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My heart tells me you did not die, Ertugrul. It tells me that you did not leave me alone with our child in this world. Please, be alive. Please, do not leave me alone with our child. Cry, my daughter. Cry. Mother, may Ertugrul be alive. May he not have left us alone. So, you still show resistance. Let us see how persevering you are. Ertuğrul wishes to have fun. So let the fun begin. The Kayi tribe without Ertugrul is like a crippled person, Hatun.

I was the mind of this tribe. And he was the heart. He got into hot water. However, he managed to overcome all troubles. I thought he would come back this time, too. I thought no trouble could come to him. However, my brother is gone for sure, this time. For this reason, his child is our child now, Hatun. You shall take care of Halime. Not to worry, Bey. Bey Ertugrul has become a martyr. He was bestowed the most honorable of deaths. The Kayi tribe should recover as soon as possible. Everyone is suffering in their tents. If you do not exercise sovereignty, everyone will be scattered. We want two nomad tents to unite. This way, we can find relief for a few springs. There is no other way for now. However, being united has its own problems. Such as? The Dudurga nomad group is without a Bey. Bey Korkut is infatuated with Aytolun in his old age. Aytolun wants to reign the marquee. Even if she’s on bad terms with Tugtekin she is sure to have him under her spell soon, too. God, Hatun while we are suffering, how could you see all this? I’m just saying, Bey.

You should know your allies well so that they won’t become your enemies when it’s time to break things off. You are after the wrong man, Noyan. You can never persuade him. End this match! Tie him up! I said tie him up! Hayme Baci has been overwhelmed by circumstances. Moreover, the death of Ertugrul has increased her pain. Didn’t you use to say that we nomadic Turkmens carry our pains on our horses along with ourselves, Father? I was ruined with the death of my mother. And we still couldn’t manage to find her killer. But if I do not kill her murderer a thousand times I will live in shame. God! Come, Hatun, sit down. I think you do not need to do these things anymore. Find a helper for yourself.

Thank you, Bey. I have been thinking about it for a long time. Sewing workshop in the morning, and marquee’s work in the evening I get exhausted. Bismillah. Please. Father, what will your decision be at the headquarters tomorrow? I am thinking that two nomad tents should be united. How will things proceed? The Kayi tribe can rule the Alps. The Alps even fought with the Mongols. And our Beys can take care of the rest. Alright. My deceased mother used to say that if you need to make a decision always consider the difficult days first. It is not my business to interfere with men’s matters. However, if there is unrest between the two nomad tents just keep in mind that the one who holds the Alps’ power, will seize the power.

What do you mean? I mean you should be the head of the Alps. You should be the one ruling them. So that when there is unrest, we won’t get into trouble. I’ve brought you some milk, son. Do drink it as you wish. I am going to tell you the story of Fil Surah, son. It’s the Surah that tells how little birds defeated giant elephants. Once upon a time, Abraha the Cruel created an army made of elephants to destroy Mecca. When Abraha took to the road all the people of Mecca ran away for the mountains. While Abraha was marching towards Mecca with his huge troops suddenly, swifts appeared in the sky. It was actually a war between birds and elephants. It was a war between heretics and believers. The birds defeated Abraha’s army by dropping stones from their beaks upon them. Whenever you feel little and weak like those birds remember this Surah. It’s not always the big and the strong who win. God’s will decides who will be victorious.

May God be with you. Thank God. In which flames did they throw my greathearted man and turn him to ashes? Not even the sun was supposed to burn him. Not even the wind was supposed to make him cold. He would go, but he would always come back. Did death do us part, Aktolgali? Ertugrul became a martyr before he could see his child. It feels as if the blue sky has collapsed. The brave earth is pierced. The swords of the Kayi tribe will rust in their sheaths. Neither the hunting nor the headquarters will have an owner. He would not have left us, Aktolgali. And it would not suit us to leave him. From now on, breathing is like living in hell to me. Do not say that, Halime. It’s God’s will. We are mortal servants. May God unite you in his heaven. Will we unite in heaven, Selcan Hatun? If God permits, Halime Sultan. How is Halime? Halime will never be able to find happiness in her heart again, brother.

