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Tell me Eymish Baci, is Ertugrul Bey alright? Speak! What is wrong with our brave heart? It was unpleasant for you to bring this matter to the headquarters, nephew. You disregarded me and your mother. I handled this matter without disregarding you and my mother. I know that headquarters will give the right judgement. Headquarters’ judgment will put neither me nor you in an inconvenient position. You show your cunning as well as your strenght. If your late father was alive, he would be proud of you.

Thank you. Excuse me. Mother Aytolun was right. He will cause trouble, father. He will give us a headache. He wants the mission, his father gave him. But there is nothing to worry about. He will obey the headquarters’ judgment. What if their judgment is against us? What if Kayi Beys kick up a fuss? Even our Beys. So, do not stop, son. Do your best. What do you want from me, Noyan? Why don’t you kill me? I need brave and strong warriors like you. You want me to betray my nomad tent, don’t you? No. I offer you an opportunity to become a great commander of the Kayis.

How will this happen? If Kayis serve to Ogeday, not Aleaddin I will not have to kill your kind. I promise you fame, glory and gold in Ogeday’s army. Most beautiful women, fastest of horses and the sharpest swords can be yours. I offer you a chance to become a commander in the largest army you’ve seen which will conquer the world. None of them wants to see the danger Noyan possess. What do Mother Hayme and Gundogdu Bey think? I will convince my mother and brother. But we must take all the votes in the headquarters. What are we going to do, Bey? Talk the Beys of every headquarters. Tell everyone why I want to be the commander of Alps.

Tell them I am not after position. If we attack before Noyan attacks us, victory can be ours. Otherwise, Noyan will pillage our lands, and kill everyone. Talk with everyone. Yes, Bey. As you wish, Bey. Abdurrahman, your mission is to be my spy in Noyan’s army. We will ask Geyikli’s help for this. But we need to handle the business in the headquarters. Or all our plans will be in vain. We must give hell to Noyan. What if I do not accept? Your horse is ready for you with your weapons. You are free to leave anytime you want. You are useless to me when you are dead. On the contrary, I would be sorry if you would die. You are smart enough to understand the importance of my offer. We both know you have nowhere else to go. Moreover, your need for vengeance consumes you. You hate your Bey, whom you wasted your life for.

I offer you opportunity of getting revenge from Gundogdu. Decision is yours. You can be my guest tonight if you like. Think. We will talk in the morning, in the cold light of the day. Canfeda, come here! Yes, Bey. Hamza Alp is my guest. You will serve him until he leaves. Turali! Turali! Wait, son! Turali! He is a brave boy. Just like you. When Ertugrul Bey brought you to me, you were like him. As wild and brave as he is. And a handful I must say. Tugtekin and Gundogdu are talking to Beys. Is it strange that they are not talking to you? We know what are they saying. They know I will not change my side. Now, two of them together will cause trouble for our Bey.

In the name of God. Gokce is a skillful girl. They suit you well. I did not imagine that she would be this good. Tugtekin, you have feelings for Gokce. I can talk to your father if you like. Not now, mother. We will talk after I handle Ertugrul. Alright. What did you do? Did you talk to Beys? What is their reaction? Kayis are reluctant. Alps want Ertugrul Bey. Mother Hayme does not know what to do. Wild Demir is as usual. What about our Beys? I have my doubts about Artuk Bey. He does not breathe a word about it. What about Horseless and Ayhan? They think that it could cost us dearly to waste Ertugrul Bey. Ertugrul does not want to give up being the commander of Alps. Beys do not want to waste him. So, there is only one thing to do. What? If we rob him of his position as an Alp we solve our problem. He will not stop until he kills Noyan, mother. But there is something worse. What? His hand, mother. It is impossible for him to grab a sword with his hand. What happened to his hand? Bastard Noyan drove nails to his hand. Good God! Good God! Good God! What can a man do without his sword? Oh, God. Where did he go? I do not know, mother. He went to Artuk Bey to show his hand, then he will see someone else. He did not tell me where he was going. Mother. I beg you, talk to him. It does not make a difference, daughter. Beys on the headquarters will make their judgment. But what about your judgment? What are you doing, Gokce? I was about to call Mother Hayme. Are they inside? Yes. Bey. You gave me life with your return. May God give you strength. Amen, Gokce. Amen. Mother.

Halime Sultan. Peace be with you. And peace be with you. In the name of God. With the 99 names of God Almighty, creator of all existence, For he filles our hearts with faith. Beys. Brave men. Saints of our nomad tent. Welcome to the headquarters. We are here to talk about the situation of exiled Alps and the position of Ertugrul Bey, as the commander of Alps. With the permission of Korkut Bey, I open this session. No matter what the headquarters decides, there will not be any peace in our nomad tent, Halime. At least you and my mother do not go against Ertugrul Bey. I told him bad things, Selcan. I hurt him deeply. My baby prevented me from seeing the truth. But it is too late now. Why are saying this, Halime? Mother Hayme will never let her son challenge death in his condition. His condition, Halime? What are you talking about? Halime? May it be easy.

