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May God not let me live one day if I do not love you. May God not separate us, my brave man. Aykiz! Drink some water, brother. Bey. I cannot breathe without Aykiz. My life has turned into hell. I missed her very much, Bey. I missed her very much. Aykiz Baci was a martyr. She is not dead. Know that she is alive. If God permits, you will meet her. If God permits. If God permits. God! Please let me die a martyr in your path! God, let me have the honor of martyrdom! Amen. Amen. Amen. I give you my word that we will take our revenge from bastard Noyan. May God not let us live if we do not take our revenge from bastard Noyan. If God permits.

If God permits. Wait for me bastard, I will take your life. Selcan! Selcan, what happened? Selcan! Selcan! My daughter, what happened? Gundogdu. What happened to Gundogdu? Gundogdu hit me, Mother. What are you saying, my daughter? My son would never lay a hand on you. I am an ominous, purulent wound that he must carry, Mother. I know. When I pushed him, he stormed at me. So, you deserved it, sister. Gokce! My dear daughter. I will take care of Selcan, Mother. Come on. Alright. Come on, stand up my dear. Come on, my dear. Come on. Your father is aware of everything. Gundogdu will be the biggest supporter of your newly founded seigniory. Not Hayme or anyone else. What are you thinking, Mother? Gundogdu is a lonely and unhappy man. In his marquee, his bed is cold the cradle is empty and he is daunted. I see him grieving deeply every day.

He is a miserable man who is under command of his step mother in the shade of his father’s dear Ertugrul. He cannot even confess it to himself. What are you saying, Mother? As I said to your father if you act together with Gundogdu, you would found the seigniory you want. Then, we would have a home. And if you send Goncagul to his bed What did you say? If my brother Gumustekin’s daughter Goncagul becomes Gundogdu’s wife She is a real woman who can warm Gundogdu’s cold bed and fill that empty cradle. And when you take Gokce as your wife, everyone will be delighted. Can I come in, Bey? Come in, Kocabash! What happened? Gundogdu Bey beat Selcan Hatun. What are you saying? How did this happen? I do not know. But I barely saved his wife. Alright, you are dismissed. I told you, do not leave him alone.

He is a lonely and grieving man. Back him up, guide him. My sins will not let me go. I will pay for them till I die. I will pay for what I did both in this life and afterwards. I pray to God everyday but Do not talk like that, Selcan. What has passed is past. You are more than a sister for me. Do not talk like that, please. But it is too late now, Halime. Too late. Selcan. God! Give me strength. Give me patience. I am freed from my ambitions with your blessing. I am freed from the souleating hubris. But I carry the burden of my father’s marquee. Give me strength to carry that burden. Show the right way to Ertugrul.

Show me the right way. I do not know what to do about Selcan. Show me the right way about Selcan. Your strength is enough for everything. Save me from my vulnerabilities and weaknesses. Amen. I heard what happened. We are responsible for our nomad tents’ future, brother. There is no escape. If we support each other, our nomad tents would be out of the woods. Alright. But you must have peace in your tent. If you are not at peace you cannot find peace when you are riding your horse. And you need to have a baby. Just like I need to find a woman and get married. Stop. Duru. Duru. Duru. Duru! Bey! Are you alright, Bey? Bey. My wife. Does your late wife haunt your dreams? Yes, every night, Aytolun.

Every night. Neither I have ever slept well nor I have woken up in peace since the day I married you. Whenever I close my eyes, I see Duru. Whenever I open my eyes, I see Duru. That night at dinner Bey! Bey! Bey, smell. Smell. Which night? What happened that night? The night when Duru’s heart stopped and she died in my son’s arms. God, forgive my sins. Bey, tell me what is troubling you, so I can help you. I could not tell you all this time, Aytolun. What, Bey? We were at dinner on the night she died. She looked at me and told me your name. The last word she told me before she died was your name. She looked me in the eye and said “Aytolun.” But why? Why would she say my name? She knew, Aytolun.

