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Dirilis Ertugrul | Ertugrul Ghazi Season 2 Episode 62 Written Episode :

(The episode begins with PTV’

God is greatest! God hears all the prayers. God is greatest! God is greatest! God is greatest! God is greatest! May God’s peace and mercy be upon you. May God’s peace and mercy be upon you. My God, the light of heaven and earth. You are guideline. You are powerful. We snuggle up to you with all our helplessness. We appeal for aid from you and expect your mercy. God! The situation of Islam is very bad. Sedition and dissension captured all hearts. We forgot our brotherhood. We lost our sincerity. We became overwhelmed by our soul. We became partners with cruel. God! Forgive us. Clean our hearts with light of faith. God! Increase our sensation. Reinforce our sincerity. Reunite us against the cruel and enemies. Make us powerful. Make us resourceful. God! You gave us the opportunity to be people of Prophet Muhammed. Destine us to be martyr for this cause.

Do not return us from your way. Do not leave us uncompassionate. For your name’s sake destine resurrection again. Amen. Amen. Amen. I shahada I shahada I shahada that the God is the only One and Prophet Mohammad is his servant and his messenger. May God speed you, Bey. Thank you, Dervish Mahmud. May God bless you and your son. You helped us very much. Thank you. Will you come again, right, Ertugrul Bey? If God permits, I will come as soon as possible Edebali. If God permits, you will come, Bey. Thank you. Thank you. May God speed you. Thank you. May God speed you. In the name of God. Let us go to our marquee as soon as possible, Alps! Come on! Almighty Khan.

We give this non Muslim entered in our marquee with our own hands. But if something happens to one of my brothers marquee it is on you. You know that. Gundogdu Bey. You know very well that our state never forgets those who serve. Our state does not behave unjustly especially toward Kayis. Tugtekin! Stop! Tugtekin! How can you treat a prisoner like this? Does it suit a Bey of Dodurga in future to behave like this? To be a Bey requires destroying those who intent to kill our people. Not to deliver to their owner. Tugtekin. Headquarter gave a decision. We do not have any other solution than to follow that. I told you to kill me when you had chance, did not I, smart boy? Soldier! I told you, did not I? This is not over, Noyan. This is not over. Sons of Suleyman Shah will make you pay it sooner or later. Take him. Take. What did we do, brother? Tell me, Sungur? What did we do? We released the non Muslim who set his eye on our bread mother and sister with our own hands. I will kill Noyan, brother. If I kill him before prisoner chance then the peace will be excused. Our commanders’ token as prisoner will die in hands of Mongolians. So, I will kill Noyan after Kobek took and brought our commanders token as prisoner. I cannot let that happen, brother.

I cannot send you alone after Noyan. I have to go, brother. You know very well what will happen if Noyan lives. Then I will come with you, brother. This is such a way and I do not know when I will return or I will ever return or not. You are the head of Alps of both nomad groups. In your existence nomad group will fall into weakness. You cannot come, brother. What about my mother? My mother is a smart woman to know why I returned and why I went. Do not spare your prayers for me, brother. Kill him! Killer! Give him to us and we will kill him! Kill him! Killer! Give him to us and we will kill him! Killer! Kill him! Death for the killer! We want justice! Killer! We want justice! Noyan, the child killer! We want justice! We want justice! Kill him! We want justice! Kill him! Kill him! We want justice! Kill him! Killer! Killer! We want justice! Kill him! My son from now on the nomad tent is entrusted you. Wild Demir? Wait for me, Aykiz. I am coming to you.

Kill him! Killer! Wild Demir! Wild Demir! Kill him! We want justice! My great God. I know, you destine me another child. Destine me to grow him in my belly and raise him as a good boy for Gundogdu Bey. May God accept, Selcan. Thank you, sister. Halime. The night when Gundogdu Bey stayed here I had a feeling that I was pregnant. Selcan! If God permits. From now on, I will fight for my son not only for me. So the hope inside me can burgeon. Noyan went, son. From now on, my children are in danger than ever before. We have to find a solution for that. Where is Sungur? Call him. I want to talk to you. Where is Sungur, son? He left, mother. Did he leave? Where did he go? How did you let him go? How can he kill Noyan by going after so powerful Mongolian army? Mother! How could you let such a thing happen, Gundogdu? Mother! You know that Noyan will not leave neither me, you, Halime or her baby alive. Sungur did everything he can do so we can release him for peace.

He did this for our state and Alps. Since the very beginning he determined to kill him. So, he did everything he can do to release him. Come along, brothers. God! Let this plane tree embrace whole world with its branches. Let it take roots. Let it take roots so our generation can spread your justice and name to whole world. Let the fate of this plane tree be our fate for this cause. Amen. We will make the sun our flag and the sky our tent. We will ride our horses to endless marquees. We will make our swords our lovers and army our roses. Our stamp will flap as the flag of justice in seven climates. We will carry our omniscient over to the mountains and seas. God is greatest! God is greatest! God is greatest! God is greatest! God is greatest! You experienced thrashing not the victory, Noyan. I want to remind you that. If I experienced thrashing my head would already be taken, Kobek. God! Help! Welcome to hell of Noyan, Ertugrul. Who are you? Demon of this hell. Welcome to world of Mongolians. You would regret that you let me go. I will cause great death you all. Defeat that incites anger. Do not play with my fate. Bey. I should know that you would not let Noyan go. And I should know that you will wiggle, Wild Demir. The tracks are to Kervansaray.

