Dirilis Ertugrul | Ertugrul Ghazi Season 2 Ep-71 Written Episode

Dirilis Ertugrul | Ertugrul Ghazi Season 2 Ep-71 Written Episode Dirilis Ertugrul Season 2 All Episodes written episodes, Ertugrul Ghazi Season 2 Urdu All Episodes Ptv Home written,The Most Viewed Ptv Drama Ertugrul Ghazi

Dirilis Ertugrul | Ertugrul Ghazi Season 2 Episode 71 Written Episode :

(The episode begins with PTV’

RESURRECTION ERTUGRUL Banu Cicek! Stop! No victory that we did not pay the price for is ours. How happy is he who paid the price. This letter will be delivered to the vizier of Georgia at once. Yes, his highness Ameer. So, Korkut Bey passed away and the new Bey is his son, Tugtekin, you say? And my Sister Aytolun lives in Tugtekin’s marquee as she was entrusted to his father. It seems that you encircled Tugtekin’s marquee rather good. When you become the margrave, he will be on your side then, that is good. And he also will do as I say. What if he becomes besotted with the idea of becoming the margrave himself as well, like his father? What if he rebels against you? Then, I will behead him as I did his father before, Ameer Sadettin.

Gundogdu? Gundogdu will marry my daughter. I have him on a tight leash as well, Ameer Sadettin. He will not be going against my will. Well done, Gumustekin. You are fulfilling the promises you gave me, one by one. I learned how to manage politics in the palace from you, Ameer Sadettin. So, there is nothing left to discuss with Beys tonight. Without delay I will inform the Beys that I want to see you become the margrave. I believe you have no problems with it. None, Ameer Sadettin. Now go and take rest. Tonight is your night. May God keep you from harm’s way, Ameer Sadettin. Where are you, Banu Cicek? You should have been here already. What is it that you are after, Selcan Hatun? God, why are these things happening to us? May God help us.

Banu Cicek! Sister, what happened to you? Come and lean on me. Come here. Wait. Are you alright? I came across with Gundogdu Bey’s Alps. Why are all these things happening to us? Help me to remove the arrow from my shoulder. Alright, wait. Selcan Hatun. Draw the arrow at once. Do not hold back thinking that it will hurt. At once! Hang on. Do not worry. Hang on, my sister. With the name of God. Did Goncagul come? She did. Aytolun will not be able to evade us this time, Selcan Hatun. I have found the evidence related to the death of Duru Hatun. This time, the one hanging in the middle of the nomad tent will not be me, I will be the one hanging them. I will be here before sundown tomorrow. I will bring you the evidence that I have found. That evidence will bring the end of the snake named Aytolun in court. Do not worry about me. Do not tell a word of this to anyone. I do not trust anyone but you in the nomad tent. May God help you. Thank you. Come. May God help you. And you, sister. Like a bird in a trap. As they struggle, they will lose their wings, then their claws and finally their necks to the sword of justice.

The Sheikh of Ahis Kirmani would like to see you, his highness Ameer. Let him in. Peace be upon you. And peace be upon you. I was not expecting to see you, Sheikh Kirmani. I would like you to know that we always pray for your well being. How happy I am. Be seated. We always pray for our enemies as well as our friends, Ameer Sadettin. I have never heard of one to pray for his enemies, Sheikh Kirmani. We say, “my Creator, show compassion to those who are evil, who creates mischiefs who rebels and who lives as bandits.” Why would you do that? The art is to see the goods that come from those who are evil. They torture us so much that ultimately they save us from evil and carry us to goodness. We mainly pray for those who phonate the young and kill them without mercy. Because they teach us to be cautious and give us the will to fight. I came here to cognate the Newroz with Kayis. This also presented me the opportunity to come and see you. Kayis you say? We came here with our prayers to see Ertugrul Bey who taught the cruels who wanted to slaughter us, their place. So, he is the one who saved you from the attack you suffered? Thank God who brings out the good within every evil. Goncagul? Aunt. I saw Selcan and Banu Cicek met, aunt.

