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You have no more patience left for me my existence, breathe and warmth in your bad, do you, Gundogdu Bey? I said that I will give you a son. I am pregnant with your baby. I will give a brave son for the nomad group and son of a Bey for Kayi. You will name him. God will decide his life. He will be the hope for the nomad group. His father’s pride. Selcan. Oh Selcan oh! Permission, Gundogdu Bey? Come in, Dumrul. Trader Efrasiyab is here, Bey. Let him in. Peace be upon you, Gundogdu Bey. And peace be upon you. Welcome. Thank you, Bey. We prepared the golds and they will be in the nomad group for a few days. Very well. Then you get some rest. Dumrul, take Efrasiyab to the guest tent. Welcome him in a suitable way for Kayis. Yes, my Bey.

Thank you, Bey. Do not worry. I have sealed my mouth and heart for the happiness of Bey until death. I will not step in the tent you live with Bey, so Bey can be happy and you can give him children that I could not I will not be a shadow to your home. But now listen to me very well, Goncagul. If I understand that you and your aunt come together and harm a hair of Gundogdu then I will kill both of you. You know that. And you know that, Selcan Hatun. Do not worry. I will give the peace and happiness that he has forgotten. I will give him children to make his family proud. I will him to remember his manhood again Selcan Hatun. How happy you are. How happy you are. You are playing with fire, Tangut. Do not you know what a big trouble Ertugrul is? I will kill him. Nobody can liberate him from me. How do you know that he will come here? If Noyan learns that you are messing things up You shut up, Karabek. They will be here sooner or later. And you will fight like a man. Or I will kill you like a whore in here. What an ominous man! Do not forget! We will make equal shares. But one of us draws a blank. And that will be Dogan brother. Stop it. We should make this work done. Come along. Tangut! Welcome, Ertugrul. We were waiting for you. Come and eat something. Enjoy your life before you die. You ignoble! How did you know that we will come? God help me! Speak now, speak! Tell me who is Noyan’s cur in the palace? Tell me. I did something wrong but you forgive me, Bey. Talk to me. Tell me who is Noyan’s cur in the palace? Talk to me Karabek, talk! Talk. Next will, it be you. Talk to me, talk. How did Tangut know that we would come here? There is only an answer for this. They knew of Abdurrahman’s intention. Let us save our brother, Bey. Noyan that I know will not hurt him for now. How will that be, Bey? Abdurrahman does not know what happened. Noyan will use Abdurrahman to kill me. You will be the most beautiful bride I have ever seen. We sacrificed ourselves for the future of Oghuz, aunt. But mostly, you did this. You had too much trouble with the old man.

If God permits, one day you will be very happy, aunt.

If God permits. I am proud to have an aunt like you. You should know it. I did not want to leave Bey alone on such a day. The needlework of your clothes that I knit one by one. Ornaments of your leather belt which is light of my eyes. You have everything that I bought for my man, valiant from Aleppo to Bukhara from Diyarbakir is on you. All is for your happiness. Thanks to God that they will also witness the happiness of this night. I am happy to hear that your heart is thrilled. I will send you as a groom from my bed that is poisonous as a snake sharp as a dagger cold as death to your new love, Goncagul’s bed. Do not worry, Bey. I hope you will be happy forever. I hope you will find everything that I could not give you love in my bed baby that she will carry peace in your pure heart with her. Selcan, I Go now. May God make you happy. I hope you will have too many children. Welcome. Welcome. Thank you. Thank you. Come on in! Is Tugtekin able to join us? Tugtekin is resting. You know he is seriously wounded. Come on in. Now we all are here. Bey, Artuk Bey wants to see you.

Thank you, Dumrul. I will come and see him soon. I wish you could come earlier and have a soup with us. We came here to have a lifetime soup with God’s permission. Our reason to be here is I am very sorry. I barely come. Welcome, nephew. Thank you, uncle. Come here. Welcome, Ertugrul Bey. Thank you. Our reason to be here is for a good thing. We came to ask for Goncagul Hatun daughter of Gumustekin Bey for Gundogdu son according to the command of God and word of the Prophet. That the pure and brave heart of Gundogdu Bey chose my daughter did not only make us happy but also my daughter, Goncagul. I want you to know that first. But such a blessed intention is not limited that these two young persons love finds response. It is much more than that. Just like our Suleyman Shah, from the deceased Bey of Dodurga nomad tent May our father rest in peace. May he rest in peace. May God rest his soul. May he rest in peace. Amen. Amen. If Hayme Hatun asked for this and I remember that beautiful day like yesterday. Today is such a blessed day. We can only wish them good luck and a lifetime in a same bed. I entrust my only child to Gundogdu Bey without any hesitation. I feel comfortable inside. May God do all the things. Amen. Amen. I hope they will have too many children. Amen. If God permits. Amen. Amen. Son, I hope you will be happy. I hope so too, mother. May God give you happiness. Thank you, Ertugrul Bey.

