Dirilis Ertugrul | Ertugrul Ghazi Season 2 Ep-7 Written Episode

Dirilis Ertugrul | Ertugrul Ghazi Season 2 Ep-7 Written Episode

Dirilis Ertugrul Season 2 All Episodes written episodes, Ertugrul Ghazi Season 2 Urdu All Episodes Ptv Home written,The Most Viewed Ptv Drama Ertugrul Ghazi

Go ahead! I have a bad feeling. You cannot escape the fate, Bey. It is forbidden to me to leave blood in those infidels’ veins to leave breath in their lungs. Aburrahman and Hamza has not come back yet. Bey, they are coming. Tugtekin, they are coming! May God help us.

Thank you. For all of us. Wait! Hold your position. This way! This way! Find that dog! Find him or I will kill all of you! Idiots, go ahead! We must run away, braveheart. With your last bit of power. In the name of God. It is an ambush! Hide! Hide! Hide! Hide! Strive. Keep on, brave heart! Keep on for the love of God! Go ahead. Go ahead. This way! Look at the river! Run to the path there! Quickly! Someone of us entrapped us, brother. What are you saying, Tugtekin? They knew we were here. Making strawmen, ambush within ambush. It was all a trap. Who would do this? Brother, you better look for the traitor among your closest Alps. The Alps who are not with you here now. Half of mine are dead or hit. Hamza, watch this dog carefully. We must make him talk. Master! Have I not told you to not to leave this Mongol alone? We saw a Mongol who is watching the nomad tent. Did you catch him? We did, Mother Hayme. Before he died, he said, Noyan will set off tomorrow. Hamza. Hamza. Leave me here, run away. You will die because of me. Trust me. We almost arrived. Keep on.

Go ahead. Attack! Attack! By God! By God! I want their head! All of them! God is almighty! God is the truth! God is almighty! This way! Some more! A couple more steps and we will arrive. Go ahead! The trace is going this way. Go ahead, quickly! Wait, wait. Damn! Where is he? Where is he? Where? Move. Move! I know this man. His name is Bilyu. He has been lost for hree days, sir. Then Ertugrul is not alone. Someone spied our headquarters. Then took him under his care. Find him! Find them! Find them! Move! Move! You had endured against these hellhounds, brave heart.

Be patient for a little longer. Father, what are you doing here? From now on I do not have a purpose other than being a martyr. Go ahead. By God! The decision of spending the winter together reassured everyone, Hayme. May God bless you, brother. But I am thinking about Gundogdu and Tugtekin. They are both furious. They are both fueled with revenge. I am afraid they will do something bad. Noyan. The devil who is against them, is not to be underestimated. Our children are the future of two nomad tents. They know that. They will err on the side of caution for it, Hayme. Gundogdu would not be cheated. Wild Demir, stop! Wild Demir, stop! We need him alive. We need to find out who ambushed us. Stop. Do not. Stop. Lie down, infidel! We united two nomad groups. But this will not be easy, brother. Why do you think so, Hayme? Who do you think would be most angry at two nomad groups spending winter together? Noyan. He is going to do everything to bother us inside and outside. He is going to engrave us. And he will not let us breathe from outside. Dogan. Help me. Alright, Wild Demir. Easy. Easy. Resist, gallant man, you will be better. Press it on your wound. Someone in here betrayed us. He tattled us to Noyan. Who would risk being ambushed and do such a thing? Maybe the traitor is not here, right now. Hamza and Abdurrahman went to scout but they did not come back yet. They were eager to before us. It is obvious they knew that there was a trap.

Ignoble man! Your mouth is worse than a camel’s tripe! Would a good word ever come out of your mouth? Be grateful to your Bey or I know what I would do to you. What will you do to me? Dogan! Kocabash! Tugtekin is a brave man. When I look at him, I see your youth. But he resembles Ertugrul’s old, petulant times. Ertugrul learned the art of war on the lands of hardest enemy. He learned diplomacy in Aleppo from his relations with Ayyubids and the finesse of art of war from his fight with Templars. Above all he learned the merit of recognizing his enemies. Tugtekin is far away from these experiences, yet, brother. Fighting with Mongols cooked Tugtekin, too, Hayme. Do not worry. We will overcome all of it. In the end, it will not be easy, brother. It will not be easy. Bey, I hope you are fine. Where is ignoble Noyan? Where have you been? You sent us off to scout, Bey. Allow me to question them, brother. What are you talking about? What does he say, Bey? Answer Tugtekin Bey’s questions. Bey, do you know that what you are saying? My Bey. Do not interfere, Wild Demir. They are our dear ones, Bey. So Kurdoglu was. Keep on, brave heart.

I need to find a way to carry you. In the name of God. Two warrior tribes. Both have brave Alps. The smallest spark could trigger a civil war. That is my biggest fear, brother. We must obey the order. Damn with this order and who obeys this order Which one of you tattled us to Noyan? Which one? Or was it both of you? I do not have answer for you! Call Bey! Call him! You fool! Your Bey does not trust you, do you not see? You left alone the Mongol you brought to nomad tent. You caused Wild Demir to kill him out of his pain. Why? Because you did not want him to talk. Do not try my patience! You cannot call me traitor! Why? Or will you tell your master, Noyan? Enough! We need to take measures to prevent this conflict. Brother, we would not even need Noyan, for us to be destroyed in such a conflict. We would do it ourselves. I want these two to be executed, brother. Bey, do not do what this tactless said. Abdurrahman is entrusted to us by Suleyman Shah. And Hamza is your bravest Alp. He put his head in the lion’s mouth for you in many wars. If you do such a thing, it would have big consequences. Thank you. Do not hurry. Enough, stop, enough! Look at this!

What happened to the dye! I told you, woman! You did not listen to me! Leave me alone. I do not need your help. Go away, I can do it myself. What is happening here? Aytolun Hatun, look at this. She messed up a vessel of dye. Are they here to help us or to scourge us? I told her to blend it slowly. She did not listen to me. She is no different than a goat. Enough! I said enough! She will not listen to you, you will listen to her. You will not forget who is landlord and who is guest here. If you forget that, I know how to remind you. You remind who of what, Aytolun Hanim? Selcan, I will remind who they are and where they came from. Firstly, they are refugees here. We would die of starvation than to help them. If it was not for Korkut Bey, you would have fallen prey. No one can disrespect my women in my sewing workshop. We do whatever Mother Hayme taught us, Aytolun Hanim. She would want us to do our job right, come hell or high water even if we die of starvation.

If you put many woods under the boiler so the herbs in it could encolour quickly you cannot get the color. Even if you do, the color would not be permanent when the rug is weaved. You cannot find customers in bazaar. So, us, Kayi women would rather not do our job than to do it deviously. Think about it. Ask your Bey and tell us your decision. If you want, we will come and do our work right or you will do your work as you know, without us. We are leaving, Hatuns.

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