Dirilis Ertugrul | Ertugrul Ghazi Season 2 Ep-74 Written Episode

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Dirilis Ertugrul | Ertugrul Ghazi Season 2 Episode 74 Written Episode :

(The episode begins with PTV’

RESURRECTION ERTUGRUL Mother Hayme. Stay out of my way. Tugtekin Bey commanded no one to approach him, Mother Hayme. Mother, they shot Banu Cicek. Patience, Dogan. Who knows what will happen to any of us. God is almighty. And who knows maybe she has found somebody to heal her wound. If God permits, mother. May God bless you. Ertugrul Bey put up with many things for Halime Sultan. I see it better now. It is all worth for the sake of love. Tomorrow is another day, Dogan Alp. Thank God. The most beautiful example of unity and peace is in front of us, Ameer Sadettin. Kayi tribe and Dodurga tribe were forces to be reckoned with but now they are stronger than ever. He is right. Avshar Bey is right. True. The words of Avshar Bey Omer confirmed my actions. Thank you, thank you very much. Without a doubt, for this important duty Gumustekin Bey is the right choice. He has always lent his support from Konya in our times of need.

It gives me great honor that he is a Bey of my nomad group. Thank you, Tugtekin Bey. Thank you. With your permission, Ameer Sadettin. Go ahead, Ertugrul Bey. We are representing the Kayi tribe in Mother Hayme’s stead. My mother bestowed me and Gundogdu Bey with this duty. Gumustekin Bey told Mother Hayme that you wanted to discuss an important matter with us. It is true. But I fail to see any connection between your intentions and what is actually happening in here. You are not here to discuss anything other than giving us your commands.

What are you saying, Ertugrul Bey? Do you hear what you are saying? What do you mean his commands? What are you saying, Ertugrul Bey? Brave Ertugrul, were you offended by us? What makes you say such things? What you are doing here is as wrong as Noyan being taken away from my brother Gundogdu’s hands while he was being executed, Ameer Sadettin. And some Turkmen Beys are not here while we are talking about important matters as this. He is right. Other Turkmen Beys should be here. He is right. Our rights and wrongs define us, Ertugtul Bey. I hope almighty God does not shame us with our decisions. Amen. Amen. It is my duty to prevent us from making a decision that may shame us one day. Yes, he is right. Other Beys should be here if we are going to make a decision. Your insolence is wearing our patience, Ertugrul Bey.

When I heared the words of this forthcoming brave man my confidence in Turkmen tribes strengthened. On the contrary we will always value the objections of Ertugrul Bey. Thus we can correct our mistakes. What do you think, Gundogdu Bey? His highness Ameer. I am sure that you intend to make the best decision for our unity and peace. But Mother Hayme put Ertugrul Bey and me in charge under one condition. Kayi tribe will not accept any decision that we both do not approve. I do not have anything else to say for now. Thank you, Gundogdu Bey. Your good intentions are enough for us. So I want to hear the final say of Kayi tribe from Mother Hayme’s mouth. If God permits, I will visit your nomad tent as soon as possible. We would be honored. We will be waiting. So this margrave may bring us all good fortune. Gumustekin Bey. We know that you are in God’s side and we trust you. Thank you, Tugtekin Bey. Let’s hope for the best.

May it bring us good fortune. Thank you. May the God be with you, always. Thank you. Your weapons can protect us from our enemies but how can we protect ourselves from all this treachery, Bey? We do not know what to believe and who to trust anymore, Ertugrul Bey. Things need to get worse before they get better, my gazelle. In the end, the truth will prevail among all this treachery. The only thing you need to do is becoming aware of the happiness that grows inside you. Time is near. After our baby is born, our marquee will be blessed with fortune. Bless the day that you tracked that gazelle and found me. I will be by your side until my dying breath. So their aim was to make Gumustekin the margrave. They will put a collar on the Turkmen tribe and put Gumustekin in charge like a guard dog, mother. Gumustekin is still in caravansary. They are making decisions about all of us. I will not allow this, brother. I will reveal their trap, do not worry.

What will you do, son? I will take Gundogdu and Tugtekin to Karakayalar. They will see the truth for themselves. You became the Bey of Dodurga nomad group and my brother was selected as the margrave. Dodurga tribe will be exalted among Turkmens. Glory belongs to our nomad group. None can stand in front of our future. You are right, mother. Our days of suffering are behind us. A bright future awaits our tribe. From now on, everything should be worthy of our nomad group. It is time to say new words and do new things. Nothing will be the same. Goncagul Hatun. Bring order to the weavery before spring. Arrange everything. I will take care of the bazaar myself. As you command, Tugtekin Bey. Then I should finish what I have started. Aunt, I can not let you go there alone. I do not want you to to be a part of this, Goncagul. Banu Cicek is wounded. Your aunt can take care of both of them. Do not worry. Brother. I have things to say to you. We need to talk.