Thank you. Ertugrul Bey is prudent enough to do everything for his nomad tent. I know and believe it by heart. But after all, he is a human being. After headquarters’ judgment, take care of your man, Halime Sultan. Do not let him be obsessed and drag us into trouble. You are trying to waste him in his most difficult day. What are you going to do when you are in trouble? Pray, Ertugrul Bey will be there for you. It is a known fact that a Mongol soldier can go to a village and behead all men, women and children in a village all by himself. People are scared. First, we need to conquer this fear. Waiting for war all winter long is not different than waiting to die in your own grave. Tell us what you are thinking. We must conquer the fear of people, who are paying tribute to bastard Noyan. We must be their hope so those bastards dare not ask for anything. We must cut the flow of gold of merchants who are supplying food to the Mongol army. This way they will know, we will cut their hands if they accept their gold. From now on, we do not have time to be on the defensive. We will attack that bastard Noyan and give him hell so that he will understand his army cannot stay here. And then? That is why I want my position back, which was given me by my father Suleyman Shah to attack that bastard Noyan and give hell.

How much longer this headquarters last? It drags on. Our Bey must have opened their eyes. Among us Ertugrul Bey is the one who knows Mongols best. Because he went into their den. Sooner or later the headquarters will understand this. Then Ertugrul Bey will be the commander of Alps again. Do not worry. Ertugrul Bey’s words are true without a doubt. But I do not know how would we do it? Preventing merchants who feed Noyan’s army, supporting nearby villages and tracking spies is not an easy task. But it is not impossible. Ertugrul Bey’s word impressed me, he speaks the truth. What if Bastard Noyan attacks us again in a weak moment and slaughter our women, children, Alps and animals? What are we going to do then? We are at war, brother. We must take necessary precautions. What precautions are you talking about, Ertugrul Bey? An Alps life is his sword hand.

You already lost your hand to Noyan. So your life belongs to him. How could an Alp who cannot even grab a sword, take command of all the Alps? What are you talking about, Tugtekin? Do you hear yourself? Ask it Artuk Bey, not me, my Bey. Artuk, is he right? He is right, Bey. They damaged his hand when they drove nails in it. I do not know if it will heal or not. But it is certain that it will not heal before the the war in spring. Look. Will he fit in this, Selcan? Of course, he will. When will headquarters end? They cannot take away his right, unless they play a trick on him. I do not know which is better, Selcan. We listened everyone. Now, we must hear Beys’ judgment, Hayme Sister. The time is up, Bey. So, to prevent a conflict among our Alps until our nomad tents split up again I put to vote that Tugtekin be the commander of Alps and take away Ertugrul Bey’s position of Alp until he heals. Ayes? It is hereby declare that Dogan and Turgut Alps will live in nomad tent under the command of Ertugrul Bey until the winter is over. Also, Abdurrahman Alp will be jailed in a cage until we determine whether he helped setting an ambush to Tugtekin and Gundogdu Beys or not. May the God Almighty save us from making mistakes. Amen. Amen. May he give us strength to perform headquarters’ judgments. Amen.

Do you have any words, Ertugrul Bey? Son of Suleyman Shah, Ertugrul will obey headquarters’ judgments. God may save us from paying the price of your judgments. Amen. Yet I want you to know this a brave man’s stare is sharper than a craven’s sword. When will headquarters end? Why didn’t you attend to headquarters? We barely returned to nomad tent, thanks to Ertugrul Bey. How could I attend to headquarters? Dogan. I think judgments of headquarters will not be good for us, brother. Heaven forbid, Brother Turgut! Bey? Ertugrul Bey? What happened, Bey? They hurt us like no other. Ertugrul Bey? The headquarters is over. Apparently, he is like a boy whose toys were taken away. You knew headquarters’ judgment would be good. Apparently, Beys will not let Ertugrul to get our nomad tent into trouble. You have a poisonous tongue. You are shameless beyond words.

I do not know what you are after or what is your intention but if you continue doing this, I will make you pay for it, Aytolun. Sister! Gokce, stay out of it. Your words hurt me, Selcan Hatun. Future of our nomad tents is my concern. Do you think that I don’t know you are a twofaced snake? Look, I am silent for the sake of this beautiful girl. But do not push my limits. What are you after? What am I after? She wants to poison us. You, me, Halime. She wants to plant her flag in our marquee. You You are sick. You are so sick that you make everyone sick. From now on, keep your words to yourself in this nomad tent. So that we can have peace.

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