May God give you happiness. Thank you, brother. Good luck with this, brother. May God give them happiness, sister. If God permits. Good luck with that, uncle. Thank you, nephew. Good luck with that, mother. Good luck with that, son. Peace be upon you. And peace be upon you, Bey. Welcome. I am sorry to trouble you. But what I will say is important. Don’t mention it, Artuk Bey. Be my guest. I brought greetings from your friends who always love and support you. They said that Ertugrul Bey is in a blessed battle. He fulfilled the duty that he undertook years ago. Go and tell him that this brave man is not alone. What are you saying, Artuk Bey? I say greetings from the wise old man, Bey. You are one of those who is on duty. Thanks God. Where are they waiting? In Ahlat, the blessed city of Turks. Thank you. May God bless you. Amen. Ertugrul came our way with his Alps. I had to kill Karabek while he was about to tell Sadettin Kobek’s name. How could he know that Karabek will go? What will happen to Halime Sultan, Noyan? Send a message to Sadettin Kobek. Sungurtekin will not front Aleaddin. How could he follow Karabek? How did he know his way? There is a traitor inside of us, Tangut. He will give me Ertugrul just like he gave Karabek to Ertugrul. Welcome, my Bey. Thank you. This land is a blessed land, Bey. How could not I know that, Artuk Bey. I opened my eyes to world in this land. This city became our spiritual capital since the day we came to Anatolia. How many conquerors served here? And our Sultan Alparslan made his preparations before the battle of Malazgirt and gathered his army here. To take control of this city means to take control of the ancestors, Bey. Our ancestors built too many blessed cities. Samarkand, Bukhara, Tabriz, Rey. I hope that there will be a resurrection fire again. If God permits Bey. With the help of God. With 99 names of God who filled our hearts with faith. My valiant men from 24 tribes of my ancestor Oghuz. Blue sky above us and dark ground witness that Turkish cities are preparing for a great resurrection. What kind of resurrection is this when our union is broken and Mongolians are destroying everywhere? The darkest moment of the night is the closest moment to the dawn. Tough days will erase the laziness and dreadfulness on us. It will give us a new soul. 24 men of the Oghuz. Do not forget that the state is not in the stone buildings. State is the spirit of Turks and every Turk is a state. If there is a Turk on earth then it means a state for us. Thank you, Master. Well, what kind of way will we follow to get rid of this much trouble? Tonight, it is time to talk on it. Do not forget that province goes and tradition stays. If a nation loses its soul then it loses everything. Some of us must die so one of us can live. It will be the night to choose who will die and who will live. Now who wants to die for true order and who wants to die for God? To be a martyr is inheritance of our ancestors, old men. While time is passing, we do not forget to desire to be a martyr.

Thank God. Thank God. Thank God. Valiant sons of Oghuz! Then it is us to choose. Are you willing to do that? Thank you. Then you will die in the battle and you will fight. Brothers who will die in the battle choose your best fighters and when you get our orders fight with the Mongolians. Try to be a set for Anatolia. And you who will fight go to our lands and conquer new places. Now say your goodbyes. Good luck with your fight. Get plenty of conquests. Ertugrul, you stay. Ertugrul, son of Suleyman Shah. I do not want to break anyone’s hope. But you know that we are in a difficult situation. And I saw the courage of many heroes in your eyes. I am honored and happy. What do you say about the situation of Turkish places and Islamic world? This is a big test for us. Brothers are killing each other. And if we continue to kill each other the enemies will continue to rule. We buried our minds and hearts. We lost our minds. If a resurrection will start, we must first regain our minds and souls. Suleyman Shah raised you well. We will have too many conversations with you. If God permits. Now the place you will go is the next to Byzantine. It is a very rich and untouched place. Try to move your nomad group in there. Take a look there as soon as possible. I will immediately go. Now, good bye.

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