Dirilis Ertugrul | Ertugrul Ghazi Season 2 Ep-53 Written Episode

Episode 53

Brother. Since he is going to leave, Dogan lost his mind completely. As he will not be able to see Banu Cicek, he’s like hit by a ton of bricks. I hope that you will also burn in the fire of love one day, Bamsi. You burn and understand how cruel the world is. Repentance, brother, repentance. Did you lose your senses? Repentance. Repentance. Brother, you speak as you do not know. I am married to my sword. I like my horse like my child. If Bey orders me to die, I will.

I fight until an arrow lost its way, a spear that is out of its range says “stop brother, your life ends here.” Every fight of ours is our bridal chamber, thank God. Thank you, brother. Tomorrow is the time to go, brother. Let us see what kind of fights are waiting for us. Yes, brother. Let us see what kind of fights are waiting for us. What is love? It is word of wild human. Brother, you know that I keep Aykiz sister out of it. I know. Let us sleep, brother. Thank God, we have Ertugrul Bey and we do not have time to think about our sufferings. Did you say something, brother? Have a good night. You too, brother, you too. Everything happened as Noyan wanted. If God permits.

Calm down. It is me. What are you doing here? Noyan will never leave a valiant behind. So you find a way to get me out of this nomad tent. You find it, so I and Noyan will always be grateful to you. They do not understand that I run away until the guards’ shift. You find a way to get me out of nomad tent. Welcome. Welcome, brother. Noyan wanted you to be with him and what he wanted has just happened. May God speed you, Ertugrul. Amen. May God speed you wherever you go.

I hope you go and come back quickly and be back with your loved ones. I do not want you to resent, brother. I will explain you everything as soon as I come back. I hope so, brother, I hope so. We are ready, Bey. Stop. Give your blessing, Bey. If fate so decrees, we will do business again, if God permits. If God permits, trader. We will do greater business together. If there are honest Turks who do business like you everybody get the best of it, Bey. Do not forgive me. But do not pollute the land with my worthless blood, as you said. Let me take Abdurrahman’s revenge.

How can I trust you after you betrayed me and your brothers so many times, Hamza? I want to bring Noyan’s head to you, Bey. If I die doing this, my blood will be my offering for you and the land. But I can give you more. There is another traitor in this nomad group, Bey. I do not know why he came here and what he is after. But be sure that he will be the one who will take you and me to Noyan. Who is this? Trader Efrasiyab. Till now, he brought so much information and so he hurt you and the nomad tent. If you want, catch him and his men and make them talk. You will see that I am right. Whatever you decide, I’m ready to die for it, my Bey. Give your blessing. Hamza, if what you said is a lie I will not wait until tomorrow and will take your head here. Just you know that. All I said is true, Bey. I will get you out of this tent tonight. You will go to Efrasiyab right away. You will finish the job that Abdurrahman has left unfinished. Did you understand that? I understood, Bey. Go away! I am with you until my last breathe, Bey. God bless you. Have a good journey.

Thank you, Bey. For my God, flag and sword. Thank God, I am one of those who are appointed for the duty. If I go back from this journey that I have for the sons of my ancestor Oghuz let me be harvested with my own black steel sword as immature harvest. Let the blue sky split off. Let the dark ground be pierced. Let my Oghuz father and blessed pavilion to be sue me in afterlife. Let Hizir Ata be my friend and Prophet Ali my sage in the way to the holy war. Let the journey to be ours and the victory to Gods. It is time to shear these sheep. Wool is needed in the carpet store.

Help with it, Shepherd Mustafa. With pleasure, Hanim. Thank you. Let us see about what Goncagul Hatun takes responsibility again. It is not easy to be a Hanim to a Bey, Gundogdu Bey. You will try to help in every work so the pavilion may have peace. What beautiful words come from your mouth. I say, at dinner time, let us talk to speed up the wedding issue. The girl’s house is the coquetry house. Pander to our whims a bit. Thank you. Bey! There is an issue. Alright, you can go. Is there an important issue, Bey? Hamza escaped from the trussed tent. Oh My God! What will happen now? What will you do? Do not worry about it. Of course, there is something that I know. Too much blood spilled for the seal of Oghuz Kagan, Aytolun. It seems that there will be more blood. What I really wonder is where this seal comes to Sungurtekin. Sadettin Kobek knows that he has the seal the seal must have come from Konya. From the palace? Yes, from the palace. From the hand of Sultan Aleaddin.

Sultan Aleaddin must have given the seal to Sungurtekin personally. When Sadettin Kobek learned that Sungurtekin returned to the nomad tent he asked you to take the seal from him. If Sultan is on one side and Sadettin Kobek is on the other you should be very careful, brother. Hamza escaped from his trussed tent. How did he escape? I do not know. His news just came to Gundogdu. Bey. You know that we will die for you. You know that If you excuse me, Bey we wonder where we go. Yes, Bey, we wonder.

We cannot eat out of curiosity. We are on the way from Otuken and we travel from land to land, brothers. Our only concern is a homeland where our nomad group, ancestry will find peace. The journey is ours and the victory is Gods. There is no meal for those who are not on the way do not hunt and do not look for the meal. I hope we will find what we are looking for. If God permits, Bey, thank you. Thank you, Bey. Thank you, Bey. What are we looking for, Bey? It is a homeland that we will breathe justice and liberty, Turgut. A homeland that we engrave our tradition, soul and case. The crazy little horses inside me say that this journey will not be like the other journeys we had until now. We will ride our horses for the future of our nomad group and ancestry. We will continue from the lands where the sun rises and to the lands where the sun sets. Did you say the lands where the sun sets, Bey? The lands where the Byzantines and Crusaders rule. God is almighty.

