Dirilis Ertugrul | Ertugrul Ghazi Season 2 Ep-65 Written Episode

Dirilis Ertugrul | Ertugrul Ghazi Season 2 Ep-65 Written Episode

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Dirilis Ertugrul | Ertugrul Ghazi Season 2 Episode 65 Written Episode :

(The episode begins with PTV’

ERTUGRUL I shut Korkut’s wife Duru’s tongue which is as big as my boot as poisonous as a snake with this poison. Now in the same marquee I will decay the heart of that old man who is her husband with the same poison. I asked so much from you, Aytolun. But the worst was that I asked you to be Korkut’s wife. That old man’s smell on me will vanish sooner or later. But your margravity will always be a loadstar to Oghuz. As Tugtekin and Gokce are playing with each other in the nuptial the old man who is his father, will draw his last breath. The wedding night will be the night for Korkut to die and you to reborn, brother. How I can make up for your help, Aytolun? If you will excuse me, brother. I have things to do in the marquee. If you help me find what that whore Aytolun hid in the tent Enough! I will never betray my Hanim and Bey! What is that you know but do not tell, Banu Cicek? Solving this issue comes before everything.

It is your duty to your Bey, Korkut? Banu Cicek! Banu Cicek! Banu Cicek? Where have you been? I am looking for you. What are you doing here? I am tidying around, Hanim. Is now the right time for tidying around? First finish the things, I told you to do. Your wish is my command, Hanim. Banu Cicek, your head is in the clouds. Since Kayis came, we cannot get rid of troubles. Look sharp. And never forget your duty in this marquee. Dogan Alp? My condolences, I wanted to say. Wild Demir was more than a father to you. I know. Thank you. Look, Banu Cicek. The things that happened last time All the things that happened last time are bygones.

Let us forget about them. Anyway, I was so rough to you. I went too far, I held my dagger to the throat of a brave man like you. Thank you. Thank you. Banu Cicek. Tell me now. Why do you doubt Aytolun? I can not tell you but you must know that whore Aytolun spinned the web on Uncle Korkut’s marquee like a poisonous spider. Now, she is spinning on Mother Hayme’s marquee. Because of you, I entered Korkut Bey’s tent. I searched everywhere like a thief. I was about to be caught. Now, you will tell me, but you will tell me the truth. Or I swear to God, I will cut your throat Selcan Hatun. Now tell me. Why do you doubt her? Banu Cicek. You know that Aytolun was Uncle Korkut’s lover before Aunt Duru died. I learned that from the old woman.

I would learn more but she killed her. But I know, I know Banu Cicek. What do you know? What more do you know? Aytolun killed my aunt Duru to be the Hanim of marquee. God is immortal! God is the one! God is immortal! God is the one! God is immortal! God is the one! God is immortal! God is the one! God is immortal! God is the one! God is immortal! God is the one! God is immortal! God is the one! God is immortal! I told him not to come. I told him many brave men would expect many zulfiqars from him. Even if two worlds come together I would never let Wild Demir, Noyan go freely from this nomad tent. We will avenge the blood they shed, Ertugrul for both our many brave men and Wild Demir. Without finding the traitor in the nomad tent we can never avenge our many brave men or Noyan’s death, brother. How was the seal captured by Tangut? Why did he revolt against Noyan? All of the answers are here, Ertugrul. In this nomad tent.

Ameer Sadettin already gave its answer, brother. What are you trying to say, brother? Whoever tried to use Tangut, may use anyone in our nomad tent. It is high time to talk with Gumustekin. Banu Cicek. The necklace is very important to me. Aytolun killed that poor woman to silence her. Goncagul threatens me to tell everyone I killed that old woman using my necklace. What else should I tell you to make you believe me? Duru Hatun was a mother both to me and my sister. She brought us up. She was a second mother to us. Will you help me? To avenge Aunt Duru as well? Will you help me? The necklace is in Korkut Bey’s marquee. How are you, Goncagul Hatun? I am fine, Bey. You? Thank you. How is Gokce Hatun? She does not know what to do due to her excitement.

It is not easy to be a Bey’s wife. You are right. It is not easy to have a marriage with a hero like Tugtekin. You are right, Bey. I feel the same excitement in my heart. Know that we will be married as soon as possible. If God permits. Until the day comes, my heart will carry this excitement Bey. If God permits. Alright, I will take my leave then. She suddenly got in, Bey. I could not stop her. What do you want Selcan Hatun? Whatever you will say, say later, can you not? I know what you were doing with Aytolun, behind Aunt Duru’s back before she died, Uncle Korkut! What are you saying? Do not try to act brave with me! Just listen to what I know! You lost your mind. Maybe, who knows? But first, listen what I will tell you then decide if I lost my mind or not! Be seated. What I will say may tire your old heart. Be seated.