What is happening, brother? What are you up to again? Let us go to marquee. We cannot talk in here. You go on, Alps. Gundogdu Bey, Amer Sadettin Kobek is waiting for you in caravansary. Thank you. I am coming. I need to go as soon as possible, brother. We can talk later. So he left the destiny of other Turkmen Beys to Gumustekin. I cannot believe the things he has done to bewitch Gundogdu and Tugtekin. Gumustekin is a wretched man who wouldn’t shy away from using his daughter and sister to achieve his purpose. I am sure that Amerr Sadettin knows everything. They are not doing all these to keep Turkmen tribes in line, Bey. Amer Sadettin Kobek has a bigger aim. It is obvious that he has a higher ambition. I know, Artuk Bey. His aim is to spin a web around Sultan Alaeddin’s palace like a spider. Just as he brought a lap dog after becoming a margrave, he will use a loyal man as Shahzade. It is our duty to foil his scheme. Of course, Bey. Ertugrul Bey, Aytolun Hatun has left the nomad group. Turgut. Yes, Bey. Tell Gunkut to tell Tugtekin that he saw Banu Cicek near the nomad group. He cannot resist to follow her. As you command, Bey.

Go to Selcan Hatun and tell her that Aytolun Hatun has left the nomad group. At once, Bey. God help you, Bey. Amen. Peace be upon you. And peace be upon you, Bey. May it be easy. Thank you, Bey. Have a prosperous day. Thank you, Bey. May it be easy. Thank you, Bey. Welcome, Bey. Thank you, thank you. May it be easy. May God give you a long life, Bey. Welcome, Bey. Peace be upon you. And peace be upon you. Welcome, Bey. Peace be upon you. And peace be upon you. Welcome, Bey. Thank you, well met. How is the business in the bazaar? There is not a problem, I hope? No, Bey. So far so good. May God protect you. Thank you, amen. Thank you. Have a prosperous day. Thank you, Bey. May it be easy. From now on, we should take care of the regulation of bazaar. We should listen to the troubles of people and help them. Help them any way you can. But if you see a craftsman causing trouble or defying orders, punish him. As you command, Bey. Peace be upon you. And peace be upon you, Bey. Have a prosperous day. Thank you, welcome. Thank you. You took the trouble of coming to our bazaar. If you accept, I want to give this pot I made as a gift, Bey.

Do not mention it. I would be honored to accept the gift of a master craftman like you. Thank you. But we should give this pot to a person who needs it. It would be a sin to keep it when there are people in need. You are right, Bey. Let us keep our people alive. So that they may keep our nomad group and marquees alive. You are right, Bey. Have a bountiful day. Thank you, Bey. Thank you. Bey! Bey! I saw Banu Cicek down the river bed. She was on her horse and I could not follow her without my horse. May I, Selcan Hatun? Come in, Turali. Come in. Ertugrul Bey sent me. Aytolun Hatun went out from the nomad tent. Thank God! Thank you, my brave Alp. Tracks end here, Bey. Bogac, Samsa, take Alps and keep searching. As you command, Bey. What are you doing here, Ertugrul Bey? Did you come to save Banu Cicek? When I look at you, I see the same wild horses racing in my heart, Tugtekin. You have a deep love for your nomad group. And you are making your ancestors proud. But I see that the wild horses in your heart are blinded by your rage.

Anger is a treacherous cliff, my friend. Be careful about what you are saying, Ertugrul Bey. My patience is running thin. Remember the trouble Noyan put you in. You are in a bigger trouble now. Today, you will prove that you are the Bey of Dodurga. I came here to take you to Banu Cicek. I will show you the trouble they put you in. Don’t be stubborn, come with me. See the truth with your own eyes. Patience, Tugtekin. Aytolun will be here here shortly with grief. Banu Cicek, sister. Are you alright? I am fine, Selcan Hatun. I am fine. How is your wound? It is okay. We were worried about you, we could not sleep all night. Selcan Hatun, Does Dogan Alp know that I am alive? Do not worry, sister. Dogan knows that you are fine. Good, good. Let me look. Selcan! Come here, you wretched woman. How did you come here, you witch? Give that to me, immediately. How do you know what I have? How did you find our place? Just do as I say. We proved that you killed Aunt Duru and my uncle. From now on, we are not afraid of you, your brother and your imbecile nephew. Do you want this evidence? Come and take it, come on. But you will have to kill us first to get it. You will never prove that I killed them. It has been hurting me for a long time. But I did not take it seriously. When I was getting ready to go to caravansary, it started to ache.