What are you saying? How can this be? I was out collecting herbs, I saw Selcan then I became suspicious. I secretly followed her until she reached Karakayas. Then Banu Cicek showed up. She was hurt. Hurt? Alps have found her and shot her with an arrow. I heard them talking, aunt. Alright. What did they talk about? It seems that they have evidence related to Duru Hatun’s death, aunt. It is impossible. They will meet again at the same spot tomorrow before sundown. Banu Cicek will bring the evidence to Selcan. Then everything will be revealed in court, aunt. What are we going to do after that? What are we going to do, aunt? Wait, stop there. You confused me. I can send the Alps and kill them both. What about the evidence? What if the Alps take it? Then, what are we going to do? Then I will go and get it myself. You said that Banu Cicek is hurt. Dealing with both of them will be easy. Then we all can have a sigh of relief. And Selcan will be regarded as a murderer.

What about Dogan? What if he comes as well? How can you deal with him, Aunt? Aytolun Hatun. Come in, Kaya. Gundogdu Bey caught Dogan Alp and brought him here. It seems that those two women’s death will come by my sword. Where is Banu Cicek, Bey? We could not catch her. However, our Alps are after her with Nurul. Why did you help Banu Cicek escape? Did Ertugrul Bey order you to do so? I did what I did for my love, Tugtekin Bey. But, if I believed that Banu Cicek was a murderer I would bury my love to my heart and bring her to you. We have found Banu Cicek, Bey. She managed to escape but I shot her with an arrow. Banu Cicek! She cannot get far. No! Banu Cicek! Send more Alps after her. Do not come back here unless you find her body. What heartless men you are! I am telling you that Banu Cicek is innocent! Since Dogan Alp admitted to his crime, let Mother Hayme decide his punishment. Since she wanted that, I need to show respect to her wish. However, do not send him to the caged tent, Bey. Tie him up to a pole around here. And have Dodurga Alps to keep watch by him.

No one gets close to him. After we return from Ameer Sadettin’s feast I would like to see Mother Hayme’s justness. What invitation is this? His highness Ameer, invited all the Bey’s from neighboring nomad tents. So Dogan, what is going to happen now? Is it better like this? I am telling you that Cicek Hatun is innocent! You made a pure hearted woman fall prey to the wolves! Take him away and tie him. What is the current situation, Selcan Hatun? Goncagul believed what she heard, Ertugrul Bey. Indeed, it was obvious that she was so scared from the way she ran away. Obviously, she believed them. But there is one more problem, brother. Banu Cicek was hurt when she arrived, Ertugrul Bey. I removed the arrow from her shoulder. She said that she will take care of the wound herself and then she left. She told me that she will come to Karakayas before sundown tomorrow, just like you said. I heard that Ameer Sadettin invited all the Bey’s from neighboring nomad tents to Kervansaray tonight. So, Banu Cicek is hurt. And there is a feast tonight. Tugtekin will be in Caravansary as well. We cannot be sure what we might be up against.

Seems we are running off the rail, brother. They killed Korkut Bey. Then without delay Kobek is on the move. I will find out their real intentions tonight. What are their intentions, son? They do not only wish to rule the Turkmen nomad tents as they please, mother. Their real intention is Dogan has been caught. Banu Cicek has been shot. Tell me, brother. How many more will fall victim to these graves you dug? When will you open your eyes and see the truth, brother? Enough, Ertugrul. I am fed up with your meaningless nonsense. Enough! Enough, already! When will you two brothers get along? I will give you two a task. Maybe this time, you two can get along! I would like you two to go Ameer Sadettin’s feast as substitutes. Mother! Do you not know what Ertugrul thinks about Sadettin Kobek? How can you assign him as a substitute as well? Seems that Ameer Sadettin would like to talk about some crucial matter. If he asks something from you you should not agree to anything that you do not approve. If one of you says no to a matter, the other will adapt to it. Understood? Go, then. Banu Cicek is a courageous woman. She will get to Karakayas on time. No giving up, no surrender. You all know what to do. Tomorrow, the truth will be revealed.

