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Brother, soon, you will sit there. Aytolun, I do not care about sitting on this stinky sheepskin in this felt tent and ruling. What do you say, brother? All our effort, all the blood we shed What were they for? I saw in Konya that a new world is being formed and nomads who follow their herds, have no place in that new world. We shall not shield Seljuk, Seljuk should shield us. It is time to find a home for ourselves and take root on these fertile lands. If we cannot do it by any means this stinky sheepskin would be our cerement the grass would be our grave and the winter quarters would be our hell. Our destiny is in seigniories in the infidel towns not in the tent of the nomad. We will either keep up with this world or become the whores of Mongols. That is the matter.

Ertugrul says that he did not do it and he does not say anything else, mother. Kocabash! So him saving your life was a game to get closer to you. And he managed that, mother. I allowed Noyan’s dog to come into my tent. Who knows what else he has done behind my back. While we are waiting for the war Noyan had already won it and we were not even aware. So you finally came to Ertugrul Bey’s words. You wanted to lock him in the tribe like an old woman using his wounded hand as an excuse, from the beginning. The more he told you about the storm, the more you tried to crush him. And when you could not do it, you chased him out of the tribe. But the storm is in the middle of the tribe. Tell me, what will you do now? What will you do now? Selcan! Selcan is right. Ertugrul was proven right again. Mother, I do not know how we can solve it. Kocabash. Traitor! He is a traitor but how can we prove it? How? Mother. I placed the Alps in the front and back of the marquee. What are you saying, son? Mother, Dodurga Alps are angry. This fire will burn both tribes. What was I supposed to do? If something happens to me take care of the tribe. Bey, if something happens to you, we would be eager to come to your side. Then, come to my side after I arrange the order there and all. Bey. Gundogdu Bey calls for you. If I cannot solve it, I will inform you. Wait around the tribe. Are you ready to sacrifice yourself for the future of the tribe? I set my heart to die for the tribe and people. I am going to wait, today and tomorrow.

But I want Kocabash to be punished as he deserves. Do not worry about it, he will be punished. Give me your blessing. We do. We do, Bey. Bey, allow us to come with you. One Ismail who will put his head under the knife is enough, Brother Turgut. Do as I said. Brothers, do not forget. God is the biggest of the game breakers. Take care of yourselves. Allahuakhbar. Allahuakhbar. Do we have permission, Gumustekin Bey? Kaya, come in. Is there any news about Tugtekin Bey? There is not, Bey. We scoured the earth for him and looked everywhere but could not find a trace or his dead body. I wanted to inform our Bey.

I shall inform our Bey. You may leave, Kaya Alp. What will you tell me? Tell me, Kaya Alp. Is there any news about my son? Bey, we did not find Tugtekin Bey. You could not find him dead or alive, right? Tell me, Kaya Alp. Say it. Is it befitting for my Alps to make black earth his eternal bed before he could marry his sweetheart? Why did you return while the earth takes in his young body like rain water? Does it suit you to abandon my son’s dead body to the beaks of ravens and to the teeth of hyenas? Bey. Bey. Bey. Move here. Find him! It is alright, Kaya Alp, you may leave. Brother, where is he? I do not want to see the Kayi tribe anymore. They must leave here. They must. After I recover from this damnation if I see them here I will kill them, all of them. I want all of them to get out of here. It is all my fault. If I did not tell Tugtekin where Ertugrul was now It is not your fault, Gokce.

