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Episode 54

You attack to an injured man like a dog, he must scare you a lot. What is your problem? This is not your business, Turkmen. Kill him! Tell me brother, what do they want from you? Do you not still trust us? Help me. They will kill them all. My sheik, dervishes, they will threat them all. For God’s sake, please help. Who are they? Why will they kill? Tell me who are you? They call me Ahi Evran. I am a profession expert. We were traveling with my master Kirmani.

I remained behind in order to deliver a consignation to somebody. My sheik is on the road. Other part of these cruel will kill him, too. Who are they? You know that they are cruel, it is enough. For God’s sake! My sheik is in shelter ahead. We should catch him, brothers. Come along Alps! To the horses! They say Sadettin Kopek put someone on our tail. Enemy never stops cheating, we never stop being true. Instead of speaking about cheating of enemy, we should talk about truth, sons. Now, immediately we should get organized in each city. If we do not improve lands by science and economy we cannot make this place our home.

We need men from all professions. Each product we produce will carry our stamp. Each product is honor of his maker. So, we need to raise a group of tradesmen that are not doing any cheating. This is the only way we can get rid of dead soil on us. We work hard and gain much, we only use it for favor. Do not forget sons, we will be givers, not receivers. Come along. Help yourself. Nobody is here. Be careful. This way. From now on, your tongue and body will be useless.

Your eyes will work, they will only see our victory. Master! Take care of wounded ones! Master! Thanks to God. We still have breathes to take, son. Who are these valiants that we owe our lives? I am from Kayi tribe, Ertugrul, son of Suleyman Shah. Who are you? I am from Kayseri region, Kirmani. Tell me. Who is this? Selcan, wife of Gundogdu. Are you trying to sell me the woman that Gundogdu abandoned? Noyan, Gundogdu will not leave her. If Gundogdu will not come for her, I will feed my dogs with you. I hope your cave will collapse on you. Are you Noyan, Mongolian cur? This is not Kayi nomad group that you rule. Take this treacherous away! Let me go! Let me go! Dishonest! You were asking about Hamza, Noyan. Look, I brought him too. Come here my loyal Alp. Hamza, how fool you, Turks, are? Anyone can escape from your nomad group. First Abdurrahman, now you. Who will be tomorrow, we will see. Why do you think I fight for you, Tangut? Then escaping was not hard for you at all, Hamza. Tell me Hamza. How you escaped, I wonder. I sold out Efrasiyab. I told Gundogdu that Efrasiyab is a traitor. I said I am ashamed of what I have done to my nomad group, I feel guilty.

I said give me a last chance so that I can bring head of Noyan to you. Gundogdu believed me like a fool. Now he waits for your head with all eyes. Well done Hamza. You did what was expected from you. Well done. Look at that woman. I would not wish it on worst enemy. Even devil may fear of her. I also have a gift for you, Noyan. Above all. He is cur of Gundogdu. He put him on tail of Efrasiyab. So smart boy Gundogdu did not trust you and put him on tail of Efrasiyab. Dervish, give it to someone to pick up fresh ones. Thank you, Artuk Bey. Go now. Welcome, Bey.

Thank you, Artuk Bey. How is your health? I hope you are good. It is good Artuk Bey. Thank to you I got over it. You saved my life. It does not matter, Bey. We have not done anything. It is God gave you health, we just delivered it. So you have more days to see, Bey. Thank you, Artuk Bey. Ertugrul told me about you before he left. He said you know all the conditions. He said you can trust to Artuk Bey. Thank you, Bey. We lost enough time. I want to be on road for my duty. I informed whitebearded about conditions, Bey. After healing, we can be on road. They wait for you with seal of Oghuz Khan. Then, we go to road by tomorrow. As you wish, Bey. Cur of Gundogdu! You are a lucky man! I would separate your head from your body but you are auspicious. What are you thinking, Noyan? So Gundogdu declared war against us, we will give response to him! Now, listen to me carefully! Listen, so that you go and tell Gundogdu what I said! Oh Selcan Hatun, oh! Where are you again? Who are the ones that ambushed you? While human is in the right way there are many devils after him, son. Just a devil tried to trip us. Like I might be afraid of death as an old man. Why did they want to kill you? Because son, by killing us they want to destroy Turkishislamic guild we formed in Anatolia.