Hopefully, she will recover soon. And how are you, Hayme? Not a teardrop, nor a day of mourning. Until my nomad tent finds peace, I shall bury my sorrow in those mountains. Fortunately, Yigit and Dundar are not here to see our pain. What do your Beys say? I told them you invited them to the headquarters. They said they will come gladly. Thank you. What are you thinking, brother? They attacked my nomad tent last summer, Hayme. We had many casualties. They took half of the herd, too. They broke our wings. They broke our wings, too. To hell with them! This winter will be difficult for both of us, Hayme. Is this why you invited us to the headquarters as a guest? Not just as a guest.

I’d like to unite the two nomad tents. If the Mongols do not eradicate us, it will be our last winter on these lands. I want two nomad tents to be one so that we can survive this winter even if it will be difficult You will be a cure for the Kayi tribe with these words, brother. However, what would the poor and the injured in your nomad tent say? Winter is coming. And we do not have anything else except our pain to share with you. You have the best Alps of the Oghuz tribe. That is enough to help us.

I will talk about it at the headquarters. I wanted you to know that. Thank you, brother. If it was meant to be. Incompetent man! My horse became crippled because of you! I am not a blacksmith, Bey. I did my best. Forgive me, Bey. Bey! Poor man begged forgiveness. And he was given a task that is not his duty. Know your place, Alp Dogan! The ones who are in the wrong are punished right away in this nomad group. Otherwise problems will come one after another. We know our place from mores, and get appreciation from our Bey. Dogan? What is it? We are talking about Oghuz mores with Bey Tugtekin. Their deceased Bey Ertugrul could not teach them manners. We are in pain. I don’t want to be troubled with your bickering. You are right, Brother Gundogdu; however, they do not know their place. Anyway, we need to go to get prepared for the headquarters.

You do not have your Bey now, Brother Dogan. Do not shit where you eat. You will pay a heavy price. We have no price left unpaid, Kocabash. If the need arises, we will pay for it, too. Today I nailed the hand you swing your sword with. Tomorrow I will nail the other hand. Then your feet. Then finally, I will nail your eyes with my own hands. This torture will not end until you decide to obey me. What happened? What does Tugtekin say about his father’s speech? He agrees with his father, mother. He wants to be united. How about the other Beys? We will find out at the headquarters. What do you think? My words are not respected in the Kayi tribe, mother. Is that wrong? I remember telling you not to go to Aleppo, but you did not listen to me. We got into hot water. Right when we found peace, we set off again. I did not approve it. And we got into hot water again. From now on, people will learn to mind my words.

As for your question, I’d like the two nomad groups to be united. Otherwise we will fall prey to our enemies this winter. Also, we shall avenge those infidel Mongols. Or the pain of the people will not be soothed. And it is our duty to easy their pain. Excuse me, mother. Selcan, come, daughter. Yes, mother? Daughter, until the conditions are clearer, our Hatuns who work at the sewing workshop will help Aytolun’s women. We’ve already placed a strain upon them. It’s best if we make ourselves useful. Alright, mother. I will talk to our women and do what is necessary. Choose the best ones. Leave whoever lost their beloved ones at the battle alone. Allow them to mourn. We do not have the right to do such a thing. The best thing we can do is let them mourn. Alright? My condolences, Gokche Hatun. May God give you a long life, Bey Tugtekin. I know well what it means to lose a brother. Two of my brothers died in my arms.

