Dirilis Ertugrul | Ertugrul Ghazi Season 2 Ep-76 Written Episode

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Dirilis Ertugrul | Ertugrul Ghazi Season 2 Episode 76 Written Episode :

(The episode begins with PTV’

RESURRECTION ERTUGRUL THE STORIES AND CHARACTERS DEPICTED HERE WERE INSPIRED BY OUR HISTORY NO ANIMALS WERE HARMED DURING THE FILMING OF THIS PRODUCTION. What happened to your arm Aytolun? I got wounded when I was fighting with Selcan, brother. What are you saying? Banu Cicek. She met with Selcan in Karakayalar. How dare? How did you let this happen, Aytolun? I was forced to. What does it mean? Why did not you tell Alps? Why? Banu Cicek was going to give an evidence to Selcan that will prove that we committed the murders, father. What are you saying, Goncagul? What evidence? We do not know. I went there to kill both of them. I could not say anything to anyone, brother. I was afraid that the evidence would change hands.

It would be our end father. Our end. And Banu Cicek? Where is she? She escaped to give the evidence to Ertugrul. If Ertugrul lives, this would be a disaster for all of us. That corrupt man attained his desire. We will collapse his sultanate around him. He proved us that he won’t be a mangrave but a tyrant. He is trying to buy his sins with the gold coins he gives away. The Beys that plead will pay a heavy price for those golds. But we will punish him first. It is time to get even with him, Mother Hayme. From now on, things will not be easy, son. He will not stop until he kills you. I have already given him an opportunity to kill me, Mother. He knows that I will go and get the evidence from Banu Cicek. He will come after me with his soldiers.

When he finds us together, he will find the opportunity. And all I have to do is to give him that opportunity. How will you cope with the soldiers, son? And those soldiers will carry out their missions. If any one of them gets hurt, it will be on us. What if they kill you? Do not worry, Mother Hayme. We will keep sight of him all the time. Nothing will happen to our soldiers, mother. If I can not get hold of Gumustekin, everything will be over. But, what scares me is not this. What is it, son? God knows what Gumustekin will do before he starts following me. This is going to be a long night. They will not idle away the hours doing nothing tonight. I will not come to dinner tonight. All of you will be my eyes and ears. All the words he said, all the things he did will be a big threat for us. Open your eyes and ears. It is difficult for me to let you go alone, brother. I am sure you will be with me with your prayers.

You should rest, brother. Thank you. Gundogdu Bey. I worry about your arm, Bey. I wanted to see you. I am fine, it is not important. If you need anything, do not hesitate to ask for it. You know, I am always with you. Just as you are always with my father’s mangrave. I wanted to express my gratitude to you again. I only want what is good for our state, Goncagul Hatun. You can not understand how happy I am. The ones play off against us will not prevent our marriage. If God permits, our tent will be merry with our marriage, Bey. If God permits. Our tent and our nomad group will be merry very soon. But you do not look good, Bey. I do not know if it is because your arm. I am thinking about the murderer of my uncle, Goncagul Hatun.

I will not be eased until they get their deserts. They will, Bey. They will. If God permits. I will not be eased untill I see them dying in pain. All I want is this. Excuse me, Bey. Of course. Did you hear the words of that snake? Yes I did, Bey. Oh God, she is telling lies in my face. How did I believe that woman? Selcan. After all the things I did to you, after all the things I told you, how could you forgive me? You are innocent, Bey. You forgave an evil woman like me, right? If you had not made room for my sins in your big heart, I would not be there today. Selcan. From now on, I want you by my side until the last day of my life. I do not want anything else from God. Thank God. I am so happy to see those two nomad groups in unity. From now on, Kayi tribe and Dodurga tribe will collaborate and we will be stronger. You are right, Gumustekin Bey. Your mangrave strengthened us in Turkmen Seigniories. If God permits, this Seigniory will always remain within your mangrave. May God protect our unity and solidarity. Amen. Amen.

