Dirilis Ertugrul | Ertugrul Ghazi Season 2 Ep-60 Written Episode

Dirilis Ertugrul | Ertugrul Ghazi Season 2 Ep-60 Written Episode

epsiode 60

Commander. Those are men of that Turk. Do not approach, if not, girl dies! Dear God, you give plenty at one time. Kill them all! Kill them all! All of them! Halime, daughter I say it as last time. You came to my marquee. I understand it. You are from ancestry of Seljukian.

Bride of Suleyman Shah. But how did you enter to my intimate, tell me? I came to talk with Aytolun Hatun, Bey. This is the reason why I am here. Bey. Sadettin Kobek came to nomad tent with his soldiers, Bey. What? Halime Sultan. Rest for a while. Aytolun Hatun will come and see you soon. Banu Cicek, look after Halime Sultan. Leave marquee of Bey right now! Why did you help me? Halime Sultan, I show respect to you. Do not make me lost it. Go away. I had to lie Bey, all because of you! Why? Why you lied to Bey because of me? What is the thing you know and not sharing, Banu Cicek? I said go Halime Sultan! Go, if not things will come to a bad end for you! Now, Noyan is gone! There is only victory! There is your brother Tangut will take you to victory! Is there anyone makes an objection to things I say, if there is show yourself up like a man! Kill him! Kill him! Give his head to us! Kill him! Kill him! Give his head to us! Beys! People of Kayi, Dodurga.

Thanks to God, we made peace between two states. Today is such a holly day! But Ameer Excellency we know that exchange of prisoners are made between honorable soldiers and valiants. But this Mongolian cur is a murderer, killed our brothers, mothers and sisters! His punishment will be conducted right now in this pitch! Live long Bey! Live long Bey! Live long Bey! Live long Bey! Our Sultan Aleaddin Keykubat always thinks that mutinous of Turkmen Tribe comes from their nature, as their valiantness. He plugged his ears to statesmen and people that complains of migrant families accompanies brother and he always stand ancestry of Oghuz family. Be sure that I know this ignoble and his numbers better than you do. How cruel he is and how he murdered many women and children. But know it, we need peace so that ignoble people like him will not come again to lands of our state.

We need to exchange him with three of our precious commanders. For this dishonest that is not be a patch of one of our commanders I cannot let anyone to reject peace strictly. We want justice! We want justice! We want justice! We want justice! -We want justice! -Bey. Do not you see? We cannot give Noyan to you. We want justice! We want justice! Dear Ameer, Sadettin Kobek. Korkut Bey. Hayme Hatun. Noyan took too many lives from us. But talking about this matter in front of angry Alps, furious people is not right. I have always trusted to your mind and common sense, Korkut Bey. So, stop the execution. Discuss this matter in a calm environment. Sister, stand up sister, are you alright? Get up sister, get up. Because of peace condition I have to give Noyan and take my prisoner commanders, Korkut Bey. Unlike, more valiant will be murdered and destroyed. Peace will be a dream in these lands. We will think about this matter out. What will you think out, Korkut Bey? This murdered will not get out of my nomad group freely. We will not let it happen. Will we revolt against the state we fight for? Hayme, we should discuss on this matter in your marquee.

I will accommodate with my soldiers in caravansary. I will wait for your propitious news. If God permits, you will be in the side of peace and mind. Gundogdu Bey. Take this ignoble to trussed tent. We want justice! We want justice! Kill him! What did I tell you, smart boy? Did I tell you, you are unable to kill me or not? Your corpse will leave from this nomad tent, Noyan. You so furious boy, you are so colt and fool. Kill him! We want justice! -Kill him! -We want justice! Noyan knows about us. Everything about us. More he breathes, more danger will be our intention of taking margrave that we’ve been working for years. -Noyan is not a risk for anyone.

I will not jump on a risky path. Do not you still understand it? Do not forget about your duty. Do what is necessary for peace. Salve trouble of people so that I can take Noyan and leave. I will be waiting for you in caravansary at night. Bring the seal with you when you come. Do not tell me that you have not taken the seal from Sungurtekin. I will come to caravansary at night. The reason of vulgar expression on your face was this, right. -What are you trying to say, Sungur? Did not you understand why he was so sure that he will not die, brother? He knew about peace. Smart boy. Even if you knew about peace and Ameer Excellency Sadettin Kobek would come here you kidnapped my wife. You set me up. Such a damn man you are! If you think by hiding behind of peace you can save your people, you are wrong. My battle just began.

