Dirilis Ertugrul | Ertugrul Ghazi Season 2 Ep-56 Written Episode

Episode 56

Do you think that Gundogdu Bey will let you get away with this? Do you think that Gundogdu Bey will stay alive for another day? It is obvious that you are offended with what Ertugrul Bey did to you. You seem to have no idea what you are doing since you appeal to traitors. But my Gundogdu will come. He will feed hungry animals with your dirty carrion in this wild place.

Everybody’s turn will come. Everybody’s. First Gundogdu and then Ertugrul will die. But before them all, you will die! Tangut. You go and take care of Hamza. Listen to me! Everybody hide. Do not move until I order you to. Is that understood? When will Noyan come? You will see him when he comes. While my brother Gundogdu is saving Selcan Hatun, we should not idle. We must find the seal.

Since Efrasiyab did not take it, the seal is still in the nomad tent. You are right, Bey. But who else knows the secret of the seal in the nomad group? You know this nomad group better than me, Artuk Bey. Do you suspect someone, Bey? Tell me, Bey, who do you suspect? There is no such person. But the person who stole the seal is not the man of the Mongolians for sure. Nobody knows the secret of the seal except the inner circle of Sultan Alaeddin. Dear God. Protect our children and our nomad groups from any kind of evil. Do not withhold your help from us. Do not give up on us, God. We do not have anyone else but You. No one else but You can protect us from the betrayal in our marquee. Help us, God. What are you saying, Hayme? The betrayal is not only in our nomad group, brother.

It also entered our marquee. We do not know who to trust. Every day we are shaken by a new betrayal. What is it that make you tell these? We cleaned our nomad groups from all traitors now. I also thought like you when Ertugrul beheaded Kocabash. But I was wrong. Traitors are still running wild in our nomad group. A very valuable thing that Noyan wants to have so badly, but belongs to Sungurtekin has been stolen from my marquee, brother. Who does that? How could this happen? I do not know. There are traitors in our nomad group, …among us, in our marquee and our family, who are betraying us. Come here the smart boy of the nomad group. Come here. So Noyan? In which den you have lived in after your home demolished? Mountains and stones are my dens, you smart boy.

I heard that you have a second wife. Thus I thought you would not come but you turned out to be a man of honor. You did not forget about your first wife. Cut it short. Send the woman. First I want to see the seal. The time of fulfilling your longing is up. Hamza! Hamza! Hamza! Bray slowly, Noyan. Be a little quiet. You were a little bird… and now you think that you entrapped me? Is it so, smart boy? Tugtekin! Your wife is as brave as you. She gave me a hard time in my headquarter. Be proud of her. And be proud of yourself. But you both will die. Your honour is trodden, Noyan. I will teach you that… you can not do anything by kidnapping a woman from the nomad tent. You are alone like an old dog who got a kick, Noyan. You came to take your revenge, you furious boy? Is that so? It is just like that day. Like that day you did sic your mutts on me. My loyal cur, Hamza. You decided to bite the hand that gives you bones? Come here, with pleasure. Come.

You come first so that your commanders’ turn comes quickly. Ofcourse If they have the courage to fight with me without their horses? Hamza! My loyal cur. Stay out of this! Be patient, Tugtekin. Death of this cur will not be that easy. I will give him another chance. So the seal was an imitation, you smart boy? I appreciate you. You tricked me twice. But know that if you do not kill me now may the souls be my witness I will torture to dead those who are in your inner circle, in your nomad group and in your bed. Long live, Gundogdu Bey! Long live, Gundogdu Bey! Long live, Gundogdu Bey! Allahu akbar! Allahu akbar! Allahu akbar! Allahu akbar! Fetter this cur! Why do not you kill him now? I want everybody to see how this cur will die! Hamza! Forgive me. Forgive me. Do not tire yourself. Gundogdu Bey will rush you to the nomad tent. Do not worry. My mother gave me the name of that great man who served our Prophet. But I could not even be worthy of it, Bey.

I regret that too much. Too much. May God bless you. You gave me the opportunity to be a martyr. Give your blessings. You have our blessings. You have our blessings. You have our blessings, brother. Eshedu en la ilahe illallah ve eshedu enne Muhammeden abduhu ve resuluhu. It was so stupid of you to trust both Abdurrahman and Hamza. Now Ogeday will have a commander that he deserves. I know that you are all ready to sacrifice your lives for your ancestors, your tribe and religion. You are not scared. Because you are the brave sons of Oghuz. But everyday there happens to be a new betrayal in our nomad group. Traitors… materialised like a poisonous grass in our nomad tent. Now they also entered our marquee. I say that if one of you knows anything say it now. Say it now so that we can clean this poison from our nomad tent and our marquee. Mother Hayme, we grew up beside our Suleyman Shah and in your hands. We know only you and serve you. We do not know anything other than that. Sheik Ibni Arabi wanted me to stay in your nomad tent to serve Ertugrul Bey and you. I immediately come and tell you whatever I see, hear and everything that you need to know. But we do not know further than you. I accept your marquee as my marquee, Mother Hayme. If I hear something, it is my duty to tell you. Do not tell anybody what I said. Now you can go. Thank you.