Peace be upon you. And peace be upon you. And peace be upon you. Never again! Brother, where did you come from again? Do not care about who showed up but care about who made him show up do not care about who came but care about who sent him, brother. May God be with the one who came and who sent. I brought you food so you would not be hungry on the way. Thank you. Thank you. Good appetite, brothers. Eat slowly you bear, it will stick in your throat. Mind your own business! You had a handful of brain and you fell in love and lost it too. Bey, if you excuse me I would like to come with you. The wedding day approached, mother. Your marquee will have full of joy. Your son, Tugtekin will make your descend to continue, God willing. Tugtekin Bey. Tell me, Bogac. Bey Hamza escaped. What are you saying, Bogac? How could that happen? I do not know, Bey. Confound it! Kayis made what they wanted to do again. They made nomad tent where passengers frequently stop by. Walk. Why did not you say that you will abduct Hamza and send him to Noyan’s place as a spy to my brother Ertugrul? Sungur. Ertugrul brother has a secret duty that he did not tell me or my mother.

I did not want to prevent him. That is why I decided to paddle my own canoe. And I send Wild Dumrul to follow Efrasiyab. Does Korkut Bey know what happened? It is just around the corner. Korkut Bey came, Mother Hayme. Send him in. How can Hamza escape, Gundogdu? He betrayed you and put you in a difficult situation. But how could he escape after we caught him? I do not go to bed with the snake twice, uncle. Know that Hamza did not escape. I let him to escape. I will send Alps after Hamza now. I want everybody, except those who are here, to know that he escaped. What is this situation, Gundogdu brother? Nomad tent became a place where passengers frequently stop by.

Let us have a seat. Is it time to sit, Mother? We found and brought the traitor who raised difficulties for our nomad group and now he escaped. Have a seat, furious man. Let us talk first. Have a seat. We are quite far away from the nomad tent. Let us get Hamza out. You did a great job, Efrasiyab. Noyan does not leave any favor without giving an award. Thank you. It was not easy. Stupid Gundogdu meddled with it. He went round but I got both of you out from the nomad group as Noyan asked. Traitor! This cur was also a traitor like you. How could you do this to your tribe, nomad group, tradition? How could you? You all will come to grief, you all! Traitors! Traitors! Traitor! You all will come to grief as Kocabash. Traitors! Look who I brought. Dumrul. You hide your skills from us you escaped from the nomad tent, Hamza. You talk like you do not know what Noyan can do for his soldiers, Tangut. The skill is not mine, it is Noyan’s. Tie them. Devils. Demon! Turali Alp. I think it is time for to be a man. What do you mean? If I will be a man that way, I would accept it with pleasure, master. Well done, good for you. Halime Sultan. I hope nothing is wrong.

Ertugrul Bey left. I feel bored, Wild Demir. Do not worry about Bey, Halime Sultan. He will come back, with God’s help. If God permits! Turali, what is this face? The issue is big, Halime Sultan. What is this issue? It is a shame, I cannot tell. Halime Sultan, you do your own business and we have something to do. All right, more power to you. Selcan. Gokce Hatun. Did you come to this tent because you remembered your sister? Since when do you protect my sister? What are you doing in my sister’s marquee? We had something to do with SelcanHatun. When I could not find her anywhere Do not you know that she is temperamental? Who knows what she is after? She is your sister, Gokce. Do not turn your back on her when she needs you the most. She needs her beloved ones behind her. Where was she when I needed her? Do you know that? Do you know that how she walked over me to became a wife of Bey and sit in the tent, Halime? You tell me first.

What were you supposed to do with my sister? Or do you want to do that my sister could not do once? Do you want to be the wife of the marquee and sway like you put on airs? Know your place, Gokce. What if I do not? Do you think that I do not know what you are doing? You put a dagger on my throat in my hardest, most desperate day. You bandied about Ertugrul Bey’s words from one marquee to the other. Mother Hayme was like a mother to you.

She did not keep you separated from her own children. She put up with your bad manners because of what happened to your father. But I am neither your mother nor your sister. If you do one more mistake, I will not forgive you. Vanguard of Noyan was dispersed by the raid we made. It is possible that Noyan asked for a reinforcing unit. It is true that the bigger attacks are waiting for us. You are right, uncle. After that he will attack more harshly. He will try to drive us from these places by harassing us. His reputation is shaken. A person is defeated to his own anger, not to a great army. The weakness of such man is their anger. It is necessary to excite his anger more.

Turkmen nomad groups that he overrode and also the nonMuslim community of our Sultan heard about the defeat that we caused to Noyan. The news about what we’ve done to Noyan’s curs has reached all the way to Konya. People are very happy. Fear of Mongolian left its place for hope. Thank God. Noyan will do anything to extinguish this hope. You are right, Gumustekin Bey. So; for this reason, while Noyan’s wound is still fresh I want to beat him in his den without we lose any more men. Hamza gave me this opportunity. He will learn where the cantonment of Noyan is. He will complete Abdurrahman’s unfinished blessed job. I agree with all of what you said. But at least you could tell this to us Gundogdu Bey. Cousin, the Alp is my Alp. And the duty is my duty.

I had to make an urgent decision and I did it. Both the sin and good dead are on me. You thought right. But I hope that Hamza will not betray you again. Uncle, let Hamza betray me again. At least we know who the traitor is. He will not stab us in the back like Kocabash.

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