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Be prepared like we may go to Konya in any minute. You do not think about me. I accept death or life since I am on same path with you. I have seen such brave ones but have not seen a person like you who is carrying two lives and still fighting with evil, Halime Sultan. May God clear your path. Do not talk if you want to stay alive. Come with me. We have everything that Sungurtekin spent his life in order to take these from Mongols, Wild Demir.

Sultan Aleaddin will see both inside and outside of the enemy with these. I cannot live with this embarrassment if anything happens to state of my ancestor’s Seljuk and to the things that Ertugrul’s brother had captured from Mongols after such torment. Do you have anything in your mind, Halime Sultan? I do. I need a paper. And some ink. Right away. Sadettin Kobek is certain about offender and the verdict of the execution. This will be over right after headquarters tomorrow morning. We will not waste any time. Right away. We must stop Alps of two nomad groups fighting each other.

He has killed my son! We may have bloods of others like my son on our roof! Let us have! If it is for justice, we all sacrifice our blood for justice! Where did you learn medicine? In Samarkand. You came from madrasa then? I have learned both medicine and rhetoric in the madrasas that Great Khan Tugrul Bey opened. How did you become nomad? I have become nomad and hit the road so I can help poor. There are a lot of physicians in the city. Nomad people need help. I have hit the road from region to region with them. Lucky you. Who is your master on medicine? Ibn Sina is my master on medicine. And Imam Maturidi on Rhetoric.

That Great Imam from Turkistan. He has brought great things to our knowledge. Those who benefit from it do not see it. And as long as Islam World do not recognize him they cannot get rid of troubles. Alright. If God permits one day we have a conversation and talk about Imam Maturidi. If God permits. Sure. Sure. His soul is leaving. My God! Is this the sherbet? Now. Listen to me carefully. Those two have something that belong to us. We will take it and leave. We do not want to hurt anyone. Especially while we have your wife and daughter. Nice. Take this sherbet pitcher to those two.

Take it to them so we take that belongs to us and leave quietly. You do not want a blood bath, right? Help us under the name of El Safi, God. My God! Help us under the name of El Safi, God! My God! Help us my God for the salvation of Suleyman Shah’s son, Ertugrul who has rebelled against cruelty for you. My God! Thank God. Thank God we have saved him. Thank God. Thank God. That is it. Okay, girl. Thank you. But, hide these well. I will hide somewhere that even evil cannot find. You do not worry. I do not, girl. You go sleep and I will keep watching.

Do I have permission, Bey? Come in. I came here to ask if you need something, Bey. No, thank you. This sherbet is on the house. You and your daughter drink it. Thank you very much. Have a good evening, Bey. You, too. Take it. Good night. Thank you, Father Demir, you, too. Mother. Mother! Ertugrul. Where is he? Ertugrul is safe. You do not worry. Mother. Get up. Mother. Come on, drink it. Drink it. How are you feeling, mother? I am fine. I am better now. Thank God. Selcan. Come with me. I was rude and rough to you.

I have disregarded your rights and friendship in front of everyone. I have hit you with my damn hand. I apologize for every single of them. Bey, you are getting too many burdens on your shoulders every single day. We all deserve happiness and peace. And you mostly. I know that, you will have it soon, if God permits. If God permits. Selcan. Yes, Bey? I want a child. I want my bloodline to continue. That is why I need to marry with a new woman. That is okay if you agree with that. But if you do not accept a second wife I will divorce you. Think it thoroughly and then make a quick decision. Could you not sleep? They will request to execution of my brother in the headquarters tomorrow. How can I sleep? Forget about headquarters and the execution. Let’s talk about you. Sit down. And also about my aunt. Now, I want a child, Ertugrul. And a peaceful home. But I could not find both with Selcan. I have told her.

