Dirilis Ertugrul | Ertugrul Ghazi Season 2 Ep-51 Written Episode

Dirilis Ertugrul | Ertugrul Ghazi Season 2 Ep-51 Written Episode

We shall begin, Ishak. May God help us. In deference to the name of Shafii. Are you ready, Bey? In the name of Allah! Dear God! Thankfully, you made me see my son before he dies. I am begging you, please have mercy on him. Please do not take him from me so soon. Amen. Amen. Amen. Amen. Mother. All our troubles will come to an end, mother. If God permits they will all be over, do not worry. Ertugrul. Halime Sultan. Come, Bey, you are tired. We should sit here. Ertugrul, what was Noyan doing there? He was after Sungurtekin. We killed all his soldiers with Sungurtekin.

Noyan could escape wounded. You dispossessed first his cave, then his soldiers and now you Sungurtekin from his. From now on you are his only enemy, Ertugrul. He will not stop until he kills you. I am also afraid of his anger, Halime Sultan. But not for myself. He knows everything about both marquees as much as we do. Ambission of Tugtekin, weaknesses of my uncle. And even our child you bear. Speak for the sake of Ertugrul’s child, Halime Sultan. If not, I will rip your bastard out, with my own hands! Ertugrul, there are also these things that Selcan told.

I know everything, Halime Sultan. Aytolun and Gumustekin both look as if they respect to you. They smile to your face but I see how much they beware of you. There are some things that are not pure. Selcan is also not aware of that. Do you think that Gundogdu can not accept it because he will marry to Goncagul? Whatever happens, do not leave Selcan alone. But respect to that girl whom my brother will get married to. When I am back, I would want to know everything. Ertugrul. I am going on a long journey, Halime Sultan. I made you a promise, Ertugrul. Whatever you do, you do it well. Even if you set off the roads that I have never seen before my heart is always with you. But this time is different. Not knowing where you are planning to go, really scares me.

I do not know what you are going to encounter. Crazy horses inside of me tell me that it is time, Halime Sultan. I hope that one day, those crazy horses will tell you not to leave Halime Hatun alone anymore. It is said that separation expands love, Halime Sultan. It is obvious that my heart will always long for you, Ertugrul. May separations not be in hearts. I am always with you. Our Beys showed the whole nomad group what means being brave. Everybody is talking about Gundogdu and they have Tugtekin in their hearts. An the bravery of my father. People are speaking mostly about him. He went to war with a wounded leg but shedded so much Mongolian blood, aunt. While everybody was expecting Gumustekin to return back from palace of sultan fustily thank God, he proved everybody how brave he is. Thank God. I have not seen hide nor hair of Selcan, Aunt.

She must have burried herself in her widow woman tent, when she was snubbed. You should know that, this black snake will not remain calm. She must be after something. Until we get rid of her, please do not dodge the column. Non of us will have peace until that bitch dies, you should know it. Selcan Hatun. Banu Cicek. You are all grown up now. God bless you. I have heard that you ride horse and use weapon like a man, right? I remember the first time you came to our nomad group with Suleyman Shah. You and Gokce taught me how to ride a horse, Selcan Hatun. So, you also remember those beautiful days. How can I ever forget? Your visits were making me so happy. We both grew up in the marquee of Korkut Bey and Suleyman Shah. We learned love and respect from them. Now it is time to pay our debts back to my martyr father without embarrassing him, Banu Cicek. What are you saying, Selcan Hatun? Our nomad group has fallen into a depravement like an endless swirl. I want you to help me in order to get rid of this malice. But do not say the things I told you to anyone else. Selcan Hatun, your words are scaring me.

Tell me what you are trying to tell me for God’s sake. I do not want anyone to see us together. I will wait for you in the meadow out of the nomad tent. I will tell you everything there, alright? May it be easy. I came quickly right after I heard what happened, Noyan. I have always appreciated your loyalty, Efrasiyab. Now I will ask something from you that is more important than anything else. What can I do for you, Noyan? Sungurtekin has a seal. You will help the sons of Suleyman Shah to bring that seal to me. I will do anyting you want from me but entering to the You will kidnap a woman from the family not the seal. You will bring me the woman. Then they will bring me the seal.