What happened to your arm Aytolun? It is not important, just a little scratch. What a pity! I am so sorry, get well soon. Thank you, Hayme Hatun. As soon as the murderers of Korkut Bey answer to me, I will visit other neighboring Turkmen nomad groups. They provided enough support for my mangrave and they filled us with pride. And then I want to see the marriage of Gundogdu Bey and my daughter. Let justice be done upon them and then we can solemnize. Thank you, Gundogdu Bey. You talked about justice, Gumustekin Bey. Justice will be done upon them of course. We all know this. The murders of my brother will answer to us. But when you said justice, you seemed like thinking about something. It is true. I will get my hands on this matter as the mangrave. You made a good decision, Bey. It is time to solve this problem and be in peace within nomad groups. Your justice will impower us Gumustekin Bey. Thank you, Tugtekin Bey. Thank you.

As the mangrave, first I will start with taking Dogan Alp and learning the place of Banu Cicek. And then she will be executed erewhile. Tomorrow morning, my soldiers will take Dogan Alp. And they will cut his body until the sharp sword of justice will loose his sealed tongue. Quick justice is the best. I will not let this sedition to disturb our nomad group. From now on, it is my duty to find the killer of Korkut Bey and take his revenge. God bless our mangrave. We do not want to be disturbed with the obstinacy of Ertugrul Bey. You saved us from another disaster, Gumustekin Bey. Well done, nephew. As a child who grew in this lands, I knew that you would make a good Bey from the beginning. Thank you. The joy of oncoming Nawruz and the wedding of my daughter will coincide, if God permits. Am I right, daughter? If God permits, Gumustekin Bey.

If God permits. It is the best time to remove the rust and dirt of the past and make a fresh start like a spray. May God give you a long life, Bey. Our people are exhausted, Bey. They do not have enough stregth left to move, let alone go to Kefere border. And there are Alps, Bey. All the Alps say, “Sword is good with it’s scabbard.” In conclusion, everybody wants peace in his crew. They want peace when Bey throttle each other, when those corrupt people try to take hold of our state. Right? Is this peace, Turgut? No, it is not, Bey. It is not, but there is no one as gallant as you. Under this blue sky, each mountain is no different for them. Neither their hearts nor their eyes know something else. Yes, Bey. Your heart is different. It is big enough to embrace the whole world. If you were not here, we would not know what to do, Bey.

Who knows, we may have been out at grass on different mountains, Bey. Bamsi is right, Bey. It is time to set your heart on. If you do, the brave men that will follow you to the Byzantine border can show themselves. May your words be light to the dark hearts, Bey. Firstly, we should end this instigation tomorrow, Turgut. Then I will carry this matter to headquarters. We can interpret the condition then. Thank you, Bey. Just know that we are with you until we die, Bey. I have brought some ayran to you, Bey. God bless you, brother! But could not you find village bread? Oh, you brave man! Tell me brother, if Ertugrul Bey says that we are going to China, will you follow him? If Ertugrul Bey says that we are going to the stars, I would wing and fly, don’t you know that, Bamsi? How magnificent! How great! With this brave men, we can go everywhere and we can conquest every country, Bey. Make yourself comfortable. Thank you, Turgurt. Thank you. Thank you, Bey. Maybe we should finish this tonight before Ertugrul meet with Banu Cicek, brother. Of course I can not get in his tent and kill him. Pull yourself together, Aytolun.

A wounded and abashed man can do this. How? Tugtekin. What would he do if he learns his wife Gokce is in love with another man? Am I wrong, Goncagul? I will do my best, aunt. Ertugrul. Yes, brother? You are right, brother. What happened, brother? Gumustekin will take Dogan Alp to caravansary tomorrow. It is obvious that he will torture him. And of course he will kill him. He knows that I will not give Dogan Alp to him. He invited me looking into your eyes. Is his aim to kill you while you take him from the soldiers? No brother. He wants to prove that I collaborate with killers. He wants me to kill his soldiers while I take Dogan Alp. Thus, he will prove that I raise against him. So, he will have the right on his side to kill me. Neither you nor my mother will have anything to say. What will you do Ertugrul? Tomorrow we will take Dogan Alp from the soldiers without spilling blood. And Gumustekin? If I am right, he will send Dogan Alp with soldiers in advance. And then he will follow us. Let’s see who will come under ambush. Look at the things we talk, brothers. Ever since I could remember, we have always been in trouble.

