Ertugrul Ghazi Season 2 Ep-61 Written Episode

Korkut Bey went to Artuk Bey. He is giving blood. Do you have any other commands Aytolun Hatun? I do not, Banu Cicek. You can leave. People can pay their taxes with this gold. People who are in trouble can go to Seljukian lands and can build a new life there. If God permits they will come back to their land. God bless you, Bey. Thank you, Mahmut Dervish. We will leave early in the morning and return to our nomad group. We did very well by coming here. As I said, Ertugrul Bey, the person who will conquer this land will also conquer the hearts of the oppressed non–Muslims. He will not only rescue people from the Crusaders and nonMuslims as long as this valiant Bey comes with his Alps and enlivens this land. Amen. Amen. Amen. Why do you not tell me clearly what is going on, Ameer Sadettin Kobek? Do you not rely on me? First Sungurtekin, then the seal of Oghuz Khan and now Noyan. You got what you want. As I stated in my latter there is no obstacle left for a margrave. What about Noyan? How does he know everything about us? I removed the Mongolian spies from the palace, Gumustekin. The biggest trouble is that bastard Noyan. Do you not know that? He will do anything to use what he knows against me when he is free. Noyan will not be free for himself, Gumustekin. He will be free for the sake of peace. You will do best you can do in the Headquarters.

Leave the rest to me. Did you bring the seal? How can you be so sure that Noyan will not cause any trouble to me? We all saw what he could do for this seal. He kidnapped Selcan and was captured. He almost died. Noyan will not be able to cause any trouble to anybody. This gold is for your margrave. If anybody is against your margrave you will bring them to heel with gold. If anybody is stubborn, then you will bring them to heel with poison and if it is not enough then you will use your sword. As for the seal, this seal will open so many locks and guide us. Now, give me that seal. Now go and do not let the Beys of the nomad groups break the peace in the Headquarters. Do not forget! If there is no state, then there is no margrave either. If you show mercy to your enemy one day he makes you sole to his boots. If we release that bastard, you know what will happen as much as we do, brother. I met with Ameer Sadettin Kobek in caravansary today. Do not expect that I will endanger my nomad group and marquee on purpose. Especially for that palace bastard Sadettin Kobek. Mother Our state wanted peace and Ameer Sadettin Kobek came to the nomad tent to do what is necessary. The command of the state will be executed. No one can stop it now. When it comes to that bastard Noyan, our state will not give rein to him. You can trust my words.

He will get what he deserves when the time comes. Trader Abdullah is here and he wants to see you. Send him in. You wanted to see me Ameer Sadettin Kobek? Something happens to you soldiers when the war ends. You became like fish out of water. Do you not know that there is not peace for a Mongolian? How should I not know that? That is why I asked for you. What do you want? I will take Noyan from Kayis. You would be more pleased if I did not, did you? What did you say? Put that dagger back. Do not play the loyal soldier to me. We know very well that Noyan is a trouble maker and needs to be killed. Do not play with me. It will end badly. Do you know what I see when I look at you? A loyal soldier of Ogeday. Not a swag and undisciplined man like Noyan. Even if he knows that the peace is very close he put himself in so much trouble. He went there and gave his head to Gundogdu. If there was not a peace contract in question I would have been happier than you for his execution. Unfortunately, I have to take him from Kayis’ hands because of the peace. But I would like to work with you instead of him while a new system is being established. We will both make profit for the war tax paid to Ogeday. If Noyan lives, we both lose. What do you want from me? Kill Noyan and replace him as the commander. It will be a good negotiation. Kind of. There is no negotiation.

Kill Noyan and replace him as the commander. It is that easy. Why wouldl Ogeday make me the commander? I like smart men. Clearly, our partnership will be good. You did not answer my question. Because I have what Ogeday want. If I give it to you, you become the commander. What is that? The seal of Oghuz Khan. Do you have the seal whih is the death warrant of Noyan? What do you want in return? If you accept my conditions I give the seal to you but only if you accept my conditions. What are your conditions? How is that even possible, Artuk Bey? He talks about releasing that bastard who harmed his mother, sister wife and brother. Why does Sungurtekin Bey do that? The mind of people and the mind of the state do not work the same way. Wild Demir! I have no more words to say to you. And the warmth of my heart withered off. Forgive me, Bey. If God permits, other Beys will not listen to you in the Headquarters meeting and Gundogdu Bey takes that bastard Noyan’s head. He still suffers because of his daughter. I know that and it upsets me a lot Artuk Bey. Sometimes the price of truth is heavier than the price of wrong, Bey. He will stand behind his words, though. Thank you. I talked to Ameer Sadettin Kobek today. There is no solution other than peace. And we have to release Noyan for that. What about Noyan? You know that Noyan will wiggle. Of course, I know. That is why me and Ertugrul’s duty is to take precautions. I will do all I can, Bey.

