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You never give up, do you? Your brother Sungurtekin was stubborn as you. But he finally realized that I am right. Now he is one of the closest men to Ogeday. You are lying. I told you, if you obey me, I will bring him to you. You will hear yourself if it is a lie or the truth. I will not be your dog, Noyan. It is a pity. It will sadden me quite much to lose a precious warrior like you. My warriors are mad at me for not killing you. If you be on my side the blood of Turks will not be shed anymore. You can be sure of it. Noyan! Turks would go running to drink the sherbet of martyrdom. My patience is running out. If you do not obey me I can surely find another traitor. It is your decision. I have a lot to do.

I want to smash Kocabash’s face in but Anyway. Brother Turgut. It is said that you attended the headquarters, is it true? It is. Mother Hayme wanted me to attend instead of Ertugrul Bey. What happened, brother? What did you talk about there? Why did they gather us? You will find out now. The headquarters decided to take my brother Ertugrul’s revenge on that heathen Mongol. Whoever volunteers for this duty, step forward. Thank you. But first, we need to find the trace of Mongols. We are going to sent trackers to all lands. Abdurrahman and Hamza will scout from us. And Bogac and Samsa from us.

Do not leave a stone unturned. You will trace and return. And here, we will prepare the Alps who will take action. Go ahead, trot along. They are setting off to avenge Ertugrul. Something tells me Ertugrul did not die, mother. As if he will come back to us, soon. As if he would not leave his child fatherless. The two nomad tents decided to take revenge. They are preparing to scout. We are going to cause them great distress. Look sharp. Do not lay bare. Do not worry about it. What is the matter with you? The nomad group talks about your bravery. But you are waiting here, your face and heart in shadows. Tell me, what is wrong? Nothing. Come. Sit there. Something bothers you, it is obvious.

Tell me. There are two things which bothers a gallant man like this. Either he has an enemy he cannot defeat or he is in love with the most beautiful girl. Is it that obvious? Is this girl Gokce? But how can you know? I saw how you looked at her on the bridge. By the grave of Aykiz. At the funeral of Ertugrul. A fire fall to my heart when she came to nomad tent. I could not stop thinking about her. Do you want to me to do a kindness for you, sad lover? What? I can find out if she has a lover or not, for you. Either you will move out or my hand will stay there. Tell me. Does Gokce has a lover? Tell me, Ilgish. Your mother brought me into the world. She has many rights on me. If you know something, do not hide from me. How could I, Aytolun Hatun? How I can hide something from you? Gokce is single. And she does not love anyone. Why no men has attended to her all this time? Hanim, she is the daughter of Suleyman Shah.

It is not easy. She has two brave brothers. No man can dare to get near her. It takes a lot of nerve. And our daughter is a little coy. We embraced Kayi tribe. We did what would befit us, Aytolun Hatun. I hope they do not attempt to bite the hands we held out. No. Kayis would rather pluck out their teeth than to bite the hands reached out to them, Hanim. Hopefully, it is so, blacksmith. Hopefully, you are right. You had summoned me, Artuk Bey.

I would not summon, Wild Demir. Come with me, I will show you something. What did you find out? That she is a little coy. That men are afraid to come near her and that she does not love anyone. She is in great sorrow. Treat her tactfully. And I will do what is necessary. How could I remunerate you? You can start by calling me mother. Come. Go ahead. Did you bring me here to show here? I thought your heart may be willing if you saw the hearth that does not burn the hammer that does not meet the iron, the steel that does not kiss the anvil. We need you, Wild Demir. Not only for you are a blacksmith.

But for you are a warrior. For you are the finest warrior at that. You will make the swords which will pluck ignoble Mongols’ livers. I made many swords for many Alps, Bey. But I saw their delight did not last long. I saw my swords in their hands while the light of their eyes were fading. Last, I made a sword for my daughter before we left Aleppo. So she could protect her honor and life. She fought like Alps. She hit, cut and beat them. But she could not survive from burning, Bey. Now while all these are on my mind how do you expect me to put a sword between this hammer and this anvil? How do you expect that, Artuk Bey? There you are, jackal! What will you tell us? What are you? Tell us, where is Noyan? Speak! Let us make this dog talk! Go ahead! Uncle, we know that they are watching us. But we wanted to make use of this condition.

