Dirilis Ertugrul | Ertugrul Ghazi Season 2 Ep-15 Written Episode

Do we have permission? Come in. I want to see Tugtekin Bey. He is out and Korkut Bey is asleep. Do you have something to say? No, Hanim. Tell me, Kocabash. I can see in your face that something has happened. Ertugrul is up to something. I do not know how to say it.

Tell me. If it concerns our tribe, it concerns me. First he met with his Alps secretly. Then he met with Abdurrahman in caged tent. He sent guards outside while he was talking to Abdurrahman. They are up to something. Wild Demir is with them, too. Listen to me closely.

I know you respect Tugtekin Bey. Thank you, Hanim. Likewise, Gundogdu Bey. He has trusted you a lot since you saved his life. So, warn Gundogdu Bey. Tell him that Ertugrul disappeared and met with his Alps and Abdurrahman tell him everything you know. Open his eyes. Open his eyes so that Ertugrul will not harm Tugtekin Bey. Do you understand? Yes, Hanim. I understand very well. No one shall know where I will go or when. What about me, Ertugrul? You shall not know, too. You will wait patiently. I know your fight is not just for our baby but all Kayi babies. That consoles me.

I shall pray for you every day. I will grin and bear it. They say patience leads to salvation. Ertugrul, you need to talk to your brother. You must bring him to your side whatever the cost. Selcan is also very troubled. All right. I will talk to my brother for one last time. Do not worry. Are you going to let him leave like this, Baycu Noyan? Yes. Until he is lost from view. He is wondering whether I will keep my promise or not. He must think that he is free. What if he goes and does not come back? Then he will die. To earn your friendship. Thank you. Let your watchman to be around me. Noyan’s eyes are on you. If you want to catch the big fish, Tangut, you must use big bait. Do not forget this. Take them. You are doing it wrong, move! Gokce, what happened? Why are you upset at this time of the day? Leave me alone, sister! Selcan Hatun, where is Gundogdu brother? He went to a caravan to bargain, Ertugrul Bey. Gokce, did something happen between you and Ertugrul? Thank God, I come across a real Bey, son of Suleyman Shah. Thank God, we met. Welcome to Erzurum, Merchant Ahmet. I brought greetings and prayers to you from Konya. Peace be upon you. My uncle Korkut and Mother Hayme also sent their greetings to you. Thank you. Your caravan was raided, I am sorry to hear that, Bey. Thank you. May our friends saved. Thank you, Bey. Bey, that swine called Noyan is also here. May God give you strength and patience. If God permits. After you, Bey.

Bey? We took the security measures you asked. You can be rest assured. Alright. After you, Bey. Take care of the horses and the tribe. Ertugrul! Are you going to ironworks? Yes, uncle. Let us walk together, then. I know that the situation of your tribe hurts you. It is unacceptable that the mission your father gave to you was taken by my son and your sword holding hand’s condition. But do not forget. I am your uncle. Your mother is my blood. So are you. I want you to know that neither you nor your siblings are different from my children. There is nothing to worry.

May God heal your hand first and you come back among us. What I say is if we want to live in these lands, we must pay the price. We cannot deserve these lands without blood. Protect Halime Sultan. Do not leave her alone. Your baby will bring peace to your mother and your tribe. Do you understand me, son? Thank you, uncle. May God give you a long life. In conclusion, we seek an honest merchant who will not take advantage. A man who will not overprice because the Mongols are after us, an honest man. May God be my witness there is no bazaar I have not been between from Constantine to Konya. Your animals are fat, your rugs are vivid and people love them. Thank you.

Your drapes are worthy of palaces. Doing business with Kayi is profitable for all merchants, Bey. If God permits, we will have a deal. I have no doubt about it. If God permits. So, if both sides are willing, let us start with the help of God. You must be hungry. Did Alps take their food, Kocabash? They did, Bey. Thank you, so we can start. With the help of God, enjoy.