I have told clearly. I have said that I will have another wife. I said that stay with me if you agree or I will divorce you. What did she say? Nothing. Ertugrul, they will talk about your execution in the headquarters tomorrow. And see our topic here. Whatever is the will of god, it will happen, brother. Correct. Correct. Do you have anyone in your heart? Who is she? Goncagul? How could you know it? I understood it while talking to aunt. My God! My wife and brother know the thing that I cannot tell it to myself. Do not stand against your heart, brother. However, do not send aunt to your mother’s marquee. She did not deserve it. And she could not take it. Actually,

I do not know how she will take another wife but you do not divorce her anyway. Sister. Forgive me. Forgive me. Brother. Thank God you are fine. How will we endure this pain, Hayme? Today my child. Tomorrow your child. Where did we make a mistake, Hayme? My son is not a murderer. He would rather die thousand times than killing a brave one from his own blood. Do you not know your nephew who you fought with against enemy lots of times? He has put his life into danger in order to kill that traitor Kocabash. He has come to nomad group and walked into so many angry Alps. Have you ever think why? Why? I know that I have committed so many sins so Mighty God punished me with this pain, Hayme. Karabek. Be careful with him, brother. He was there when Noyan got me prisoner. What are you saying, Ertugrul? While my hand was being nailed he was watching heartily.

My God! What kind of a hell this is? Bey. Korkut Bey has come to marquee to see Mother Hayme. You go, brother. It will be a long night. Do not leave mother alone. Almighty God. Forgive me. Forgive my son. Spare my sister and Hayme’s life, too. Do you feel guilty, uncle? Do you not, son? Which one of us is innocent of these incidents? Ertugrul? You? Hayme? It is now too late to find the answer, uncle. Decision that will be made in the headquarters tomorrow will make two nomad groups and state desperate. See the truth and be on Ertugrul’s side. They will not be able to kill Ertugrul, mother. They will not be able to kill him. I will not allow it. Mother. Mother. Mother. Do not move. Mother. Stop. Mother. Mother! Wait, mother! Mother! Midwife! Midwife! Call Artuk Bey right now! Now! Hold on, mother! Mother, hold on! Mother. Mother. You have matched each other very well. But the game is over now. I do not know what you have in that sinister head of yours but from now on I will show everyone how evil you are! Sister! Shut your mouth, Gokce.

You cannot see their spider webs that they spined around you. Get out! Move! Come, Gokce! Hanim! Forgive me, Selcan Hatun. What? Mother Hayme got worse. You should know that I have informed Artuk Bey. What is this noise, Aytolun? Is there any problem? Mother Hayme. Bey, Korkut Bey is here. He wants to see you. Let him in. Did you kill my son, Ertugrul? Mother. Mother, I will sacrifice myself for you. Please do not leave us. Mother! Mother! Mother. What do you want to know, uncle? Do you want to know the mystery of Karabek who wants to take my head by command of Saadettin Kobek and who is also came from Noyan’s table and stay in your marquee? My mother has paid the price of me giving you Kocabash’s head who was trying to destroy nomad group. So you also want me to ask for your forgiveness? Mother. I will not give my brother to hands of those infidels. You stay with us, too, mother. For the love of God! I am ready.

I am ready, Bey. We all are bound up with our death, Hayme. However those who live in this marquee are bound up with more. They are bound up with world’s state. Neither you nor someone in our blood have right to give up. Those battles which never stop will be always in our marquee. Neither you nor marquee’s women have any right to hesitate and surrender for any moment. Now get up and embrace your blessed pain which vouchsafed to every Oghuz woman. Embrace it as if it is your child. Embrace your pain with compassion. You must know that I am with you all the time, Hayme. Suleyman. You must lead our children and nomad group until that blessed time even world would go upside down, Hayme. The darkness which will cover the world will be enlightened by the light that will rise from this marquee. Bey. Bey.

Gundogdu Bey. Bey. Gundogdu Bey. Come on, Bey. Come on, Bey. Come on. Mother. You go outside, too. Call the midwife. In the name of God. I have told you that cur Noyan will not wait until summer to battle with nomad group. You have not believed me. Your son has paid the price. And now do you want to clear your conscience by blaming me? Tell me, uncle. What do you want? We are under attack! We are under attack! It is Mongols! Wear your weapons! Artuk Bey, do not leave mother! Cover the tent!

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