Dirilis Ertugrul | Ertugrul Ghazi Season 2 Ep-66 Written Episode

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Dirilis Ertugrul | Ertugrul Ghazi Season 2 Episode 66 Written Episode :

(The episode begins with PTV’

RESURRECTION ERTUGRUL Selcan, look at me. Look, sister. I have been there for you and did what I could. But I have to tell Ertugrul Bey what happened. I never kept anything from him, Selcan. Please understand. Halime, if you tell him now Aytolun and Goncagul will come up like a wood in water. You know that I do not have anything but my necklace to prove what I said. I am begging you to wait a little longer. Wait until Gokce’s wedding. I know if Korkut Bey has a little bit of conscience he will go after and take care of this matter himself. However, if Ertugrul Bey hears about it no one can know who this filthy swamp will devour. Your services to the Bey are worthy of esteem, Banu Cicek. They befit to a Dodurga Hatun.

However, I think a girl as skillful as you will provide more valuable services. Comparing to what Korkut Bey and Duru Hatun did for me these are nothing, Aytolun Hatun. You loved the deceased, did you not? Of course, I did. I did love her deeply. However, she died without any sickness. It still hurts my heart. You can never know when will death come for you, Banu Cicek. Yesterday, Duru Hatun. Tomorrow, us. Like death, you can never know whose hands will it come from! May God protect us from those sinister hands. I will take my leave then, Hanim. Your death will come from my hands. This matter will go as far as it can, Ertugrul. If it will not, it will be a burden to you, to my mother and our marquee. However, this is not the issue. The issue is Gundogdu Bey. The man whose throat you shoved down, will be Gundogdu Bey’s father in law soon.

Goncagul and his wedding is soon. When we bear this doubt inside will we take her daughter in our marquee Halime? Goncagul can be innocent as she is. As long as this doubt exists, the home they will build will not be worthy. Do not forget that this doubt only belongs to the people who believe in you, Ertugrul Bey. My mother’s marquee is not a regular tent, Halime. Those people who get inside of my mother’s marquee in secret yesterday can do anything without us noticing it, when they have the chance. What about Goncagul and Gundogdu Bey’s wedding, Ertugrul Bey? This is not a heart matter. It is about Kayi’s future. It is my duty to stop this wedding, if necessary. That direful man. Permisson, Gumustekin Bey? Come in, Gundogdu Bey. Thinking about what happened brings me sadness, Bey. He disobeyed the law and put me to shame.

He disgraced me by ignoring the rules of the training in the presence of the Alps. Yet it did not satisfy him, he went ahead and held his sword agains my throat in the presence of everyone. He still did not get satistied then he cast aspersions on me and disregarded my honor. Not just you, even the whole world feels sadness does it make any difference, Gundogdu Bey? Your mother interrogated my daughter recently, for that ominous deposit. And today, your brother. Being so clever, he came at me to test the water. He thought he could wangle words out of me by teasing me. What a shame. Please do not, Bey. There must be a way to correct this. To correct what, Gundogdu Bey? Correct what? From now on, there will be no wedding for you with my daughter.

Do not come into my tent again, unless you solve this matter between yourselves. It is nothing, Dogan Alp. I cut my hand. It may be a deep wound, you need to dress it. Wait. I will help. You must press on it like this, so that it will not bleed more. Thank you. It would not hurt this much if it was my own hand. A person bleeds to his lover, Dogan Alp. Duru Hatun could not see Tugtekin Bey come together with his lover. I wish these would not happen. If you will excuse me. Who is the human, Efendi? Human is the seal of God on earth. Trees, birds, plants, oceans, rivers. Why are they here? Why does the moon beautify the night? Why does the sun warm up the world? Why does the ocean swing like a cradle? Why the river flows? Why does the sun rise? Why does the risen sun set? All for the human. All the beauty in the universe, all this show all this preperation are only for the humans. For human to come alive. For the human to have peace. For the human to be grateful. But the human is ungrateful. He looks but he can not see. He hears but he can not feel. If this one breath was not here, human would fall. He falls but can not see the truth.

He will not remember God. He thinks he owns the power. May God make us of the grateful ones. Amen. Peace be with you. And with you. Beautiful person, brave person. Tell me about the places you have been. Gundogdu. This is the end, mother. What is happening my son? My brother Ertugrul has returned from his voyage with one more victory. What voyage? The voyage of overpowering Gumustekin Bey. Did you speak with Gumustekin? And his victory was to stain his brother’s honor and to break his wedding. Gundogdu, every cloud has a silver lining. You must be patient. Selcan has made Banu Cicek’s head swim, brother. You must see how she looks at me with hatred. How are we going to get through this? Everyone will hear about it. Korkut must die in the presence of his Alps. His killer must be executed right there. His killer? Banu Cicek. If that poor girl who was confused by Selcan’s accusations and slander to kill Korkut we will kill three birds with one stone. But, how are we going to convince people to this sham? Begin the preparation of a poison right away.