What do you think about the situation? I listen to many people in many cities. I do not know how but it seems that these bastards will not stop even in the winter. They lay waste everywhere not caring for even mosques and churches, Bey. Seljuk does what it can to protect its people. These bastards want to wear out the people so that they cannot fight. We must stop the fear in people who are paying tribute to Swine Noyan. We must be their hope so that those bastards cannot ask for anything. We have to stop the gold cupidity of the merchant who is supplying food to the Mongolian army. We have to, so that he knows that his hand would be cut by us if he takes their gold once again. From now on, we do not have time to wait for the enemy and defend. We will attack that bastard called Noyan and give him hard time so that he will understand his army cannot encamp here.

I will go and check the Alps, Bey. Bey. What? I said, I will go and check the Alps, Bey. Alright. Be careful about the looming danger. Our tribe is under a threat like it has never been. There is a threat, you are right. But the threat is you, my brother! He trusts me with his life. I can kill him anytime. Him and his lickspittle merchant. Noyan said let them go to the tribe. He has another deal with the merchant and Gundogdu. As Efendi Noyan wishes. Accept this, Bey. You have not taken our goods yet. Why are you giving me all this gold? To show how much I trust you. Know that I will take the herd and the rugs. Go back to your tribe at ease. Thank you. I am profitable in this business, I will take the goods. I will give rest of gold when I take the goods. When the time is right, I will get you out of here. Your safety is our duty, do not worry. With your permission now. Thank you, Bey. Good bye. Good bye, Bey. Wild Demir, you made us happy when you accepted the mission. Thank you, Bey. God bless you. Amen. Amen. Thank God we have an experienced and strong ironsmith like you. Amen! Dodurga and Kayi tribes, enjoy your new ironworks. Amen! Amen! I start with the name of God. With the name of God. Dear God, accept our sacrifice. Amen! With the name of God. With the name of God. With the name of God. God is the Greatest God is the Greatest God is the Greatest There is no deity worthy of worship but God God is the Greatest to God all praise is due. God is the Greatest God is the Greatest There is no deity worthy of worship but God God is the Greatest to God all praise is due. God is the Greatest God is the Greatest There is no deity worthy of worship but God God is the Greatest to God all praise is due. With the help of God! Why did you do this? What changed your mind and you opened the ironworks? Bey, whatever I did I did for Ertugrul Bey. Thank God, we handled this, as well. You did well, Bey. Thank you, Kocabash. The poor will be happy at last. Every man has a different way of handling the matters. This is mine. Do you know why? If people are always on war, one day they get fed up. Tell me, what do Dodurga Alps think about this? Our Beys reasoned out and gave the right decision. No one has a doubt. But Ertugrul Bey and his Aips, Turgut and Dogan.

What happened to them? Ertugrul Bey is a great Alp. Everyone knows his fame in Rumelia. But our Alps are anxious. Why are they anxious? They are anxious that he would cause a discord within the Kayi Alps and that they would not obey the orders in the battlefield. As it happened yesterday. Then, Ertugrul Bey… What? Tell me, what happened to Ertugrul? You have not heard it from me but he is up to something. What is he up to? With his Alps and Wild Demir. I saw him entering Abdurrahman’s tent yesterday. He sent everyone out while he was talking to Abdurrahman. He mauled the guard as well. After he talked to Wild Demir, Wild Demir got to work and flared up the furnace. I would like to be alone. Alps, come on, with the name of God. Where did Ertugrul go? He asked for Gundogdu and left. What happened, mother? I do not know, my daughter. I have a strange feeling. Anyway. How is your work, my daughter? Thank God, it is good. We are trying to catch up with schedule.