Do not worry! What I will tell you will stay between us. No one will know. However, only you will know what to do after you listen to me. Do you remember the poor old woman murdered near the nomad tent? Aytolun killed that woman, Uncle Korkut. Do you know why? The woman took the most precious necklace of my mother from me to tell me what she knows about Aytolun. And then she told me that before Aunt Duru died, Aytolun was your lover. She would tell more but she asked for more gold. To give her what she wanted, I went back to the tent. When I went back, she was already dead. Aytolun killed that woman. Do you know why, Uncle Korkut? Do you know, what she would tell me? I know, now. Aytolun killed Aunt Duru to be the Hatun of marquee! Get out of here! I told you to get out of here! My necklace is in your marquee.

Aytolun is hiding it. To blame me, if I talk. God damn you, you sinister woman! You are nonplused of jealousy that Goncagul will be your husband’s wife so you can not hear yourself! My necklace is right here in this big chest. If I hear one more word out of you, I will kill you! If you do not settle this matter, from now on you are the second killer of Aunt Duru to me. You should know that! You are fast. But I am faster than you. Long live, Gumustekin Bey! Long live, Gumustekin Bey! Long live, Gumustekin Bey! Long live, Gumustekin Bey! Long live, Gumustekin Bey! Long live, Gumustekin Bey! Long live, Gumustekin Bey! Long live, Gumustekin Bey! Long live, Gumustekin Bey! Long live, Gumustekin Bey! Long live, Gumustekin Bey! Apparently, Gundogdu Bey needs to train you more. Is it not so, Ertugrul Bey? You are right, Gumustekin Bey.

I have wanted to train with an adept Alp like you for so long. With your permission. Permission granted, Ertugrul Bey. Something is going on, indeed. If Ertugrul Bey says it is training, clearly he wants to tame the man. Brother, it is high time to tame this inauspicious man. Let us see, what is wrong with our Bey. Finally, I have found the right Alp to train with. If God permits, finding the traitor who terrorized our marquee will be your destiny as well, Gumustekin Bey. What are you trying to say, Ertugrul Bey? I mean the seal stolen from my mother’s marquee, Gumustekin Bey. It is such a treason that one end will stretch to Mongol and the other streches until Konya. It is clear that you have things to spit out but not able to say.

I mean Emir Saadettin Kopek. I will not let the ones who follow Ameer Sadettin Kopek’s way to reach into my mother’s marquee. It is my duty to cut those hands. I wanted you to know. I am the representative of Emir Saadettin here. Every word that is been told about him, is meant for me as well. Then you are blaming me as well, are you not? Ertugrul! What kind of training is this? Your brother’s tongue is as strong as his wrist, Gundogdu Bey. What are you getting at Gumustekin Bey? Your brother blames both Emir Saadettin and me. Allegedly, I stole the seal from your mother’s tent with this command. How can you behave like this, brother? We have enough problems in our marquee as it is now you are bothering Emir’s of state? I say, somebody following Ameer Sadettin stole the seal. A servant of his, living in our nomad tent. Then, either my hand or your tongue will be cut down. So that this unrest between us will soothe, Ertugrul Bey. Gumustekin Bey? What is this sinister woman going behind? Get yourself together Selcan.

You did the right thing. Whatever happens to you, let it happen while walking on the right way. Instead of letting the bushes of the wrong way let the stones of the right way prick your feet. Selcan Hatun. I told everything to Korkut Bey. Do not worry. He does not know about you. Even if he knows, do you think I care? I am ready to do what you will ask of me. Even as a kid, you were always so brave. We will wait what Korkut Bey will do. Now, go away. Whatever happens, do not tell anything to anyone. It is high time, Banu Cicek. The chain will brake at the weak point. When that happens, I do not wish anyone other than me to be harmed by it. I will let nothing happen to you. If anything happens to me, you will carry the flag.

There is no need for all of us to get the dirty end of the stick. Now go. It will happen as the way it is meant to be. What do you think you are doing, Ertugrul? How could you say such a thing to Gumustekin? How could you blame Gumustekin for treason and theft? Gundogdu, what is happening? My brother Ertugrul sharpened his tongue. He sharpened so that he can try and cut Gumustekin’s head when the time comes! Ertugrul. Son, what is happening? I know why the seal was stolen, mother. Do you think Gumustekin did that? My brother, at the training area, in the presence of so many Alps held his sword against Gumustekin’s neck! Mother, held his sword against his neck! The night it was stolen only you two knew that the Sungurtekin has the seal.

