Dirilis Ertugrul | Ertugrul Ghazi Season 2 Ep-52 Written Episode

Dirilis Ertugrul | Ertugrul Ghazi Season 2 Ep-52 Written Episode

Bismillahirrahmanirrahim. Hang on, brave man. Hang on. Mother They are obviously cauterizing his wounds. It is over now. Do not worry. If God permits. If God permits. It is over, brave man. It is over. We have been praying with your father for years to see the three of you together. The day is today. Do not make me feel the sorrow of separation again. How does he flip that? I hope nothing is wrong, sister? We have a favor to ask you, Dogan. I hope he gets better soon, Hayme Hatun. I hope he gets better soon, Mother Hayme. I hope he gets better soon. Thank you.

May God bless you and the healers. Thank you. With God’s help Sungurtekin Bey is as fit as a fiddle. Those wounds are just like a wind for him. Do not worry. –He will be alright in three days. If God permits. If God permits. Artuk Bey. Thank you. Artuk Bey. Yes, Bey. I would like to talk to you. If it is possible, I want to know the situation of Abdurrahman Alp. Please. Come in, mother. They killed an old woman and took the necklace. And they are threatening me now. Why do you not tell this to Gundogdu Bey? I cannot prove that I was telling the truth without finding the necklace.

They will think that I lie because I do not want him to marry another woman. I cannot make them believe me. I went into Gumustekin’s marquee. I searched everywhere but could not find the necklace. If I find the necklace, I can prove that they are the killers. I need to go to Aytolun’s marquee and look for the necklace. I got a feeling that the necklace is there. Okay, that is also understood. But what do you want from me? We want you to speak with Banu Cicek.

What? Banu Cicek should find a way to get me into the marquee. While there is life, there is hope, Bey. We will continue to pray every day. Even if the mountains turn into a sea of blood Noyan will pay the price of what he did, Artuk Bey. I will not doubt that even for a moment while you are alive. Sungurtekin knows about the white bearded, Artuk Bey. He asks our help to remove the Oghuzs from Ogeday’s army. How will Sungurtekin do that, Bey? With Oghuz Khan’s seal. Does he have the seal? Yes. He wants to remind our brothers in Ogeday’s army who they are. If he can do that if we can weaken Ogeday’s army before they enter Anatolia then we can save our state without spilling blood, he says. I will do what is necessary, Bey. Tomorrow morning, I will go to Sogut. Lead the way for Sungurtekin when he leaves. Every new road will start a new resurrection, Bey. How will the fact that you will be near Byzantine change your and your nomad tent’s destiny? I also wonder that.

I went to many places but I never got excited as much as now. May God always keep you on the right way, Bey. Thank you. –My brother is entrusted to you. Of course, Bey. You wanted to see me, Efrasiyab? Are the goods of the rug house still loaded? The camel train will leave before it gets dark. Save the last one for the morning. We will take someone with us. You wait outside. I made you my Alp. I entrusted you with my life. And what did you do, Hamza? You betrayed us. I will take your head tomorrow in front of everybody. Whatever you do, you are right, Bey. But I have a last wish from you. Let my death serve you. The dog that is about to die speaks like you, Hamza. Bey, listen to me. What I will tell is very important. Shut up, infidel. Shut up. So, Mother Hayme wants to cheer her table up with her children. Yes. Sons, daughters, daughter–in–laws, son–in–laws

You cannot get a better chance to get the seal. I will take that seal, aunt. Do not worry. I know very well what you are capable of, Goncagul. I have no doubt about that. This ring is yours. Aunt this is very beautiful. It suits a woman like you who is young and beautiful. Remember your aunt, whenever you look at it. Mother My brother Sungurtekin will come to this table sooner or later. And look, you cooked his favorite meal with meat and bulghur. Maybe he will feel the smell and come. I am sorry. Bismillahirrahmanirrahim. Son Is Selcan not coming? Do not forget the promise you gave me. Sleep in her tent tonight. Sungur? Good appetite. I said I would not leave without eating the meal with meat and bulghur, mother. Sungur This spoon has been waiting here since the day you were captured. My mother never lost hope even when we did. Mother My dear mother.

Sungurtekin Bey. I want to get to know everybody here. But I cannot see Sister Selcan, brother. Selcan is fine. But she will not be with us tonight. Let me introduce you my fiance. Goncagul Hatun. My brother Sungurtekin. Come on, girl. Have a good night, Banu Cicek Hatun. You too, Dogan Alp. I could not sleep. I was worried Karanfil would get cold. You thought well. Night frost is tough. She is a nimble mare. What is it? Korkut Bey and Aytolun Hatun also told me that she was a nimble mare. You like them, right? Yes. Especially, Korkut Bey. He made a great effort for me. He made a great effort for me and my sister.