We placed our best Alps to every corner of nomad tent. They will lie in ambush and wait. Surely, we will catch one. Instead of looking for Noyan far away, looking for him around the nomad tent? If we catch only one, we will find out a lot. We sent news to four winds. We did not want to pursue him before we found a trace. You thought right. The dinner is ready. Alright, daughter. Please. I hope you will like it. I have tried all day but this is all I could make. What happened, Turgut? Bring water. What happened, do you not like it? Even those Templars did not torture me like this. The poison they gave me, is tastier than this. You think so? Go and drink their poison then. Wait, wait, wait. Wait, sit down, I am kidding. Turgut? Brother? In the name of God. In the name of God.

Welcome, daughter. Please, sit there. We are glad to see you among us. You need to bury your pain inside and be strong for your child, Halime. This is the destiny for the wife of and Alp. We are glad to see you at our table. Ertugrul did not die. Ertugrul was the bravest Alp I knew. It is hard to accept the loss of an Alp like him for all of us. But it is harder for you, daughter. Brother. We will put a plate for Ertugrul, from now on as we do for Sungurtekin. Tomorrow, the marquee of Kayi tribe will be established. Hopefully, we will see the owner of those empty plates there. Please, enjoy your supper. Bey, is there permission? Come in. What happened, Abdurrahman? As Gundogdu Bey said, we went to the field and lied in ambush, Mother Hayme. We saw a Mongol who was watching the nomad tent. Did you catch him? We did, Mother Hayme. Did he speak? Before he died he said Noyan will set off tomorrow. Where he will go, too. Tugtekin, make the preparations.

Halime! Halime! I know you are alive, Ertugrul. Until my breath drains away I will pray for you to be saved from your suffer. For you to you reach your child. Your father will return, son. He will. Do not worry. May God keep your path bright. Thank you, Selcan Hatun. Gundogdu. I have an ill feeling inside me. God is almighty, Hatun. We will go and return, if God permits. Take care of yourself. I am going to meet with Sadettin Kobek. Watch Ertugrul carefully, while I am not here. Do not worry. Are you ready, Borklu? I am. They say the hunter becomes the hunt. Let them hunt. Say my greetings to the hunters. The Alps are ready, Bey. They are waiting for you outside of nomad tent. Thank you, Kocabash. We are ready, mother.

May God help you. I hope that God will ordain us to take our revenge. Hopefully, uncle. It will be a vengeance befitting our ancestor, Oghuz’s glory, father. We will show the tyrants what is bravery, if God permits. Alps! May our swords be sharp! May our faith be strong! May Khidr be our guide and may God be our helper! Allahu akbar! Allahu akbar! Allahu akbar! Allahu akbar! I will return soon, Turk. When I return, you will either die or be my dog. The captive is escaping! Ertugrul! We are near Noyan’s route. Two people shall scout. They should be fast and talented. Abdurrahman, Hamza. Yes, Bey. Yes, Bey. You scout before us. You never know where these infidels will come from. We shall not be caught unprepared. Your wish is my command, Bey. Your wish is my command, Bey. Come. Bring me Gundogdu and Tugtekin’s head. No one will get out of here alive. No one! You should not tire yourself, Halime Sultan. You are pregnant.

It feels good to work, Aytolun Hatun. It is easier to wait for my man this way. Tugtekin and Gundogdu will avenge your man. They are both brave warriors. Ertugrul, what kind of a warrior was he? I could not have met him. Ertugrul He was really different with his friendship his mirth and sincerity. Ertugrul was the hope of our nomad group, Aytolun Hatun. Ertugrul had been our hope on our most desperate days.

Ertugrul was the one who pulled all of us out of the betrayal that surrounded Kayis like a wen. I heard that your sister was a part of this betrayal and then she repented. Gokce Hatun. Ertugrul is like your brother. I am sorry for what happened. May God give you patience. I know people like you well. I know well how you carry poison with your silver tongue. The sins you committed in the past has gained you big life experiences, Selcan. Stay away from our women, especially my sister Gokce and Halime. Curb your poisoned tongue so the winter can pass quickly.

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