My late father took on with Alp Tekin for his entire lifetime and he wasted his life. Then Kurdoglu and now Gumustekin. When will this suffering end? Maybe this is our destiny, brother. We are obliged to these things until we make our own justice in our own country, brother. These instigators discipline us like a dervish. The truth and the situation is this. All we have to do is to fight against these instigators till the end. You are right brother, but I do not have power any longer. I miss the days that I herd sheep. I want to grow old with Selcan Hatun and die with her. I do not want anything else. Brother. Gundogdu. I am fine. I want to sleep. I am okay. I want to sleep. What happened, Goncagul Hatun? I am sorry Bey, I am Goncagul! What happened? Goncagul learnt something that she shouldn’t have. The thing she heard was too heavy for her. What is that? She is scared that the dark shadow of the past will descend upon us.

That is all. Excuse me, Bey. They will be so scared tonight that they can do everything. You will smile at that sinister woman and call her mother. You will put up with the lies and slanders of Goncagul. You will obey Gumustekin. You will grin and bear their slanders that they use to turn us to each other. May I come in? Come in, Tugtekin Bey. I want to know what is happening in my nomad group. Don’t you afraid of the curse of knowing, Bey? I would rather be broiled in the truth than living with lies. Bravery is for enemies, Bey. Bravery is impossible for the people that you love more than your life. Have your say. Talking in circles only disquiets this nomad group, mother. Neither my tongue nor my heart accept to tell these things to you. Say it. I have more power after all those pains. Do not worry. So, you should know what Goncagul heard.

What did she hear? The one who is in Gokce’s heart. What are you saying, mother? I am afraid of your anger, son. I do not want to cause another pain. Maybe everything’s over and daughter Gokce forgot him. Maybe she wiped the wound in her heart. I do not want to malign. I reached the end of my ropes, Mother. Have your say. Ertugrul Bey. Before he saved Halime Sultan from Kefere Gokce was in love with him. Do you hear yourself? I would rather die than telling you these things. I would regard all these things as childhood adventures but But what? But, after he married Halime Sultan, Gokce could not quench the fire in her, but yet she wanted to marry you, son. Enough! May I come in, Mother? Come in, daughter. I came here to say goodnight, mother. Goodnight, daughter. What happened, mother? Nothing. Goodnight. Goodnight. Do you want anything, Bey? I am tired. I just want to sleep. I know your pain is fresh, but tell me the thing that you could not tell, Bey. Is it right that you were in love with Ertugrul once? Is that right, Gokce? It is right, Bey. And And Ertugrul? Etrugrul Bey always considered me a sister. And when I told him the things in my heart, he tried to deter me like a brother. When Ertugrul Bey took Halime Sultan to nomad group, I twisted the knife. No matter what. Halime Sultan became his wife. I fired my heart with brands. But I could not make it. I could not give up on this love. And then you found me.

I learnt what being loved means from you. I understood that you are the man I love. And I will love you till the end of my life. I wanted to tell you tons of times but I got scared. I got scared that you would fall out of love with me. Is there anything else that you did not mention? This is not only about Goncagul and Aytolun. So that Gumustekin is in the loop, there must be another person behind him. What if things go wrong? It is my duty to kill all of them until the last betrayar, Halime Sultan. Do not worry. If God permits, Ertugrul. Ertugrul. By looking these stubborn kicks, it will be a boy. Our son will be the nightmare of Kefere after his father. I wish he will be a good child and serve his nation. If God permits, Ertugrul Bey. Hold on, Bey. I am with you, Bey. I will reduce your fever. Look I am here, I am with you. Hold on, hold on. Bey Let yourself go. Hold on Gundogdu Bey, Artuk Bey will come. We are here to take the convict. Untie him. What are you doing? Why are you untying me? Be quiet! We are leaving.

Why did you untie me? Dogan Alp! Do not worry, you will be saved soon. Alright! That is enough. Turali! Come on brothers. May God help us. Amen, Bey. Mother Hayme. I have something to say. Tell me, daughter. Tugtekin Bey. He learnt that I was in love with Ertugrul Bey before. I know, Mother Hayme. Aytolun poisoned Tugtekin Bey’s mind. So, she wants to turn Tugtekin against Ertugrul and hide the truth. But Ertugrul uncovered the fact that Aytolun killed my brother and brother’s wife. And Tugtekin knows this).

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