How is it possible for Gumustekin to know that there is a seal so he came in and stole it from our marquee? Ameer Sadettin also knew that, mother. Are you thinking the same thing, Sungur? Do you agree with Ertugrul? Gumustekin went his ways to stole the seal and gave it to Ameer Sadettin Kopek and then he gave it to Tankut! Is that right? Yes, it is. My God! My Maker! Spare my mind! My brother, do you have any proof, any evidence? You do not only accuse Gumustekin but his Holliness Sadettin Kopek as well! I do not have any evidence yet, brother. But sooner or later, I will get that as well. You will! You will! While we are scorching in the desert of pain I have found an oasis like Goncagul for myself and you ruined that as well! My brother, are you aware that the man you accuse is the father of the woman who is to be my wife! There are things that I know, brother. Brother, what are those things you know? Tell us! Tell us and make us aware! Tell mother! Let mother know as well! I am done talking. Done talking? Done talking! The mysterious act that you have been playing for so long made me tired brother, you should know that. Not only yours, Sungur’s as well. I do not know who are those that you consort with. However, the ones you consort with made you act like this, you should know that. From now on, no truth will hide itself in nooks and crannies, brother. I will go to any lengths. Go brother. Go wherever you wish to go.

Go to the uttermost end of hell, Ertugrul. Gundogdu! I repent! May God forgive. Done talking! Look what he said! Instead of coming and talking to me at first, talking to his mother first! Good God! He held his sword against that man’s neck in the presence of the Alps, mother! How can this be? Shame on him! What a shame! Brother, just be patient. Ertugrul may be right. My God, brother! What does it mean he may be right? What if he is not? This is what we are fighting for! Vandalizing is not the way to do it! I have told him a thousand times! What will I do? I have just seen Selcan. She left our marquee. What does she want from you, Bey? She spilled out the beans in her mouth. Her evil reverberates on that woman’s tongue.

What else would we expect from her? She told me that she knew what happened between you and me before Duru died! That vixen wants to hinder Goncagul’s marriage! She can tell every possible lie. Did she tell you anything else, Bey? If what happened between us before, my wife died reaches Tugtekin’s ears how can I look at my son’s face with this shame? Father. As Ertugrul was training, he held his sword against Gumustekin’s throat. Then, Gundogdu separated them. Can you understand what is happening? We will see, Ertugrul is the one behind this as well. Know your enemies. Take your measures or it will be too late. What does my mother say, father? What is happening? What is it that related with Ertugrul? Ertugrul will pay the price for this! I will choke him on his own words! Whoever comes at my way in this cause, I will not stop without smashing them! Brother! Are you alright? I heard what happened. I am not alright, Aytolun.

Ertugrul knows more than I thought. He called me on the account for the seal! Me! There is more, brother. Selcan came to talk to Korkut. Aunt, what are you saying? Your threats with the necklace will not work anymore, Goncagul. She will spit her poison slowly. Who else did the sinister woman talk to? I followed her after she left our marquee. I saw Banu Cicek leaving her tent. Apparently, she wants to use Banu Cicek’s love for Duru Hatun. What did she tell to Korkut Bey? I talked to Korkut. Selcan told him that she knows what happened between me and Korkut before Duru Hatun died. How could this happen? What if she knows more? It is impossible for her to know how Duru died. Korkut sent Selcan away. What scares Korkut the most is the possibility of someone telling Tugtekin about the matter. This matter has gone too far.

How far will it strech like this? There is no peace for any of us until Korkut dies. Instead of waiting for the wedding, let us finish the job. Tugtekin and Gokce must get married. We cannot let this matter drag any longer. Did you tell him everything, Selcan? Everything. What he say? He dismissed me. People learning his intimacy drove him crazy. He is scared, thinking; what if Tugtekin hears about this? Because of this, his hands are tied. What about Duru Hatun’s death? He will soothe himself for some time thinking I made it up as I am jealous of Goncagul. However, I have sown the seeds of doubt to him once. It will devour him.

Let us see when he will face Aytolun and talk to her. I did what I could do, Halime. The rest is Korkut Bey’s duty. I will come back as a Margrave from Konya. That time in marquee, Tugtekin must be the one sitting not the old man. Ertugrul and Selcan. What if they act together? Even if it is not so right now, sooner or later that will also happen. Apparently, the tongue of that woman will not stay silent. The gauntlet has been thrown. So what are we gonna do now, father? Gundogdu’s reins must be kept tightened. He is worried about you. He is afraid to lose you. I will do my best fuel Gundogdu’s anger towards Ertugrul. If I can succeed, I will send his mother on him as well. You sound out that girl called Banu Cicek. Let us see what she keeps as a secret).

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