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Episode 8

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KARATOYGAR INN Come close, Gundogdu. I can see the rage in your eyes. Is that rage towards me or your father? I do not like to lie about my feelings. There is really no need for all these, Gundogdu. God forbid, if something happens to your old father in the near future wouldn’t it be better for you to lead the Kayi tribe in the future? If I were to become a Bey one day I would skin you alive and feed you to the dogs. Interesting. When I came to the tribe, I thought the growling Ertugrul was the brave one. But it is the other dog who didn’t show his teeth then. Bring him in! Hamza. I will give your father one last chance, Gundogdu. I will send your Alp, Hamza to your father.

I will gently propose that he should bring the prisoners alone tomorrow. If he rejects my offer first you, then the whole Kayi tribe shall be slain by our swords. I will do everything a good intentioned commander would do. This is all I can do. Do you understand me? Take them away to the prison! Eyebrows should be like bows and eyelashes like arrows. You should look at your man in such a way that you should hit him in the heart. His eyes will not see any other woman. Don’t put too much.

I don’t want to look like I am wounded. Do not worry. You will be very beautiful. Just like a Bey’s wife. With your lush hair and apple cheeks you will glide like a swan the whole night. Everyone will be looking at you. But Ertugrul the most. Will he really look at me? Of course he will. That is not all, he will be hit directly from his heart. The whole world will know. Children once upon a time long before we migrated here from the lands of our forefathers there was a dragon which would slay our people, rip apart our herds and kill our horses. The people were shivering in fright and asking “is there a valiant Alp who can save us from this monster?” Our forefather Oguz cried out, “yes, there is! There is!” Of course he wasn’t like me. Much taller and larger. He took his bow, arrows, spear and sword to set on the road. You know your task. Watch your manners, greet Ertugrul. Bey, may God bless you.

We won’t be killed by the cold, thanks to you. May your Alps always be behind you, may you form a tribe with your daughter make an army with your son, may God bless you, always be our leader. Amen. Look at our tall Alp. He is locked in again. Oguz faced the dragon and said, “look at me I would hit you so hard with this sword your biggest part that is left would be your ears.” The Alps shall play sword and shields in the honor of our new land. Let our traditions live on! Suleyman Shah protected you, as it is a custom. Our custom is like this. What about your customs? Does it include seducing the son of a Bey where you are a guest? What are you saying? I said what I had said and you understood me well.

Stay away from Ertugrul. Halime. You are like an arrow which left the bow. Do you intend to run away again? So you heard the things that happened. Yes, we tried to run away but unfortunately we could not. Nobody wants you to go. Guests are sacred for us. This is our custom. Ertugrul Bey. We carry the dark clouds on top of us. We should go, so that the dark clouds above your tribe can disperse. So you would have been long gone before I came back from Aleppo. Never to be seen again. I was going to be hurt, my heart was going to shatter but they will never give up their pursue, Ertugrul. Who are they, Halime? What do they want from you? It is best if you don’t know who we are, Ertugrul.

Bey, we caught a leper. Kill her, don’t let her live! Who are you, woman? We caught her while she was pouring something in the food cauldrons, Bey. Do you want to die? What did you put in the cauldrons? Talk! The Templar Knights send their regards to you, Ertugrul. Put the cauldrons and this woman in a pit and burn them all. What do these Templars want from you? You just told us this morning that they tried to kill you in Aleppo, now they try to spread their venom in our tribe. Everything started with you saving our guests from their hands. What is this about? The problem is deeper than it seems, father.

I don’t think that it only concerns Halime’s famiy. The real reason they attack us must be because we will be right at their border. You don’t want to blame them but our guests have a secret. And this secret is very dangerous. Of course they are our guests, we shall treat them like visitors from God but don’t think further, Ertugrul. Father. Ertugrul, son you can’t have a tribe’s girl from outside. Don’t you ever forget this. Moreover, we would like to wed you with our girl Gokce, the first chance we get. We talked with your Mother Hayme. I found it suitable as well. Anyhow the evil of the day should be preferred over the goodness of the night. Come to the breakfast table, we will talk then. What makes your night a torture, son? Mother, what does my father say? Gokce Baci to be my wife. Gokce is a daughter of a Bey. She grew up in our hands. We know her manners, her attitude, her ancestors and all.

