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What comes from God, returns to God. What comes from God, returns to God. Protect us with thy name, God. Return to God. Long live, Ertugrul Bey! Murderer! Let me go! Stop it! Long live, Ertugrul Bey! What is happening to you? The cave looks eerie, Noyan. Do not enter. Geyikli drew them away from us, my Sheikh. May God help him. Thank you. Who are you? Where am I? Where are you taking me? If God permits, we are on a journey to unseal hearts, son. Are we going to make it in time, my Sheikh? May Hizir help us. I hope.

Murderer! Shame on you! Murderer! Murderer! Damn you! You are nothing but a murderer! Justice will be served! Your judgement is near! Murderer! You will suffer! Murderer! Murderer! Shame on you! Long live Ertugrul Bey! Murderer! Justice will be served! You will suffer, Ertugrul! May God help us. It seems Korkut Bey did not left anything to chance. Looks like they want my brother’s head. What do you think? They say that Ertugrul is responsible for what happened last night. They are furious because Ertugrul’s situation weakened the two nomad groups. Do I have your permission, Korkut Bey? Permission belongs to justice.

Let there be justice. Let God’s justice be served. Proceed. Brave sons of Oghuz. Mighty Beys of Kayi and Dodurga. We are beginning the trial of Suleyman Shah’s son Ertugrul. For our tradition compels us to be just till the end of time. He is guilty of murdering Seljuk Atabey Ertokush Dodurga Tribe’s Alp leader Tugtekin Bey and massacring Kocabash, the Dodurga Alp. Tell us, Ertugrul, the son of Suleyman Shah. What was the crimes of your state to make you kill Ertokush? What was the crimes of Dodurga Tribe to make you kill two brave warriors? We will consult the Fiqh book regarding your case. Now you may speak. First you must know that I have come before you by my own will. Otherwise none of you would be able to capture me. I wanted to be here. So that the elders of my tribe would know who the real villains are. Stop playing with words and answer the question.

Your false justice is created to be the end of Oghuz Tribe. If you say another word, our justice will fall on you right now. Elders of my Tribe. Ever since the first day I held a sword, I have not spilled any innocent blood. I have stood against the wicked. Because I know very well that when a single tyrant stops breathing thousands of oppressed would rejoiced. Considering this fact how could I end the lives of Atabey Ertokush and Tugtekin? Eh? How? I beheaded the traitor Kocabash. Fortunately. Is it your duty to behead a traitor? If you blindly host a traitor under your nose, then yes, uncle. What are we going to do? How can this be? This is treachery. Impossible. He cannot do such a thing. Silence! This a trial, not a wedding! Do you have evidence of Kocabash’s treachery? We are with you, Ertugrul Bey! Long live Ertugrul! Kill the murderer! We will not let you take our Bey! Kill Ertugrul! Death to Ertugrul! Beginning from the lands of our fathers, I have made our enemies bow down to me. And defeated countless traitors.

He is right. My life has taught me the nature of traitors. Now, I say to you Kocabash is personally responsible from the death fo Atabey Ertokush. Kocabash tracked and fed him to the Mongols. Just as he did with Tugtekin. How did Kocabash manage to get back to the nomad tent, when countless Alps were being slaughtered? How did Noyan the Merciless, released him? Noyan wanted to make me look guilty by letting him live. He wanted the Beys of the two tribes to turn against each other. He wanted to invade Anatolia while Kayis and Dodurgas were at each other’s throats. If only, our only traitor was Kocabash. Karabek, who is sitting beside me is the lapdog of that bastard Noyan! This is treachery. Foul play! Insolence! Know your place! This is impossible! What treachery is this? The dog who don’t know how to bark will surely bring enemies to the nomad group, gentlemen. This dog, allied with Noyan and lay an ambush to the Oghuz tribe. When Noyan was nailing my hand he was watching with great pleasure.

This is treachery. Unacceptable! Is this true, Karabek? This scoundrel is trying to get away with murder. This man has who has sold his sword and tongue to the Devil is a murderer! And a traitor! He is trying to frame me and provoke you against the State. His words are empty. I have a witness. Do I have your permission, Gumustekin? We will learn the truth today, Karabek. Let him come. Do you swear to tell the truth, brave one? I swear to tell the truth. Sit. Ibrahim Yuglu, is the steward of the late Ertokush Bey. He has been on the battlefield constanly as a brave warrior. His father is an elite guard of our Sultan. Now he will tell us what has happended on the spot where Ertokush Bey and his warriors were massacred Traitors! It is I, Ertugrul Bey from Kayis. You are all murderers. Traitor! Traitors! You are all traitors! While my brothers were being slaughtered one by one this man, Ertugrul showed. He was furious and I was alone. It was impossible for me to take on so many men by myself. I had to flee with my horse. I swear on my life that, this is all I have seen. You are right, my man. I also saw you. I was there. But everything was over when I got there. I went there because Atabey Ertokush wanted me to be there. You confessed. You can no longer play with words to save your skin, Ertugrul. You were exiled, right? There is no way you could have seen Ertokush Bey. Stop lying. Go to your place. I have never seen you like this, aunt. You are on the edge, ready to explode. I conquered this old mans bed, for his marquee. It was still not enough, so I took his bride away. I have been tolerating him for ages. And for what? For Oghuz’s unity and strenght. I have tolerated him for the sake of tribes living in Caspian and the Euphrates.