You did the right thing. The judgment is on God’s hands. We want the killer of our Bey! We want justice! We want justice! We want justice! Mother! Dodurga Alps are coming here. They are all angry and they have their swords. Mother. Korkut Bey is dying. He cannot endure this pain. Ertugrul did not only kill Tugtekin, he killed Korkut Bey, too. We want justice! We want justice! Take your swords. If a need arises, defend yourself. Quickly. We want justice! We want the killer of our Bey! We want justice! What is this uproar, brother? Some people must be restless. We want the killer of our Bey! Father. Aunt. Dodurga Alps are heading for Mother Hayme’s marquee. What? Is it those dogs’ duty to secure the justice? Father, what we will do? Gundogdu anticipated this and he positioned Kayi Alps around the marquee. Blood will be shed, father. Everything will be ruined. What shall we do, brother? You cannot allow it. We want justice! Stop! My brothers, stop! My Alps! My brothers! Do not break our brotherhood by violating our mores. It is time to rise up! Unless the betrayers die there is no peace for us in this tribe! Keep out of our way, Artuk! Fine words butter no parsnips! It is time to punish! Move, Alps! We want justice! The dog which is soon to die. We want the killer of our Bey! We want justice! We want the killer of our Bey! We want the killer of our Bey! You shall answer for it! Mother Hayme, come here! You shall answer for it, too. Mother. Please, have you gone mad? Mother.

You shall not deal with a few trifling Alps. I shall go there and talk to them. I have informed Alps, they are all ready to combat. We want justice! Mother Hayme, come here. We want the killer of our Bey! Son. My children. Do you not hear that? They want my head. They hold me responsible for their Bey’s death as much as Ertugrul. No more blood shall be shed. Move aside. Mother. You cannot do such thing. We cannot know what this crowd would do. We want justice! We want the killer of our Bey! We want justice! We want the killer of our Bey! If blood will be shed, it shall be mine. Not of any of my Alps. Move aside. Mother. Gundogdu! We want justice! We want the killer of our Bey! My God! My God! My God, what have I done? Will you make me pay for a betrayal or are you after a betrayal? Do you want justice? Or do you want brother’s blood to soothe your pain? How much blood will satisfy you? Tell me. It is obvious that you are looking for Ertugrul you think he is the killer. If the blood of your Bey’s mother will satisfy you and if none of our Alp’s blood will be shed, I am here! My blood is halal for you. Mother! We came here to ask for justice. We are after the reprisal which mores promised, Mother Hayme.

Since onearmed Ertugrul came, all kinds of calamity happened to us. How many of our man are killed because of him? Kayi marquee has been the home of betrayal. That is true! We want justice! We want justice! Treacherous dog! We want the killer of our Bey! We want justice! We want the killer of our Bey! That is enough! Enough! Enough! Stop! Pull yourselves together! Will you add more pain into our pain? Just because your Bey died without a shroud will you make gallant men accompany him with a shroud? How many will you kill from your brother tribe to soothe your rage? One? Ten or 100? Will your hatred end then? What is this iniquitousness? What kind of a mores is this? Tugtekin is my son. He is the son of my Bey who struggles in pain in his marquee. I know well that we and Tugtekin’s brave Alps will not turn his blood adrift. But how can you justify revolting against your Beys without knowing anything or questioning? Know your place or you will not be any different than the killer of Tugtekin in our eyes. Where is Ertugrul Bey? I said, where is he? He has gone to the tribe, Halime Sultan. We could not stop him. How did you leave him alone? Halime, my girl, Ertugrul Bey will do what is necessary. Wild Demir, they are going to execute him.

Do you not know? They would not let him live there. That is a war, too, daughter. Sometimes a man rides against the army coming onto his horse even if he is alone, even if he is wounded. Ertugrul Bey will do his duty. We will, too. He shall go to the tribe and defend justice. And we shall go to Konya. We are going to bring about the bequest of Ertokus. You wanted to go to this war. There is no turning back now. If God permits, either victory or martyrdom. Come on now. Pull yourself together. We have a long road to Konya. All shall put their sword down and head for their tent. I said put them down! This is a headquarters’ matter. Go back! These are empty words. We want to take revenge of our Bey. The doings of these traitors is enough. Traitor! Ertugrul. Traitor! The killer came.

Traitor! The killer! Traitor! The killer! Traitor! Killer! Killer! Hell for all traitors! Hell for all traitors! Hell for all traitors! Hell for all traitors! Hell for all traitors! Hell for all traitors! Ertugrul! You are a tyrant! First, you killed my son now my Alp. Damn you! Mother! Mother. Mother. Take your positions! Mother! Mother. Mother. Take your positions! Mother! Everyone, tread lightly! Put your swords down! Unsheathe your swords! Korkut! If something happens to my mother you must know that I will pay you back. Slowly, Bey. Mother! In God’s name. Mother! Mother. You came to your tribe. I saw you before I die.