Sungur! Wait outside, brother. Ameer Sadettin Kobek waits for you in caravansary, Sungutekin Bey. Souls always support the strong one, smart boy. Peace is for cowards. The one who settles peace lose courage and spirit. Peace is a game to cheat weak ones. Eventually, one day it will be over. You will find me standing against you then. I will do everything I can not to let you go from this nomad tent, Noyan! Do your best! I will cause to your extinction! I will not die before I take child of Ertugrul from womb of his mother! We killed crusaders and saved people, Bey. Thank you. God bless you. -Amen. -As you see Ertugrul Bey. These fertile lands and people under cruelty waits for a Bey that can save them. A Bey that can conquer heart of these people and lands. If God permits, when the time comes you come and settle here with your glorious Kayi nomad group and with your valiant men. If God permits, Dervish Mahmut. Bey your hand. Thanks to God, it healed, Turgut.

Praise be! Air and water of this place came good to us, Bey. Everything about here is fertile, Bey. Crusaders comes here like a rain. As Dervish Mahmut brother said, I am begging you we should not be late to come back to these lands. If God permits, we will be here soon, Bamsi. Dervish Mahmut. Yes, my Bey. What will happen to these people? Bad smell disperses quickly, Bey. From now on, their lives are in danger.

Welcome, Sungurtekin Bey. Finally I had honor of seeing you before I die. Come and sit. I was always curious about spy that Sultan Aleaddin Keykubat has eves only for. Who can think that spy is son of Suleyman Shah which known as dead? It is true that Sultan has only eyes for me. But someone from palace learned who I am. If he would not inform Ogeday about me I would be still on my duty. Duty. I cannot describe the passion you feel for your duty. But I want you to know that after you came to palace and told what happened you cannot imagine how many lost their lives. Palace is a fertile place for traitors so that they materialize. If God permits, you got rid of traitors! Even my family believed that I was dead for years. My mother, father, brothers endured with it. Except Sultan, no one knew about me at all. Until someone denounced me in palace. All lingered.

With the information you shared about Mongolians, we made peace, know it. I want you to know that I am grateful with the name of our people and state. Thank you. Because of being a denounced spy your duty is over. I want you to live in your nomad group as a valiant Alp. You deserved it. But there is a fall on your shoulder with the name of our state for peace. Be careful about Beys of both nomad groups.

Do not make them change their mind about being in the way of peace. Conclusions of it will be bad for everybody! It will be unpredictably bad no one can foresee it! For the benefit of state, I will do whatever it takes, Ameer Sadettin Kobek. With your permission. May God help you, son. Genghis Khan never left anyone behind before! Noyan did not as well. You cannot be a patch of Noyan. Tangut. Sadettin Kobek waits for you in caravansary. We will have a break in here. Halt! With you help, poor people got joyful, Bey. I hope same will come to other oppressed people. Amen. Brother, when I have a look on how poor these people are I justify prophet Kirmani.

Thank you brother. Brother, do you know what I say? Can we do trading at odd moments? Trading is not like using a weapon, brother. Why do you think in this way, brother? We can hold money with the hands we hold weapon. Eventually, there is no killing or dying. What kind of things you are capable of? What will you sell to people? Do not say it brother. I can clean around, I can kill non-Muslims and I can inculcate as last option. None of them makes money. In order to make money, you need to know about goods and what clients want, brother. And also bunch of capabilities are needed. Brother if I knew being a trader is so detailed I would practice on it in our free times. Yes, we do not know about trading, we do not know how to plant as well. But, we know one thing very well. Give the work to its expert.

If we become an ocean, all rivers will flow to us. If we have a home, we will take best craftsman artisan, traders and poets with us. We will make these lands as center of halal income. The main purpose is not to earn lucre, brother. It is earning in halal way and sharing what is earned. Lucre gets fertile when it is shared. Now, so witness me God we will destroy this savage system. There will be justice and order in these lands. Thank you, Bey. Thank you, Bey. If we release cur Noyan, he will win the war. It means we lose the peace. It is obvious. There is nothing else I can say. Gundogdu Bey is right. Our tradition says to be with justice, is not it? Will Noyan’s leave freely suite to our justice, father? I am sorry. It is possible that tradition, justice and peace may come together. But for this, execution of Noyan is a must! We suffered a lot, because of Noyan. We lost many lives. We cannot let him go like an innocent pigeon while we captured him by our own hands.