Ertugrul he was more than a brother to me. I do not know if it consoles you, but whoever did this to Ertuğrul, will pay for it, Gokche Hatun. You must discourage the Turkmens before winter comes, Noyan. If Sultan Alaaddin takes this herd of shepherds after him and comes onto you before Ogeday finishes his campaign to China, you will be the ones crushed this time. Not to worry, Karabek. They will experience the most difficult winter of their lives. They will see that they cannot take shelter in their tents and live in peace as if they were in their mothers’ wombs. When are you planning to set up a meeting for me and Saadettin Kobek? It depends on your generosity. We Mongols are generous, Karabek. Saadettin Kobek is ready to meet you. The two of you will meet tomorrow. This quick? He’s expecting you at the Sultan Inn. So he’s expecting me at the Sultan Inn? Karabek, if you trick me I will skin you alive. Is that all? I was expecting more women. Most of them lost their Beys or sons, Aytolun, but they are the best. Your work benches will be busy night and day. You can bring the goods to towns and sell them before winter comes. As long as they are not under my women’s feet I know that you are all suffering. You have been through hard times. However, we are all in a great war. Our Beys are talking about our future in the marquee. And we need to satisfy the needs of our nomad tent. Before winter comes, we must manufacture enough goods for the markets in Erzurum, Konya, Diyarbakir. Our duty is as important as that of our combating Alps. We cannot stop.

We cannot regard it as a burden. We will only do our duty. Before winter comes, we must complete our work. Until your condition is clearer you will help my women at the sewing workshop. Am I right, Selcan Hatun? You are right, Aytolun Hatun. Our women will do their duty properly. Not to worry. If God permits. Alright. Say “bismillah” and begin. Go ahead, women. Go there and help her. Welcome, Hayme Baci. Welcome. Please. In the 99 names of God who created us with his one word and who fills our heart with faith. Bismillah. Have your say, Hayme. Mother? Mother? Uncle asked you to be the first to talk about the union of the two nomad groups. First of all, you opened your marquee and your hearts to us. May God bless you. They say each day has a night. Time flies. We know our enemy. That is why being united is best. I say, let us be one! Be huge! Be strong! Thank you, Hayme Baci. If two nomad groups unite, it will be easier for us to stand against the Mogul invasions. If God permits, Sultan Aladdin’s army will be here after this winter.

However, we need to survive until that time. Union is strength; however how will this nomad group be governed? How will we share the tasks? What does the Kayi tribe promise us provided that we are united? Not to worry. We do not intend to be a burden on the Dodurga tribe. As you know our sewing workshop burned down. But our dexterous women will surely build new ones. And as for the goods in our hands, we intend to sell them to buy provisions. The nomad group’s governing headquarters will gather at my marquee. But both nomad groups will settle their own matters at their own headquarters. It is true, Bey. The alternative is out of the question. It is true. Is that alright, Hayme? It is, Bey. I suggest that my son Tuğtekin takes command of the Alps. Is that alright? It seems you’ve made all decisions beforehand, Bey Korkut. And we shall agree with them. And it seems that Wild Demir underestimates my Alp skills.

How can you command them if you don’t have any Alps amongst you? Shall we start worrying about the seigniory before we avenge the blood shed for our brotherhood to become stronger? Let us not have a battle of words on the first meeting at the headquarters. Gundogdu is right. Let us not squabble. Let us not interpret one another’s intentions. We approve of Tugtekin becoming head of the Alps. Gallant Gundogdu from the Kayi tribe shall proceed with his duty for his nomad group in our nomad group, too. Is that alright? It is. Thank you. Now, it is time to take our revenge. It is time to show that herd of dogs who we are. Let us make the sun our spear, and make the sky our tent and attack the Mongols. That will be the sign of our union. Thank you, Bey. May God bless the Beys of Dodurga. Thank you. If anyone of you has something to say, speak now. Because we are on a road of no return. Keep that in mind. Anyone? No, Bey. No, Bey. No, Mother Hayme. May God bless the holy war of our Alps. Amen. May our union be blessed. Amen. May all evils clear away. Amen. May God bless us with luck. Amen. Now it is time to take revenge. Tugtekin, your duty awaits.

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