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Seven Iron? He dug Aykiz’s grave by his own hands. He only had Aykiz in this world. And she has gone to another world. His look, his talk and everything he does have changed. You prolonged my life, brother. May God bless you. Thank you, Bey. From now on, Halime will stay in my marquee. Also, Gokce will sleep in my marquee. As you wish, mother. Are you worried for her baby, mother? Do not worry, I have eyes only for her, too. Gokce and Halime, they are both my sister. Her child is my child. I will not let anything bad happen to her and her baby. It is a miracle that her baby is still alive. Come on, my daughter. You shall go to your work. They slaughtered even women and children. They thought our women would have been afraid and surrender. Our women fought like Alps. Bey.

Know that, if we do not make those inglorious bastards pay for it I will be ashamed of being a man. Turgut Alp we cannot drink or eat anything until we make them pay for bloodshed they did. What happened to Kayi will happen to all Turkmen tribes. If we do not stop these tyrants we will lose Anatolia. How will we fight back to Mongols who brought all world to their knees? All the world groans bitterly by the tyranny of Mongols and Crusaders. If we are afraid of those tyrants if we do not stop them what shall oppressed people do? If we do not stop tyranny, we will not be Alps, Bey. We could only be Turk, if we do not knuckle under tyranny. We could only be Turk if we fight infidels. We could be Turk if we are a hope to the oppressed. What are you thinking of, Bey? We will fight until we perish, until we die. Gundogdu Bey! Calm down Selcan, I am fine. How could you say that, Bey? You are wounded. Mongols attacked him near the plain. Now he is fine, Selcan Hatun. If Kocabash had not been there, you would be mourning for me now, Hatun. From now on, he is my brother.

Know that. Do you know why you are not speared to these logs, Tankut? It is not the things a man has that makes him weak but the things he wishes for. You must learn to not give up and sleep as Ertugrul does. It was not possible to pass all guards and escape. But he escaped. If you sleep or doze off the fork will pierce both your chin and chest. If you survive you will regain my trust. It will not be easy to catch him again. We will attract his attention. How? I have a very powerful tool to do this. I am grateful to you, brother. You took my nomad tent under your wing. You

reerected my husband’s marquee. May God bless you. If God permits, both nomad tents will grow together. If God permits. If God permits, that would happen. But Mongols coming near our nomad tent trying to kill my nephew is not acceptable. Is it, Tugtekin? Uncle if jackals attack the nest the wolves, of course, lay an ambush. Do not worry. From now on, neither Dodurga nor Kayi Alps will sleep. I gave orders to Alps, father. I punished the faulty ones. From now on, we will keep a sharp lookout in the nomad tent. Do not worry.

Mistakes are made once, son. Repetition is foolish. We have no right to be foolish, uncle. I mean, going after head scarfed was my fault. A momentary inattention can cost our lives. Dodurga and Kayi Alps and your nomad tents will be of one heart under Tugtekin’s command. After late Ertugrul’s unskillful Alps left there is no one left in nomad tent who has bad intentions. They did not leave, Aytolun. They will come back to their nomad tent when they are done being a guest. Moreover, they are my sons. I raised all of them. I have no pity on them for my nomad tent’s unity but it does not mean I give up on them. All the Alps are our sons, Mother Hayme.

But yours is not being a guest. Oghuz tribes are welcomed in each other’s tribe. Some of us treat our Alps like they are stepchildren. You and Gokce are stepchildren of Mother Hayme, Selcan Hatun. But she treats you like her own children. Moreover, she married you with her own son. She loves you more than her daughter. Know that, Kayi Alps are our own son, too.

Give me bread. We need to learn Noyan’s intention. If we do not know what he is planning he will cause us trouble sooner or later. According to news coming from Konya, Sultan Alaeddin was gathering an army. Sultan Alaeddin’s army cannot be here before winter ends. So we need to be cautious. We need to prepare winter storage. Mongol fear captured every soul even before they fought with them. That is why we need to keep our eyes peeled. We should not hasten. What happens if we crack down on Noyan? If we crack down on Noyan we will be miserable even in the very first battle. Our mothers, daughters and sisters will be miserable in infidels’ hands. They will also destroy the nomad tents.

That is why, we will act smart. We will wait for Sultan Alaeddin’s armies. When the enemy comes and takes his child whom a man cannot take his eyes off the spirit and the body he carries will be a burden. If God permits, May god meet you in paradise. Amen. It condoles me that Aykiz is a martyr. I always tell I wish I had a thousand sons and all of them would be martyr. When are we going to defeat Mongols, Wild Demir? It is allowed to Oghuz to get out of this in one piece? We have an enemy worse than Mongols, Artuk Bey. Who is that enemy, Wild Demir?

The instigation among us. Instigation and its fire. It burns me out, Artuk Bey. I also see that fire, Wild Demir. I also see it. But I cannot talk about it. If we do not put out the fire it will burn us all one day. Artuk Bey, Halime Sultan! We are here. Noyan’s army is at beginning of precipice where Pasinler plain ends. His other soldiers from Georgia to Kars, from Kars to Ahlat as two large springs are waiting for the war to be made with Sultan Alaeddin. Why are they waiting, Bey? If they are so strong why would not they finish us already? Ogeday attacked China with the largest army the world ever seen. They are fighting in China with all their powers. They do not want to open another front. So after Ogeday ruins China he will come for us.