If you want, I can show you the goods. I would love to. How are you with Aytolun? We are staying away from each other, mother. Come on, sit down there. Girls! Bring the new drapes, Mother Hayme wants to see them. Come on. What are you trying to do, Ertugrul? Do not say our tribe and future. Talk openly. What is your problem? I want to talk you alone. Did the dog of Tugtekin who tails me told you those? He tailed me all night and talked to his owner then you, right? Yes. Do you know why? Because all the tribe is scared that you are going to put us in danger! Your mother, brother, wife! Our tribe, my uncle’s tribe which we take shelter in! Noyan will not hibernate all through winter, like you. He will not wait for Ogeday’s army, brother! There are thousands of Mongols on the frontiers of Seljuk! What should we do? Attack them with a handful of Alps? There are so many people aiding and abetting Noyan and betraying to their people in Seljuk lands that you would be surprised. They are all helping to Noyan. We have to stop them! So? We can make Noyan suffer! We can leave him breadless all winter! I saw how they live. If we cut the ways… Then what? They will attack the tribe again! They will ruin everything! Then we will suffer! We only have one shot. And we will use it all together when Aleaddin’s armies come! You must understand and see the truth! You will lose this war, Tugtekin is just a boy! He is brave yet arrogant and weak! Do not concede to him! Do not be with them because you feel in debt taking shelter in my uncle’s tribe, like my mother! Open your eyes and look around! Two tribes are waiting like sacrificial sheep! The butcher is coming! He has spies everywhere! You have lost your mind. That is not possible. It is possible. We can do this, believe me. How? Let us talk to our mother. She is old, now. You would be Bey. Be the Bey. We have to start this war. Only you can do this, not my mother. We cannot start resurrection of Kayis by taking shelter in our uncle’s tribe. You have the power to do this, brother. You have to put yourself together and look around, brother. There is no war. There is no war! I do not want people to die. You are a coward, brother. A coward. Yes, I am a coward! I am a miserable man who accepts to be a coward in order to protect the unity of our tribe which was entrusted to us by our father! What about you? You are a devil who does not think about the lives that would be lost! The tribe is messed up. Sons of a Bey are fighting with each other. If I cannot save the Kayi tribe from you, let my life become hell.

Hit me, brother. Hit me until you knock me out. If it would remind you who you are, punch me until you knock me out. If it would remind you who you are, where you came from and that you are Suleyman Shah’s son, take my life, brother. Do you remember, brother? I did. You reminded me who I am. You tricked my father and led all of us to danger. You blamed me of being a coward. But you are a coward who betrays his mother. If those did not remind you, perhaps this will, brother. Go to hell, Ertugrul. Go! Go on! The two brothers lead Kayi towards a cliff. I will not let them. I will wait for the nightfall and see what it will lead up to. Very nice. God bless your hands. These are marvelous patterns. God bless your hands. Selcan, you made a great color harmony. We did it like Halime taught us.

Would you like to see the armors Gokce made? I do. What did you put behind the armor? I put wire and felt, mother. Neither an arrow nor a spear could pierce it. Well done. God bless your hands. Dodurga and Kayi women are getting along well. Right, Selcan Hatun? I hope that our Alps will be united like our women, soon, Mother Hayme. Do you doubt it, Aytolun? If you and Bey are leading our tribes, I have no doubts. But Ertugrul’s stubbornness worries me just like everyone else. My son stated that he would obey the headquarters’ judgment. He would keep his promise. Mother Hayme. Ertugrul Bey and Gundogdu Bey are fighting at the entrance of tribe. This is what I was trying to tell to you, Mother Hayme. Control your son or he will be the cause of our disaster. What happened, Kocabash? Ertugrul Bey. He waited Gundogdu Bey at entrance of tribe. When we arrived, he walked up to Bey. They fought with each other. We could not break up the fight. Is this your prudent nephew, father? Why is he acting like this? Everyone knows what happened. Ertugrul will be a trouble not just to his tribe but to us as well. Bey, you must find a way to bring him into line. Dear God! Ambition, Bey, ambition. Ambition is the root of all evil. And the demons around him. For example, Selcan. She always instigates Halime Sultan. Father, if you do not stop him, I will bring him into the line.

Gundogdu! Don’t ask anything, Selcan. Mother, control your son or I swear this will end ugly. What are you saying, son? Why are you so tactless? What does a fight between two brothers mean? Did your father raise you for this? Do not tell these to me but to your impudent son. I cannot handle you anymore. You crossed the line! From now on, if you do something like this again you will not have my blessing. If Bey is not in tribe, he must be at Geyikli’s place. This tribe is not a blessing for us. Tell your lame handed Bey that if he causes any more trouble in my tribe I will nail his other hand.

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