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This can’t be happening! God, no, Aykiz! Turgut, my son. Aykiz! My son. Aykiz Turgut, pull yourself together, son. No! You should be proud now that your wife has become a martyr. Let us lay her down. No. No. Turgut Slowly, gently. My poor daughter. This glory and honor would suffice you in both worlds. Hopefully, God will help you unite once more in his heaven. Aykiz, Aykiz, no, Aykiz! Turgut, son, it is alright. Aykiz! Aykiz! Henceforth, embrace Gokche who grew up an orphan as your daughter Aykiz. Would you, Father Demir? Help me, God or I’ll lose my mind! Bey! Bey! Keep calm, Dogan Alp! Keep calm. He’s survived many hardships. He will survive this one as well.

Do you hear me? Pull yourself together. Infidel Noyan was here. As long as that tyrant who did this to people is alive, we cannot be at peace. Mongols has invade everywhere with their tyranny. The fear of the Mongols proceeds their invasion. They don’t even have mercy for the ones who surrender. There are no traces here, Bey. Water! Bring some water! This is Bey’s. Bey! Bey! Bey! Bey! They killed Bey! He is dead. Bey! They killed Bey! He is dead. I have learned what the greatest grace God grants to people is. I’ve just found out it now, Mother Hayme. I’ve just found out! It is to be buried by his own children. But it’s my destiny to bury my own children. After my sons, now I’m burying my own daughter. We have traveled all these lands and we lost a life on each land we stepped on. My heart says, these lands which we lost lives and shed our blood on will be the home to our future generation. We have seen winter, Master Demir.

Our generation will see the spring. You are right, Mother Hayme. You are right; however I have buried myself alive into a hole. Unless death takes me, I will not get out of this hole. What other problems can I have, Mother Hayme? I buried my two sons and one daughter. What about your problems? What about your pain? How will you save our tribe from this darkness which has fallen upon us, Mother Hayme? While many people count on every word I say how I can mourn after my children, Master Demir? I have buried my pain into my heart. As long as our people thrive, I don’t mind suffering. We have temporarily settled the pregnant and elderly women in tents. What about our martyrs? The preparations for our martyrs’ burial place where the combat took place are about to be over, Bey.

After funeral prayers, we will bury our martyrs in the evening. Artuk, how are the injured? We’ve divided the prayer room into two parts. We are treating women and men there with midwives. Thank you. May you be blessed, Beys. As you know, we embraced our brothers, the Kayi tribe. We have not abandoned them on the mountains without food and water. We have dressed their wounds. What will we do, Bey? How far will this continue? Our duty is to stand behind them. We will help them and share their pain. The main issue is, what to do when the Mongol dragon attack us with full force.

Let’s think about that. Sadettin Kobek wanted you to know something, Bey. When the spring comes, Sultan Aladdin will gather all Oghuz tribes and attack you. Aladdin thinks he is cunning. The new world is ours, Karabey. After Genghis Khan’s children had brought China to its knees they will come to these lands, too. What happened, son? Mother Halime Forgive me. I was not able to bring my brother back to you. Ertugrul has become a martyr. No! Halime, Halime! Halime! How did this happen, son? They burnt him, uncle. They burnt all of them alive. Mother! Mother! Ertugrul will deal the greatest blow to Sultan Aladdin. How? If Ertugrul chooses to obey me he will become the ruler of Anatolia. However, his leash will be in my hands. And we will bring Aladdin to his knees. Noyan, they brought Ertugrul.

Tie him up. Get this girl ready for Noyan. Hurry up! My condolences, Mother Hayme. My condolences, Mother Hayme. My condolences, Mother Hayme. My condolences, Halime. My condolences, Baci Hayme. Before he embarked on his expedition, I told my man that may no stone touch his feet, may no wind hurt his body. However, I was told that even if no stone touched him, no wind hurt him they still burnt him alive. None of us can be at peace unless we avenge Ertuğrul. Rest assured, daughter. He is not only my sister Hayme’s son. Ertugrul was my son, too. If I do not avenge him, I cannot live with this shame. Do not be scared. Fear does not look good on your beautiful eyes. If you want that girl to live, do not cause any trouble during dinner.

If Noyan vents his anger on her, you will be sorry for that. Welcome to my shrine, Ertugrul. Enjoy your meal! So you are the gallant man who defeated the Templars, became friends with the Ameer of Aleppo, Al Aziz, have bonds with Seljuk Empire through marriage and who spilled my brave warriors’ blood mercilessly. So you are the ignoble man who rapes women, kills babies in their cradle and boasts about it. You are right, Ertugrul.

We are the fire of the moor. Once the moor catches fire, it burns for days. It throws the baby out with the bathwater. We are establishing the biggest state the world has seen. Genghis Khan conquered half of the world. We will conquer the rest. What is a few corpses in such a sacred cause? Your empire is like a fruitless tree. You will be chopped down. The sun will blight you and you will disappear. People will only remember your cruelty. And then the state you had founded will attack here and there and bite itself just like rabid dogs. I hope that your Mother Hayme, your bother Gundogdu and your wife Halime will not be amongst the ones those rabid dogs attacked. You have chosen a warrior wife just like yourself. We found out that she escaped us and took shelter in Korkut’s nomad tent. But it does not matter. Halime Sultan from the Seljuk Empire will live just a few more days. If she is lucky, a few more winters. If you are our enemy, she’ll be a victim of this cruel war sooner or later. Your wife and all your beloved ones. My condolences, Bey. My condolences. Here. This sword is your child’s now.

God! Halime! Bring some water! Dear daughter! Halime! If god permits, this sword will become the voice and wrath of injustice in your hands. God bless. Come to the point. Why did you not kill me when you had the chance? What do you want from me? A strong warrior like yourself is more valuable to me alive than dead, Ertugrul. I can only be your angel of death, Noyan. For your mother, wife, and the children in your nomad group to be able to live at peace and serenity I want you to see the truth and be on our side, Ertuğrul. Be with us, walk with us. Win with us. Fighting dastardly and killing babies is not something to be proud of. But something to be ashamed of, Noyan. We live for our honor.

We found out how you caused trouble for the crusaders. We know you well enough, Ertugrul. Sultan Aladdin will certainly die quite soon. Then you all will be left out in the cold. I’m giving you a chance to protect your nomad group and the loved ones. You either take our ide and become our friends or perish just like all our enemies. Do not rush to respond to my offer. First, enjoy this food and wine, then we will talk at length. We have been fighting the armies of Genghis Khan since I was born.

My beloved ones died one by one. Including my brother, Sungur Tekin. Now you are talking about friendship. As long as I live, we will never become friends. Sungur Tekin He is one of the finest and smartest warriors I have ever seen. He proved that by becoming one of us. Now he is fighting by Ogeday’s side and proving everyone how courageous he is. You are both a vile warrior and a vile liar. You will see whether if I am lying or not soon enough, Ertugrul. Sungur Tekin will come here in spring with the Mongol troops. Now, go and think about what I have said. If you want me to believe that you still have a hint of humanity let the girl stay with me. Enough! Stop beating him!

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