for him before the winter comes, can we not? Be seated. In the 99 names of almighty God, who creates with his word and blesses our hearts with faith. In the name of the God. My Beys, my brave men, supremes of my nomad group welcome, you bring grace to us. -Thank you. -Thank you. -Thank you. -Thank you. Our Bey, Suleyman Shah, assigned me as a substitute before he died. Now, we will determine our nomad group’s future without Suleyman Shah.

We are relieved to hear that Suleyman Shah assigned you as a substitute, Mother Hayme. Otherwise, we would now be dealing with the Bey issue and be stumbling. Thank you, Wild Demir. Thank you. In the last discussion that we had with Oghuz Beys, it was said that the Mongols were harassing Anatolia. Small Mongol units started running raids in Anatolia lands. It is high time to stop this flock of cruelty. What can we do when there are a thousand Mongol for every Kayi, Mother Hayme? Not only us Kayis all the Oghuz nomad groups know that this alliance is the last resort. For that, all the Oghuz nomad groups will gather in Anatolia. If we do not stand up as one, and stand tall if we keep bad blood between us we can only be the prey for those jackal Mongols.

Prey! That said, it is still good to be cautious. As you know, we endured many hardships and sufferings coming to Aleppo. As we are free from the crusaders why would we set off on another journey, once again? Son. Suleyman Shah made an effort to create this alliance. On one hand, there are crusaders and on the other, there are Mongols.

A new world order is being set as a shameless ruthless and bloody order as it is. In this order, we need to be together, either with the scared dogs or with the Alps who are standing tall. I say, in this mortal life, let us go against the world! Even if we know that only one of us will stand in the end let us fight these tyrants. And I say it is high time to seek revenge on the Mongols. They killed our children, our mothers, our sisters. If we do not stand against them this world will not find peace. You are right, Wild Demir. Now, what do you say to going back to the Anatolia lands that we came from, Beys? I do not wish to set off. However, headquarters has reached a verdict and surely I must concur. Thank you. Thank you. Hit the drums. It is time for us to set off on a journey. It is time to stop those Mongol bandits! May God help us all. Amen! Kayis set on the road for the resurrection of Anatolia. As they set forth, history would change. As they set forth, cruelty would end and justice would prevail. )

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