Whatever you say. Is my loyal cur Hamza still alive? In the morning, he will be beheaded by Gundogdu. He will die honourably. May spirits be with him. Now listen to me carefully. I will tell you how you are going to do this. Banu Cicek! Come here! We are in a blind hole. It is our duty to save our nomad groups from this malice. What are you saying, Selcan Hatun? I do not understand. How? There is a calamity that poisons both nomad groups in the marquee of Korkut Bey.

You are the only one that can help me to get rid of this calamity. What calamity? You understand who I am talking about, right? I am talking about the woman that Korkut Bey assigned you even to risk your life for if needed. How can you tell me this? Do not you have any conscience? How can you talk about Great Korkut Bey like this? Right. He is The Great Korkut Bey! But his wife is the curse of us all! The whole Nomad group, The Dodurga marquee of Korkut Bey I am telling you. She is going to poison us all! We have to prevent it! You have lost your mind. How can yo If you help me find what this Aytolun bitch is hiding in the marquee Enough! I can not betray neither my Bey nor my Hanim.

Do not ever get close to me or I will make you regret it. What goes around comes around, Hamza Alp. Dear God, I did so many bad things. I seduced too many valiants. My arrogance prevented me from seeing the truth. Please forgive me. Give me the opportunity to serve this nomad group, for one last time. Selcan. Come in, Halime. Welcome. Thank you, Selcan. How is Sungurtekin? Artuk Bey is still watching him, Selcan. They are polluting the nomad group of my father as they wish. They poison us with their endless ambitions, by laughing in our faces! Selcan. Halime! I do not need consolation, I need a sister to fight for our nomad group. What does it mean? That old woman, who killed her Halime? Why did she get killed? There are things both Aytolun and Korkut Bey are hiding from us. I know it. What do you think they are hiding from us, Selcan? As Aytolun could come to the marquee and settled there I say that Aytolun killed the first wife of Korkut Bey. Selcan, how are we going to prove it? First we need to find the necklace. Then we will prove it step by step. Now tell me Halime, are you with me in this? Yes, I am, Selcan. My dear sister! My dear sister! Sungurtekin must have a connection with Sultan Aleaddin. And also with Halime and Wild Demir’s leaving the nomad group.

What are they after, father? It will become clear soon. That bitch Selcan was right. Trouble became two, while it was only one. Arrival of Sungurtekin will not be good for us, brother. We can not move before we hear from Sadettin Kobek. When there are no obstacles left ahead of me being The Margrave sons of Suleyman Shah won’t mean anything to me anymore. They will only be details like an insect to smash or a bone to spit. As long as the news I am waiting for arrives. When Sungurtekin has been captured by Mongolians, I was so small. I do not remember neither him nor what has happened. Where has he been for all this time? What is his issue with Noyan? What kind of a relationship he has with Ertugrul, Gokce? I understand you, Bey. Both Ertugrul and Gundogdu are tough men. Now there is Sungurtekin too. I want the best for both nomad groups. You know it. I know, my Bey. If I do not know what is happening, I can not take precautions. Look Gokce, your home is my marquee now. For the sake of both nomad groups, tell me whatever you see or hear so that I can take precautions.