As you wish. I will ask for one more sacrifice, sister. I set my mind on this blessed road with you until death, brother. Tell me what is it that you wish me to do. You will drink that poison as well. Do not worry, do not worry. Artuk will save you from the cold hands of death. Just like he did to Korkut many times. It will be seen as Banu Cicek has both Korkut and you as her targets. As you see Efendi, Byzantine has became unfamiliar to his own public. You have met with new people and new places. You have appealed to them with your heart. You reminded them of their humanity. And they reminded me that there are a lot of opressed people who need justice on the earth’s surface. You are right. Once upon a time, polytheists from Mecca also forgot about their humanity and buried their daughters alive. Our prophet, with the God’s grace told them about the secrets of being human so the world became peaceful. What was that secret? “God is one and only and Muhammed is his messenger.” You can not reach the secret of being human without knowing God first.

What about the people who say they are Muslim but still cruel? What about the ones who fight over religion? What about the ones who cooperate with infidels and stab us in the back? They are indeed the real cruels. In our prophets last speech, he said, “Arab is not better than Persian.” But they kill over religion. They kill the Muslim. How can a Muslim accuse another Muslim of infidelity? How can a Muslim kill a Muslim? My God said in Fetih surah: “Muhammad is the messenger of God. Whoever is beside him are strong against infidels and are merciful among believers.” Son, if we want to serve the humanity, we have to correct our home, our nomad tent, our tribe, our city first. You can not build anything on rotten soil. We can not serve humanity without cleaning our homes. The hardest and toughest trial is coming from our brothers, are they not? Do not forget.

The most cruel to our prophet was his uncle, Ebu Leheb. However, his pillar of support was his cousin Ali. May God give his followers a fellow like Ali. Amen. Amen. You son of Suleyman Shah, Ertugrul. It is understood that you have a new road coming up. You must go to this road with the most sincere and purest people. So that you serve the best where you go. Do not forget. Your site is your mirror. When you look at them, see yourself and when you look at yourself, you see them. This love is unbelievable. He was like he got kicked by a horse yesterday. Now he is happy like a donkey who found some hay. It is love, brother. It can make you a vizier or vile. You are in love! What did you say? What did you say? My brother. How did Bey get angry to shake Gumustekin Bey like a pile of wool? Whatever Ertugrul Bey did, he did it on purpose. Gumustekin Bey must have done something. And Gundogdu Bey is in a hard situation. On one side his brother on the other side, his fatherinlaw. What is going to happen in the end, brother? Whatever Ertugrul Bey wants he will not stop until he gets it. From now on, winds will bluster. Gundogdu Bey will either give up on his wife or his brother. Peace be upon you. And peace be upon you.

May happiness be with you. Thank you, Bey. Thank you, Bey. You brave child! You will be an Alp just like Wild Demir expected. I see that you can even beat Dogan Alp. All I want is to be an Alp like you, Ertugrul Bey. Grab us some ayran. I have matters to discuss with your big brothers. Mother! You suffered from each one of us and you still do. Even a stone would crack. It comes after one another. Son, it is not easy to be a mother. A mother gives up on her own problems, own pain. But Ertugrul and Gundogdu have problems between them. It tears my heart out. They share the same blood, they can not be apart from one another, mother. It is our duty to bring them back together when the time comes. However, if we can not take care of Gumustekin matter, it will be difficult. Are you sure about Gumustekin, taking part in this matter? Yes, mother. Everyone knows about what happened to Gumustekin on the training field, Bey. Yes, Bey. God bless your hands.

The die has already been cast, Alps. Gundogdu brother also supports him. From now on, we are done with Dodurgas and these soils. We are going to Byzantine borders again. However, we will not be alone this time. We will go with whoever loves us, believes in us, supports us. They will force you. From today, you must be strong. You will be on good terms with people. We will slowly try to convince them for this blessed migration. Thank you, Bey. Thank you, Bey. Abdurrahman. I demand one thing from you as well. We know the situation about the tents. Things are chaotic. I do not wish something to happen to my mother. Just like my father. You are responsible for my mother’s safety. I lay down my life for Mother Hayme, Bey. Do I have your permission, mother? Come, my son, come. Korkut Bey invites us to their marquee, mother. Gumustekin is with him. Mother. Are they our enemies? Look. Gumustekin Bey has swallowed his pride and Korkut Bey invited us. We must go. Surely, we can solve this matter with conversation. This matter can only be solved with one way, son.

Whoever stole the seal must come out. Or neither me, nor anyone else, no one can stop Ertugrul. Let us go then. If my brother called us, we can not make him wait. Everyone knows about the rules and I am not the one who writes them. I am a witness to all that happened. Is it appropriate to do it in the presence of everyone? I ask you. His tongue is as sharp as his sword. Nobody can say anything to his bravery. However, impertinence and measurelessness of Ertugrul has only one reason. The ominous passion of his that he can not quench. Of course, he has achieved important progresses. His reputation increased day by day in Turkmen tribes and in the palace. However, his ambition that he can not restrain is getting bigger and bigger. He no longer wants anyone to be ahead of him. Not his brother, not his mother. There. We can see what he did to Tugtekin Bey.