It is for nothing that we have suspected them, mother. Then who will we be suspicious of, Bey? Who could have betrayed us? From the person who knows our smallest secret. I will interrogate everybody one by one until I find that traitor. Until we find the traitor among us neither we nor the nomad tent may have peace. No one else knows the secret of the seal, except Konya. The news came to the nomad group from Konya. Looking at the details it seems that… a person who has relations with the palace must have done it. Then, there are also traitors in the palace. We are in a big game. This place looks like no other place we have ever seen before, Bey. And we are not like any other men who has ever been here, brother. We are exactly on the border line. Those hills belong to The Byzantium Empire. We will cross the border line. Be ready. Yes, Bey. Yes, Bey. Yes, Bey. My great God, you let me see these days thus I will never die in regret. God help us. Amen, my Bey. Amen, my Bey. Amen. Human means honour. It means that we are the most honorable creatures. The most precious work of art of God. No man is superior to the other. We all are the children of Prophet Adam.

No one can change this truth. Then what for this injustice? Why are you drudging to those who act claim to be superior to you? You let them to steal your labor and effort. What else can we do? Thou; Children of Prophet Adam! My brothers and sisters! What is it that makes them nobles and you slaves on these blessed lands of God? They have been blessed. And we are barelegged poors. God created us like this. They are masters and we are worthless villagers. Children of Prophet Adam! I invite you to a truth that a humanbeing is not a superior to the other.

To a religion which people live humanly. To the path of a pure faith that no Arab is superior to a Persian or no Persian is superior to an Arab. What is going on here? We are working since the morning, we are eating and taking a break. There are Turks around here. If you see one, let us know. You? Do you want to say something? The church… When will the church let us be filled up like our noble commanders? How long will this torture continue? You are nobody! You are a worthless villager! Leave aside being filled up but if you want to even breathe with your family do not say these words again. Is it clear? Now everybody go back to work! Tell me about this good faith that no one is superior to the other, Bey. I will tell, brother. I will. You prepare some food, I will go hunting and be back. Whatever your order, Bey. Whatever you say, Bey. Come on, Dogan.

Our ancestors had said that the food made by a man in love would be delicious. I will groom horses and you show your skills. You, the bear of mountains. You come closer when there is meal. You run away when there is work to do. Come on, brothers. I will go and light a fire. Go along. Mother Hayme does not know what she is doing anymore. I hope nothing is wrong, Gokce? It is not good, Aytolun Hatun. It is not good at all. What I witnessed is just evil. She queried the Alps that she raised herself and even the dervish of Ibn Arabi. She is suspicious of everybody because of the consignation lost in the marquee. What she is going through is hard on Hayme. She lost her mind now. She make the people around her to pay for the shame of not being able to protect her own marquee. This is the thing that is bothering me the most. She plays with people’s prides. She thinks that they are thieves. Then you are lucky, Gokce Hatun. She has not thought of you as a thief and query you. I thought so too. But I was wrong. She said that she will question everyone who comes and goes to the marquee. All of us. We just needed for her to think that there are thieves in our marquee.

There is still no news from Gundogdu and Selcan. Where are they? Everyday our suffering and anger increases more and more. Who has a hand in this, son? Hatemongers of Seljukian palace have a hand in this, mother. The enemies of Sultan Alaeddin. So why did Noyan kidnap Selcan to have the seal, son? Obviously, there are also some other benefits in this. Those benefits are right here in your marquee, mother. Who would have a benefit in my marquee? What a horrible trouble is this! It is obvious that someone in our marquee is under the command of our Sultan’s enemies. What are you saying, son? The only person who has a relation with the palace is Gumustekin. My son will marry with his daughter. I do not say anything bad about Gumustekin Bey, mother. We saw how Gumustekin and Aytolun fought when mutts of Noyan attacked to the nomad tent. Aytolun saved my life and Selcan’s. Whwn It is very difficult wvwn to think about it, I can not imagine fighting with them, son. Mother, I will go nowhere… without finding and cutting that hand which reaches to your marquee.

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