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Get down from there. Down, get down! I said get down! What are you doing Alps? You are not permitted to leave. Get back to your tents right now. You cannot do this. Akca Bey and Sungurtekin Bey’s orders. You are forbidden to leave. Mother. Give me your blessing. My blessing is with you my son. I entrust you to each other. I would do anything for your entrustment. The ones who will go with brother Ertugrul wish to see you for the last time and get your blessings. For the last time. Seeing you and your brother, Halime Sultan my Gunduz and many brave Alps, for the last time. How will my heart take this my son? Mother,

I am begging you. Do not do this. We are not many, Bey. That scares me. Do not count the braves on the road, Dogan. What matters is, who we go on the road with. The essence these brave men whom we go on the road with carry inside, will give us strength, on our darkest and hardest day. That is what matters. Well Bey, with God’s will, we still have a long road until Constantinople. Artuk Bey! Artuk Bey! Artuk Bey. We were standing by just outside the tent with the cars and horses, Artuk Bey. But Dodurga Alps came and stopped us from doing that. Brave man, what do you think you are doing? Do not make this harder, Artuk. This is our Bey’s order. Ertugrul Bey. This is a presumption. Where do you think you are going with my Alps, without permission? Akca Bey. You got your head Alp with you and you speak to me with tongue of Kobek called Ameer. Know your place Ertugrul.

You already broke the rules of two nomad groups and Beys. Bey. We were Alps of Tugtekin Bey. And now our bey is Ertugrul Bey. Give us your blessings. Alps. Wait. Sungurtekin, Akca Bey. What do you think you are doing? Do you intend to set Alps against each other? Yes, for the sake of our groups prestige, if necessary. Ertugrul can go wherever he wants. I have nothing to say. However, no Alps from Kayi or Dodurga will leave from here. That is our word. Alps are bonded with each other by a connection stronger than brotherhood. However, man who did not get his share of being an Alp, like you, do not know this. Do not interfere with my Alps. You are creating duality inside the nomad tent. You are dissuading and misleading these brave men.

It is uncertain how many Oghuz has lost their ways since I have paid my homage to my brother and Ameer Sadettin. You cannot disobey the law of the nomad group, Ertugrul. You cannot walk over the rules that Alps and Beys lay down at headquarters. Sungurtekin. What do you think you are doing? I am on my duty of the Oghuz law, mother. Alps! Draw away from Ertugrul Bey. Now! This is your last warning. Sungurtekin Bey is right. Leaving is offensive to the Oghuz law. I am out! Me too. Me too. I am out as well. For all the rotten Alps leave the group, now we are together. Bring it on. Sungurtekin. Akca Bey. This is enough, stop! Sungurtekin Bey! Our men will not be alone. If you want to take lives, take ours too. Do you hear me Akca Bey? Akca Bey.

We are hurt too. Do not increase our pain. Call your Alps back. Brave Alps of the Oghuz! I would like to remember that you are always merciful. Now, shall your weapons hide in their scabbard and may your anger rest against your mercy. They may rest, so that our nomad tent may not suffer any more. Ertugrul. Do not do this. You have to go through me first. Mother. Mother Hayme, what are you doing? I do not wish them to leave as well. However, this cannot happen with tyranny. Give way to my heroes! Are you still not satisfied? Is the black soil still hungry for our men’s blood? What do you wish to accomplish? How many more graves do you want? Enough. Enough! Alps! Put your weapons in their sheath. Sungurtekin Bey. Do not forget that you are the head of the Alps. How could you defy my orders? I will not let any blood spill here today, Akca Bey.

Kayi Alps! To the drill field! Where you go, you will find much worse trouble than yourselves. When that happens, you will not find a nomad tent that protects you. Shame! Such a shame! To yourselves and to your children. May you get what you deserve. You will get what you deserve. My brave men and women who will pursue Ertugrul Bey, where you go, may God always protect you. May you not be in need of bad people. Amen! My blessings are always with you. May God speed you. Mother. My daughter. Give us your blessing. It is yours. My Gunduz. May God let you be with your family. May he give my days to you. May you have the best of luck.

Ertugrul Bey. May the God protect you from all kinds of trouble and harm. Know that you will always be in my heart. Thank you Selcan Hatun. May you be happy with my brother and your child. Thank you Bey. First Turgut and now you. Give me your blessing Mother. It is yours. My brave Alps! My brave sisters! It is time to show patience to evilness, gratitude to felicity and consent to the destiny. You shall know that this is not a separation but only a reunion. We will wave our noble tribe flag everywhere, from west to east.

May God help all people of the Kayi and Oghuz. Amen. Amen. Alps! Let us go on our way. Ertugrul! Give me your blessings my brother. It is yours. God speed. May God protect you, brother. Ertugrul will pay the price for demoralizing the prince and rising up against the state. Now you must carry out the duty that our prince gave you. Out state has no more patience. You will bring the heads of both Ertugrul and the prince. And not only him. Kill everyone who pursue him. My men are ready to obey your orders, Ameer Almighty. Then be on your way and bring me the good news. Do not have doubts, Emir your highness.

Ertugrul will not get away this time, Emir your highness. I will take my leave. Seeing that you have got a death wish, seeing that you leave your nomad tent willingly, you will see how wolves eat the stray, Ertugrul. You will see. Bogac, how did you survive? Did something happen to my brothers? What are you up to again you Kobek Sadettin? Ertugrul Bey thought us how to be an Alp. Ertugrul Bey thought us that being an Alp is not about just the wrist but about the heart. We should have gone with him. We should not have left him alone. You are right brother. But it is too late. Alps! It makes us all sad that a brave Alp like Ertugrul left. However you should know that our nomad group is not about individuals.