After all, this is the matter. Unless someone teaches Ertugrul his lesson he will continue bringing trouble to us! Bey. Mother Hayme and her sons are here. Bring them in. Be seated. You bring me joy by coming here, Hayme Hatun. We all know about the unpleasant incident between Gumustekin Bey and Ertugrul Bey. I think that it is not applicable for these two youngsters to keep suffering because of the words that were told tactlessly, even though it is known that they love and set their hearts on each other. That is why, I say this to Gumustekin Bey. Keep Gundogdu Bey and Ertugrul Bey apart from each other. Do not upset your daughter and Gundogdu Bey who you love like a son any longer. I am also happy for Hayme Hatun to come here with her grace. It is the outcome of the respect that she feels for us, apparently. As for my child, Gundogdu. He will always be a brave son for me. I saw the essence of his heart when we went to raid that Mongolian dog Noyan’s house. Every father of a girl would like to see him as a son in law. And I told him this, at every turn.

Thank you, Bey. We know how much you love and respect my mother and me. We feel honored for this. However, this marriage is a matter between two Bey families. Unless Ertugrul Bey comes to apologise to me in person it is improper to give my daughter to him. Maybe it is inappropriate for me to speak in front of elders. But I would like to say something. Tomorrow is the blessed day that we were waiting so long for with Gokce. We would not want that day to be a sad one. Tomorrow is our wedding day. Maybe there is something else to do, Gumustekin Bey. Our son Tugtekin is right, brother. Maybe you will think once more tonight. We have a wedding tomorrow. We should not be estranged from each other on a day like this. I left my daughter Goncagul at home, in tears. Do you think this is easy for me, Korkut Bey? Ertugrul Bey’s words are impossible to swallow. Are they not, Sungurtekin Bey? It is not seen that my brother Ertugrul has ever made a mistake.

However, I hope that he was wrong this time. So you think like your brother, Sungurtekin Bey? What I think is not important, Gumustekin Bey. As you know when Ertugrul wants something nobody can stop him until he is done. Hopefully, this matter will be solved soon so you may be in peace. I will perform your wedding ceremony tomorrow. And you shall think and decide. We will see in time if what Ertugrul said was true or not. Gumustekin Bey is right. This wedding is between Bey families of two nomad groups. If one of those families are not at ease this marriage will be a reason for unpleasantless. We all know about the love between youngsters. When the situation is like this I also am not complying with this marriage until the truth comes out. If Ertugrul Bey hears about it no one can know who this filthy swamp will devour. Welcome, Bey. Where is my mother, Halime? Korkut Bey called her to the marquee. She went there with your brothers.

Korkut Bey wants to secure the peace. Gumustekin is playing a new trick for sure. We will see what comes out of it. How can you do this, mother? How can you say something like that when Gumustekin is swallowing his honour? This is better, Gundogdu. This wedding will not bring joy to us unless whoever stole the seal comes out. Thank you, mother. Thank you. Are you happy my brother? Your wish has come true. You saved our nomad tent from trouble. Obviously, mother also agrees. I hope you are right about this decision you made. Brother. Ertugrul. Until now, I never listened to you my son and you were always right. I will listen to you in this matter. Until the person who stole the seal comes out I will not let Gundogdu and Goncagul get married. However, if you are wrong I do not know how can we face them. Gokce has her wedding tomorrow. I do not want any more trouble. Do you understand me? I understand, mother. Good. Gundogdu Bey. My father and Mother Hayme believes in Ertugrul Bey’s claim, Gundogdu Bey. This may be our last conversation. Goncagul.

I am begging you. I am begging you, listen to me, Gundogdu Bey. I ran down my honour and entered your tent in secret like a vile woman. Let me say what I want to say, at least. As you know, truth will come out sooner or later, Gundogdu Bey. Ertugrul Bey will understand what a big mistake this was to make. Until that time arrives, I will wait for you even if it lasts a thousand years. I want you to know that. Until my body is mixed with the earth you are the owner of my heart, Gundogdu Bey. You know this. Goncagul, like you said, truth will come out sooner or later. You should know that, no one can take you away from me. May it be easy, sister. Thank you. Selcan Hatun! I will not let you hurt my wife and my son with your slander! Obviously, you started to believe what I said. You believe me but you cannot say, Korkut Bey. You are afraid that your son Tugtekin who is on a wedding eve will hear about it, I know. Be at ease. I will not speak until the wedding, for my sister’s happiness. If I hear that you speak your slander with that poisonous tongue of yours your death will come by my own hands, Selcan. Do you understand me? Stop right there.

God will make you pay for your illicit relationship. I know. You are not involved in Duru Aunt’s death. I believe that. But, you should believe this. Both my hands will be upon Aytolun in two worlds. Sooner or later, I will reveal every truth. We are almost there Aytolun. We are almost there. Sister. If you allow me I would like to kiss your hand and recieve your blessing. My Gokce! My dear sister! My sister! I broke your heart. Even when you were right, I crossed the line. You have always supported me. Forgive me. I want to enter my man’s tent with your blessing in my happy day. Dear sister. Thank God. My prayers will always be with you and your man. You are a part of my life. Just like you will always be with your man your sister will always be with you. Know this Gokce. I will not let anyone break your heart. No one. Sister!).

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