Do not worry, Bey. They are after spooky things again, father. I am afraid we will be in trouble again. After everything that has happened, you still do not trust Ertugrul, son. How can I trust him, father? He is lying us by smiling at our faces. There are things he hides from you, me, even his mother and his brother. Ertugrul is not a coward and not a betrayer at all. I know that. If I do not know your loyalty to nomad group if I do not know that your heart is as strong as your body I would say that, you are jealous of his achievements. He established a marquee within a marquee, a state within a state. Without being aware of these, how come you want to establish a seigniory, father? While your brother is facing with death where did this journey come from, Ertugrul? It is necessary, brother. Is it necessary? What do you mean it is necessary? You do not explaim anything neither to me nor my mother. I will tell you when it is the right time. What did you tell us on the right time now you are claiming that you will tell this? You said that you were going to meet with Sungurtekin instead, you fought with Noyan. What kind of business is this, brother? What kind of a world you are living in? How did you learn Sungurtekin was there? How did Noyan learn you were there? I want to know it not only as your brother but also as The Head of Alps of this nomad group.

This is my duty. But you do not say anything neither to me nor my mother. When you said you will obey me, this was what you meant? Is this obeying? When you are in trouble, you tell me that I am with you to death. But when it comes to telling something, you do not tell anything. Every step you take is a secret. Brother, one day I will tell you everything as it is. But today is not the day. Brother! Gundogdu. Enough already. Enough, son. Your brother is facing with death inside. Mother. When even I can not stand what Ertugrul is doing, how The Dodurgans will? What he does, with whom he competes with is not clear! Brother I will be back soon, mother. Do not worry. If you go and do not come back you will make me suffer like Sungurtekin did. If something like that happens you should know that you will cause my death. Because I am not strong enough to lose another son. Wait outside. Where is that cur Noyan? I do not know, Bey. Where is that cur called Noyan? I do not know, Bey. You are in his lodge for a long time. Do not you know anything about him? I do not know, Bey. The only thing I know is that I made a mistake. I only know that I want you to forgive me. Only God can forgive you.

But I will not! What about Sungurtekin? Your brother Sungurtekin? Yes, my brother Sungurtekin! I know that Noyan hates him, Bey. I know that he used to trust him in the past and helped him to raise with Ogeday and that later on, Sungurtekin became a spy for Sultan Aleaddin. Then Then Then? Then Then Did he speak? Did you learn anything about Noyan? No. Who are you angry with, Gundogdu? You should know that, you became a son to me. The world is not like it used to be anymore, son. The only thing cowards will do is to move to the lands far from trouble. But we do not have any other land except this one. Hundreds of people from thousands of tents depend on our words.

It is our duty to make them live. For the sake of both nomad groups, be careful about Ertugrul. It is uncertain wherever he goes, whatever he does. Undoubtfully he is a great valiant. But If he stumbles one day we will all be swallowed. It is time to go to Georgia Whoever wants to join, join now Manfuls join, not cravens Manfuls join, not cravens Manfuls join, not cravens Dogan Alp. I am here to say May God be with you. You brought victory and honor to our nomad group. Thank you. Whatever our Bey ordered, we tried to do our best. That is all. Your bravery is far beyond this, Dogan Alp. You are our prides.

May God let you have many more victories. Thank you. Excuse me. Does not the lover burn for the sweet one? Even If the sweet one started speaking. How can the lion sleep anymore? Leave me alone. Consider we are gone. Yes brother, let’s say that we left. Not that we will go anywhere. Will the fire within fizzle out, brother? You are right. Her coming burns like bellow, and her leaving is like coal. Good. Brother, finally you spoke. He spoke finally. Brother, the laundry is done already. Make the meal as well. We are inside. Thankfully, brother. God bless you.

Do I have permission, Bey? Come in! Sadettin Kobek sent you a letter, Bey. What is written in it, father? Sadettin Kobek says that all obstacles ahead of me being the margrave are gone. Why are you like this, brother? The thing you wanted for years is about to come true. But he also says that this will upset all balances. What does it mean? It means that everything is in danger. Is not there any solution? Yes. There is. Speak, brother. What is happening? Solution is up to Sungurtekin. On the seal he carries with him. Sadettin Kobek wants that seal from me. You were right when you said that Ertugrul and Sungurtekin were after something. Eventually, it even effected us. What are we going to do then? Until we came this far we have destroyed many homes and killed many men. Now we are on a road with a dead end. We will take this seal.

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