A Bey will come, a Bey will leave. Now what we must do is to train strong willed Beys and brave Alps so we can continue serving our group and state. What matters is our group. Our state. Just like how you brave Alps came out to shoulder my father Suleyman Shah’s legacy, it will keep going like that. Now, everyone will get their act together from this condition and perform their duties. If I see or hear someone not performing their duties, consequences will be severe. Now, it is time to exercise. Permission! So, everything that I could not believe about my sons were true. Did you provide the peace and unity of the nomad group with these gold that you took from Gundogdu Bey? Did you violate Ertugrul Bey’s rights at the headquarters with this gold? Is this the law of Kayi? Do you protect the law of our ancestor Oghuz like this? Are you not ashamed of being such people? When someone hear about this tomorrow, how will you look at people’s faces? Two heads are better than one, Mother Hayme.

Gundogdu Bey gave these for the unity of our group. Ertugrul Bey took our brave me from us. And our Suleyman Shah’s orders. Shut up! Who do you think you are? How dare you say Suleiman Shah’s name? How do you condescend to tarnish his name? You should know, that you would not invade the position of Bey, Mother Hayme. We are silent because of our respect to you. If you have a problem, talk to your son who is our Bey. And you say these without a shame? Shame on you. Inattentive men who has no way. Shame on you. You should know that you did not just trample on our peace and unity but our hope and our law as well, when you work with Gundogdu Bey. These gold should not pass your throat. May God strike you. Curse on you, shame on you! Any news from Ertugrul? I sent a rider, Bey. We are waiting for his return. Bogac. What are you planning again? What are you up to? Bey, Ertugrul Bey has turned towards the narrow gate with his caravan.

Open your eyes. We will catch Ertugrul when he is most vulnerable and take his head. I do now know what you are doing but I will drown you in your own well. Bey. The wheel is broken. Bey. Horses are tired as well. The children are also tired. They carry so much. Fine. We spend the night here. Dogan, show the single Alps where their guarding duties will be. Married ones will guard their families. As you wish Bey. Nobody will blink an eye, Bamsi. With the name of God. So you will migrate the Kayi group to the place where Ameer Sadettin said, in peace and unity. Yes, mother. With God’s help. Do not have doubts. And, after all this shame, how will our nomad tent stay loyal to its law and religion, son? What are you saying mother? I know all your shames.

You and Gundogdu. Mother. My Dundar was right. Two lions cannot roar in the same house. So we see that this is son of Bey’s fate. Do not tarnish our ancestries honor on your way by listening to strangers. We will lose the trust your father’s legacy to us to the Alps, to the people. What would we do without me and my brother, mother? Think about it. Ameer Sadettin would kill my brother and become trouble to our nomad tent. Then we would lose all, mother. We are still on father’s peace and unity way. We always followed the unity way that our father showed us. Now if we can travel in peace to our new home it is because of my brother’s duty. You still dare and talk to me about Ameer Sadettin. That dire man can go to hell! Growing up, you have always said God, my son. Why? To buy Beys with gold and tarnish our marquee’s law? Did you intend to bring peace when you overpowered an innocent prince? You tried to bring peace with stranger statements when your brother was here. How could you give credit to that man’s words? Do not be a stranger to your law and your nomad group. It is your father’s legacy to you, in your hands. Do not lose it to other people’s hands. This is what I say. Enjoy your meal. Shah Suleyman.

You said that if you can steal, instead of a sword it is better to steal a staff. You said instead of the lawless dark, marquees would fall, it is better. You said instead of only the bitter grass that horse do not eat would not grow, it is better. You said that if only the brackish marine that you cannot drink would not flow. You said if only the coarse son who cannot carry out his ancestor’s legacy was no more it would be better. You said instead of lies that was bought with gold, it is better for marquee to fall. Whoever is in pain in the marquee, only the Bey of the marquee would know the true pain, you said. You said that times can change and brothers may be enemies to each other and only the mothers would know the true burden of the marquee, you said. Whatever you said has become an edict my Bey. My sons are strangers to each other and in this dark marquee, your throne is a coffin for us. Oh my Shah Suleyman.

If it is not written in fate, a servant of God would not have troubles. May God protect us from the shear of being lawless and stateless. My God. You are all. You are kind. Show me the right way. Show me so I can go on the right way. So on your way, I can gratify my Shah Suleyman’s soul, my God. We will catch up with the time we lost. However the halt will discourage the people. That is why we should get on our way soon. Bey, you were going to take Noyan and Bogac to the Sultan and prove to him that all the things that happen to us is a game of Ameer Sadettin. But I have nothing in my hands. Death of Noyan and escape of Bogac has put us in a difficult situation Artuk Bey. We cannot give up. Whatever we try and whatever we do, Kobek will always follow us. That is why, we must be even more careful.

Alps, do not let your guards down. Even in our marquee they did not leave us in peace. They will do whatever it takes to create chaos in the caravan. What is your order Bey? The caravan belongs to the God first, than it belongs to us. If we must, for the sake of the caravan, we will not sleep. Visit the guard Alps frequently. As you wish, Bey. They will not be alone. Halime. Did you talk with the ladies? Does the caravan need anything? No, Bey. I have talked with every woman. Nobody needs anything. We have a lot of food. Do not ignore the women and the children. Our way is long and difficult. We will not let anyone suffer. As you wish, Bey.

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