Break out! A big storm will break out! Rivers will babble blood, the mountains will bleed there will be blood on roads, blood. Even if they move mountains and make dungeons in it they shall not stop the light of God, Geyikli. Be at ease. What are you thinking, Bey? We would be hard on their trail in winter. Noyan’s wretched face must not see the springs. We would finish them off before their soldiers help. Bey, what about your brother, Sungurtekin? What if what Noyan said is true? What if he is at service of Ogeday? These is a secret among us for now. When we go back to nomad tent I do not want my brother and my mother to be sorry because of this news. Is it understood? It is understood. What if what they said is true? If what they said is true if my brother knuckled under Ogeday I will break his neck otherwise my father shall not find peace in his grave. Ertugrul. Ertugrul. Bring water from the cold well. We must bring down her fever. What is the situation, Artuk? I did my best, Hayme Hatun. We will lose either the baby or both. All I wanted was peace. God. God, get us out of this trouble. God, give us peace. First, Sungurtekin was gone. Then my husband, my man my Suleyman was gone to the next world. I bid farewell to my heart, Ertugrul. From now on my only hope is not to lose my grandchild. If I lose him… Bey, you made your way out of the that hell. Death will not come to you, Bey. Well, as I said, a man dies when his time is right. So, the time was not right for me. Deer milk will heal your wounds. Thank you, Geyikli. You saved my life. I owe you a life. He is the one who does it, who sees, who makes us see who makes things be, who makes things die.

We are human beings, brave man. Very nice, I will come back soon. Good bye, Alps. I heard that Kayi women are dexterous. Now I can see it on your beautiful hands. But seeing you worried makes me sad, Gokce. After all this pain, even living becomes a burden, Aytolun Hatun. You are my relative. I cannot let you wear yourself down to a shadow. You are young and beautiful. No man can take their eyes off you. Because you are Suleyman Shah’s daughter no one draws near to you. Do not wear yourself down to a shadow. Tugtekin and Gundogdu will go to Erzurum soon.

Go with them. Go shopping, see new people. Buy delightful clothes for yourself. All right? Word is that, even Byzantine women wear our chintz and textile fabric. Camel trains come to Konya and Erzurum for trade. We are no less than Byzantine women. All right? Tugtekin Bey wants to see the mitts, Aytolun Hatun. All right, leave. Gokce will bring them. Come on, show these mitts to Tugtekin. All right. I told you, that woman is dangerous and stay away from her. Why do you not listen to me? I have never seen a woman who is more dangerous than you, sister.

But if she is as you said, I got used to it because of you. Do not worry, I will be on the safe side. Mind your own business. Bey, you wanted to see the mitts I made. Thank you. As I wanted. But I do not understand how did your delicate finger make these? You need to make 500 pairs of this mitts with women before winter ends. I will do my best, Bey. Nemrut, from now on you are my private Alp. I want to know the wind that blows, the bird that flies and everything.

Yes, Bey. Gundogdu Bey. Peace be upon you. And peace be upon you. Bey, if you give permission, I want to talk. Of course, you have permission. Tugtekin wants to talk to Alps. Bad things reached my ears. What happened? Kayi Alps do not want to obey Tugtekin. They could not accept it. What is that they could not accept? What he did to Ertugrul’s Alps. And they could not accept what he did to your Alp, Hamza. They are offended because they go by the board. Wild Demir do we have any mission other than to protect unity of Kayi and our nomad people? No, we do not. Otherwise, we cannot live on these lands. Everybody must be aware of this. Moreover, you wanted to come to these lands before its time, not me. Now, tell my words to those watering holes who told you these. Take my side. Let Alps see you on Tugtekin’s side. They will calm down a little.

You know, they respect you. No, Bey. I have a more important business. All right. What happened, brother? Is it something important? No, Tugtekin. It is not. God is right! God gives life! God is right! God gives life! God is right! God gives life! The time is right, Wild Demir. I am by your side until my last breath, Bey. God is right! Oh Bey. Oh Suleyman Shah. The union of two nomad tents should not have been like this. Our sons are fighting with each other. How will it be? How? Brave Alps of Kayi are at your disposal, Tugtekin Bey. Thank you. Brave Alps of Kayi and Dodurga. We have same blood and traditions. Now we have same nomad tent and enemy.

Our Beys made a decision in headquarters. The mission of commanding two nomad tents were given to me. Now, it is time to obey and be one. All Alps must know that smallest disobedience will be punished and no mercy will be shown. Long live Ertugrul Bey! Long live Ertugrul Bey! Long live Ertugrul Bey! Long live Ertugrul Bey! My undying brother! Long live Ertugrul Bey! Long live Ertugrul Bey! Ertugrul! Long live Ertugrul Bey! Long live Ertugrul Bey! Long live Ertugrul Bey! My son! Long live Ertugrul Bey! Long live Ertugrul Bey! Long live Ertugrul Bey!

He is not dead, he is alive! Long live Ertugrul Bey! Long live Ertugrul Bey! Long live Ertugrul Bey! I heard that my Alps were punished severely because of various reasons while I was not here. I want headquarters to convene and make a final decision about punishments. Until the headquarters convene my Alps will be under my command in nomad tent. If there is anyone who protests, come to the forefront. Until the headquarters convene if anyone hurts my Alps he will face me. Everyone must know this. Mother? Do you have any word? No, my son. Uncle? Do you have any word? No. If you say they are under your command there is nothing I shall say. You go and rest. My brother. My dying day has not come yet, mother. May God give my life to you. My son. Thank God a thousand times. Welcome, brave son. Thank you, uncle. Where is Halime Sultan, mother? Where is she, mother? In her marquee, son. Long live Ertugrul Bey! Long live Ertugrul Bey! Long live Ertugrul Bey! Thank God! Thank God! Thank God! Thank God! Long live Ertugrul Bey! Long live Ertugrul Bey!

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