Even this idea makes me out of control. What about our Alps? In many battles, many Alps became martyr. Is not it being disrespectful to wives, sons fathers to people left behind by our martyr? Many Alps became veteran in numerous battles with us. How can we release this ignoble while we look to eyes of our veterans? Obedience to state. This is the only way out. What are you saying, father? Korkut Bey is right, Tugtekin Bey. We need to think with logic, not with anger. What are you saying, brother? Do not you know what he has done to you your brothers and mother in migration caravan? What do you suggest? We should let this ignoble leave? I cannot believe we sit in here and talk on these. Are you aware of what you are saying? Gumustekin Bey. Do not you have anything to say? I am ready to give my life in order to take Noyan’s. But we need to deal with this matter with brotherhood and facility. Road of facility and brotherhood passes by peace. For peace, we need to clean dirt and dust from our hearts. Dirt and dust are these, Sungurtekin Bey! They burned my daughter in front of my eyes.

They murdered our brothers and sisters. If we do not take revenge of them neither their souls will rest in peace nor these dirt and dust will be purified. You talk about not obeying order of state. Do you hear what you are saying? What a shame! I thought you will come and be in the side of tradition and justice. But I see that fear filled your veins. What a shame! Tugtekin! Tomorrow morning, we will run headquarter and decide on it. Yes we should leave justice to Beys of headquarter so that it is spoiled! When you changed like this, brother? I say Ameer Sadettin Kobek should also join to headquarter. So that he can see the suffer within us. Whatever our decision is he hears it with his own ears. Bey. I saw you are so furious… More he got aged, more afraid and lost his dreams. Now he tramples on his honor. Do not say it he is your father. All he says is to give Noyan back nothing else, Gokce. Nothing else. After my mother died, my father changed a lot. He is an old man what I cannot recognize anymore. Now, he is on tail of Sungurtekin. Gundogdu brother made a mistake with bringing him back to nomad tent. If you would be head of Alps you would bring his head, not himself. If you would be Bey you would not give him to anybody. Everything comes with time, Bey.

Everything comes with time. What are you saying, brother? Do not you know what he has done to you and your family? What about the things he done to Ertugrul? Of course I know, brother. But state needs to dress the wounds like we did. This peace will empower our state. What peace you are talking about, brother? Mongolians do not want peace at all! Do not you see it? They will attack again. They will attack after they gain strength. Brother, neither Mongolians want peace nor we can get rid of this Mongolian trouble. Bu sure that I am not that blind. I know the truth! I know the truth but I will not be a prisoner by surrounding anger. If Ertugrul Bey would be here he would not let this cur live. Whoever lives under shadow of this marquee knows that Noyan will not stop of killing. He even knows the baby inside of womb of Halime. His impudent, ominous, shameless pack know about our weak sides. They know about our love and respect to each other and makes trap to us based on these weaknesses. There is also possibility of losing the purpose like grasses smashed under cavorting of bulls.

You are right, father. Who faced up to what for this seal? You will get what you wanted from Sadettin Kobek. There is no obstacle remained for being margrave, brother. He is henchman of Sultan Aleaddin most reliable man in palace, Aytolun. If we consider he rushed his horse to take Noyan from nomad group. What are you trying to say, Brother? Obviously there is purpose behind purpose, Aytolun. Our part is not to be smashed like grass. Bring me the seal! I will take it with me and I go to see Kobek. So Noyan? What about him? It serves to my purpose if he dies. I know that he knows most private secrets. You, me, daughter my connections in palace, everything. I can understand it from his eyes. What else a man know that knows things between me and Sadettin Kobek. Bring me seal in the evening. Stop poisoning Korkut. After I talk to Kobek, I will make my decision. What if Banu Cicek would not come? What Korkut Bey would do to you? From now on, I will keep you out of this matter, Halime. You are pregnant matters like that are not for you. I am inside of it as much as you are, Selcan.

I will not give up! I am begging you sister. Do not make me regret because of telling it to you. There is something with Banu Cicek, Selcan. She knows some things, but she hides. She is stuck in loyalty she feels for Bey and suspicion that oppress on her. Our part is not to let it go, Selcan. Halime!

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