Thank God. I am here, mother. Do not worry about it. I will not leave you alone after this. Forgive me. Forgive me. Mother. Mother. Mother. Mother. Mother, do not leave us alone. Beys, allow me. Selcan Hatun, help me. Bey, please. Ertugrul Bey, please, move. My God, help us, please. My God, pity on us. My God, bless her to us. My God pity on us. Daughter Gokce, bring hot water. Slowly. Open it. God, what have I done? What have I done? I killed my sister. Settle down, Bey. While there is life, there is hope. Do not lose hope immediately. What happened? Could they not find my son? Send more Alps. They will leave no stone unturned. Do not worry about it, Korkut Bey.

We are looking for Tugtekin everywhere. I sent off 50 Alps to northern side. We had finalized all preparations to look for him at night. It is all Ertugrul’s fault. He could not find peace. I did not cherish my son as much as I cherished him. He killed our best Alp in front of our eyes. I shall kill him. Bey. You need to keep calm, Bey. First, we need to find out if Hayme is alive. Otherwise everything will fall. The arrow has left the bow. Either we take Ertugrul in or blood will be shed in streams. Bey? Bey. Halime Sultan, do not worry about him.

Ertugrul Bey surely knows something. Patience. Do not worry. We are going to go to take Ertugrul Bey’s custodial with the Alps. What custodial? Brother, we had many troubles because of this custodial. Someone shall tell me what is in this. Do not worry, you will see the custodial, too. We shall take the road. What will we do, my sheikh? You will go to Konya right away. Be quick. Did you feel the smell of Ertugrul’s carrion? I have brought you Sadettin Kobek’s greeting. Does he want gold again? Whenever he sends a greeting, I pay ten thousand gold coins. What kind of a greed is this? Do not forget, Noyan. If it were not for us, you could have not even come to Erzurum. What does he want again? Nothing. Ertugrul returned to tribe. We found out that he killed Kocabash. We are going to make him answer for it. That is good. We delivered you the wolf puppy in a cage.

If you cannot succeed this time I will make you and your Sadettin Kobek pay for it. You shall know it. Kobek never forgets the kindness and misdeed done to him. We will see. We will see. Kocabash. My faithful dog. So Ertugrul cut off your head. My miserable dog. Ulubilge, play. Play so that our souls shall be washed with the soul of mountains. Play until the moon sees our light and the sky shines. Alps of Ertugrul. When I see you always on duty like this I remember Tariq Ibn Ziyad who burned the ships. Do you know his story? We do. If I say we do, it would be a lie. If I say that we do not, it would be a shame. We heard of his name. And that is all we know, my sheikh. Tariq Ibn Ziyad. He was a lionhearted, valiant man of Islam. He was the conqueror of Andalusia, I was born there. There were many brave men who conquered the states and hometowns in history. But his place is different. The blue waters of Mediterranean did not realize that a new epic will be written when he took the road to bring justice to Andalusia. When he arrived the coast of Andalusia with his troops he confronted his troops. He shouted out to them. Andalusia would start a new golden age under the favor of his speech. What did this great warrior say to bring this new age? Soldiers who saw a lot of enemies in front of them wanted to turn back.

Then the great commander burned down the ships. The waters of Mediterranean warmed with the fire of his ships. They had no means to return to their hometown. So either Andalusia would be conquered or all of them would become martyrs. And the great commander said to his troops “the sea like an enemy is behind and the enemy like the sea is before you. Where can you run away? You have no choice but to be loyal and patient. Either your swords will bring the enemy, as vast as the sea, to their knees or the sea will fill with your blood.” How brave he is. Thank you. If you burn the ships for the sake of your cause you will conquer Andalusia and create the golden age. If God permits, we will see those days. These lands will live the spring like Andalusia. If you can manage to burn the ships, these lands will live many golden ages. If God permits.

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