You would do anything for Korkut Bey and the nomad group, do not you? Why did you come here, Dogan Alp? Did Selcan Hatun send you here? No one can ask me to betray Bey and his wife. If I see you again I swear to God, I go and tell everything to Bey. Do you understand me? As he said, if there is such a bad luck in the nomad tent the resolution of this issue comes before everything, Banu Cicek. It is your duty for Korkut Bey. Dogan Alp, if you say another word Halime Sultan sent her greetings too. She wanted you to find the necklace of Selcan Hatun in the marquee.

You do what is necessary if you find the necklace in the marquee as Selcan Hatun said. I said what I had to say. Do not kill the messenger. Sorry for that. I thought Mongolians did not take prisoners. How did they take you prisoner, Sungurtekin Bey? Because I was very good with the horses. I took care of the horses of the family of Genghis Khan for years. So, is that all? It is not just that, of course. If somebody would harm even a hair on the horses’ head they would kill me. Thank God, you left those hard days behind and returned to us, brother. Thank God. Thank God. Thank God. Thank God. We eat my mother’s meal together with our loved ones in our nomad tent. What more can we ask for? I wish your father was here and saw that. This is God’s will, mother. Peace be upon you. And peace be upon you, Bey.

Still the same, Bey. He went there knowing what Noyan will do. He sacrificed himself for us. Wait now. Abdurrahman will wake up. Neither we nor he has the right to give up. Bey. Turali is entrusted to me now. I will raise him as a brave Alp like Abdurrahman, with God’s help. Turali proved us how a brave Alp he will be, Wild Demir. There is no doubt about it.

If you excuse us, Bey. Come on. Alps! Prepare yourselves. We will set off with the sunrise. Where are we going, Bey? To the lands where our destiny will be determined, Turgut. Selcan Hatun? If you excuse me I have something to tell you. What is it at this hour, trader? We have seen some flaws with the carpets when we were loading them in the rug house. What kind of flaws? I checked them one by one. Then I should tell that to Aytolun Hatun. Sorry, I disturbed you. Wait. You go to the rug house, I will come there soon. I am waiting for you, sister. I will wait next to the car. Gundogdu Bey? Gundogdu Bey. You looked like you were worried. It bothers me. I asked for permission from my father and came to talk to you. I would like to talk to you, if you wish.

It is cold, do not get cold. When I am with you, every winter is like spring, Bey. My problem is my nomad tent, my Alps, Goncagul Hatun. Is not that enough? My problem is to not show you any other troubles until my life is over. Shall we take a walk? Mister Trader? Mister Trader? Mister Trader? Mister Trader? I saw you were looking at Selcan Hatun’s marquee. Is she your trouble that you could not tell me about while we were walking? My pain started the first day I came to the nomad tent. You were an unimaginable dream for me, Gundogdu Bey. You were Suleyman Shah’s son. You were married to his adopted daughter. Do you know how much I struggled to rip you off my heart? That day you came and asked my hand from my father and now I do not care anything. Neither Selcan Hatun remaining your wife nor anything else. What about now? My heart is broken, Bey. Since I saw you in front of her marquee I am sorry. I crossed the line, again. One who loves, gets jealous. I am sorry, Bey. Have a good night. Goncagul Hatun. Do not forget my words. Selcan Hatun promised that she will be my wife until her death. And I promised to be her man. I know that. And I know you are right. It is just foolishness of a young girl. I am sorry. Have a good night. I have been dreaming of this day for years. Sitting with my family in the same table and same marquee. I do not bother if I die now.

Get some rest. We have so many things to talk about, son. You returned to your nomad group. Mother? I want to set off in the morning. Set off? Where will you go? You just came, son. Besides, in this situation I need to go, mother. Will you also seal your lips against us like Ertugrul? Secrets covered secrets, mother. Every covered secret is a new pain. And new pains are the messengers of new secrets. Which secret of mine would be an ointment for your wound? It will be salt for your wound. Not an ointment. Do not do this to me, mother. Let me keep my secrets as secrets.

Just leave them with me. You should know that I did not dishonor my father or my ancestor Oghuz. Know that and pray for me, mother. Get some rest now. Give me your blessing, mother. I hope I will return with good news. May God speed you on the way with Sungur. You have my blessing. Go fast, and come back fast. You should know that, our way is the way of fire and love, mother. We are the slaves who want to serve on this way. Beyond that is illicit to us. Give me your blessing. May God be with you. May God be with you, too. Did you get it? I got it, father. We went in with Gokce at dinner. I took the seal. Look. Very beautiful. Yes. Efrasiyab brought this from Tabriz. This is even better. Yes, it is very beautiful. There are too many things. Look what I will show you.

I am coming right away. Okay. It is time for being the margrave now. There is no turning back. May God let you succeed, brother. But what is this seal? It is the seal of Oghuz Khan, Aytolun. What are you saying, father? Will you give this seal that all khans and sultans sought after to Sadettin Kobek? Everything has a price, daughter. I paid the price. Now it is Sadettin Kobek’s turn.

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