I have never heard of this organization before. What is your duty? Our purpose is to raise good tradesmen that will bring halal income to these lands. I completed my duty. I have been living in Kayseri for years. Now, I am going back to Baghdad, place I born. I put my groom, Ahi Evran to head of this organization. From now on, it will be mentioned with his name. What is your purpose exactly? Son, if you do not develop places you gained with good tradesmen it means this TurkishIslamic guild remains incomplete. Unfortunately while we were kept away from trade, occupational activities cruel that got into it had good profits. They want to control people with lucre that they cannot beat with sword. How someone can beat someone with lucre that cannot be beaten by sword, Bey? My dear young sons. They make it very well and you cannot even notice it. If a nation cannot raise its own traders masters, they will always be lowly. So, sons of this nation will work hard, gain much and compete with each other. But master, why does someone fight for a lucre? Eventually, this is an ephemeral world. My dear son, is not it the idea that makes us lowly? We cannot say it is transitory life and remain out of trading and be lazy. Never! First of all, was not our Prophet, our guide a tradesman? He raised within trading since his childhood. He worked for his halal food in many caravans.

We will earn, yes, but we will not be slave of what we earned! We will give what we earned to the poor. Well said. You lightened us. We travel everywhere but we did not effort on raising our masters and trading as much as we did in wars. I memorized your words. One day if I have a seignior I will raise many masters and traders. Thank you, valiant man. We owe you a life. Know that from now on first my groom Ahi Evran and all TurkishIslamic guild will be with you.

Know that from now on wherever son of Suleyman Shah, Ertugrul Bey goes they will always be with TurkishIslamic guild. Thank you. Thank you. It should be a wedding, that looks good on both Kayi and Dodurga. Two marquees will have two brides and two grooms. We need to invite all Beys of nomad groups that are around us. Joy of double wedding should reach to all tribes of Oghuz. What do you say, brother? We will do what Beys want for my unique daughter. This is my happiest day. I have a valiant son like Gundogdu. Thank you, Bey, thank you. Halime Sultan, you pull a long face. What is happening? I have not seen Selcan Hatun all day long, Bey. I feel worried because of this.

When I came wounded, I know that she was always watching me. But I have not seen her since the time I recovered. Last time I saw her before dinner. Then I have not seen her. It bothers me, Bey. What Tugtekin son and Gokce daughter say to this? How our beys want it, alright for us Mother Hayme. Mother Hayme, with your permission. Dumrul Alp arrived. He wants to see Gundogdu Bey. Send him inside. Dumrul! Bey. What happened? Noyan. What about Noyan? Talk to me, man, what about Noyan? Noyan kidnapped Selcan Hatun, bey. Dumrul, what are you saying, son? How can they kidnap my daughter, wife of Bey from nomad group? Tell me, how did it happen? I was following caravan of Efrasiyab. Tangut caught me. They blindfolded me and took me to a cave. Selcan Hatun was in caravan too, bey. Noyan preferred to send a message to you, instead of killing my, Bey. Send what? What message, tell me! What does this Noyan centipede wants from my daughter? Noyan wanted me to deliver a message but only to Gundogdu Bey, Mother Hayme. Come with me! Mother. Come mother. Tell me what does cur Noyan want? He will come to Gehenna Valley alone only with Selcan Hatun. What does he want from me as return to Selcan? He wants a consignation that Sungurtekin has. What consignation? He did not tell me, Bey. He only said that you should take it and go to Gehenna Valley. He told me that if you will not come alone, he will kill Selcan Hatun. Do not tell anyone about it, understood? Go. Son, what does this cur Noyan want from you? He wants a consignation that Sungurtekin has, mother. I have nothing to give to this dishonest man, except my life, brother. Your brother Sungurtekin?

I know Noyan hates him, bey. He trusted him once, helped him to raise with Ogeday and then Sungurtekin became spy of Sultan Aladdin. I know Mongolians do not take prisoners. How did they take you, Sungurtekin Bey? Because I know a lot about horses. I watched horses of Genghis Khan for years. Sungur! You are like your brother Ertugrul, Sungur. You are like a tree that draws a thunderbolt in a plain valley. You did not terminate suffer you cause on us on your returns brought new ones instead. Brother… Do not say it! Do not say it, Sungur! Gundogdu! Gundogdu. I was not able to be a good wife for you again. You were about to find peace I caused trouble again. I turned your world into black. If God permits you give your blessing to me, Bey. However, death is the best for me. A life without you is death to me. Oh Selcan! Such a bad fate you have. You are woman of such great examinations. Your existence is trouble, your absence is grief. If something happens to you… Snake! Do not get close to me. I swear, I kill you. My favorite two smells, blood and woman. Noyan! If it is understood that you got close to her Gundogdu will not give you the seal. I will not sacrifice you now. You still have time. Ulubilge! Animal!

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