I stood with my brother. For Gumustekin I would risk death. Just as you would, Goncagul. Tell me now. Is it really strange, that I am on the edge? Is it really strange, that my soul is on fire? Maybe Gundogdu was the man I have been searching this whole time, aunt. Unlike you, I would have laid with him happily. Not for my father. Not for you. Only because I loved him. Unfortunately, only a miracle can save us now, aunt. Our sufferings are great. But Gokce, my dear girl has a deeper sorrow. They took her man away before their wedding. We want justice for the dead Alps! We want justice! Justice will be ours! We want justice! They are framing our Bey! Everything is obvious. What more do you want to talk about? End this already! Swift justice is the best justice. The tribunal has come to a conclusion. Ertugrul, son of Suleyman Shah. For the crimes of laying an ambush to the Ertokush Bey and the massacre of his men also laying an ambush to the Tugtekin Bey of Dodurga Tribe and massacring him and finally beheading the Alp as known as Kocabash who has survived the ambush you have been found guilty. Ertugrul Bey is innocent! He is innocent! What is the meaning of this! He is innocent! He is innocent! Ertugrul Bey is innocent! Justice will be served! Don’t do it, Ertugrul Bey is innocent! Silence! Enough! We have given our decision. Considering the two nomad groups’ deep sensibility the execution of punishment will take place immediately.

Sentence will be carried out in front of the marquee. Execution will take place in front of the people. As the custom dictates, Korkut Bey will carry out the sentence and rightfully decapitate Ertugrul with his sword. No! Don’t do this! Ertugrul Bey is innocent. Ertugrul Bey is telling the truth! You cannot do this. My son is innocent. My son is innocent! Is there something you wish to say son of Suleyman Shah, Ertugrul? The truth belongs to God, Gumustekin. And about this devil here Even if thousands of Husseins would perish the ones who follow Ali’s path would never yield. Take away the prisoner for execution. Don’t do this! He is innocent. Our Bey is innocent. Long live Ertugrul! Long live Ertugrul Bey! Gumustekin Bey. Before the execution I desire to say one last thing. Here you go, Gundogdu Bey.

Have you informed Sultan Aleaddin about this trial? Long live Ertugrul Bey! Long live Ertugrul Bey! Long live Ertugrul Bey! They are going to kill Where are you Gundogdu? Our Bey is not a murderer! No! Long live Ertugrul Bey! Sultan Aleaddin loves and respects Ertugrul deeply. If he hears about this, we all will pay the price. We do not have time for this. Do you want to start a civil war, Gundogdu Bey? As long as Ertugrul lives blood of the tribes will spill. Wild Demir and Halime Sultan left for Konya to inform the Sultan Aleaddin about the matter. You finally remembered that your daughter in law is royalty. Are you use this as leverage? As long as you cannot provide justice, I will do as I wish, Korkut Bey! It is over! Ertugrul is a murderer! He will be killed. That is all. You are blinded by hate and vengeance! You all will pay the price! We all will! Hayme Hatun. Gundogdu Bey. I am also deeply saddened by the events. Kocabash’s death is obvious. After hearing the witness, my hands are tied. I will not wait any longer.

When Ertugrul was born, you were the first to hold him. When his father returned from the war, injured you took him to his father. Ertugrul is innocent as the day he was born. Don’t do this. Long live Ertugrul! Long live Ertugrul! Long live Ertugrul Bey! Long live Ertugrul Bey! Long live Ertugrul Bey! Long live Ertugrul Bey! He murdered my son! His death is my right! And I will claim that right! Korkut! Mother. Long live Ertugrul Bey! Long live Ertugrul Bey! You are making a mistake, uncle. Save your breath. If you still have some faith recite the Shadada. I bear witness, there is no deity worthy to be worshipped but God, and I bear witness Mohammad is his servant and his messenger. I am well, son. Go and do what is necessary. Just go. Do not worry Mother. Wait here. I will speak their language. Alright. Halime. Both Mother Hayme and Gundogdu are not around. It is obvious, they are keeping them inside. Help us God. Dogan. Bamsi. Turgut. It is time for battle. Defend Ertugrul, my warriors. Run! Dumrul! In the name of God! Go, Alps! For God! Mother. Go, save your brother. Run! Go on, son. Nobody move!

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