May God accept it, my daughter. Amen. Thank you, mother. I spent a lifetime waiting. I waited for Suleyman Shah’s return from so many wars and my sons to get out of so many troubles. Waiting You have said that the fate of the woman of Kayi is this. And I came to this marquee lovingly as a bride. As long as God speed Ertugrul Bey. As long as I see that he returns to his child and nomad tent. I will experience the grief of waiting and the beauty of coming together with you until I die, mother. My beautiful daughter. Suleyman Shah told me when I saw him in my dream. Hayme, we will all die one day. But people living in this marquee will have more than that. Ertugrul! Father! Ertugrul! Father! Father! Ertugrul! Ertugrul! Father! Ertugrul! Father! Come on, sit down next to me. You went to various places, from the Caspian Sea to Ahlat, from Ahlat to Aleppo from Aleppo to Erzurum. In these places you go, you became the honor of Kayi tribe the pride of our tribe, and the flag of Islam. I just followed your way father, and I will do the same hereafter. The roads that Kayi tribe, you and Oghuz was on exile showed its light to you son. Be a follower of that light. Thus you can be a new hope and you can open the doors of a new world state for your descendants. The ones with you and behind you will be happy with the honor of this. From the North to the South. From the East to the West. A big oak tree with branches will be raised in these lands. Your son, Osman.

He will change our fate. He will take root of Oghuz in these lands. May your generation follow God’s order and make war. Do not forget, son. Child is the essence of a father. May God be his helper, son. Father! Father! Osman. Osman. How could you fall into carelessness and bring together the Headquarters for that bastard Mongolian? Is this fair? Everybody wants justice, son. But it is not wise to act with anger. You need to think. We brought the Headquarter together for this. The Headquarters? The Headquarters! You will hand that cruel man who killed so many people out with your own hands. Sadettin Kobek will bridle you and make you do what he wants. But I will not share your sin, father. I do not care about neither the Headquarters nor your verdict. Ameer Sadettin Kobek wants to be our guest and see what our Beys think. May I have your permission? He is welcome. He is welcome. He is welcome. He is welcome. He can come and see our pain and anger with his own eyes. He is welcome. He can come and see. He still did not understand our pain. Peace be upon you. And peace be upon you. May God help us give a right verdict. Amen. Amen. Thank you. Go ahead! Bismillahirrahmanirrahim. By the 99 names of the gracious and merciful God I start the Headquarters.

The furious boy caught fire again. He climbs the walls. He rubs salt in the wound that I made on his chest. It is not possible to forgive a killer like Noyan! Yes, we will not forgive him! Yes! We will not forgive. We will not accept. It is betrayal. It means to object our tradition and our religion. You are right. He is right. It is unacceptable to bring the Headquarters together for this. We elected you as the Bey so you can administer justice. Not to release murderers by bending the justice. My Beys! First they took my two sons and then my daughter from me. Do you want me to forgive this cruel murderer before my gravid daughter and my unborn grandchild’s body mixes with the soil? No. Neither will I forgive him nor leave him alive. You are right. He is right. Are you not ashamed? We had so many martyrs. He is right. You are right. Shame on you! Our martyrs’ blood are shed for a reason! Shame on you! God Almighty ordered in the Quran: “O you who have believed, enter the state of submission collectively and do not follow the steps of devil for he is clearly your enemy.” Artuk Bey is right. Peace is our state’s way. The way of the Mongolians is the devil’s way. If we enter this way there will be no return from that. It is obvious that the devil makes you talk. He makes you talk and you do not hear what you are saying. Wild Demir! Nobody wants Noyan to leave here freely. This is not the matter. My Beys! I did not tell you the truth when I came back to the tent. It is not true that I was captured by the Mongolians and took care of the horses of the Ogeday family.

I succeeded to become the best man of Ogeday due to my friendship with Noyan. As a spy of our sultan I lived within these devils for years. None of you can know Noyan, Genghis Khan and his sons better than me. All of your words are true. Not only to kill Noyan but kill them all is halal to us like our mother’s milk. But it is not about getting what we deserve. It is about surviving and protecting the unity and the solidarity of our state. Did you think that you can get away with attacking my nomad group and taking so many lives? Tell me, Noyan. Go to the ends of the earth, Furious Boy. Do that so you can sleep in your bed comfortably. Hit me, come on. Hit me so you can get rid of the worms that nibble you. Bring me to account for your body that I knifed like a goat. Right? If our state wants peace and it convinced our enemy to it it is for us and our state to live forever. That is why we have to follow our state’s command without being overwhelmed by our anger. It is our duty to be with our state in peace just like we did in war. I believe it is time to take the Beys’ opinions to solve this problem. On this way that is thinner than hair and sharper than sword we will raise hands for our desperation, though. For the peace of our captured commanders those who accept the release of Noyan raise your hands. I see that our Beys want the execution of Noyan. Either victory or raven to death. I wish my arm was broken and I could not raise it. Raven is already here for the carcasses. From now on, nobody should wait for me in this headquarter.

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