You know all these, mother but do you know my heart? Halime is here today, gone tomorrow. We do not know who they are. They say that they are traders. Your father does not object but he knows that they are not traders. They are guests sent by God, he says. He does not dwell on what it may lead to. If the promise to the forefathers is the well being of the tribe this means Gokce for you, no one else. Mother, God took me to her with a gazelle. How can I betray those beautiful eyes? Those sweet words? If, one day, I summon the courage to ask her whether her heart is with me and she says “my path is your path” how can I tell her to go? Are you asleep? I would give anything for my eyes to be shut for an instant. I talked with Ertugrul. The girl’s father is better. They would leave before the tribe migrates. Bey I offered Gokce as a name to you. But I am not in peace. Ertugrul’s heart is with the other girl. An Alp’s heart is always with his tribe, Hayme. He is young, he is hasty, his heart may overflow with feelings.

When the tribe migrates and the tents are set, those feelings would dry up. Come on. May God give you a peaceful sleep. What a blessed morning this is. You can be rest assured now. Be happy that your dreams will come true. Suleyman Bey told Ertugrul that you two should be wed. I don’t know. I have butterflies in me flying around but at the same time dark clouds don’t seem to go away. Let out a big breath, get rid of all the bad feelings inside you. This job is done. When Gundogdu returns, there is no turning back. Did not Ertugrul arrive yet? He did not, Bey. He must be in his tent. Sit. My girl Gokce go and inform him. He should come to breakfast. Ertugrul Bey? Ertugrul Bey? Come in, Gokce. Suleyman Shah expects you at the breakfast table, Bey. Gokce Baci. I am coming. The agreement is done. We will give El Aziz as many Alps as he wants and we’ll pay the taxes. The territory he has appointed for us is accepted.

Tomorrow morning leave early in the morning, send him my regards. Inform him that I shall pay him a visit after we settle in our new land. As you wish, father. If God permits, after we settle in our new land we shall wed you and Gokce. Well? I want a grandson, Ertugrul. Father? With your permission… Get up and drink some water. I need to see our Bey. Wait, let me inform him. Rahman, who is it at the door? Hamza arrived, Bey. He wants to see you. Let him in immediately. I hope it will lead to a good deed. Bey Karatoygar… Karatoygar ambushed the caravan. Karatoygar? What are you saying, Alp? Where is Gundogdu? Where are the other Alps? They all died, Bey. All of them. Gundogdu Bey is imprisoned by Karatoygar. What do you mean by imprisoned? How can you leave your Bey? How? Why did they let you go? What does this snake called Karatoygar want? The guests Ertugrul Bey brought to the tribe. Karatoygar wants them. If you don’t give them by tomorrow he will kill Gundogdu Bey. These are all your doings! Everything is your fault! You brought those cursed people here and all hell broke loose! Selcan! Selcan, come. Come here, my girl. Rahman, send some trusted men to bring back our bodies. Take Hamza to a tent without anyone seeing him. Akcakoca should treat him. I do not want anyone in the tribe to learn what happened. And bring me Numan! As you wish, Bey! Ertugrul. Where is your manners? How can you enter without seeking permission? Halime. Suleyman Shah awaits you in his tent. Hurry up. Halime. Be quick. Numan Efendi, what happened? Do not worry, Afsin. There is no problem. Father? Father? Halime Baci, where are they taking my Shahzade? Suleyman Shah wanted to see him. I knew it would end up like this. I knew they would be trouble. If something happens to Gundogdu I would kill that girl and her family. Stop right there, girl, stop! Wife of a Bey needs to be resilient. Control yourself! Here I am, Bey. You called for me.