They took Noyan there. Do not worry. I will kill that dishonest. Now you go to the nomad tent. You go back and make so many zulfiqars for so many valiants. Do not leave nomad tent alone. My Bey. If you excuse me, I would like to come. This is a way with no return, Wild Demir. My Bey. Is there any other way to go to my daughter? Come along, brother. I hope nothing is wrong, Turgut brother? You wriggle like you ambushed. We undertook the load of fate since birth, Bey. Does it leave us alone a second? Tell me your grievance and I can undertake your load. This way also is ended, Bey. Where will we go now? What did it fall to our share from this journey? It is like that this way tired you, Turgut Brother. Let us take a little rest in the marquee. This is not the way, Bey. To not know what is in your mind makes me tired. I sacrifice my life for you, Bey. We are in the way with you until death. But who told us that we should take this road? Why is so important that who told me that, Turgut brother? Since when what I told became to be queried? Not at all, Bey. Not at all.

I am just upset that I do not have the same place in your heart and mind. You do not tell me any of your secrets anymore, Bey. There is a time for everything, Turgut brother. Just be patient. Just be patient. We should eat a little bit and then I will go to Ahlat. Wait for me here. We wait for you for a lifetime, Bey. Good luck. Thank you, Bey. The meal is prepared delicious, Bey. Peace be upon you. And peace be upon you, Bey. You are healed now, Abdurrahman. Thanks to you, Bey. May God bless you. You did not leave me alone for a second. You healed me. Thank you. Godspeed. Praise be, Abdurrahman. Alps missed you very much. They want to see you in the education area as soon as possible. With God’s help, I will do that too, Bey. If God permits. Take it. Godspeed. Why are you distressed, Bey? I should not send Sungur alone after Noyan. Bey, do you think that it would be better, if you would send 500 Alps? You will be millstone round Sungurtekin’s neck. He did not go for a war. He went to settle an account for a cruel. My brother did not want me beside him. Bey, you are the main Alp of two nomad groups. It is unknown that what kind of way is this and where it is going and where it ends. It is also possible that he will go after Noyan to China.

You are right, Artuk Bey. You are right but my mother is very bad. She is living the pain of separation without enjoying coming together with her child. Bey, you had to release Noyan by following the commands of the state. And Sungurtekin did what it is necessary for his family. The rest is will of God. Do not devastate yourself. Thank you, Bey. Thank you. Sungurtekin. Where are you, son? Mother, I brought you water. Thank you, daughter. Do you have another request, mother? Ertugrul is in a place and Sungur is in another. Now, my two arms are broken. My two eyes, two ears and two livers. For God’s sake, do not devastate yourself like this anymore. A new trouble every day. A new separation every day. God! A new pain comes before my breathe reaches to another. Everything is going to be all right, mother. We have peace in our marquee and we were not expecting that. Ertugrul and Sungurtekin Bey will also come. Our nomad group will be in peace, mother. Do not think about these anymore. Do not worry. Peace! How can peace come, daughter? Sometimes, I lose my hope. We share the same tribe with those centipedes entering our tent and stealing the seal.

Noyan went but the betrayal is not over. Mother, there are still people entering our tribe and that you did not query. You said that you will not stop following however it ends. Who do you mean, daughter? You said that you will query your brides as your daughters, mother. Call Goncagul for me. I would like to listen her. Your wish is my command, mother. Do you seek for the sun of world Seljuk? With this rudeness and this wildness. What about you? When will you give up on being a wife of palace? You want to dominate all over the world but you do not know how to behave properly. What about you? What happened that you knew how to behave properly? Your lands, blessed cities and holy shrines are under control of us. Your corpses will be dispersed like sands in desert. Only the endless curse of humankind will remain. Stop it. Do not give me that! Tell me what you want. Noyan, if you pollute my table with your saliva again unfortunately the taste of my good meal will be destroyed with your dirty blood. Peace be upon you. And peace be upon you. Welcome, Ertugrul, son of Suleyman Shah. Thank you. I hope your journey was smooth. Thanks to God. I found everything that I want. We will not listen these, son. Who will listen then? Excuse us. Welcome, Ertugrul, son of Suleyman Shah. Tell me about your blessed journey.

Tell me so I can hear what I want to hear for years from a valiant like you. Ah, Noyan, ah! What did Ertugrul do to you? Do not forget! Your life is still in my hand. Your Sultan will learn everything. Now, we will eat our meal properly. I will go and explain the situation to Ogeday. Do not forget to tell him that I saved you from death. I will convince him to come with a big army. What if he will not be convinced? Then I establish my own army and come. Do not underestimate Seljukian. What if you met with a bigger army? Sultan Aleaddin is getting stronger every day. What do you want? I will be the new sultan in Anatolia. And you will help me. I will ask for an army from you and Ogeday when it is time. Above all. You become a sultan. If you become a sultan woe is us! The world becomes reversed! Do not lose your seriousness, Noyan. Do not get upset, Sadettin, do not get upset. The army of Ogeday will be with you. I will go and take a rest. You do what is necessary and then let me know that).

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