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Look at brave Alps of Kayi! They came back as dogs to lick the hand who throws them bone. Listen first, Noyan! Listen what? Listen what? We thought you are Alps but you have failed and came back. You are nothing for me! Nothing! Bey! You were always talking about bravery! But you could not capture a man! You are dead to me anymore. You are not different than a dead mouse. Ertugrul Bey should know that Ertokus wants to talk to him. He will know. How? Ertugrul Bey supposed to go back to Geyikli today.

Dogan’s horse is quick. It will not give any problem on road. Dogan. Dogan! Yes, Master Demir? I got something to say. Thank you, Turgut Alp. Thank you, Halime Sultan. We should not pay it if spies of great Mongols gave wrong information to a great commander like Noyan. What do you mean? We have failed because Tugtekin knew that you were going to send your men there. That is not possible. If that is not possible what was he doing there? If Tugtekin did not show up we would have done it already, Bey. If the intelligence you got from your spies was not solid then we are not the guilty one. Now, kill us. Kill us so you relax and we relax.

I do not know your spies in Konya or nomad group. And it is not my problem. However I think you should be careful before acting after you get any intelligence from your spies. Or Mongols could not pass the steep mountains of Erzurum easily. One day I will cut off your tongue and have a feast with it. Halime. Do you have any news from Ertugrul? No, I do not know where he is. I am sure that he will be so happy, too. When he hears about I am getting married. Of course he will. Which brother wouldn’t be happy to see his sister’s marriage? And you? Will you also be happy if my mother gives me to them? I do not know if we see each other after separation of nomad tents. But I want to remember you as a good person, Gokce. Despite everything we have been through. Will you be able to do that? And you? Will you be able to remember me as a good person? Where is Selcan? She is sleeping, mother. She said she does not feel well and will not come tonight. Fine. Make it quick, girls. We have a lot to do. Come on.

Ertugrul’s reputation on Sultan Alaeddin’s eye is great. For years we have been grazing our animals, but he was in Aleppo for war. He always led the war against Mongols. So it is normal. But seigniory you want to build for years will become a dream if Ertugrul does not lose his reputation. Ertugrul will get the margrave which you wanted from Sultan Alaeddin for years. You will solve these matters one by one. Let us see our Tugtekin’s marriage first. Everything will be changed. Tonight is the night. Brothers, let me take a rest. I will come and see you. Who was that commander? Atabey Ertokus. What are you saying, Kocabash? Noyan supposed to kill him? Abdurrahman and Hamza encountered Tugtekin.

God damn it. What will we do? Noyan wanted to learn a secret from Atabey Ertokus since long time. I must find out that secret. How? He will stay at Korkut Bey’s tent tonight. Tugtekin and others will go to ask the girl. So? So he will be alone in tent. And I will sneak into tent and finish it. What is it, Dogan? Ertokus Bey is there, Bey. Abdurrahman and Hamza raid Kervansaray to take him. And? He is at nomad tent now. Nice. It means Abdurrahman convinced Noyan. We have sent a pigeon into snake’s nest, brother.

Ertokus Bey said Mother Hayme that he wants to see you. I guess it is important. Wild Demir and Artuk Bey wanted me to let you know. Nobody should see that I talk to him. You are correct but how will it be happen, Bey? He is going to leave with his soldiers first thing in the morning. I will come to nomad tent tonight. What are you saying, Bey? Listen to me carefully, Dogan. Go to Ertokus Bey and say: “Ertugrul Bey will meet you near nomad group tonight.” Uncle. Welcome. Glad to see you.

Greetings, Gundogdu. Welcome all. Greetings. I have always heard your name along with Ertugrul Bey, Bey. In Konya, in Erzurum, in Malatya. Is it possible for them not to hear such brave guy like Gundogdu? Not at all! Not at all! Our bride is here. Welcome. Greetings. Goncagul, this is Gokce. Where is Selcan Hatun? Selcan is sick. She is sleeping. I did not want to wake her up. Get well soon.

Thank you. Come on, let us go inside. Come on. Peace be upon you. And peace be upon you. Welcome. Greetings, sister Hayme. Please. Please. My girl sit down. Come. I want to take a walk, Alps. I will walk alone. Do not worry. I am safe in friends’ nomad group. I must digest that I ate. I heard that you are looking for me. Ertugrul. Ertugrul? My brave brother. Thanks to God I have seen you while I am alive. That is enough for me. How are news in Konya? What does Sultan think about Mongols bandits? We will send soldiers to borders after winter. And they will be ready for war. He sent me first. I am checking all the tribes and areas that nearby.

I am going to tell all the information I got to him. What are you doing currently? What is your goal now? I heard that you declared war against Noyan while you are in this position. Small armies defeated big armies before. Incompetence is my greatest power. Noyan does not think I will attack him. I will attack when he is least expected. How many men do you have against Noyan? We will be four men when Bamsi got here. And I also have Geyikli. I do not know what you are thinking but I am sure that you will do as you say despite of lack of manpower.

