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Dirilis Ertugrul | Ertugrul Ghazi Season 2 Episode 32 Written Episode :

(The episode begins with PTV’

RESURRECTION ERTUGRUL THE STORIES AND CHARACTERS DEPICTED HERE WERE INSPIRED BY OUR HISTORY NO ANIMALS WERE HARMED DURING THE FILMING OF THIS PRODUCTION Let me go! Let me go! Here I come! In the name of God! God damn it! Noyan will lose his mind. Bamsi! Brother! Brother! Is it you? It is me, brother. It is me. Brother, what is it? I cannot tell you . Mother Hayme gave it to me. I am taking it to Konya. Brother, it is obvious that Mongols set an ambush for you. They will not let you go. Come back to the nomad tent with me. Talk to Mother Hayme first and go. What do you think, brother? I say aye. My mighty brother! These Mongols are fierce fighters, brother. They never end no matter how much you kill. How is my nomad group, brother? Are they okay? Why is that, brother? Ertugrul Bey is exiled. Ertugrul Bey? Who exiled Ertugrul Bey, brother? I will tell it on the way. Tell me, brother. Tell me about Ertugrul Bey, brother.

Your father has ruined our plans. It is better this way. When Kocabash finds the information that messenger has Mother Hayme will hand over Ertugrul with her own hands. Son, let’s say we have dealt with this situation, then what? What do you mean? Your father would not take action, son. If a Bey would not take action in a nomad group there will not be any peace in that nomad group. We have not seen any comfort since the Kayis arrived here. Are they the only ones to blame? Your father is guilty as much as they are. Let me tell you son, if this continues like that your father will lose his Seigniory. You must stake a claim on Seigniory. What if they take it from the messenger? What would we do then, mother? We must be prepared for everything.

Wild Demir. Can we take Halime out of nomad group? It is too hard, Mother Hayme. Really hard. They don’t let anyone out of the nomad group. Mother. What does everyone say? I disappear for a little while and look what happens. It is really dangerous, son. If they catch the messenger, our relationship will be torned apart. What messenger, mother? Messenger we sent to Sultan Aleaddin. God have mercy on us. I wish you had shared these clever plans of yours. I sent it to my uncle. You would know about it if you were around, Gundogdu Bey. No, Halime Hatun. No. It is obvious that you want to act like a sultan in this marquee. As long as you keep acting like a sultan, you will torment our tribe. We want to learn my brother’s location from you but you keeep bringing us more troubles. What now? How did they find out about this messenger? Only Sultan’s order can save Ertugrul. If anybody hears it, things will get out of hand. My God, protect our messenger.

Amen. Peace be upon you. Bamsi. Bamsi. And peace be upon you. Mother Hayme. Thank God you are here. Master! Welcome, son. Bey! Welcome. Greetings. Sister Halime. Welcome, Bamsi. Where have you been, you lunatic? I battling in the mountains, master. Mother Hayme. Dundar is fine. Yigit Alp is fine. They are being disciplined. They are all like lions. Mother Hayme, I have brought Gunkut, too. Gunkut! Brother Gunkut! Gunkut! What is going on? Mongols have attacked me, Mother Hayme. I would have died, if it was not for Bamsi. They knew that I was the messenger. We were lucky again. Bamsi, I will talk to you later. Alright. Excuse me, I leave the decision making to you. As long as I don’t learn them from others. I missed you, son. My men are looking for him everywhere. He cannot run forever. He will show up sooner or later. Bey! It is like ground has swallowed that messenger. There are no trace of him. Incompetent fool! Keep looking. What now? Relax.