This boil is hurting me. Did you for your arm, Bey? Not really, we trained with our Alps just now. I wish you did not. You should rest immediately. And I do not know whether this boil is benign or not. But if it is malignant, it will show itself with fever. I cannot rest now. Amer Sadettin Kobek is waiting for me in caravansary. So let me know when you come back to the nomad tent. Okay, I will, do not worry. Bey. Do not underestimate this boil. Thank you. God is a benevolent ambusher, Tugtekin Bey. You saw the killer of your mother and father. But it is not enough. Gumustekin is the one behind these murders. But not just him. It is our duty to reveal the ones who are undermining our Sultan and state. Save yourself. Will we not do anything, Ertugrul? Be patient, Tugtekin Bey. Selcan Hatun is not alone. Both of you will die! Aytolun will hurt Selcan, Ertugrul. Do not worry, Tugtekin. The bow of Sungur is on them. He will shoot if something happens.

Selcan Hatun and Banu Cicek would never give into this woman. Knowing that you are in command of the nomad groups which has the most brave Alps gives me comfort, Gumustekin. As long as I have the leashes of Tugtekin and Gundogdu in my hands, It will be easier for me to control these reckless Turkmen tribes. When you go back to Konya, you will be busy with more things. Trust me, your highness. If God permits, Gumustekin. If God permits. But what if Mother Hayme listens to Ertugrul and decides to stop you? I will never permit that to happen. Gundogdu will be the Bey of Kayi tribe soon. And he is to be my son in law. Do you think Gundogdu will disobey his mother to become margrave? Gundogdu is a decisive man who is willing to do anything for his nomad group. He was not in the succession race just because he did not want any conflict with his brothers. Everyone knows that. But if Ertugrul dies, the road to his succession will be open. We will see. We will see. Gundogdu Bey is here, his highness Ameer. Invite him in. Get well soon, Gundogdu Bey. Thank you, his highness Ameer. Come here. I hope nothing is wrong, Gundogdu Bey.

Nothing important, Gumustekin Bey. It is a boil. I can send you a doctor from Konya if you want. Thank you. A boil is nothing for Gundogdu Bey, his highness Ameer. Thank you, Bey. For ten years, Sultan has been with us. God bless our Sultan. Amen. Amen. Amen. But in these ten years, I feel at ease for the first time. I am very happy to know that these important lands that are between the trade routes are in safe hands. My margrave on one side, Gundogdu and Tugtekin Bey on the other. You will have our state’s never ending gratitude. Thank you, his highness Ameer. Thank you. It is time to share some state secrets with you, Gundogdu Bey. Banu Cicek, go away! You are wounded! You have to give this evidence to Ertugrul! Go away! Give your sword to me! Tell Ertugrul Bey to find me, he will know where I am! Come here, you wretch! Come on Selcan Hatun, go away. Not even hell will be your salvation! Selcan, I swear that you will die! Avshar tribe, Bayindir tribe, Kargun tribe. Karaevli tribe, Bayat tribe and Kisik tribe. And the others live in a disorderly fashion from Ayyubid border to Georgia border. This disorder weakens the state and nomad groups. All of the tribes are fighting against the Mongol plague, his highness. Of course, their loses hurt all of us. But we have to be like an unshakeable castle inside and outside.

Gumustekin Bey is right. The problem is not just Mongols. Ayyubids also provoke Turkmen tribes to rebel over and over again. Those tribes fighting against the Mongol plague right now may become a serious threat to our state. It is essential for us to take precautions to protect our state. I wish all nomad groups were loyal as Dodurga and Kayi tribes. Unfortunately they are not. That is the main reason why I want to gather Turkmen tribes under my banner. The most important thing is to make Kayi tribe get to know us better. It will strengthen our state. But the Beys of the two nomad group that I trust the most must be brave warriors. This goes both for Dodurga and Kayi tribes. What I want to say is we want to see the Bey of Kayi tribe by our side when our state needs him the most. Thank you, his highness Ameer. You can be sure of that. Hayme Hatun is brave enough to stand against most of the Turkmen Beys. But she is a woman nevertheless. Do you understand where I am going with this? Gundogdu Bey. Alps are like wild horses. If a Bey does not hold his horse’s reins tight It doesn’t matter how fast or strong that horse is. It’s destination will be unknown. Surely. You must hold the reins of Kayi Alps tightly. The decision is yours, Gundogdu Bey. But you should know that his highness Ameer and I will always be by your side. Thank you. Think about this carefully. You will make the best decision when the time comes. Selcan! Selcan! Selcan! Selcan!).

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