Where is Banu Cicek? Tugtekin. I know Dogan Alp well. Even if you do all that you can, you cannot get a word out of him. Also, did you not say that Mother Hayme will settle his punishment? Enough. This is enough for today. We will see what Mother Hayme will do. Tugtekin Bey! Since when beating an Alp who is tied, brings honor to a Bey? When did it become suitable for you to advise Beys, Ertugrul Bey? Until the truth reveals itself, stay away from my Alp. Keep your anger in check. At least until we come back from Ameer Sadettin Kobek’s feast. Is Mother Hayme not coming to Caravansary? No. She assigned us both as substitutes. We will come. This is also your doing, is it not Ertugrul? You cannot settle with just us you have to go out and disturb Turkmen Beys as well.

To find the truth, I will disturb whole world if necessary. Come here, boy. Ertugrul Bey from Kayi tribe is also here. There is a crucial matter, indeed. Has Gumustekin Bey said anything to you? His highness Ameer would like to discuss a matter with us. That is all I know. Hope for the best then. Hope for the best. Do you think that a good word would come out both of their mouths, brother? Ertugrul. Please, brother, do not. Do not forget that we are here as substitutes for our mother. Do not worry, I will not. I will stand against anything that stands opposed to my nomad group. Ertugrul. His highness, Ameer Sadettin Kobek! It is an honour, great Beys of Turkmen tribes. It brings me joy to see you all here. I see almost all of the neighboring Turkmen Beys are here.

Seeing our precious Tugtekin and Gundogdu Bey who raided degenerate Noyan’s place and smashed it, among us brings me so much happiness. Also, I cannot stop myself from mentioning Ertugrul Bey who with his courage and boldness won many wars and kept our heads high. I would like to show my appreciation to him again, in your presence. So do we, Bey. You are welcome, as well. Thank you. Thank you. Please, honor me by sharing all these blessings on my table with me. With the name of God. Go ahead, enjoy. It is not good that Hayme Hatun sent Ertugrul here, Ameer Sadettin. Is Gundogdu not your son in law? Do not worry. Mother Hayme? Turgut and Bamsi are here.

They would like to see you. Send them in. As you wish, mother. What is it? Mother Hayme, it’s Dogan. He learned that Banu Cicek is hurt. But we were not able to go and tell him that she is well and healthy. The Alps of Tugtekin Bey, do not let us near him, Mother Hayme. Even if he stands out there ashamed, hungry and thirsty in the cold the situation will not affect him, Mother Hayme. However, he is worried about his beloved, Mother Hayme. Only you can help him with his pain, Mother.

If you let us, we would like to ask you to go and tell Dogan that Banu Cicek is alright. Otherwise he will be miserable all night, Mother Hayme. If there is anything to do, you can do it, Mother Hayme. We are thankful to you for not only inviting us to this grand feast that suits your high rank but also wanting to discuss a crucial matter with us, Ameer Sadettin. You honored us by inviting all nomad tent Beys who did not fret from going against Mongols for our State. First of all, I wish God’s grace upon your deceased father, Tugtekin Bey. Thank you. We share your pain. My condolences.

My condolences. May God bestow mercy upon him. May God bestow mercy upon him. My condolences. Thank you. May God give you all longevity. Thank you. I understand that you want to know the crucial matter I want to discuss. Then let us talk without delay. To reinstate the order of our state and to make Turkmen tribes more prosperous and powerful I would like to form a new margrave seigniory. A new margrave seigniory? How can it be? And on this occasion, to a worthy Bey, who you all know very well to Gumustekin Bey I would like to issue this difficult assignment).

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