Come this way. A messenger arrived this morning. He told us that our caravan was ambushed and our Alps were killed. Karatoygar, who did this, has my son Gundogdu as a prisoner. Bey I don’t know what a test like this is called. May God give you patience. I did not call you here to say prayers or share our sorrow. As I called you here you probably realized what those bandits who hold my son hostage want. Now, I am going to ask you one question. And I request a single answer from you. Who are you? On one side, my husband and on the other, the people we don’t know anything about. They killed so many Alps, they took Gundogdu prisoner! And I am telling you, they are hiding something from us but I will learn what that is then they will pay for all of this! Mountains hold the ground, Beys hold the customs, my girl. All the things you say is men’s job! Because of their curse, is there a man left in the tribe, mother? Go after her, don’t let her make the matters worse. Bey, telling you this is my debt but please know that not sharing this with you is as much about your safety as well as my own and my family’s safety. Bey, if I tell you who we are, the disasters you will face will be many times worse than now.

But I owe you a life. I am ready to sacrifice anything for you. This includes my life and my children’s as well. I told you to give a single answer. Only one! I am from the Great Seljuk Dynasty Muzaffereddin Davut. Muhiddin Mesut Shah’s son. I am the grandson of Sultan Izzeddin Kilicarslan. I am a Seljuk Shahzade. Halime! Hear me well! You will curse the day you came here. For all the things you made this tribe go through, you will be accounted for. Do you understand me? If it comes down to me I would not hesitate to kill you all! I will kill you! Calm down, Hatun. Why do you attack like a rabid dog? Because of you, our caravan is raided, our Alps are killed that filth called Karatoygar holds my husband hostage! If one hair on his head is harmed, if I have to live through that pain you will see what a rabid dog looks like then! Sister. That is enough. Let us go. We will not go, Gokce. They will. Dead or alive. They will go! Selcan! Control yourself. Take her out. Whatever you heard from by bride a while ago, don’t tell anyone about it. Stay in the tent. Because none of us know what will happen now. Do we have permission, Halime Baci? I heard it all. This is not good at all. What will we do, Afsin Bey? The bride threatened to kill us if something happens to her husband. We will find a solution. It seems that Suleyman Shah will not announce the dead Alps. If the news gets around, no one would know what the people might do. God forbid. We don’t want any harm on our Shahzades or Gundogdu. Karatoygar’s aim is obvious.

In exchange for Gundogdu he will request our Shahzades. Don’t go out from the tent. I will do whatever is needed. With your permission. We have grown tired of running for years. I ran away from those who threatened my state with me. From the Templars, the Mongols. I ran away from all those who want an uprising. I ran away from those who pursue me for the survival of my state. And I ran away from my state so that my valiant son would not be harmed. Bey it has been years since I have given up on my own life. So this is the end, it is time to put an end to all this. Karatoygar wants an exchange, father. But even if we give him what he wants he would kill you. His rage against you will not subside after he gets the Shahzades. He will kill you and my brother as well. You are right, my son. First we have to find a way to save Gundogdu from him. Not only my brother. I would not hand you over to him, father. If I attack with my Alps, he would kill Gundogdu immediately. And with the blood that would be spilt, the tribe cannot stand strong again. We would fall apart. First you have to convince him to free my brother, father. Then convince him to come out of his fort. If he wants an exchange, we set the rules.

Why would he free Gundogdu? He has to, father. Why did the Templars try to kill me in Aleppo? Why did they send a leper woman to poison the tribe? Why were the Templars were taking the Shahzades to Karatoygar? They wanted Karatoygar to be appointed to an important post in the palace and for him to serve them at the palace. Karatoygar is after the Shahzades, father. He would do everything to get them we just need to know how to ask for it. What if something goes wrong? Then we all die, father. But at least we would die holding a sword in our hands and honor in our hearts.

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