I heard what happened in caravansary. What does Noyan want from you? I also want to talk with you about this. It also concerns you. We had put a spy next to Ogeday. He has worked to us for years. They knew that there is a spy but they did not know about his ID. But they are so close to find that out. What does it have to do with me? Because that spy is your brother. Sungurtekin. I am glad to hear that Sungurtekin is alive and he is not a traitor as Noyan said. May you live long. My mother would be reborn if she knows it. Do not ever tell to anyone what I told you.

That is why Noyan wants to catch me and make me speak. He wants to learn about spy and some secret information of Seljuk Empire’s army. You come to the cranny near Tandir Hill tomorrow. I will show you how to contact your brother in case if something happens to me. Nobody except you will know this secret. May you live long. Do not worry. I will be there as you asked. God damn it! Who was that? Almighty God knows and sees everything. Just like Kayis standing beside of their brothers from Dodurga in such hard times made us bigger and more powerful so I believe that our alliance will see good things ahead of its. If God permits. If God permits. Alliance of two nomad groups will open new gates in this topsy turvy world with God’s permission.

If God permits. If God permits, Bey. If God permits. The long and the short of it we are here because we want your daughter Gokce to our son Tugtekin for the name of God. First of all it is a big honour for me and Kayis that Dodurga Bey is here in our tent to ask our daughter Gokce for his son. Thanks to God me and Suleyman Shah have such great memories during our lives. Those memories were marriages of Ertugrul and Halime Gundogdu and my daughterinlaw Selcan. I hope our Almighty God grants such good marriages to our children Tugtekin and Gokce. Amen. Amen. Amen. If God permits.

If God permits. I should get sherbets. Ertugrul. You did not see me. I did not. I know that you are going to leave soon but there is something that I want you to know. Korkut Bey. They came to ask me to his son Tugtekin. I know that. You should know that I am the happiest person about it. I want you to be happy more than anyone else. You think that I will get you out of my heart, right? Gokce, do not do that. We have talked about it lots of times. It hurts enough, and you Go now. Do not worry.

I will not tell anyone that I saw you. Marry to Tugtekin. You should have a family, children and dreams about future. Be happy. May God make you both happy. Bey. Bey. How are you, Turali? Thanks to God, Bey. You will be a brave Alp, if God permits. If God permits, Bey. If God permits. Alps, Ertokus Bey will leave early in the morning with his soldiers. And you will meet me at Tandir Hill. Yes, Bey. Bey. Halime Sultan brought these to you. Thank you. Bey, it really makes me sad that you are coming to your nomad group like this. Thanks to God we have a nomad group to come, Turgut Alp. Thanks to God. There is nobody around here, Bey.

May God bless you. You, too, Bey. Thank you, Bey. Thank you. How will it end, brother Turgut? Victory is mine when my weapon’s steel slices my enemy. If the enemy that my eyes cannot see, that my weapon cannot slice is inside of us, then What is it, brother? Alps were worried that there was one suspicious person in nomad group. They said that they saw his shadow nearby. I worried about you. Thank you, Kocabash. Thank you. But if he was here you would have already seen his head in front of you by now. I do not doubt it. Excuse me. We can come with you if you want, brother. No, thank you.

We can take care of it. Let us hope best for everyone, if God permits. If God permits. If God permits. Amen. If God permits. Thank you, girl. My daughter Gokce. I and your big brother, Halime Sultan are honoured by Korkut Bey’s offer. We think it is a blessed thing. Of course I will make this decision but I want to hear the excitement we have from you, too. It is easy to arrange it but love is meant for two person. It is a big honour for me to be a woman of a Bey like Tugtekin. I will also want to have this honour all my life. It will make me happy that having Tugtekin’s children and life. Since they think I am suitable for this I would think it is my duty and say yes, Mother Hayme. Good luck. Good luck. To the people who establish states and who demolish states. Greetings from Artuk who is on duty.

Ertugrul found out that his brother is alive. Things have became more complicated in Dodurga nomad group. Ertugrul is still fighting despite every challenges. I will always keep an eye on him. Ertugrul Bey. Welcome, Bey. I hope there is a good reason of you here. There is. There is. First of all, I am grateful of your help saving Abdurrahman. There will be always someone to help you as long as you seek for justice, Bey. Thank you. However there is a more important matter. We must find that traitor in nomad group immediately, Artuk Bey. There will be always traitors, Bey. Always there will be. Important thing is the act of those whose goal is justice. So? So if we want to stop Mongols we must rebel against them all together. If you want to light that resurrection fire Samarkand, Bukhara and even Jerusalem must share your dreams, Bey. My will is your will but if we want to light resurrection fire we must burn traitors in that fire. We burn traitors in that fire so our fire’s power would increase.

It is correct, Bey. Correct. When will I see Bey during daylight again? Every dark night has a divine morning, Artuk Bey. Night covers up secrets. Day reveals secrets. May you always be in safe. May your secrets always stay as secrets. Thank you. Excuse me now, Bey. Keep your eyes open. We need to find that traitor in nomad group quickly. You do not worry about it, Bey. Day reveals all traitors.

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