My spies in the palace will deliver another letter to Aleaddin on behalf of Halime Sultan. You scare me, Bey. How are things in the palace? Sultan Aleaddin? Sadettin Kopek? Sultan Aladdin is the most gifted Sultan I have ever seen. And Sadettin Kobek is the most evil vizier I have ever seen. So the devil and the angel are in the same palace? I am also curious about the end of this story. But the real question is Tugtekin, where will we end up in this story? What do you think? Right in the center of it. I mean we must be the ones who decide the end of this story. Did Abdurrahman enter the nest of Noyan? He did but I don’t know how will he get out. I hope for the best. We must think about saving Ertugrul Bey from all this trouble. One day the hand of God will touch it and everything will go upside down. That hand should reach out soon. It is not the right time then. Bey! Welcome. Greetings. Artuk Bey, you have done a lot for us. Do not mention it, Bey. My pleasure. As long as you seek justice, there will always be someone to help you and clear your path. Thank you! We don’t have much time. We must act quickly. Peace be upon you. Bey! My Bamsi! Bey, they told me you were on exile! Bey! Bey! Bey! They can exile us, but we can come back from the sky, Bamsi.

I would die for you, Bey! I would die for you! Come, brother. Bey! Bey, your hand? This is just a mosquito bite, Bamsi. Bey, I would I would crush that mosquito, Bey. Do not worry. You fell in the middle of action, Bamsi Beyrek. Really, Bey? Nice. It has been a long time since I decapitated some heathens. I was drowning in sorrow, Bey. We should tell Halime Sultan that I am here. I will take care of it. Excuse me. Thank you very much. Do not stand up, please. Master Demir, you know that I am not good with words. My condolences, master. Our heart burns. Thank you. I want to hold you in my arms soon, my child. Why are you in a rush, Turali? Ertugrul Bey wants to see you, Halime Sultan. I don’t believe that Ertugrul is a murderer or he betrayed his state, Aytolun. Then Ertugrul should come here to face the trail himself, Bey. And let the ones behind this plot be revealed one by one. Gumustekin is more than a brother to me. I am breathing because of him. He saved my life from the Mongols with his sword without flinching. His leg was crippled because of that.

However he is on a wrong path. He is looking for the evil in a wrong place. Bey, you used to trust my brother’s intuition and experience a lot. I did. I always did. But not this time. His search for this evil is giving birth to more evil among us. Get ready, Halime Sultan. We will go to Konya. We? Since our messenger was not able to reach Konya then we go there ourselves. How is that going to happen, Bey? By asking help from the traitor itself to take us to Konya. Gundogdu. Our tribe is getting restless. Decisions are being made in your marquee without you. Your Hatun burns down the nomad group. And what are you doing, Gundogdu? Pull yourself together quickly! Gundogdu who is the son of Suleyman Shah. Shape up or ship out. Permission. Peace be upon you. And peace be upon you. Yes, Master? I have hot soup. Warm yourself. Thank you, brother. I want to talk to you about something important. I know that this will stay between us. Turgut and Dogan used to hate you at first but then you have proved your bravery to all of us. Thank you. Thank you, Master Demir.

I need your help to clear our names. Turgut and Dogan have saved my life. They are my brothers in this world and the other. I will do whatever you want, Wild Demir. Thank you. We must set off with Halime before sunrise. But we need get out of the nomad group quietly. The guardian Alps report to you. What about Ertugrul Bey? Will you meet him? Yes. Do not worry. I will do my best, Master Demir. Anything for you to clear your names. Thank you. So it is my turn to go and leave you alone. Godspeed. May the sun never burn your skin. May no rain make you cold. May no stone get in your way. Come back to your tribe like a flowing river. I want you to tell something to my mother before you go, Halime Sultan. Konya is too far, girl. You will ride a horse for days. And you are pregnant. We also know what happened to that Alp who I sent to Konya. Ertugrul will come with us until we leave dangerous lands, mother. And if my baby is to become a brave Alp like his father, he must get used to challenging roads. May God protect you. Godspeed, my child. I will ask you something, Halime. Is Ertugrul still upset with me? No, he is not upset, mother. He misses you a lot.