She found out everything. She knew I came to see you and met you in caravanserais. She knew everything. It is not possible. She told me, woman! Do you understand? Then she looked at me with pity. Do you know what she told me? She said “I keep quiet for the sake of our son and honor of our nomad tent. But if you go to see that woman again I will embarrass you more than you have ever embarrassed me.” Then she said your name. Aytolun. There was more pity in her eyes than anger. She did not hate me for sleeping with you. She felt sorry for me. Then, Tugtekin came in. He sat at the table. When she was about to have another bite her heart stopped. She died. Do you understand? She knew everything between you and me while she was dying in my son’s arms. How long will this sleep last, Ertugrul? When will you take up your mission? How long will this sleep last, Ertugrul? Oh, God! God, please help me. Here. You are real heroes! You proved it by coming here! You will save children and women of Kayi tribe from imprudent Beys! As Kargin told you, Konya will not be enough for Ogeday! He will conquer Constantinople as well! Then, he will advance on Central Europe! Now, do you want to be the warriors who get their share of wealth or miserable men who challenge the largest army of the world? What about our family? What about our children? Noyan said that their lives will be saved. He gave his word to you. As I said you proved that you are true warriors by coming here. These are yours. But if you want to fight for much more come with me! I am in to show Kayi’s strength to world! I am in! I am in too! I am in too! I am in too! Gunkut, you? I cannot! I cannot betray Suleyman Shah, his glorious nomad tent and traditions! World’s largest army is waiting for us! Come on, Alps! Baycu Noyan.

Did you take care of it, Tankut? I did. The merchant and all the men he has business with are dead. Good. Gundogdu will not be able to sell their rugs and herds. We will see what his brothers will do in nomad tent. Will they share their food on long winter nights? When will Efrasiyab arrive? I sent word, he will be here shortly. My favorite thing in this miserable life is fighting. But do you know what I enjoy more, Tankut? Conquering without a battle. Kayis and Dodurgas will fall into my trap one by one. I admire your desires, Baycu Noyan. He said “You grew up with us, shared our food. But one day, you made my whitebearded father cry. And the old, hoary mothers. You killed my brothers! My brothers! You trivialized white rugs. You left beautiful orphaned babies behind. When I catch you, do I let you go? Unless I draw my sword unless I cut your bloody head unless your bloody head hits the ground unless I avenge my brothers would I let you go?” Even monsters like Argus and fire breathing dragons will be served right by brave Beys like Ertugrul Bey. Even, devils like Noyan. But the biggest monsters are among us, my children, among us! Do not ever forget this! May God not let brothers and Muslims fight among themselves. The ones who choose to be united and together will have peace.

The ones who choose to be separated will lose face. May great God not make us need the vile men. We prayed to our God with good intentions, may God accept. The ones who say “amen” would be in peace. May almighty God forgive our sins. Oh my girl! Oh my boy! Oh my dear! Oh my children! Son. Son! Mother? Get up. What happened? Go and get your wife from rug loom. I cannot live with Selcan, Mother. She blamed me for our fight with Ertugrul. That is why you laid your hand on your wife, right? It was a mistake, you are right. I know, a real man does not do it. But Son, you are a Bey’s son. If you behave like this, what would people do? You broke our traditions. We do not lay hand on women in our tradition. Now go and get your wife, come on. What about Ertugrul? If necessary, I will send him and his Alps into exile until this dark war is over. If God permits, I will not have to do it. Keep your eyes open. Do not let in the mistakes coming from your uncle’s marquee. Do not worry, Mother.

Now get up, the girl is miserable since last night. And make up your mind about her. You cannot solve anything by hurting her. You are right, Mother. Come on. Bey, Geyikli is still not here. I said he went to spy on Mongols. How will he spy on them, Bey? He knows these mountains like the palm of his hand, do not worry. Come on, get up, Turgut Alp. I said, get up! Come on then, Alp. Bey, come on. Come on, Bey. There is no need, Turgut Alp. My hand cannot grab a sword yet. Come on, pack up.

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