He wants to kiss your hand and embrace you as soon as possible. I also feel suffocated. May God never separate a mother from her child. Amen. May the God protect you on your journey. Mother. Ertugrul Bey wanted me to give you another news. Another secret? Another secret, mother. What is it this time? Sungurtekin. Ertugrul Bey has learned that his brother is alive. How? How can he know that? “My mother has been patient for a long time. Tell her to be patient without asking questions.” He will bring his brother to the nomad group soon, mother. My son! My son! My God, you made me hear this news, so please allow me to see my child’s face. Let us be reunited, merciful God. Amen. My son! Gokce. I have learned his location. Ertugrul’s location. Tugtekin, go and bring him here alive. Bring him, so that he gets what he deserves. Brother. I think you should talk to Hayme before things get more complicated. First we have asked Gokce, who he sees as her daughter, for our son Tugtekin. Now we want her son Ertugrul to send to the gallows. I think it is better to make Mother Hayme happy, until we get rid of Korkut. Do I have permission, Bey? Enter. Gumustekin Bey.

We need to talk right away. Excuse us. What is it, son? I have learned Ertugrul’s location. Where is he? He will meet with his wife and Wild Demir tomorrow. It seems that he wants to bring the message himself after their messenger to Sultan was intercepted. You did not tell it to your father, right? No, he does not know it. You know that your father is really sensitive about his nephew. I will take care of it myself, Bey. That is the best way. Go and take care of it yourself. Do I have permission? Yes. You summoned me, Bey. Gather our men. We will set off before sunrise tomorrow. I have learned Ertugrul’s location. I have news for Noyan. So you are back. Where were you, Tangut? Where were you? I want to talk privately. What are you hiding from the men I entrust my life? I want to talk privately, Baycu Noyan. Speak. Ertokus. He’s dead. How? Go away! Get lost! Good job. Keep going like this. Aytolun Hatun! Move. Move! What are you doing here? I have remembered how generous of a woman you are. You old hag! I told you not to come here again. Winter is ahead.

I am an old and lonely woman. I need a place to stay and something to eat. You cannot stay in this nomad group. Get out of here! Wolfs would eat my body before winter ends. Maybe this is what you really want, eh? Tell me is that what you want? Wait me at that foothill. I will bring the things you want tonight. Thank you, Aytolun Hatun. This will be the last time you see me. I am so sick to survive this winter. If you come here again I will not let you die of sickness. I will feed you to the wolves with my own hands! Go now! Aunt. Are you okay? That old hag was here. I told you that she was not going to leave you alone. Don’t you worry, aunt. I will take care of her. I will whisper in her ear that she should never bother you again. I went for hunting in the woods. I saw some tracks, trailed them and found myself in some place. Cut to the chase! The tracks belonged to Kayis. I traced them in hopes of catching some of them. Then I saw the Kayis attacking our soldiers who were escorting Ertokus. What are you saying, Tangut? I killed Ertokus to prevent them from recapturing him. Man who I have been trying to catch for years have died before I delivered him to Ogeday. Get lost. Get lost! After I am done with you Ertugrul, your world will be in ruins.

What is it, Tangut? What’s going on? May God help you. As I said, Noyan will take prisoners away in the morning. Every news you bring from that bastard Noyan, will lead us to salvation. May God protect you. Prepare the horses. Let’s go. Yes, Bey! May the scourge of the earth and sky, follow you wherever you go. You are done now! Noyan has lost one of his favorite man. That is why he is angry. Who are you? Suleyman Shah’s daughter, Selcan. I used to know your father. I mean your birth father. That evil man who made brothers kill each other. I have heard that you are no different than your father. However an elder Dervish who came from the west had tamed you. You have repented. Your old ears are not that deaf if seems. I hear everything. I mean everything. Now get out of here! Leave me alone. What do you want from me? Aytolun. Why did she grow pale when she saw you? Everything has a price, girl. Price of the information you want to know is not this worthless necklace. I am not afraid to pay the price. Then you hate Aytolun Hatun that much.

She is a miserable person, not even worth my hate. Tell me. What do you know? Why is she so afraid of you? She was warming the bed of Korkut Bey long before his wife died. Do we need to talk about this wretched woman any longer? Yes. Then you must pay the price. Pay it before nightfall to get what you want. You wait here. I will be back with gold. Do not move away from this place! Where can I go except hell? It’s you! What have you told her? Nothing. What have you told her? Nothing. What is this? What is this then? I have not said anything. You got what you deserved, old hag).

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